Shawn Wolfe Named Raging Stallion Studios’ Man of the Year 2013

Shawn WolfeRaging Stallion Studios‘ Man of the Year is one of the gay porn world’s top honors and it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving guy than Shawn Wolfe. The title is given every year and Shawn’s new Man of the Year 2013 status was just announced on Tuesday, August 6.

In November 2012 Shawn became a Raging Stallion exclusive. With his toned, furry, swimmer-like body and handsome face, Shawn became a hit with viewers from the moment they laid eyes on him.

This versatile blond with the seven-and-a-half-inch cock first stunned us when he bottomed for Woody Fox in Impact. A few months later he topped Christopher Daniels in Powerload. Then he blew us away completely when he took Tommy Defendi’s famed nine and a half inches in a gritty, intensely erotic scene in Lowdown Dirty from Raging Stallion’s Monster Bang label.

Shawn loves porn scenes set against a gorgeous outdoor backdrop and would love to film on a yacht somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. All we can say to that is we’d be unable to tear our eyes away from hot men like Shawn, but extra prettiness in a scene never hurts.

Here are three of the Shawn Wolfe movies that you need in your life the most of all! They’re streaming exclusively on our VOD network.

Lowdown Dirty Full Release Tahoe: Snow Packed

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