Alexander Garrett

Movie Review: Big and Juicy

big juicy, extra big dicks, pride studios, Sean Duran, Scott DeMarco, Jack Andy, Adin Smith, Jaxton Wheeler, Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin, Bryce EvansExtra Big Dicks and Pride Studios have got something huge for us this week. Big and Juicy is all about fat, long, mouth-watering cocks and the holes that love them.

Working out leads to sore, stiff muscles that need a good massage. During a rubdown, Bryce Evans sees Sean Duran’s package peeking out of his shorts, and he can’t help himself. Instantly he’s on his knees, taking that meat in his hand and guiding it down his throat, getting it wet with his slobber. Sean Duran bends Bryce over and fucks him hard, right there on the locker room bench.

Jack Andy’s dick is big enough that the guys can’t stop talking about it amongst themselves. Adin Smith is all horned up because he’s heard about it too, and now he wants to experience it for himself. Jack heard that Adin has a nice ass and wants to find out if it’s true. (more…)

Movie Review: My Straight Roommate 12

my straight roommate 12, driveshaft, str8 bait, Steve Vex, Brody, Joe Parker, Jackson Klein, Micah Andrews, Alexander Garrett, Mitch Vaughn, Trent Diesel

My Straight Roommate/Driveshaft gives us a str8 bait fantasy this week with My Straight Roommate 12. Every horny guy who’s ever crushed on a hot straight man will understand, and of course these men are sexy as hell.

Steve Vex goes to invite his roommate Brody to go get sushi, only to find him fast asleep. It’s not often that Steve is totally free to perv on this straight boy, so he enters the room for a closer look. Steve slowly pulls the blanket off Brody and admires his bubble butt from a doorway, playing with his stiffening cock. Brody doesn’t wake up, so Steve moves in closer to feel up Brody’s firm young body while he’s oblivious. He pulls Brody’s briefs all the way off and dives in between his cheeks, tonguing that smooth hole. Brody wakes up when Steve turns him over to have a good taste of that cock. It feels great and he has to admit Steve is hot, so Brody goes along with it and then some. (more…)

Featured Studio: Driveshaft



Driveshaft studio presents the biggest dick collections sure to fill your every fantasy and more. From Str8 bait to interracial… these horny men like all of their fucking to be hard, deep and wide open. Featuring several specialized brands to fit every taste, make sure to check out their various series and get your rocks off right there with the biggest cocks around.



Damn That's Big 10

Damn That’s Big 10

One of our most popular series is Damn That’s Big… and there is a reason these titles are a hit. Those dicks really are that DAMN big! Riding that line between pleasure and pain, these guys are more than happy to take on the challenge. You can tell that they struggle to accommodate all that big cock in their tight holes but, being the troopers that they are, they take every inch and end it with a smile and a huge cum shot. Driveshaft brings the big boys to the table with the likes of Luke Hass and his huge cock uncut cock ruining the holes of power bottoms like Chase Young and Alexander Greene, this series will have you cumming back for more.

But don’t worry if you are a lover of big black cock because Driveshaft has you covered with their series Boys Destroyed. If you thought the dicks were big in Damn That’s Big series, you’ve not seen anything yet. Izzy James is not only hung, but he is a busy guy as well fucking as many cute white boy asses as he can get. Hole after hole, Izzy wrecks each of these bottoms and there is no doubt who’s calling the shots. Watch as he fucks down cuties like sexy boy next door Shane Frost or the more whorish Alexander Garrett. These guys will never be the same after Izzy is finished with them.

We all need a good massage every once in a while and who better to rub those tight places than Tyler Saint in Driveshaft’s Massage Bait series. With his rugged good looks, bulging muscles and a bad habit of going from an oiled rub down to a hard core fuck down, he ranks high on my list of best massage therapist ever! Starting off slowly with a full body nude rub down, it doesn’t take long for Tyler to get worked up and start slipping his way in to a more full experience. Of course massaging clients like Seth Roberts with his perfect little ass or Trent Atkins and his beautiful muscular young body, it would lead to much more.

Finally, we all get to see where it all starts with Driveshaft’s newest line, Gay Casting Couch. Here you see many of these guys try out for gay porn for the first time. Of course, the instigators identity’s remain secret but the, formally straight, models are in full view. They go from awkward and uncomfortable to exposed and vulnerable in no time, finally treated to the mind blowing orgasm they have all dream of with another man and a cock in their ass calling the shots. Don’t miss Bobby Hart ride a cock like a champ for the first time as well as Mike De Marco getting his first taste of an on screen butt fucking that is a feast for the eyes.

Boys Destroyed 3

Boys Destroyed 3

Massage Bait 7

Massage Bait 7

Gay Casting Couch 2

Gay Casting Couch 2

My Straight Roommate 4

My Straight Roommate 4


ExplosiveFour of today’s sexiest power bottoms, three masterful tops, and a set that only a leatherman could envision – these are just some of the things that make Explosive from Raging Stallion a rugged masterpiece of manly sexuality. Director Bruno Bond lets the natural chemistry of these hot men do most of the work and he’s just recording the “Explosive” action that results.

