Movie Review: Plowed and Filled

plowed and filled, eric raw, ericvideos, eric paris, David Andrzej, Dani Robles, Teddy Torres, Rocco XXL, Kamel, Milan, Yanni, Mehdi, DarkoEricVideos and director Eric Paris have come up with four inventive scenarios for bareback hookups, presented for your wanking enjoyment in Plowed and Filled.

First up, we see Teddy Torres open his door and his holes to Dani Robles, who plays with his ass before binding and blindfolding him. After a while, Dani removes Teddy’s restraints so they can flip-fuck. Dani has something special for his furry fuck buddy and it’s twice as nice, because where there is one load there is soon another. There’s a reason these two guys have such big fan bases, and seeing them together is truly not to be missed.

Milan falls asleep with his door unlocked one night, which turns out to be a great mistake when Rocco XXL comes to find him. Rocco fucked Milan a few days ago and he wants another round. Somehow Rocco has found Milan’s address, and when he gets there, he finds Milan fast asleep. That’s not going to stop this horny top from getting what he wants! (more…)

Fuck Me, Sir

fuck me sir, interracial gay porn, chris ryder, cole maverick, hunter maverick man, bareback amateur pornSexy young black stud Chris Ryder has done several amateur videos, but he’s particularly well known to all you MaverickMan22 Productions fans out there. Having gotten off on his Lean Mean Chocolate Teen and Chocolate Cream Teen videos with the studio, viewers flooded Cole Maverick and Hunter “Maverick Man” with emails asking for the versatile top to return.

Fuck Me, Sir is this rising cock star’s very welcome third video for the studio and it’s the best one yet! Of course, Cole and Hunter love being the vanilla cookies to make a sandwich with a chocolate twink like Chris. They say he’s one of their favorite guys to fuck and it shows.

The Maverick Men easily coax this normally shy guy out of his clothes and unleash the fuck beast within. He gives them blowjobs that are so hot, you can practically feel that hot, wet mouth wrapped around your own hardening shaft. And even though he definitely knows what to do with his nine strong inches, Chris also loves the feeling of a dick up his own ass! It’s even better when he gets to ride two of them at the same time.

Chris gets Cole and Hunter to break their rule against double penetrating a guy before the end of the scene. It’s a move they normally like to save for a creamy grand finale, but in the middle of all the hot and nasty fucking, Chris wants both of his daddy bear fuck buddies to do him at the same time. Well, who are these guys to say no to a DP, no matter what time it is, when the bottom that they’re screwing together is so hot?

It’s so tight and intimate you’ll almost lose your load just at the insertion. Cole’s already buried within Chris’ ass when Hunter slips his fat dick in alongside. Somehow they all manage to keep it together and not pop right that instant! They keep the hard fucking going and totally plow Chris’ hungry ass in a powerful raw display.

Fuck Me, Sir is streaming only on AEBN.

Stars:   Chris Ryder   Cole Maverick   Hunter “Maverick Man”

Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions

Muscle Ridge

Muscle RidgeCOLT Men explore all their primal desires deep in the wilderness in the sensual, sensational Muscle Ridge.

Their bearlike nature runs free under the thick treetops above them. Uncut and uninhibited, they indulge their lust and inspire yours.

Gorgeous Trenton Ducati and Adam Champ start the show with an insanely hot scene. Other pairings include Dolan Wolf and J.R. Bronson, Adam Champ and J.R. Bronson, Dolan Wolf and Trenton Ducati, Tate Ryder and Tom Wolfe, and Brayden Forrester and Liam Magnuson.

This is a phenomenal cast of men who will have you salivating.

Running Time:   125 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   COLT Studio Group
Director:   Kristofer Weston
Stars:   Trenton Ducati   Adam Champ   Dolan Wolf   Tate Ryder   Tom Wolfe   J.R. Bronson   Brayden Forrester   Liam Magnuson
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bear   Outdoors   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex

Man Handle

Man HandleCockyboys’ Man Handle, a brand-new safe sex muscle-fest, is a stunning tribute to masculinity. It’s impossible to resist the raging inferno of male sexual energy that permeates every second of the movie. Every man who ever lusted will understand the drive to fuck and fuck until you’re totally spent.

From Colby Keller pushing Anthony Romero to his limits, to Ty Roderick’s commanding performance with Levi Karter and Hayden Lourd, to Gabriel Clark’s inspired pounding of Dillon Rossi: every scene just buzzes with desire.

