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Movie Review: “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2,” Falcon Studios

earthbound, heaven to hell 2, chi chi larue, falcon, gay porn, Andrew Stark, Trelino, Johnny V., Arad Winwin, Andre Donovan, Armond Rizzo, Sean Zevran, Dean Monroe, Brent Corrigan, Blake Riley, JJ Knight, Gabriel Alanzo, Skyy KnoxFamed director Chi Chi LaRue and Falcon Studios have teamed up for a sequel to one of their greatest previous classics, Heaven to Hell. One of gay porn’s most successful and critically acclaimed movies, Heaven to Hell still has its fans a dozen years after its release, so it was only natural for Chi Chi and Falcon to make a part two. Enter Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, in which an angelic sex slave named Rogue (Skyy Knox) escapes the Underworld for a life of freedom on Earth. If he finds true love then Rogue can sever his ties to the Underworld for good.

Rogue is a slave to the Devil (Dean Monroe, returning from the original movie), who’s extremely possessive. Dazed but drawn to pleasures of the flesh, Rogue makes his way to a nightclub where he is hypnotized by the sight of a beautiful gogo dancer named Lucky (Brett Corrigan) twirling and shaking his ass for the crowd. Rogue swoons and falls to the ground. As the rest of the clubgoers ignore this or shake their heads at what they assume is a tweaker, Lucky carries Rogue to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the Devil discovers that Rogue has escaped to Earth and sends other minions there to track him down. Look for a cameo from the angelic Brad Patton, who appeared in the first Heaven to Hell.

Lord (Andrew Stark) is a bigwig in a different type of underworld on earth, and he’s trying to find out who’s ripping him off. Snitch (Trelino) is living up to his name and has gotten on Lord’s bad side. The “punishment” is one we’d all gladly take, though—he gets his ass eaten, probed, and pounded by the hot crimelord with the eye patch in a scene that deserves repeat viewings. (more…)

Featured star: Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan, porn legend

brent corrigan, big dick, gay, pornIn some ways, it feels like we’ve grown up alongside Brent Corrigan. Can you believe that he turned 30 last Halloween? He’s been in the adult industry for about as long as we’ve been blogging about it. Brent’s scandalous past, which he seems to reference obliquely in the brand new release Ultra Fan from NakedSword Originals (reviewed yesterday), probably helped some fans get to know him back in the day, but he has long since overcome it and remains one of the best known stars in the gay adult industry.

Brent was born in Lewiston, Idaho and spent a lot of his youth in Seattle with his stepfather. In 2003 his interest in Hollywood compelled him to move to San Diego and live with his mother, in spite of their strained relationship. He spent most of his time on his own and found himself in an unhealthy social scene there, attracting lots of older men. With 7½ inches of thick young dick to go with his Scorpio charisma and that cute face, Brent effortlessly caught every eye and stiffened every cock. Twink porn notoriety was inevitable for such a hot young piece of ass.

His dramatic first few years in porn with Cobra Video were marked by the company owner’s murder in 2007, and rival porn producers were found guilty. Some of Brent’s most notable moments from those years can be seen in Take It Like a Bad Boy and the compilation The Brent Corrigan Sex Tapes

porn, ass, bubble butt, jockstrap, muscles, brent corrigan, gayAfter his time with Cobra ended, Brent’s high profile allowed him to move on to bigger things. He appeared in two of the Porne movies from Dink Flamingo’s Dirty Bird Pictures: the original 2008 hit The Porne Ultimatum (costarring fellow super twink Kaden Saylor) and the 2009 sequel The Porne Identity. Brent also formed his own porn production company and fulfilled his longtime goal of directing movies.

Now that he’s moved on to the mature phase of his career, Brent is melting our screens more than ever. He’s a Falcon Studios Exclusive and continues to write and direct movies while commanding our attention on the screen. Playing himself in NakedSword’s Vegas Hustle, Brent makes star-struck go-go boy Chris Harder’s hottest sexual dreams come true. Falcon Edge’s Jacked features Brent in two different scenes: pounded first by sculpted Sean Zevran and later by muscular Brian Bonds.

