Skater Punks

Skater PunksSkater boys and Fratboys are a subset of Twink that continues to appeal to a big market. Sort of a little bit more toned than your average twink, perhaps a bit rough, but still smooth and boyish, it really is the perfect mix.

“Skater Punks” brings us that kind of quality twink in five scenes of one-on-one action, including a fair bit of interracial pairing for those who like a black or Latino twink thrown into the mix.

Young Noah Brooks certainly gets around these days and fans are treated to another of his performances in this film. He’s one very kinky twink who’s usually featured more in hardcore condomless porn these days, often being passed around by a room of masculine daddies. But his original appearances were very much like this type of twink porn.

Versatility and an unbelievably cute face are two of the things that have really come in handy for Utah-born Brooks – on top of his willingness to experiment with the more hardcore elements of porn.

His ripped, smooth body and 7.5-inch cut cock don’t hurt either, but it’s his twinkiness that saw him rise to prominence this year, whether that be on screen screwing around with other twinks, or at the mercy of an older crowd.

Helix Studios seem to love him, and have put him in a number of their frat-themed films now. In scene three of this film, you’ll catch him in a topping performance – which is a rare occurrence these days. His body is looking damn fine as usual though.

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