Gorgeous Marc Dylan and muscular, hairy RS Exclusive Adam Champ start taking off each other’s clothes. Marc wastes no time going down on Adam’s fat, uncut cock. Adam responds with copious amounts of spit on Marc’s asshole to get him nicely lubed for the dick onslaught. Marc moans and groans in pleasure and pain as Adam stretches him open. Finally they jerk out their huge loads together.

Alexander Garrett strips out of his cowboy get-up and Jessie Colter loses his motorcycle gear not long into their scene. Soon Jessie is hungrily sucking Alexander’s big dick like it’s his last meal. When Alexander starts ramming gorgeous Jessie’s fuck hole, we’re reminded that Jessie is one of the most vocal bottoms around. His loud screams of pleasure are real and add spice to what was always going to be a hot scene. Pistoning in and out of Jessie’s ass, Alexander almost seems possessed by carnal need. He makes Jessie blow like a volcano and  adds his voluminous load to the spunk covering Jessie’s belly.

RS Exclusives Adam Champ and Derek Parker are paired up in scene three. Derek is a brawny power bottom who can withstand a lot, even the pounding that Adam and his huge rectal reamer can deliver. They suck face and Adam almost suffocates greedy Derek by tea-bagging him with his balls full of cum just waiting to burst forth… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Derek wants to take everything Adam throws at (or into) him, even asking for it harder. Adam obliges with a power fuck that could destroy a lesser bottom than Derek. Eventually they’re both ready to pop and they jerk their huge cocks until their loads explode.

Fiery Angelo Marconi is another power bottom who likes ordering his top around and taking off his clothes for him. Studly, hugely built Fabio Stallone doesn’t mind it when Angelo tops from the bottom. Angelo swallows that uncut Italian sausage, deep-throating it and seeming to slam his face right into it. All the while, his ready hole eagerly awaits attention from Fabio’s tongue and especially his dick. Even the experienced Angelo has to brace himself against Fabio’s aggressive thrusts, but he loves it rough and thoroughly enjoys this massive meat that would terrify most men. Angelo cums and cums, and Fabio’s right there afterward to add his own spunk to the mix.

Explosive gives a whole new meaning to “fire in the hole.” If you don’t cum like a comet while watching it, we’ll be shocked!

Stars:   Derek Parker   Adam Champ   Angelo Marconi   Fabio Stallone   Marc Dylan   Alexander Garrett   Jessie Colter
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   98 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Bruno Bond

Movie Review: It Gets Bigger

Eight hung, horny studs find that It Gets Bigger is a fitting personal slogan for what happens when they get down to fucking. The hotter it is, the bigger they get – and trust, we mean BIG.


Monster-hung hottie Spencer Fox is a flirtatious bottom who can’t get enough dick from Erik Rhodes whether he’s sucking or getting fucked, and we can’t blame him. Erik is flawless in all his golden-god, muscular glory. You might need a moment to collect yourself after you see Erik pick up Spencer in a bear hug and fuck him standing, like a wild animal. Proving to be an insatiable power bottom, Spencer yells, “Fuck it harder! I’m a whore!” After a fuck that will make you swoon, Erik shoots his load on Spencer’s rump, licks it up, and lies back to receive Spencer’s facial cumshot.


Hairy, hung Jason Michaels is like a kid in a candy store when he faces a pair of hard boners popping in and out of glory holes. Meanwhile, the boner owners (Spencer Reed and uncut Alexander Garrett) watch over the top of the wall as Jason gobbles up their super-sized dicks, alternating between them. They get so turned on that they come out from behind the wall to team up on him, jamming their erections down Jason’s throat – he even attempts both simultaneously – and tight asshole up close and personal. They switch places, continuing their merry threeway until finally all blow big loads.


Lawson Kane and Shay Michaels have lots of fun with their mouths, starting with passionate kisses and continuing with Shay sucking Lawson’s thick rod so enthusiastically that it’s almost too much. In turn, Lawson’s steady sucking rhythm and ass-eating skills drive Shay over the edge. When Shay finally gets to ride on Lawson’s huge pole, the sight of his balls bouncing on every thrust and his rosy-pink cock raging with arousal are sheer porn magic. This is a really excited pair of guys – Shay’s sweaty, grunting, frantic riding might be all you can take, let alone the sight of Lawson’s driving thrusts. It’s no wonder the guys explode into such a creamy mess at the end!


