Colton Grey

Featured Star: Colton Grey

colton grey, gay, pornAlthough the gorgeous, super-fine, sultry Colton Grey is only 5’6″ tall, we can all see that he’s big where it counts. Let’s be honest: that girthy eight-inch cock is all the size you’ll really care about when you see him naked.

Lucas Entertainment captures the allure of this compact cock-star to great effect in Cruising for Colton Grey. He tops and bottoms in this collection of scenes that showcase him at his best, co-starring superstar Adam Killian, Justin Cruise, Tyler Wolf, Jake Andrews, Addison Graham, and Anthony Verruso.

In Iconmale’s delicious daddy/boy feature His Son’s Best Friend, Colton plays the troubled and mysterious title character. When Colton crashes at his best friend Sam Truitt’s house, he easily tests the sexuality of Adam Russo, Sam’s dad. You can’t blame Adam, because Colton could make any straight man curious. (more…)

Movie Review: Paris Perfect

paris perfect, nakedsword, naked sword, colton grey, johnny v, francois sagat, theo ford, dani robles, denis vega, gabriel cross, gay, porn, parody, farce, sister roma, franceNakedSword Originals presents an international adventure with some of the most gorgeous men in porn, including porn legend Francois Sagat. Filmed on location, Paris Perfect is an entertaining French farce that’s fun to watch even between the fucking.

After his vain, arrogant porn star boyfriend (Trenton Ducati) uses him for one last fuck and then coldly dumps him, Colton Grey decides to take his revenge with a stolen frequent flyer card. Colton, whose innocent-looking blue eyes belie his inner con artist, buys two tickets to Paris for that night. After listening to his friend Johnny V complain about work, Colton talks Johnny into quitting his job and joining him in Paris.

Fresh off the plane in the City of Lights, Colton and Johnny are unable to get a hotel room without an ID to go with the frequent flyer card. Colton seizes the moment when Theo Ford finds them standing on a corner and mistakes Colton for Mr. Ferrand, a rich Frenchman. (more…)

Rock Candy Films “Secrets and Lies” Coming October 3, 2016!



Rock Candy Films and AEBN present the new Secrets & Lies series, directed by the renowned Mr. Pam and NakedSword Originals. With its all-star cast, dramatic plot, and sex scenes that are pure fire, this four-part story takes us to the Ridge Family Farm, where everybody’s fucking somebody they “shouldn’t” and they can’t stop because it feels so good.

The story begins with “Father’s Secret,” in which Uncle Frederick (Trenton Ducati) takes his frustration out on a pair of ranch hands (Brian Bonds and Brandon Wilde) when he feels they aren’t doing their fair share of work. After face-fucking them, he yanks their pants down and bangs their tight little holes. Brandon impresses the boss man by warming up his ass with a hoe, and after a hot fuck train, Brian and Brandon earn their pay by swallowing all the cum!

Unbeknownst to Frederick, his son Beckett (Falcon Exclusive Jacob Peterson) saw the whole thing. In episode 2, “Don’t Tell Dad,” he’s still reeling from it when his cousin Ryder (Colton Grey) drags the secret of what he saw out of him. But Ryder, far from shocked or dismayed, seizes the opportunity to put the moves on Beckett right there in the walnut grove. Kissing cousins soon become fucking cousins, and now they have their own secret to keep from the family! Unfortunately, somebody already knows and he’s not above using it to his advantage.

In episode 3, “Family Pact,” we see the tensions start to boil over. Pious family patriarch Duke Ridge (Rocco Steele) tries to settle everybody by saying a prayer before dinner. Afterward, Frederick and Ryder are on dish duty. Cocky young Ryder tries to get under his uncle’s skin, bragging that he knows about Frederick’s threeway with the ranch hands. Not to be outdone, Frederick throws it back at Ryder: he saw Ryder and Beckett fucking. