Hot Sex Act: Snow Balling

Snow BallerzIn current and classic porn alike, there has been a history of some seriously hot cum-swapping action sometimes better known as snow balling. This form of cum play is one of the nastiest and hottest ways to show you care, since it goes well above and beyond the usual cumshot swallowing. Taking the cream in your mouth and passing it from your tongue to your lover’s tongue is a sensual act unlike anything else, and if you’ve never tried it we’ve got some movies for your inspiration. This week we’re doing something different in our spot usually reserved for classic porn titles, featuring some classics of the niche as well as a new release that snowballing aficionados won’t want to miss.

If you’re looking for the best snow balling pornos, we enthusiastically recommend the Snow Ballerz series with two thumbs and a dick up! These Black/Blatino movies from Flava Works feature sexy brothas who can’t wait to share the fresh dick cream. Released in spring 2008, the first volume of the series sets the bar high with stunning performances from some Flava Works regulars and some one-scene wonders. Elmo Jackson, Manny Baby, and Tastee in a threeway (scene 5) are the highlight of the flick. Each Snow Ballerz movie brings you even more stimulating scenes. In SB2 we’re all about Danger Zone, a muscular Southern stud from Atlanta who’s featured prominently on the box covers of both volume one and two (that’s him with the baby dreads). In SB2 Danger Zone has two scenes — the first and third — and while both are hot, we think you’ll agree that his threeway hot-tub antics with Nick Wild and Sensation in scene three are not to be missed. If you find hot tub fucks arousing, don’t miss the beginning of “Snow Ballerz 3: Avalanche,” when the sexy duo of Jeno Hunter and Rock make a big splash with more than just water. Then, around this time last year, Flava Works revisited the cum-playing thug party when they put out “Snow Ballerz 4: 18 To Party, 21 To Swallow.” As you might Snow Ballin'expect from such a title, you get to see some twinkish brothas swapping cream in this one. We hope there will be more Snow Ballerz movies to come.

Now that we’ve got your mouth watering for some cum-swapping action, how about some “Snow Ballin'” from Factory Video Productions? This brand-new release adds the spunktastic spectacle of group sex to the mix, meaning that you’re pretty much going to see enough man goo to warrant a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign. Oral sex daisy chains and jousting are just part of the blowjob-focused fun on offer here. Even better, the studio had the brilliant idea to throw a bunch of sexy amateur performers together and see what they would do with each other’s hot spunk. It’s clear that even though these hot white studs are new to on-camera fucking they know just how to put on a show that will stand up to plenty of repeat plays.

We know the snow has stopped falling in large portions of our viewing area, but don’t put away your heavy winter gear just yet, northern hemisphere. The forecast at AEBN calls for an avalanche of erotic proportions.

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