Deep Release from Falcon is one of Brent’s latest movies, and he’s at his sensual best. He luxuriates in a warm bath to loosen up his sculpted muscles. Then it’s time for some intense body work with gorgeous masseur Jason Maddox, including a flip-flop.

Brent Corrigan is one of the most enduring legends of the gay porn industry. These movies and more will show you why his many fans continue to lust for him.

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Movie Review: NakedSword Originals’ “Ultra Fan”

ultra fan, gay, porn, nakedsword, naked sword, brent corrigan, jack hunter, sean duran, dominic pacifico, dorian ferro, calvin banksNakedSword Originals, the 2017 XBIZ Gay Studio of the Year, has just released Brent Corrigan’s instant classic, Ultra Fan. The beloved Falcon Studios exclusive stars in, wrote, and directed this hot and wild feature.

Superstar Brent Corrigan has been doing live webcam shows, and tonight he’s going to use a huge dildo. He didn’t expect a scheming, obsessed fan to hijack his show with outrageous blackmail material as a way to force him to take a real dick again on camera.

Brent has just sat down and started to stroke himself when an ominous message appears on the screen, telling him to answer his phone and find the package that’s been left for him. When Brent is shown the incriminating material, he has no choice but to do everything he’s told or he’ll never work again. When pizza boy Calvin Banks shows up, he is to seduce the boy and make the fan happy with his performance.

Tasty twink Calvin Banks has extra sausage for Brent, who sets the camera on the table so everyone can watch them take turns sucking and fucking. Brent bends Calvin over the pool table and fucks him first, and finally it’s Brent’s turn to ride the pizza boy until he jizzes on Calvin’s face. It’s got to be this pizza boy’s best tip ever!

However, the #1 fan has further requests. First he must strap a monitoring device to his ankle and perform ever more unusual sex acts while his ultra fan and all the other webcam viewers watch. Brent is shown a live feed of his assistant, Jack Hunter, bounded and gagged and then coerced into kinky sex. Burly Sean Duran puts Jack through it, paddling his tasty ass and teasing him with an electric wand. Sean fucks Jack’s face and then his hole, and the two of them swallow each other’s cum, all while Brent watches and jacks off so his fans can see.

Brent’s #1 fan still isn’t satisfied. Now Brent’s task is to invite two of his fans over for a threesome. Dorian Ferro (another Falcon Exclusive) and Dominic Pacifico are the lucky fans who get to play with their superstar porn crush tonight. Brent films the action as Dorian takes a double dicking in his mouth and then gets spit-roasted. Alternating between directing and getting involved in the action, Brent starts to enjoy all of this in spite of the situation, and maybe his fan is right: he does belong back in porn, fucking and getting fucked, and not just jacking off on a webcam.

Finally Brent breaks away and runs to find Jack. He discovers who’s behind this scheme and why. Just as importantly, he realizes how he truly feels about Jack, and even though Brent has had quite a busy night, he still has the energy and cum left for a romantic reunion with the man he loves. Jack feels the same way and he’s got a huge erection to prove it. At the beginning of the night Brent was going to try and take on a bigger dildo than he’s ever experienced, but now he has the real thing and that’s always more fun!

Ultra Fan is the latest and definitely one of the greatest releases from NakedSword Originals. We especially recommend it to Brent Corrigan and Jack Hunter fans, but even if you don’t already have the hots for them, you will after this. Get into it even before scenes two through four are available from NakedSword’s own website!

Stars:   Brent Corrigan   Dominic Pacifico   Sean Duran   Dorian Ferro   Jack Hunter   Calvin Banks
Studio Name:   NakedSword Originals 

The iconic Brent Corrigan still melts our screens

brent corrigan, ass, jockstrap, gay, pornFrom twink to twunk and now fully-fledged, muscular stud, Brent Corrigan has overcome a controversial past to become one of the most popular stars in the gay adult industry.

