Movie Review: A Stepbrother’s Obsession

a stepbrother's obsession, icon male, taboo, condoms, safe sex, gay, porn, Chi Chi LaRue, Nick Fitt, Cade Maddox, Hunter Smith, Brendan Patrick, Wesley Woods, Link Parker, Aaron BlancoLegendary director Chi Chi LaRue’s newly released “A Stepbrother’s Obsession” (Iconmale) serves some of the most passionate scenes we’ve seen in a while, starring gorgeous men. Nick Fitt, Cade Maddox, and Hunter Smith play three horny stepbrothers who like to fuck, including each other. We see some other sexual conquests before they meet up, but the real drama and sexual tension is right there at home.

Tattooed, bearded Brendan Patrick goes down on bearded, curly-haired Link Parker’s raging erection as Wesley Woods watches. Brendan and Link don’t mind putting on a show for their voyeur, but they ask him to keep a lookout as they fuck. Before long, Link is reaching over to cop a feel of Wesley’s crotch, bringing him in for a spontaneous threeway. Lying back against the arm of the couch, Link slowly inserts, pulls out, and inserts himself into Brendan’s hole while Brendan sucks Wesley’s cock. The action heats up, with the three of them enjoying a variety of configurations. For his total dick piggery, Brendan is rewarded with Link’s load in his face and Wesley’s on his butt cheeks. He jerks out his own load while Link tickles his balls and Wesley plays with his nipple. This scene is an appetizer for all the action to come.

Nick Fitt brings Aaron Blanco home for a hook-up, but he has to convince the fun-sized Latin stud that his “girl” and his boss don’t have to know if they keep it quiet. As they kiss deeply, they slowly strip off each other’s clothes. Sinking to his knees, Nick pulls down Aaron’s jeans and underwear so he can get his mouth around that uncut dick. Nick lies on the counter with his head hanging down for an upside-down face fuck, his body writhing with arousal so strong that they quickly realize they need to fuck now. Aaron slowly pushes his cock in and thrusts powerfully, fucking Nick like a man who’s finally free to be himself with his secret lover.

Cade Maddox storms into his house, upset at someone who’s not answering his phone calls. He throws his phone and punches the couch, making such a commotion that his stepbrother Hunter Smith comes downstairs, wrapped in a blanket, to see what’s going on. Cade is looking for Nick, their other brother, who’s still out fucking Aaron, but Cade satisfies his horny mood with Hunter instead. Hunter looks surprised when Cade tells him “put my dick where your mouth is,” but he does as his big brother says. Cade is a hot, handsome man and Hunter is a twunk with a sexy pair of lips that are made for blowjobs. When the two of them are together, it’s no wonder they’ve got that taboo brotherly lust for each other. One of our favorite parts of the scene is watching Hunter sit on Cade’s dick in cowboy position.

Later that night, Cade visits Nick in his bedroom. Nick wakes up, confused about why his stepbrother is looming so intensely over his bed, but Cade says he knows Nick saw him fucking Hunter earlier and he liked it. This is the first time the two stepbrothers have been alone together in far too long and there’s lots of catching up to do, so why waste time talking when they can be fucking instead? Within seconds they’re entangled in a hot 69 with Nick on top. Then Cade takes the controlling role, pounding Nick’s hot ass from behind while Nick thrusts back against him. When they move gracefully from doggy to reverse cowboy, there’s a brief moment when Cade kisses Nick over Nick’s shoulder and holds him by the torso, and it’s one of those erotic images that will burn itself in your mind. After the hot, infatuated stepbrothers shoot their loads, they fall asleep together in Nick’s bed.

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Stars:   Nick Fitt   Hunter Smith   Cade Maddox   Brendan Patrick   Wesley Woods   Aaron Blanco   Link Parker
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Iconmale

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