Running Time:   135 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Cockyboys
Director:   Jake Jackson
Stars:   Antonio Giovanni   Levi Karter   Hayden Lourd   Max Carter   Dillon Rossi   Anthony Romero   Colby Keller   Gabriel Lenfant
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex

When Muscle Bears Attack

When Muscle Bears AttackAmateur porn fans, your favorite tag team has given you the gift of furry hunks. Cole Maverick and Hunter “Maverick Man,” the couple behind MaverickMan22 Productions, directed When Muscle Bears Attack for On the Hunt and it’s now available on demand right here on our VOD theater.

On the Hunt gathered up some hot amateur bears and told Cole and Hunter to have fun with them. You can easily see that’s just what they did. The duo loved filming this video and they made sure the three guys in the scene did, too. Two sexy, tattooed bears double-fuck a supposedly “straight” muscle bottom and turn him out! Watch the rock-hard pecs, abs, glutes, and cocks get harder, sweatier, and drenched in cum.

Those of you who like your amateur porn hot and nasty with a lot of personality already know and love the Maverick Men. If you’ve never seen what they do then this is the perfect time to find out what you’ve been missing.

Running Time:   40 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions
Director:   Maverick Man
Stars:   The Maverick Men   Hunter “Maverick Man”   Cole Maverick
Categories: Amateur   Mature   Orgies   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex

Hot Raw Bears

Hot Raw BearsBareback RT’s Hot Raw Bears is kind of like a sexual document in real time – it’s what the RT stands for, not retweet, for all of you tweeps out there – and believe me, this is one of the best ways to watch guys fuck. This kind of porn is real and raw in more ways than one.

Veteran porn star/director Nick Moretti performs double duty in this new fuck flick, directing as well as giving his all in a hard-driving sex scene. He’s always giving his fans everything and this time is no different.

These nine sexy, furry men are hungry for raw meat, and it’s feeding time. Watch all of those tight holes get stretched, pounded, and filled with hot loads in four scenes that will make your cock jump!

Hot Raw Bears is streaming exclusively on our VOD theater network in high definition.


Running Time:   102 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Bareback RT
Director:   Nick Moretti
Stars:   Aiden   Kodah Filmore   Patrick DeLuca   Enrico Vega   Jake Mitchell   Jack Sullivan   Nick Moretti   James Roscoe   Bamm Bamm
Categories: New Release   Bear   Bareback   Anal   High Definition

Office Affairs: Sexual Blackmail

Office Affairs: Sexual BlackmailRock Candy Films’ Office Affairs series concludes with a hot episode titled Sexual Blackmail. If you haven’t seen the previous scenes, don’t worry. They’re all stand-alone vignettes and you can find them here.

Writer/director Nica Noelle has been making fantastic all-male erotic titles that feature gorgeous men doing deliciously dirty things to each other with emotionally engaging stories. Gay porn with a plot – it’s crazy, right? Well, it really works to get you even more interested in what the men on screen are doing once the fucking starts.

Rod Daily is so far in the closet that he’s married with a kid, and it’s making him uptight. He’s taken to watching gay porn on his laptop at work, which is what he’s doing when his boss brings in new employee Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy will be sharing the office with Rod. When Rod goes to close the movie, he takes a closer look at the young stud. What are the odds? Jimmy is the guy bottoming in the porno that’s paused on his screen.

Devious Rod says nothing, but when he leaves for the day, he slips a note to Jimmy that makes it clear he knows about the porno. If Jimmy doesn’t want his secret exposed, he’ll meet Rod at a hotel that night. Poor Jimmy is trying to get his career started in the field he actually studied for in college and doesn’t want his past to ruin that, so he meets Rod. He’s stuck doing whatever he’s asked to do.

First he has to kneel and suck Rod’s cock for a while, but then Rod wants a taste of Jimmy. He sucks the ex-porn star’s dick while caressing his furry torso. Rod fucks Jimmy doggy style and Jimmy thrusts himself back against him, making his tight ass undulate enticingly. By now it’s obvious that Jimmy likes getting fucked by Rod and he’s even smiling. He enjoys Rod’s hard fuck in several other positions, including an extreme side saddle where they’re forming a T with Jimmy on his back and Rod lying on his side.

Office Affairs: Sexual Blackmail is streaming exclusively on our theatre network.

Running Time:   25 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Series:   Office Affairs
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Rod Daily   Jimmy Fanz
Categories: New Release   Feature   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex   White Collar   High Definition