Colby Keller

Featured Star: Lumbersexual stud Colby Keller

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Porn superstar Colby Keller has said that his name is “Colby like cheese, Keller like Helen.” This cute explanation is indicative of his endearing goofball side, which you can occasionally see in his performances. It’s not every guy who can radiate so much personality while he’s fucking for the cameras, and he won the 2016 Cybersocket Web Award for Best Personality. That charm is just one of the reasons we have a crush on Colby. We’re not alone—he has many fans. Colby’s big, brown eyes and thick, tasty cock are, of course, other main reasons that people lust for him.

Since making his porn debut in 2005, Colby has appeared in several dozen titles. Some of our favorite early movies he did include XXX (Mustang/Falcon Studios) and Dragon Cumblast (Dragon Media). (more…)

Movie Review: CockyBoys’ “Let Them Eat Cake”

let them eat cake, cockyboys, gay, porn, carter dane, colby keller, gabriel lenfant, gabriel clark, jj knight, zak bishop, wesley woods, dustin holloway, bubble butt, safe sex, musclesNew CockyBoys exclusive model Carter Dane has a fabulous ass that inspires a man to grab a cheek with each hand and dive in, whether with one’s tongue or one’s cock. Not only that, but he’s also got the muscular body of a Greek god and expressive eyes you can get lost in all day. It’s only right, therefore, that the studio, star, and director Jake Jaxson have brought us a film that’s devoted to those perfectly formed globes. Let Them Eat Cake is a more than impressive introduction to this 23-year-old future superstar, who’s making his debut for the studio.

The movie begins with Carter telling us about himself while we watch sexy tease footage of him stroking his own body and posing in front of huge hotel room windows.

Carter’s first scene is with the incredible Colby Keller, the porn superstar that he’s most wanted to fuck since before he got into the business. We watch Carter jerk off to his favorite porno, one of Colby’s scenes, and he explains in voiceover what he likes so much about it. Once Carter gets into the room with Colby, watch the sparks fly! They lock eyes and then lips. Colby takes charge almost immediately, with stunning results. Their chemistry is explosive as they slowly strip and Colby gets a good look at Carter’s bubble butt. Colby can’t keep his hands and mouth off it, at least not until Carter tells him he’s ready to get fucked. Carter mounts Colby’s big dick like it’s what he was made to do. He slides himself up and down the shaft, burying it in his asshole balls deep. Later he gets on all fours and bites down on Colby’s arm as Colby pounds his ass. When Colby sees Carter shoot out a big, hot load, it makes him cum as hard and voluminously as he ever has before!

Just think: out there somewhere is a hopeful young porn star in the making who is going to jerk off to that scene as often as Carter spanked it to his favorite Colby scene.

We take a break from Carter to join a couple of other CockyBoys newbies. Wesley Woods and Dustin Holloway are both hot, handsome young guys who meet for the first time in Montreal. Both of them are so hot they could melt the snow, and that steam in their shower scene could just as easily come from the heat they generate. They tease each other by pressing their cocks against the glass. Hot kisses, blowjobs, and rimjobs lead to an even more intense flip-fuck, with Wesley taking a slightly more aggressive role.

Carter gets lucky once again with an excellent fuck partner, this time gorgeous Gabriel Lenfant. They have a relaxed chat about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes. Carter says he gets off on watching himself in the mirror when he’s getting fucked, which is something Gabriel is definitely going to make happen for him just as soon as he’s enjoyed fondling, kissing, and sucking his flawless body. The average man could orgasm from the intense oral worship that Gabriel bestows upon Carter, but they have a lot more fucking to do before that happens. In front of the mirror they indulge in plenty of oral cock and ass worship, including 69. Gabriel especially enjoys diving in between Carter’s perfect ass cheeks. Now that they’re both teetering on the brink of sexual madness, Gabriel pushes his throbbing cock into Carter’s ass and pounds him. They move between the bed and the mirror, slow and fast, both of which are achingly hot. Watching Carter spray his own chest with his huge load drives Gabriel to do the same, adding his jizz to Carter’s. These two are definitely aroused by each other, driving each other to the kind of passion that goes beyond porn performance.

JJ Knight is also being inducted into the ranks of CockyBoys with the help of Zak Bishop. These two young studs are a perfect match: both sexy as hell (like any CockyBoy, of course), both versatile. Zak prefers to bottom and JJ likes to top, and JJ’s thick, 9.5″ dick helps to ensure that his debut is unforgettable. Not just any bottom could take that kind of ramming from such a huge cock, but Zak is up for it. JJ fucks Zak into delirium, whether they’re pressed against the huge window or on the bed. The two of them are both vocal during this scene and they’re obviously enjoying each other.

