Blake Daniels

Movie Review: “TIMFuck 11,” Treasure Island Media

timfuck 11, group fuckers, treasure island media, bareback, orgies, gangbang, raw, gay, porn, B.J. Slater, Alex Ramos, Bruno Knickerbocker, Nick Nicastro, Kamrun, Matt Sizemore, Blake Daniels, Steven Richards, Seth Fisher, Jessie Balboa, Nick Moretti, Max Sanchez, Ray Dalton, Fabio Stallone, Wade Stone, Logan Stevens, Dayton O'Connor, Jake Austin, Calvin (TIM), Drew Sebastian, Ludo SanderTreasure Island Media’s membership site is known for intimate, filthy, realtime bareback scenes that feel like you’re in the room. They collect the best of these scenes and release them in the TIMFuck series. If you’re looking for some of the most intense and authentic raw sex ever captured on video, then you already know. TIMFuck 11 is the latest in this awesome series.

Seth had a fantasy about being the meat in a Drew Sebastian/Logan Stevens sandwich. TIM heard him loud and clear, so they decided to make it happen. At the beginning of the scene, Seth shows off his long, fat cock for the camera and his scene partners. He, Drew, and Logan stand in a circle, kissing loudly as they jerk themselves slowly. It doesn’t take them long to get hard and excited enough to take things further. The action is fast-paced and relentless, with all three men giving good vocals and face. After Seth’s been thoroughly used, the camera moves in close as he pushes the jizz out of his reddened, stretched asshole. (more…)

Featured Studio: Driveshaft



Driveshaft studio presents the biggest dick collections sure to fill your every fantasy and more. From Str8 bait to interracial… these horny men like all of their fucking to be hard, deep and wide open. Featuring several specialized brands to fit every taste, make sure to check out their various series and get your rocks off right there with the biggest cocks around.



Damn That's Big 10

Damn That’s Big 10

One of our most popular series is Damn That’s Big… and there is a reason these titles are a hit. Those dicks really are that DAMN big! Riding that line between pleasure and pain, these guys are more than happy to take on the challenge. You can tell that they struggle to accommodate all that big cock in their tight holes but, being the troopers that they are, they take every inch and end it with a smile and a huge cum shot. Driveshaft brings the big boys to the table with the likes of Luke Hass and his huge cock uncut cock ruining the holes of power bottoms like Chase Young and Alexander Greene, this series will have you cumming back for more.

But don’t worry if you are a lover of big black cock because Driveshaft has you covered with their series Boys Destroyed. If you thought the dicks were big in Damn That’s Big series, you’ve not seen anything yet. Izzy James is not only hung, but he is a busy guy as well fucking as many cute white boy asses as he can get. Hole after hole, Izzy wrecks each of these bottoms and there is no doubt who’s calling the shots. Watch as he fucks down cuties like sexy boy next door Shane Frost or the more whorish Alexander Garrett. These guys will never be the same after Izzy is finished with them.

We all need a good massage every once in a while and who better to rub those tight places than Tyler Saint in Driveshaft’s Massage Bait series. With his rugged good looks, bulging muscles and a bad habit of going from an oiled rub down to a hard core fuck down, he ranks high on my list of best massage therapist ever! Starting off slowly with a full body nude rub down, it doesn’t take long for Tyler to get worked up and start slipping his way in to a more full experience. Of course massaging clients like Seth Roberts with his perfect little ass or Trent Atkins and his beautiful muscular young body, it would lead to much more.

Finally, we all get to see where it all starts with Driveshaft’s newest line, Gay Casting Couch. Here you see many of these guys try out for gay porn for the first time. Of course, the instigators identity’s remain secret but the, formally straight, models are in full view. They go from awkward and uncomfortable to exposed and vulnerable in no time, finally treated to the mind blowing orgasm they have all dream of with another man and a cock in their ass calling the shots. Don’t miss Bobby Hart ride a cock like a champ for the first time as well as Mike De Marco getting his first taste of an on screen butt fucking that is a feast for the eyes.

Boys Destroyed 3

Boys Destroyed 3

Massage Bait 7

Massage Bait 7

Gay Casting Couch 2

Gay Casting Couch 2

My Straight Roommate 4

My Straight Roommate 4

Featured Movie: Leather Fuck Pigs

Leather Fuck Pigs

Leather Fuck Pigs

Dick Wadd

Dick Wadd

Dick Wadd Media provides us with some of our most raunchy, edgy and controversial content. They continue to set the bar high when it comes to bareback fucking, pissing pigs, and balls to the wall fetish play. Leather Fuck Pigs is their latest release on AEBN and it’s guaranteed to get you to that sleazy mindset that many of us love to wallow in.

