Active Duty

Movie Review: Ready to Attack

ready to attack, active duty, military, porn, gay, Quentin Gainz, Laith Inkley, Owen Steal, Dante, Pink Bird Media, Donte Thick, Ryan Jordan, Markie MoreFans of sexy soldiers will be excited to see that Active Duty has brought us another bunch of hot military men in Ready to Attack, new to AEBN this week.

Laith Inkley and Quentin Gainz have the customary short interview with the director, but you can tell they’re eager to get down to it. When Quentin’s thick dick springs free, already hard, Laith is quick to engulf it with his full-lipped, greedy mouth. Laith sucks that cock all the way to the hilt, nuzzles his balls, and gives Quentin a handjob. It’s all Quentin can do not to blow his load already, as he stuffs Laith’s fingers in his own mouth. Laith makes it even harder for Quentin to hold off an orgasm when he buries his face between those muscular ass cheeks and gives his pucker a tongue bath. It looks like Laith could do this until his mouth is tired, but now Quentin can’t wait a moment longer to return the oral favor. (more…)

Movie Review: Battle of the Bottoms 6

battle of the bottoms 6, active duty, johnny b, alex michaels, quentin gainz, spencer laval, logan, vincent, gay, military, barebackActive Duty’s Battle of the Bottoms series has always been full of sexy recruits and vets, many of whom are straight guys having sex with men for the first time. Battle of the Bottoms 6, this week’s featured movie, is another collection of hot scenes that will satisfy military bareback porn fans.

Following a quick interview before the action, Alex Michaels opens his muscular thighs so that Johnny B can get his mouth all over that throbbing erection. Alex just lies back and enjoys the oral attention for a little while and then stands up so he can get a better view of Johnny’s body. The sight of that hot, toned ass inspires Alex to penetrate Johnny’s hole and shove in all the way to his balls before building up speed and intensity. Johnny takes Alex’s dick in several positions, ending up on his back, where he and Alex both cover his torso in jizz. (more…)

Featured Star: Mathias from Active Duty

mathias, active duty, gay, military, pornThe Active Duty exclusive performer known as Mathias is a little bit shy, but that gives him a certain mystery that we find ourselves powerless to resist. It makes him one of the most intriguing recruits in the Active Duty brigade. He’s definitely among the sexiest! Sometimes it’s the quiet ones who make the loudest statements when they finally decide to come out of their shell.

His handsome face and large, veiny cock make Mathias a favorite with military porn fans. Matthias has tattoos on his collarbone, lower abdomen, and left shoulder that can help you identify him, but really, a man who looks this good is easy to spot. And it’s not just his physical appearance that makes us lust for Mathias. His performances are second to none.

When Mathias made his debut with a masturbation scene in Guerrilla Troops in summer 2017, he was so impressive that he was chosen as the box cover star. (more…)

Movie Review: “Raw Brigade 2,” Active Duty

raw brigade 2, active duty, military, bareback, gay, porn, amateur, dink flamingo, Billie Starz, Quentin Gainz, Ollie, Chad Neil, Xavier Cross, Scott Finn Active Duty, the top military porn studio around, brings us another volume of exhibitionist soldiers in Raw Brigade 2.

Billie Starz and Scott Finn are a pair of smooth, sexy young soldiers who are hungry for each other’s meat. As they take turns sucking cock, their bodies press together, generating heat. Billie is a strong, silent type with a beautiful cock and balls. He thoroughly enjoys bending Scott over the bed and driving deep into his tight ass. When Scott can’t hold back his load anymore, the waves of orgasm cause him to clench his ass around Billie’s cock. Billie flips Scott over and pounds him for just a little bit longer, feeling his own seed ready to erupt. He pulls out and cums all over Scott’s torso!

Quentin Gainz is a fun-loving “special ops” vet for the studio who specializes in giving new recruits the chance to prove themselves. Rix, formerly known as Ollie, is here in his second scene with an Active Duty vet to show he’s got what it takes to be a vet in his own right. (more…)

Movie Review: “Battle of the Bottoms 4,” Active Duty

battle of the bottoms 4, active duty, ryan jordan, ripley grey, billie starz, brock banner, jake bane, military, gay, pornActive Duty presents Battle of the Bottoms 4, a continuation of a series that has given us plenty to enjoy.

Veteran Active Duty stud Ryan Jordan has fucked Ripley Grey before, but it’s been a while. This pairing is quite a visual treat—both men are muscular and tattooed, with handsome faces and radiant toughness. As soon as Ripley sees Ryan’s stiff prick standing at attention, he’s ready to give it an oral salute. Ripley engulfs Ryan with his lips and demonstrates his lack of a gag reflex. Ryan has his chance to gobble Ripley’s thick dick as well, and he can’t contain his enthusiasm. They savor each other’s sausage in 69 position and then Ryan finally feels just how thick Ripley is when his greedy ass takes a pounding!

Billie Starz makes his second appearance after an awesome solo debut. He’s paired with Dominic, whose bubble butt is irresistible even to a guy like Billie who doesn’t have much experience with other guys. Regardless of Billie’s newness to the experience, he and Dominic have a powerful chemistry that makes the scene twice as hot. Dominic knows just what to do with his lips and tongue to get Billie’s veiny cock rock-hard so it can drive deep inside his asshole. Billie fucks Dominic in a few positions. Dominic cums hardest while he’s on his back with his ass full of cock, and that’s just what he does, letting the load fly all over his torso. In turn, Bill pulls out and jerks out his own cum to add to the creamy mess.

The movie finishes up with two new recruits, Brock Banner and Jack Bane, making hot debuts with solo scenes that show off their tasty cocks and make us long for more.

Battle of the Bottoms 4 is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD theaters.