Though advertised as a vehicle for debut CockyBoys exclusive Carter Dane, Let Them Eat Cake is packed from start to finish with new and veteran performers giving us volcanic scenes. You can see the whole thing exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Carter Dane   Colby Keller   Gabriel Lenfant   JJ Knight
Studio Name:   Cockyboys 

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AEBN Releases Top 25 Gay Stars Of 2014

AEBN is pleased to announce the top gay stars of 2014. Fans have chosen who they believe to be the hottest and best performing men in gay adult entertainment.

So, what makes an adult performer a real star? AEBN compiles credible evidence every day and has distilled a year’s worth of consumer data to answer this question. The essence of the data is simply based on the dollars spent by AEBN’s discerning adult customers. AEBN believes that sales credibility trumps any data based upon casual viewing via free tube sites or “performer of the minute” searches. As one of the world leaders in on-demand adult video, AEBN believes it is uniquely qualified to determine which performers have achieved true star status.

Without further delay, we bring you AEBN’s Top Gay Performers of 2014!

#1: Armond Rizzo
Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez Movies: 28 Scenes: 31
Compact sized muscle bottom Armond Rizzo loves to take massive cocks. It’s no surprise this sexy Latino was 2014’s best star with titles from Raw Strokes, Raging Stallion, and Iconmale, amongst others. This past year viewers saw Armond getting pounded by some of the biggest cocks in the industry in titles like Bareback Anarchy, Bottom Feeders, and Forbidden Encounters.

This Chicago native moved to San Diego to make it big and take it big, and he’s proven to be one of the best at it.

You can watch top star Armond Rizzo get his ass stretched on the AEBN VOD theater here. Enjoy! (more…)

Man Handle

Man HandleCockyboys’ Man Handle, a brand-new safe sex muscle-fest, is a stunning tribute to masculinity. It’s impossible to resist the raging inferno of male sexual energy that permeates every second of the movie. Every man who ever lusted will understand the drive to fuck and fuck until you’re totally spent.

From Colby Keller pushing Anthony Romero to his limits, to Ty Roderick’s commanding performance with Levi Karter and Hayden Lourd, to Gabriel Clark’s inspired pounding of Dillon Rossi: every scene just buzzes with desire.

Running Time:   135 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Cockyboys
Director:   Jake Jackson
Stars:   Antonio Giovanni   Levi Karter   Hayden Lourd   Max Carter   Dillon Rossi   Anthony Romero   Colby Keller   Gabriel Lenfant
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex

Milk It

Milk ItTreasure Island Media knows how dirty you like your fetish porn, and thanks to director Max Sohl, they’ve given kink lovers plenty to wank to with Milk It. How long can a man hold out before he’s allowed to cum? You’ll find out as five guys are brought to the brink of orgasm and finally milked.

Colby Keller is already getting stiff as Morgan Black binds his arms to the top half of a St. Andrew’s cross, leaving his legs free. The camera lovingly spends a lot of time in close-up on Colby’s handsome cock with its ginger pubes, growing ever harder and closer to spewing in Morgan’s lubed hand. Morgan constantly looks as if he’s on the verge of popping that dick in his mouth, so both men are being denied, but Colby does finally get to cum after 20 minutes of Morgan’s slow, sensual strokes.

Tony Bishop fully restrains Steven Shields in a chair, but Steven plays with himself while Tony tightens the buckles. Once Tony has Steven’s weighty cock in hand, he thoroughly enjoys the feel of it. Tony can tell by Steven’s quivering muscles before Steven announces that he’s about to cum, and with his arm around Steven’s throat, Tony smacks Steven’s cock against his own body as the cream jets out.

Antonio Biaggi has DJ trussed to a filing cabinet, but he was kind enough to provide a cushion. Pumping DJ’s cock with hard and fast strokes of his hand, Antonio orders him not to cum without permission. Seeing DJ get more excited turns Antonio on so much that he can’t help jerking off at the same time. Fortunately, DJ has enough wrist movement to jerk Antonio off. Antonio breaks the customary handjob-only policy and sucks DJ off, but finishes him with his hand.

Muscle bear Randy Harden is tied to a bed. Jack Handler is clothed, while Randy’s presented in a leather jock that barely lets his package squeeze through. His balls are purple and engorged as Jack tenderly treats him to a handjob, even a massage and kisses on the mouth and nipples. Jack licks pre-cum from Randy’s cockhead and tests his ability to withstand orgasm by unexpectedly thrusting fingers up his bunghole. When Jack pulls Randy’s ball sac and pops his cockhead in and out of his mouth, Randy finally cums.