Set in a bathroom with gloryholes, drains and big dicks, our bottom star Jon Shield is ready for some major action. He waste no time getting things rolling as he backs his hairy hole up to the gloryhole for Cutler X to get is dick wet. With a craving for big black cock Cutler X takes his cue and is balls deep in Shield’s more than eager ass in minutes. While Cutler X is working over his whorish hole, Shield occupies himself with Blake Daniels cock in his hungry mouth. Daniels takes some time to get into Shield’s head talking him through that black cock’s on slot, and holds him tight against the stall booth so that Cutler X can get as deep as possible in Shield’s ass. There’s no doubt that all three men are getting off on the encounter staying hard and pushing Shield’s limits and body as far as possible.

Jake Wetmore steps in to add his assistance to the situation and immediately we learn why he is called Wetmore. Jake steps up and starts pissing right in Shield’s face while Shield goes down on Wetmore’s pissing cock, all the while continuing to take a beating from Cutler X up his ass. These guys are so into their piggish behavior that they shake with lust which goes to show you that even the most seasoned professionals get swept up in the action.

Next Michael Phoenix gets in on the action and hoses down Shield with one of the biggest pisses I’ve ever seen come out of a human. Shield continues to take Cutler X’s uncut black cock while more piss continues to fly in his face and mouth. After getting his ass reamed rough and needing to take a break, Shield drops to his knees like the pig he is and sucks Cutler X’s cock fresh out of his ass. Daniels doesn’t let him rest for long and starts fucking is stretched hole while Shield continues to service that big black cock. With Shield’s head through the gloryhole, Boy Fillmore appears and he too lives up to his name, filling Shield’s mouth with piss from his fat cock. Hot daddy Parker adds his piss to the mix as well showing Shields that there is no rest for the wicked.

Shields then opens his hole up for Wetmore, getting in as much of that daddy cock as he can while Adam Russo joins in the party and feeds Shields even more piss. Cutler X is back at it again and as he starts fucking Shield’s sore ass again, while Shield’s legs shake from exhaustion. He can get a break and once one cock leaves his hole, another one is right there to replace it. Sitting on the toilet, Cutler X has Shields ride is cock deep, eventually picking him up and pinning him against the wall while continuing to fuck his ass. I have never seen so much piss drinking, raw cock taking action and I give credit to Shield really take it like the champ he is.

With a switch in the action, things continue to get even better. Boy Fillmore is placed in shackles with his ass and mouth exposed for abuse. He is blindfolded, gagged and whipped so that there is little question of if he has any control of the situation. This is a circus of sex as Fillmore’s ass turns red from the lashings, he is sucking cock, and Russo is sucking him under the table. As a treat for all of his hard work, hot daddy Parker starts fucking his ass hard while Russo continues to pummel his face with his fat cock. Parker is quite the stud and really does a number on Fillmore’s ass… just in time for Russo to give it a go himself. Every cock in the room makes their rounds on Fillmore’s greedy hole while there is more piss and spit flying from all corners. After getting loaded up by a few of the guys, Fillmore is all smiles when released from his restraints, obviously enjoying his fuck down.

After some time to catch their breaths, and don’t think this doesn’t include some cock pumping and piss play, Parker is now on the receiving end and has one hungry hole to fill. Russo fucks him and quickly cums on his pulsing hole. Cutler X steps in to get his time in Parker’s ass as well. All dicks are gladly taken, one after another, in Parker’s insatiable hole which Shield gladly eats out between fuckings. Coming full circle, Shield is placed on a padded fuck bench and all the guys take turns using his ass again in every position possible. Shield takes one load after another in his open hole, finally getting what he was looking forward to in the first place… Cutler X’s huge load deep inside.

Dick Wadd has always been a favorite and they continue to push the limits with their bareback, piss and fisting content. Leather Fuck Pigs is an excellent addition to their collection and more than provides the very best in raunchy sex between pigs that just can’t get enough. You will watch this one over and over as this feature will having you cumming again and again.

Cutler X - Jon Shield - Jake Wetmore In Leather Fuck Pigs

Cutler X – Jon Shield – Jake Wetmore In Leather Fuck Pigs

Cutler X - Parker - Jon Shield In Leather Fuck Pigs

Cutler X – Parker – Jon Shield In Leather Fuck Pigs

Blue Bailey

Blue BaileyThis handsome stud with sandy-blond hair and blue eyes will grab your libido and never let it go. Blue Bailey might have been named for his beautiful eyes, or maybe it’s a reference to the “blue cinemas” of old, where you would watch XXX movies in the dark with a crowd of your, ahem, closest friends. (No, it’s probably the eyes, or maybe yours truly is just over-analyzing things.) Oh, Blue looks innocent enough, but don’t let appearances fool you. He’s a cum slut and there’s no denying it. If you don’t believe that, then just see the group-fuck shenanigans he gets up to in Over 18 and Ready for Daddy’s Seed from Slut Machine!