It’s so hard to believe that Brent is almost 30 years old. Those of us who have been following his career all along are feeling pretty ancient right now! He’s a Halloween baby from 1986, born in Lewiston, Idaho. Brent lived in Seattle with his stepfather for much of his childhood, but in 2003 his interest in directing movies compelled him to move to San Diego and live with his mother in spite of their difficult relationship.

Brent’s independence from his mom led him to an unhealthy social scene in San Diego, where he easily caught the eye of older men. Even as a cute teenager, Brent was already radiating that Scorpio magnetism and it eventually led him to twink porn infamy.

With 7½ inches of thick young dick, a lean body, radiant sexual energy, and a cocky little smile, Brent was too much to resist. He had no problem catching every eye right from the start of his career. He could maintain a rock-hard erection even when slamming his ass down hard on the biggest monster cocks.

To put it mildly, Brent’s first few years in porn with Cobra Video were highly dramatic. The owner of the company was murdered in 2007 and rival porn producers were later found guilty. Some of Brent’s most notable moments from those years include flip-flop fucking with fellow young hottie Connor Ashton in Cream BBoys and bottoming for brent corrigan, muscles, gay, porn, big dickhis “daddy” Carson Rhodes Take It Like a Bad Boy. These are still among his most popular movies. After he left Cobra, the company compiled some of his previously unreleased scenes in The Brent Corrigan Sex Tapes.

After his time with Cobra ended, Brent’s high profile allowed him to move on to bigger things. He appeared in two of the Porne movies from Dink Flamingo’s Dirty Bird Pictures: the original 2008 hit The Porne Ultimatum (costarring fellow twink superstar Kaden Saylor) and the 2009 sequel The Porne Identity. Brent also formed his own production company and has directed seven movies.

Now that he’s moved on to the mature phase of his career, Brent is melting our screens more than ever. In Raging Stallion Studios’ America’s Finest, aggressive top Andrew Stark yanks Brent’s jeans down in order to get at his muscular ass and stuff his hungry hole full of dick. Playing himself in NakedSword’s Vegas Hustle, Brent makes star-struck go-go boy Chris Harder’s hottest sexual dreams come true. Falcon Edge’s Jacked features Brent in two different scenes: pounded first by sculpted Sean Zevran and later by muscular Brian Bonds.

Come and see what makes Brent Corrigan one of the most enduring stars of the gay porn world!

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Movie Review: Gods of Porn

gods of porn, naked sword, movie review, gay, safe sex, condoms, darius ferdynand, gino mosca, ryan rose, duncan black, sebastian kross, killian james, chris harder, brent corrigan, adam ramzi, logan mooreOne look at the cast list for Gods of Porn by Naked Sword will tell you that the title is not idle boasting. The men in this movie have descended from the erotic Mt. Olympus to bless us mortals with their awesome gifts.

Handsome Darius Ferdynand feels that his years of loyal service to a recently deceased countess entitle him to her fortune. After the reading of the will, favorite nephew Gino Mosca has his eye on Darius’ own jewels. With all his diabolical charm and good looks, Gino seduces Darius into some hot bondage sex.

Adam Ramzi offers to spot Brandon Moore during a workout when, oops, out pops his stiff cock. Something about watching those muscles rippling makes a man erect. Before long, Adam’s hard-on finds its way into Brandon’s mouth. Brandon enjoys sucking Adam’s dick so much he spreads his cheeks and gets speared in the sphincter all over the weight room. After a sweaty fuck, Adam jizzes in Brandon’s mouth.

Newlyweds Ryan Rose and Duncan Black are relaxing on a yacht for the day. Duncan emerges from the water after a dip in the ocean to see Ryan stroking his throbbing erection. Immediately Duncan gets his mouth around that tasty meat, and Ryan stands up to fuck his husband’s face. Duncan’s ability to take such an aggressive throat hammering is astonishing, but even more incredible is the sight of Ryan drilling that asshole and then cumming all over Duncan’s face!