Spencer Reed (the most muscular stud from the threeway in scene two) returns for a one-on-one with boyishly handsome Bryce Star. When Bryce sees Spencer’s hardening dick, he knows just how to throat that thing. In turn, Spencer orally engulfs Bryce’s cock and sends him into the stratosphere. Bryce is inspired to shove his butt up against the glory hole so Spencer can play with his anus. Spitting into the crack, Spencer fingers Bryce’s pretty little pink hole to prepare him for the onslaught of his monster meat. Bryce even helps by fingering himself, and Spencer licks Bryce’s fingers afterward, driving us crazy with lust! At one point Spencer lifts Bryce, impales him on his rod, and keeps pounding him energetically. He flips Bryce up onto a table and fucks the cum right out of him in missionary, leaving that bottom boy’s chest covered in cream. Smiling, Spencer paints Bryce’s face with a gooey mess and licks Bryce’s face clean before kissing him one last time.


The star of the show is the burly Spencer Reed (in both of his scenes), but the opening couple of Spencer Fox and Erik Rhodes put on a fuck with great rewatchability.


Stars:   Erik Rhodes   Jason Michaels   Bryce Star   Spencer Reed   Shay Michaels   Spencer Fox   Alexander Garrett   Lawson Kane

Categories: New Release   Big Dick   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex

Running Time: 118 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Monster Bang

Director:   Steve Cruz

Movie Review: Work Loads

Work LoadsGiving new meaning to the term “working stiff,” superstar director Chi Chi LaRue bestows five thrilling workplace sex scenes upon an unsuspecting world with Work Loads. Newly available on VOD, this C1R/Rascal Video title features two stunning new studs and several popular stars.

Newcomer Trace Hunter and beloved hottie Matthew Rush are landscapers taking the edge off a busy day with some sex. Matthew initiates it, kissing Trace, fondling his biceps, and licking his pits and pierced nipples. Trace deeply sniffs Matthew’s crotch and likes the scent, so he whips out that cock and begins worshiping it. Eventually Trace bends Matthew over and gives him a long, luscious rimming. Later he feeds his cock to Matthew and gets his asshole licked. They finish themselves by jerking off onto the lid of a shiny metal trash can.

Trey Turner doesn’t want to get his shirt dirty while painting, so Drake Jaden suggests that he take it off. In fact, Drake thinks it’s a good idea for both of them to strip down to the jockstraps they’re conveniently wearing under their clothes. Soon their stiffening cocks poke out and they can’t help admiring each other’s swimmer-like bodies. Drake feasts on Trey’s cock and our view is excellent, especially when Drake’s big blue eyes look up at Trey. Soon Drake starts playing with Trey’s asshole in preparation to fuck him, and he does just that, but when it’s time to flip-flop, we can see that Trey was the dominant type all along. He gets creative, fucking Drake in reverse piledriver. These guys don’t get much paint on the walls, but Trey sprays Drake’s shaved head a nice off-white and Drake adds a little cream to his abs.

Alex Slater watches Matthew Rush doing the grounds keeping. Soon Matthew looks in the window and sees Alex waving his cock invitingly. Matthew comes in and strips off his shirt, putting on an impromptu muscle show. Alex kisses that thick, hard body and soon it drives Matthew crazy. Pushing Alex gently but forcefully onto the bed, Matthew kisses him assertively. Soon he puts his mouth to other use, mouth-fucking that cock Alex used to lure him inside and then licking Alex’s hairy ass. Alex gets his turn to taste Matthew’s dick and then he rides it. Whereas Matthew and Trace were equally bulky, there’s a sexy contrast between Matthew and the slightly darker, more compactly built Alex. It’s fitting that Matthew is the top, and we think Alex would agree judging by how much he enjoys it! Matthew cums with a mighty bellow.

Drake Jaden is back as an I.T. guy called in to help porn newbie Adam Rogue, a yoked stud with a particularly hard problem. After Drake crawls under the desk and asks for Adam to hand him something, he finds his hand being placed on a denim-covered bulge! Drake is quickly on his knees and sucking Adam while cubicle neighbor Alexander Garrett looks on, masturbating. Soon Alexander joins in, licking Drake’s cute little ass from below while getting a blowjob from Adam. Leather enthusiasts should enjoy the sound Drake’s boots make as he bounces above Alexander’s face. Adam and Alexander then team up on Drake’s cock – lucky man! The scene concludes with a three-way jerk session that leaves Adam’s muscular chest gooey.

Now comes the moment many will have been waiting for: cover model Roman Heart’s Rascal Video debut. Roman finds his employee Jimmy Durano (a C1R exclusive) sleeping on the job and decides to jerk off over him. Jimmy wakes up with that big, beautiful cock in his face and is understandably receptive to getting his mouth fucked – wouldn’t you be, if you found Roman Heart dangling his dick at you? Unsurprisingly, Jimmy savors that tasty meat for a long while, but eventually it’s Roman’s turn to taste. Jimmy lightly slaps his dick against Roman’s face. What a role reversal! It’s exciting to see the boss man eagerly slurp his lazy employee’s cockhead. These men are cut from marble and watching Jimmy fuck the gorgeous Roman will do it for any of you with fantasies about sex with your boss. Their sexual energy bursts through the screen and you’ll want more than anything to be in either of their places as they reach their ecstatic climax.