So You Think You Can Fuck

So You Think You Can Fuck Episode 1Dominic Ford has brought us Shane Frost and Dylan McLovin for the first episode of his So You Think You Can Fuck series. Set up as a kind of porn reality show hosted by Matthew Rush and featuring 12 contestants, Ford was quite ahead of the game with the concept, both because of the unusual premise and because of how nicely shot the encounters he produced looked in high definition – viewers of his website were even offered 2D and 3D viewing options, so this guy knew his stuff in regards to modern porn delivery.

Ford is the man behind titles such as “Body Heat,” “Coconut Cove,” and the more tongue-in-cheek “Whorrey Potter And The Sorcerer’s Balls,” and is basically the master of muscles – if any of the men he uses in his films have an ounce of fat among their rippling abs or bulging biceps, I’m yet to see it.

Pale muscle beauty Dylan McLovin is a perfect example of the ensemble of talent Ford usually pulls from. Here he’s teamed with the slightly less bulky, but completely ripped Shane Frost.

Your first thought is that it’ll be McLovin plowing away at Frost, but that certainly isn’t the case in this office-set encounter. Not only does McLovin get fucked, but Frost obliterates his hole with that big cock; hammering into him like a man on a mission. Clearly size is no indicator of strength and energy when it comes to a rough fuck.

Overall, this is a fantastic fuck combined with an original premise of reality television, explored in the opening of the film. It’s definitely a creative effort worth checking out.

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