One fine morning, Sebastian Kross looks down from his balcony to see Killian James cruising and invites him upstairs. Killian’s large cock gives Sebastian’s gag reflex a challenge, and that’s just the way he likes it. After Killian services his host from front to back, he opens his own cheeks to take Sebastian’s fuck. Hearing Killian’s cries for harder and deeper fucking, Sebastian delivers all that and then some.

After a performance, sexy go-go boy Chris Harder finds gorgeous Brent Corrigan waiting in his dressing room. Chris can’t believe it when Brent, his porn idol, compliments his moves. Chris kneels to worship that famous dick, and then enjoys the feel of Brent’s lips on his own meat. Brent turns Chris around to rim his hole and fuck it deep. When Chris finally emerges from the post-orgasmic daze, his belly full of Brent’s seed, he sees the message Brent left on his mirror and knows it wasn’t just a dream.

Bicyclist Adam Ramzi sees Logan Moore watching him from a balcony. Adam doesn’t need an engraved invitation to hook up with this hot stranger. They don’t even make it to Logan’s apartment door before Adam’s sucking his dick. At the top of the stairs, Logan bends Adam over the banister and penetrates his asshole. When they move inside, Adam takes a shot at Logan’s ass. The two hot, bearded muscle hunks take turns flip-flopping until they each blow their load.

In six glorious hardcore scenes, some of the most divine men of gay porn show us what it’s like when sex gods fuck.

Stars:   Darius Ferdynand   Duncan Black   Ryan Rose   Adam Ramzi   Chris Harder   Gino Mosca   Sebastian Kross   Logan Moore   Killian James   Brandon Moore   Brent Corrigan
Studio Name:   Naked Sword 

Bryan Kocis, Cobra Video in mainstream Hollywood movie starring Christian Slater?

cobra video, bryan kocisRumors have been circulating that ’80s teen movie stars Christian Slater and Molly Ringwald will be starring in a mainstream Hollywood biographical film about the infamous late Cobra Video founder Bryan Kocis. Slater and Ringwald are said to be playing Kocis and his sister, respectively. James Franco is also rumored to be part of the cast.

Even everyday people who don’t watch porn love a good adult industry scandal. Kocis was the subject of more than one. Porn fans with a keen memory for salacious behind-the-scenes drama will surely remember Kocis for two things. The first was the scandal involving twink superstar Brent Corrigan, who was found to be… shall we say, not legally eligible for participation in the adult industry. By ordinary standards that would be the most shocking piece of anyone’s porn legacy, but Kocis was far from ordinary. In 2007, two men murdered Kocis and set fire to his house in 2007. Kocis’ computer was salvaged from the fire and evidence on it pointed to the two killers.

A former medical photographer, Kocis founded Cobra Video in 2001 and directed all content under the name Bryan Phillips. The studio quickly became known for condom-free fucking starring its Cobraboyz: beautiful, smooth young hotties who were between 18 and 23 years old. Cobra’s slogan and raison d’être was “Capturing the Erotic Essence of Youth.” Before Cobra came along, major porn studios didn’t really do twink bareback. Cobra initially focused on amateur talent in early titles such as Campus Boyz 3, but casting Corrigan turned out to be one of the most pivotal moments for Kocis and Cobra Video alike.

Corrigan was one of Bryan Kocis’ greatest muses. Kocis began casting him in productions in 2004 and right away, Corrigan’s star quality was evident. The Brent Corrigan Sex Tapes compiles must-see, previously unreleased scenes from the Cobra vaults in which you can see exactly what made young Corrigan the It Boy of his day. The major highlight is the threeway suck and fuck, also starring Jarod Steel and Josh Hart.