Since 2009, Blue has been proving his sexual versatility. He takes a ride on Chase Coxxx’s big black dick in Raw City 2. When he’s paired up with Adian Storm as his boss in Fuck Authority from Factory Video Productions, Blue flip-flops. Obviously a fan of switching from top to bottom in one scene, Blue does it again with Fyerfli in Ransom Video’s Built to Breed.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy Blue is seeing him top his real-life love, the equally gorgeous Blake Daniels, in Naked Sword’s Boyfriends. There’s a cum swap at the end that is too hot to miss. These two delicious lovers are also together in SX Video’s Bareback Bound. Watching Blue and Blake together gives you a tantalizing idea of what it could be like when they’re in the bedroom, and they look great together on a purely aesthetic level.

Blue has more than two dozen movies to watch in our video on demand theater. Here are three to get you started on what could easily become your new obsession.

Boyfriends Over 18 And Ready For Daddy's Seed Dan Fisk and Blue Bailey

Over 18 And Ready For Daddy’s Seed

Over 18 And Ready For Daddy's SeedEvery twink longs for the day when he turns 18. This special day is a rite of passage and for each tasty young piece of trade out there in the world, there’s always a hot DILF who wants to feed him his first taste of man seed.

In Over 18 and Ready For Daddy’s Seed, the lucky Blue Bailey gets his fill of daddy meat over and over in five unbelievable scenes.

Blue is a total pig bottom at an early age. He thoroughly enjoys his 18th birthday with more bareback fucks than most twinks his age would be able to handle. He’s ripe for the picking and there are certainly plenty of men who are chomping at the bit to have him.

Dan Fisk, Justin Jameson, Heath, Jacob Slader, and Blake Daniels are the DILFs who are here to stuff Blue balls-deep with their cocks and fill him with their hot spunk. Being such an insatiable lad, Blue takes it all and loves it.

Bastard Junior directs this raw anal sex flick from Slut Machine.

Running Time:   62 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Slut Machine
Director:   Bastard Junior
Stars:   Blue Bailey   Heath   Bone Daddy   Blake Daniels   Jacob Slader   Dan Fisk   Justin Jameson
Categories: Amateur   New Release   Mature   Twink   Bareback   Anal   DILF

Work Loads 2

Work Loads 2Going in to the office is anything but a chore if you’re lucky enough to be one of the guys in Dark Alley Media’s Work Loads 2. Men like Blake Daniels, Owen Hawk, Antonio Biaggi, Jessy Karson, and Sebastian Rio would make the work day far more enjoyable, don’t you think? This scorching new release is exclusive to our VOD theater network.

Any way their dominating tops want to fuck them is exactly how these compliant and cock-greedy bottoms want to take it. They’ll happily consume cock on their backs, on their sides, on their stomachs, pushed up against a wall, in threeways – always condomless, of course.

One other thing that these bottoms have in common is that all of them are totally slutty. I mean they live to get fucked. Wouldn’t you, if that were your job? Pushing papers and clicking a mouse all day… forget it. In this office it’s all about pushing a cock into a hungry ass. And when their tops have shot their loads, these bottom boys stand up and enjoy the sensation of it trickling out of their well-fucked assholes.

Directors Owen Hawk, I Que Grande, and Nick Moretti capture all of the action as the fucking frenzy unfolds. They put the “job” in blowjob, handjob, and rimjob. See, there really is work getting done around here!

Running Time:   106 minutes
Released:   05/2013
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media
Series:   Work Loads
Director:   Owen Hawk  I Que Grande  Nick Moretti
Stars:   Sebastian Rio   Blake Daniels   Derrick Hanson   Owen Hawk   A.J. Long   Antonio Biaggi   Blue Bailey   Jessy Karson   William West   Colton Carbone   Cole Hudson   Caleb Ramble   Sewperman
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Muscles   Bareback   White Collar   High Definition

Raw Gangbang

Raw GangbangGet ready for more bareback action than any one man should be able to handle, no matter how piggy he is!

Raw Gangbang is another example of why SX Video is known as one of the most extreme bareback gay porn studios around today. This movie chronicles an all-day sexual event that should rightfully go down in pig bottom history.

One cum-hungry bottom named Blake Daniels gets screwed and seeded endlessly by eight well-hung and ferociously horny tops. They feed him load after load! It’s hard to believe just one guy could take on all that cock and spunk. This is what you might call a fucking free-for-all.

Even if you’ve never seen Blake Daniels in action before, once you’ve been treated to his awe-inspiring bottoming skills for the first time, we don’t think it will be your last. Blake’s an addictive performer. This man is a shining example for all pig bottoms across the world, and he’s most certainly drained more than a few ball loads from yours truly over the years!

Stars:   Hawk McAllistar   Matt Sizemore   Blake Daniels   Joey   Kamrun Assher   Rowdy McBeal   Steven Shields   Rick Romo   Shawn Mason
Categories: GangBang   Interracial   Bareback   Anal   High Definition
Running Time:   71 minutes
Released:   05/2012
Studio Name:   SX Video

Raw Gangbang
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