Sean Parker looks relaxed as Tony Bishop binds him to a leather sawhorse. But Sean’s lack of outward expression changes when he sees Tony stiffen in his pants from stroking him. As much as Sean wants to play with Tony’s tent pole, he’s bound too tightly to get at it. This makes Sean even harder. Eventually Tony uses a mechanical milking toy that’s basically a vacuum tube. Most mortals wouldn’t last long in that thing with Tony sitting on their face, but Sean withstands a long session and even maximum power, only cumming after Tony lets Sean taste his cock and then his kiss.

Handjobs have never been so achingly hot!

Running Time:   128 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media
Director:   Max Sohl
Stars:   Morgan Black   Colby Keller   DJ   Antonio Biaggi   Tony Bishop   Randy Harden   Steven Shields   Jack Handler   Sean Parker
Categories: Fetish   BDSM   Cumshot   Masturbation   High Definition

The Other Side of Aspen 6

The Other Side of Aspen 6“The Other Side of Aspen 6” has been hotly anticipated, with good reason. After all, there is perhaps no series that played a bigger part in making Falcon Studios’ legendary reputation than The Other Side of Aspen did when it started in 1979. Each volume has brought us great scenes featuring the best performers of its era, and this one carries on that tradition with eleven of the sexiest men in porn and award-winning director Chris Ward at the helm. The legacy of the series demands nothing short of cum-splashing excellence.

Snowmobile riding has gotten Adam Killian and Falcon exclusive Tony Buff very hard. On his knees, Adam deep-throats Tony, really worshipping his cock and balls with devotion. In response, Tony feasts on Adam’s curved cock. Then Adam bends over on the snowmobile and lets Adam taste his sweet hole, and he enjoys it so much he has to service Tony’s cock some more. Tony blows a healthy load onto Adam’s furry chest. Watching Adam cum gets Tony so excited that he pops again!

Colby Keller is waiting in the cabin when his boyfriend Heath Jordan, a Falcon exclusive, returns from shoveling snow. Together, they ward off Heath’s winter chill with passionate kisses. As they strip, Heath can’t get hold of Colby’s gorgeous dick fast enough, because he clearly adores it. (Who could blame him? So do we.) Colby fucks Heath’s handsome face and things get sloppy, with lots of spit. Heath gets his little ass plundered in several positions – when he fucks back against Colby in standing doggy, you can tell by their groans that it feels as great as it looks. Then the furry cub climbs on, facing away from Colby so we get a good look at his compact torso as he pumps himself up and down on Colby’s shaft. Tugging at his own rampant dick with help from Colby, impaled on his boyfriend’s cock, Heath shoots copious spurts of cum. Soon Colby produces great gobs of the gooey stuff as well.

Heath and Colby are off to Palm Springs on vacation while their slutty pal Landon Conrad (another Falcon exclusive) house-sits… what a way to pick up guys! He and Cameron Adams come inside from skiing, strip naked, and get down to some indoor fun. Cameron trails his tongue down Landon’s sculpted body, and by the time Cameron has his mouth wrapped around Landon’s cock, Landon is ready to go, but first, he returns the oral favor until they can’t wait any longer. From behind, Landon buries his shaft as far into Cameron’s ass as it will go. Cameron gets on his back so Landon can fuck even deeper. As they climb the peak of pleasure together, Landon’s thrusts grow faster and harder. Finally, he pulls out and they douse each other in cream.

In the second half of the movie, Landon has some buddies over for a nonstop sex party. The more the sexier! As the guys arrive, the action builds to a crescendo that couldn’t have been better orchestrated. The sucking and ass-eating alone could push you over the edge, and the erotic heights these men reach are reminiscent of many great orgy scenes from Falcon during its 40 years. In a break from the orgy, we see shorter vignettes of hot pairs sharing private time: Adam Killian tops Falcon exclusive muscle pig Angelo Marconi, beautifully pale stud Brandon Bangs fucks golden-skinned Nordic beauty Gavin Waters, Landon tops the super-fine Shane Frost, and tattooed kink god Tony Buff fucks fellow Falcon exclusive Roman Heart, who’s looking his godlike best. Afterward, we rejoin the orgy already in progress, where things are still hot and heavy. Finally, after everyone’s cum has been spent, all the guys run naked out to the hot tub, where they dump the snow from the sides of the tub onto each other’s heads as they relax in the water. Stick around after the end credits for a great bonus scene with Colby and Angelo!

“The Other Side of Aspen 6” introduces a new generation of porn fans to the bliss of sex so hot it could melt the snow capping the peaks of the famous Aspen ski resort. If you’re long overdue for a return visit to this series, you’ll be happy to know it’s as hot as ever!