You can watch a selection of scenes from Corrigan’s greatest hits in Brent Corrigan: Beautiful Boy, but we can wholeheartedly (or should that be wholecockedly?) recommend watching all the movies it compiles in their entirety. Take It Like a Bad Boy is a twink fantasy starring five of Cobra’s hottest Cobraboyz. Named Best Overall Movie—Gay at our own VOD Awards in 2007, Fuck Me Raw is an enduring fan favorite and a classic of the bareback twink niche. Released in 2006, Cream BBoys has remained a favorite for those who love Brent at his twinky best.

Cobra ceased production with the death of Bryan Kocis, but it will always be legendary for bringing us outrageously hot porn starring the likes of Corrigan, Brent Everett, and many other sexy Cobraboyz. We can hardly wait to watch Hollywood’s telling of his story.

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Movie Review: Vegas Hustle, a NakedSword Original

Vegas Hustle - a NakedSword original gay porn - Brent CorriganGo-go boys, porn stars, fans, and average hot guys converge on Las Vegas for the HustlaBall. All those wild stories from Vegas that gave Vegas its reputation are likely to happen here. NakedSword has your VIP all-access pass to the wildest weekend in Vegas where today’s hottest gay porn stars show you their Vegas Hustle!

Texas Holcum’s got a hot ass that shady “businessman” Fx Rijos wants to sample, so according to the law of supply and demand, Fx seduces the innocent newcomer with free tickets to the HustlaBall. When Fx whips out his thick meat and tells Texas to suck, the newbie knows this so-called “free” is a price he wants to pay. While Texas is swallowing Fx’s hard-on, the nefarious top warms up that hole with his fingers. Fx tastes that hole and samples Texas’ large prick, and then it’s time to get serious. He bends Texas over and hammers his hole. After a hot ride, Texas swallows the load in appreciation for the tickets.

Hot go-go boy Chris Harder heads backstage after his HustlaBall performance to find his porn crush, the gorgeous Brent Corrigan (a Falcon Exclusive superstar), in the dressing room. Is he dreaming? Chris can hardly believe it when Brent tells him he liked his moves. Of course, the show they put on there in the dressing room is much hotter. Chris kneels to worship that famous dick, and then it’s his turn to feel Brent’s lips on his own meat. Brent takes command, turning Chris around to rim his hole and then pound it. After a fuck of a lifetime that Chris never wants to end, Brent feeds his seed to his biggest fan. When Chris finally emerges from the post-orgasmic daze, he sees the message Brent left on his mirror and knows it wasn’t a dream.

Just as Brent has his fans, so too does Chris. Cody Avalon wanted his favorite stripper all to himself, but finding him busy with Brent leaves Cody with a case of blue balls that he finally relieves with a stud he finds in the hotel’s billiard room. Super-hung Levi Madison, whose dick is nine inches long and about six inches around, is more than just a consolation prize. By the time Cody ends up hanging his head over the edge of the pool table so Levi can fuck his face, he’s forgotten all about his earlier frustration. But Levi’s so big that Cody can’t fit his mouth around him, so it’s time to test the flexibility of his asshole instead. After a wild ride in several positions, Cody ends up with Levi’s cream all over his face.

Hot partygoers Brandon Moore and Seth Santoro are instantly locked onto each other at the HustlaBall. They party like champions, ordering cocktails and shots together, matching each other drink for drink, but they’re never too drunk to fuck. The liquor just makes them even hornier, and in Seth’s room they consummate their newfound lust. Brandon teases Seth to full hardness with his bubble butt, and the two of them feast on each other’s cocks and assholes. Then they fuck hard until they black out. In the morning, they wake up with rings on their fingers!

The HustlaBall is the most decadent gay porn party on the planet and NakedSword lets you watch! It’s streaming exclusively on our VOD Theater.

Stars:   Brent Corrigan   Chris Harder   Cody Avalon   Fx Rijos   Brandon Moore   Levi Madison   Texas Holcum   Seth Santoro
Studio Name:   Naked Sword