Stripper turned muscle bottom Johnny V

johnny v, muscle bottom, grabby, blond, bodybuilder, falcon studios, raging stallion, monster bang, vip, stripper, go-go dancerWith a bodybuilder physique and a delicious thick cock, the Nordic-looking Johnny V is a perfect muscle bottom. His blond hair and stacked, rippling muscles put us in mind of a lumberjack coming in from a hard day of chopping wood. Of course, the only wood we’ve got right here is the kind that he gives us!

Johnny’s vanilla Catholic upbringing couldn’t have predicted the gay porn star he would grow up to become, but he always liked watching smut even as a boy. A webcam model and go-go dancer from Chicago, he understandably caught the attention of Falcon Studios Group in 2014 and they immediately spotted his star potential. Johnny had done some homemade porn with his partner, Joey D, who supported him all the way. Thousands of erections sprang to life when we all saw Johnny’s first official scene with superstar Ryan Rose, who slammed his ass in an outdoor shower in Falcon’s Naughty Pines 2. It’s a collision of two solid columns of muscle that had us replaying the scene over and over. There’s Johnny on the box cover in all his muscle-bound, sexy glory.

Now working as a Falcon exclusive model, Johnny has done even more truly stunning scenes that will make any bodybuilder aficionado happy. In the Day-Glo setting of After Glow (Hot House Entertainment), muscular black stud Tyson Tyler feeds a neon yellow dong up Johnny’s hungry ass to get him ready for his impressive dick. This interracial fuck sees Johnny reach the heights of ecstasy, and we did too!

In 2014, Johnny was one of the hotties who starred in Monster Bang/Raging Stallion Studios’ Filthy Fucks, their first movie filmed in Las Vegas. He has helped raise the temperatures in Sin City’s already sweltering climate on other occasions, notably in Falcon’s two-part Fall 2015 blockbuster, VIP: The Hustle and VIP: After Hours. As a dancer who creatively circumvents the “hands off” rule and a club manager who takes out his pent-up sexual frustration with another dancer, Johnny is one of the best parts of this double feature. Strip clubs in Vegas are infamous all over the world, and these scenes of sinful pleasures will leave no doubt in your mind that a night with Johnny would rock your world forever. You’d never get over it if you could fuck this powerful muscle bottom.

No wonder Johnny V won Hottest Bottom at the 2015 Grabby Awards. Whatever Johnny V does, he’ll have dicks rising to salute him!

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