Straight To Gay Dom Moretti

Straight To Gay Dom MorettiWho doesn’t want to see a straight guy having sex with another man for the first time? Straight To Gay Dom Moretti gives us an all too rare opportunity to watch this spectacle unfold between two friends.

Attractive, muscular straight guy Dom Moretti (in front on the box cover) pairs up with his cute bisexual friend Blake (in back on the box cover) for Dom’s first time. In a pre-scene interview we find out Dom was first attracted to a guy when he saw Blake at a party. Dom is 25, bespectacled, tattooed, and has a strong Massachusetts accent. Blake is a lifelong New Hampshire resident and about to turn 21, so Dom plans to take him out, get a party bus, and hopefully pick up girls… but if that doesn’t work out, they can fuck each other.

Dom didn’t see Blake for a year after that party, but not long before this shoot they met again at a gym and became friends. Soon Dom made the first move on Blake by kissing him, but they haven’t done anything further and they’re about to fuck for the first time. Dom’s done some modeling and he’s willing to fuck another guy on camera for money.

Blake is a construction worker. You’d think Dom would be the construction worker by looking at them, but we imagine Blake is pretty cute in the work boots and hard hat!

The director gets the guys to kiss (only for the third time) on camera. Gradually they lose their clothes and Blake sucks Dom. They do have chemistry and they look hot together. Blowing Dom gets Blake hard and it’s obviously doing it for Dom too. Blake even sucks Dom’s cock while hanging his head off the end of the bed, giving Dom a good chance to jerk Blake’s cock at the same time. Dom is heard saying that Blake gives head better than any girl.

When Dom finally enters Blake’s ass for the first time, they both love it based on their reddened cheeks and heavy breathing. Dom soon quickens his pace. After he makes Blake blow his load, Dom takes off the condom and jerks out a geyser of cum on Blake’s abs.

Afterward, Dom has his post-scene interview and reveals that he likes some anal play. He inserts anal beads in his own ass, but he struggles with them. Afterward, Dom gives us a hot solo and eventually combines it with the anal beads. He’s getting ready for another scene with Blake and this time, Dom is bottoming!

The first scene expanded Dom’s horizons in more ways than one. His hot onscreen energy with Blake is still there and this time it’s fun to see Dom in the slightly more experienced hands of his friend. Blake gives Dom another incredible blowjob for a good long while before licking his ass to get him warmed up. Knowing he needs to go easy on the straight guy, Blake then fingers Dom’s hole and teases him with the cockhead before slowly inserting his dick a little bit at a time. We get an up close and personal view of the cherry popping of Dom Moretti!

Afterward, they jerk off side by side and Blake says it was the tightest hole he’s ever fucked.

Stars:   Blake   Dom Moretti
Categories: New Release   Anal   Str8 Bait   Safe Sex
Running Time:   133 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   On The Hunt

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