Claude Sorel

Movie Review: “Offensively Large,” Bel Ami

offensively large, belami, bel ami, gay, porn, twink, euro, Joel Birkin, Jack Harper, Claude Sorel, Arne Coen, Helmut Huxley, Peter AnnaudExclusively streaming on AEBN, Offensively Large is a new release from Bel Ami that stars two of the studio’s most widely popular, super-hung superstars, Joel Birkin and Jack Harrer. These two twunks have cocks that are the stuff of wet dreams for every bottom who sees them.

Joel and Jack start the show by letting us get a good look at their famous cocks as they stroke themselves and each other off on a patio.

This moves smoothly into a sensual  threeway in front of some floor-to-ceiling windows, making for plenty of golden natural light as a trio of luscious twinks enjoy the taste and feel of each other. The oral action alone is enough to make you lose it: the kissing, the nipple play, the rimming, and of course the cock worship! It’s as though these guys are desperate to taste every part of each other as their limbs entwine and their holes get stretched. (more…)

Scandal in the Vatican 2, Bel Ami’s Euro porn masterpiece

scandal in the vatican 2, swiss guard, bel ami, belami, euro, gay, porn, lukas, twink, kevin warhol, joel birkin, cody clark, terry torson, marcel gassion, gino mosca, claude sorrel, claude sorel, jean-daniel chagall, jean daniel, andrei karenin, zac dehaan, hoyt koganAfter the great success of the decadent Scandal in the Vatican back in 2012, fans hoped and begged BelAmi to release a sequel. All those beautiful boys committing all sorts of luxurious sins in the holy city were just too good not to revisit.

Thank heavens that BelAmi brought us back to this story with Scandal in the Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard. Filmed on location in Italy, it stars BelAmi’s stunning “Kinky Angels” and presents them to us with the gorgeous production values that are a hallmark of this studio.

As the movie begins, Kevin Warhol is reading all about the Vatican sex scandals involving priests and Swiss Guards. It turns him on and soon he’s obsessed with the idea of seducing one of those hot men guarding the Vatican. He takes a trip to the holy city with Gino Mosca and Claude Sorel, two other incredibly hot twinks. Those guards never knew what hit ’em. Through bargaining and their own obvious sex appeal, the twinks find their way into bed with a series of priests, monsignors, and guards.

Joel Birkin, who’s studying to become a priest, claims that he can get the boys to the guards as long as they do him a favor. This man of the cloth is hiding a ten-inch slab of priestly meat under that cassock, which Kevin eagerly sucks and deep-throats until Joel feeds him a creamy load!

To keep up his end of the deal, Joel sets off to get access to the Swiss Guards from the gorgeous, built Monsignor Fellationi (Jean-Daniel Chagall). Of course, first he has to fuck the Monsignor, but this is a task he’s happy to complete!

After a series of scandalous rendezvous for our Kinky Angels and priests, Kevin, Gino, and Claude get their coveted chance at the guards, played by Hoyt Kogan, Marcel Gassion, Zac DeHaan, and Andrei Karenin. These are simply beautiful men and it’s easy to see why the twinks want them so badly.

Scandal in the Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard is stunning to look at with beautiful locations and custom-made costumes. The cast are charming to watch even when the scene calls for dialogue, but there are plenty of hot sex scenes for those who just want fuck for the buck. These eight scenes are enough to satisfy any fan of European twink action!

Stars:   Joel Birkin   Cody Clark   Kevin Warhol   Terry Torson   Marcel Gassion   Gino Mosca   Claude Sorel   Jean Daniel   Andrei Karenin
Studio Name:   Lukas Ridgeston 

Movie Review: Heartbreakers

heartbreakers, bel ami, jim kerouac, tom pollock, claude sorel, billy cotton, gaelan binoche, jerry wheeler, paul valery, jirka, gapo, david brauer, karel ceman, gino mosca, billy cotton, jason clark, twinks, twunksThe beautiful boys of Bel Ami are back to charm the jizz right out of your cock in Heartbreakers.

Jim Kerouac is a golden god of a massage therapist with a sculpted physique and a sexy smile. As he works the tension out of smooth blond Tom Pollock’s muscles, the bulge in the towel around his waist grows larger and harder to ignore. Jim loses the towel and unleashes his raging rod, which he grinds against Tom’s ass. He slides it back and forth along Tom’s ass crack before burying it inside. With sensual oral interludes, exquisite close-ups of penetration, and a big facial for Tom, the scene starts this movie off incredibly well.

Next there’s a limb-tangling, hole-stuffing extravaganza with three gorgeous twunks. If you’re into scenes with guys who look similar to each other, then you’ll love watching this trio of smooth, dark-haired young beauties in a daisy chain of sucking and plenty of spit-roasting action. Colin Hewitt and cute, horse-hung Gaelan Binoche take turns filling up smooth-bodied Jason Clark’s mouth and asshole. But there’s more, because Gaelan sucking both the other guys at the same time is an image that will stick with you.

Colin returns with Jim from scene one. These are two immensely good-looking young studs, and it’s hard to say who’s hotter so just watch and enjoy them together. They suck each other off before Jim takes charge and owns Colin’s hungry hole.

Exotically gorgeous Jerry Wheeler (whom you might know as Paul Valery, Jirka, Gapo, or David Brauer) has come back to performing after some time away. He gets intimate on a couch with Claude Sorel, who’s a relative newbie. Jerry’s fat, juicy cock proves to be an excellent match for Claude’s mouth and asshole, stretching and filling him beautifully.

Out on a balcony in a hot, sunny locale, super-twunks Karel Ceman (aka Gino Mosca) and Billy Cotton flirt with some fruit. Blond Billy unleashes his cock, so Karel happily opens wide and sucks. They move inside, where Karel takes a pounding and receives Billy’s load in his face. They switch places, and after drilling Billy’s hole Karel jizzes on his ball sac.

Heartbreakers is streaming exclusively now on AEBN.

Stars:   Jim Kerouac   Tom Pollock   Claude Sorel   Billy Cotton   Gaelan Binoche   Jerry Wheeler   Karel Ceman   Colin Hewitt   Jason Clark
Studio Name:   Bel Ami