Stars:   Ryan Jordan   Ripley Grey   Billie Starz   Brock Banner   Jake Bane   Dominic
Studio Name:   Active Duty

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Movie Review: Active Duty, “Ripped Recruits 6”

ripped recruits 6, active duty, ryan jordan, allen lucas, gabriel watson, jake grey, jacob, dante, military, gay, porn, bareback, amateur, masturbationRipped Recruits 6 is another hot Active Duty release for the military porn lovers. As with the other flicks in the series, we have two scenes of vets fucking newer models and then a couple of brand-new recruits doing solos.

Handsome ginger Jacob is a fresh recruit for Active Duty, having done a solo once before. He’s here to take on cute Ryan Jordan and his fat cock. After Claude has a chat with them, Jacob plants his face on Ryan’s stiffening dick and gives it a good, long suck. Ryan returns the favor with an oral servicing that appears to feel even better than Jacob may have expected. With Jacob now bent over the couch, Ryan eases his way into Jacob’s tight asshole. Jacob is nervous, but Ryan knows just how to fuck a newbie in such a way that he’ll want more. The camera shows us a great angle to fully appreciate Ryan’s technique and the spectacle of his balls slapping against Jacob with every thrust. Later, Ryan pile-drives Jacob for a bit before they move back to the couch for the cum-splashing finale.

Allen Lucas once was a fresh-faced and eager newbie to the Active Duty ranks. Since then he’s become a popular model for the studio, making him a perfect bottom for Gabriel Watson’s first time in front of the camera. Watching these lookalikes on the couch will have you dreaming up all sorts of possibilities even before they fuck, but you won’t have to wait long before they’re in action. Allen encourages Gabriel to suck him first. It turns out Gabriel is a natural, and the taste and feel of Allen’s dick in his mouth gets him rock hard. Obviously Allen’s interested in having a taste for himself, so he’s soon deep-throating his new recruit. Eventually they sixty-nine each other’s stiff dicks. Claude takes the camera below the pair of them as Gabriel pushes his dick into Allen’s waiting hole. Gabriel builds his speed and depth until he’s pounding furiously. Later on, Allen rides Gabriel cowboy style, bouncing up and down like he’s on springs. In missionary position, Allen blows a massive load on himself and Gabriel soon follows.

Dante is a gap-toothed young stud here for a solo. After a brief chat with Claude, he gets naked and we see that he has a great, toned body with a couple of tattoos and a nice, big dick that he strokes for our viewing enjoyment.

Jake Grey is a slim, tanned recruit in a baseball cap turned backwards. He rounds out the movie with another hot masturbation scene.

Ripped Recruits 6 from Active Duty is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Ryan Jordan   Allen Lucas   Gabriel Watson   Jake Grey   Jacob   Dante
Studio Name:   Active Duty 

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Movie Review: Active Duty’s “First Strike 5”

first strike 5, active duty, dink flamingo, claude, military, porn, gay, ivan james, allen lucas, colton phobos, princeton price, ryan jordanActive Duty presents its latest batch of recruits and veterans in First Strike 5.

Muscular veterans Michael and Allen Lucas are first up on the bed, doing the customary chat with the director (Claude, off camera as always) before they strip naked to show off their muscles and tattoos. Michael tells Allen to suck his thick, hard meat, which Allen does with great and obvious pleasure. Allen goes deep and gropes Michael’s sculpted chest, too. Asserting his dominance, Michael kneels over Allen and slaps his hard dick against Allen’s face. But soon he’s ready to see what Allen’s cock tastes like, and his slow, sensual deep throating leads to a stunning session of sixty-nine. Bending over the bed, Allen opens his tight but greedy hole to take a pounding from Allen, whose fuck is as powerful as always. Allen moves into missionary position later on, when Michael is closer to orgasm. The director says Allen should jerk Michael’s load onto himself. He does, and the jizz eruption is epic!

As Claude chats with Colton Phobos and John, the two muscular recruits start sliding their hands into each other’s pants. It’s always so hot when they just can’t wait! They get naked and Colton shows he’s no stranger to blowing dudes. He gives the camera plenty of sexy eye contact while face-fucking his fellow soldier. Colton eventually heightens John’s pleasure by tonguing his bunghole, and John has to take a moment to recover before he loses his load sooner than anticipated. That’s when Active Duty favorite Ivan James shows up, much to everyone’s excitement! Colton eagerly engulfs Ivan’s erection with his mouth and offers up his hungry ass. Ivan stuffs Colton full of his swollen dick and makes him take it like a soldier. When John sees how much Ivan and Colton are enjoying themselves, he returns to the action and fucks his first man hole while Ivan watches. All the soldiers cum hard and so will you.

The last two scenes introduce us to two exciting new recruits. Princeton Price is a gorgeous, dark-haired soldier with a sexy mouth and enticing smile. We get plenty of eye candy as he shows off his beautiful cock from different vantage points and strokes himself till he shoots a big load. Then sandy-haired, blue-eyed hottie Ryan Jordan gives us all a great show as he pulls out his impressive meat, lubes up, and jerks out a whole lot of jizz. When even Claude is impressed at the size of the load, you should be too! One of the best things about these masturbation sequences is that Claude lets us see from these guys’ POV for a minute. What it must feel like to have such a hot body and fine cock to play with 24/7—we’d never leave the house.

From the hot military models in scene one, to the outstanding threeway in scene two, and concluding with a couple of satisfying solo strokers, First Strike 5 is quintessential Active Duty porn. It’s streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Ivan James   Allen Lucas   Colton Phobos   Princeton Price   John (Active Duty)   Ryan Jordan   Michael (Active Duty)
Studio Name:   Active Duty

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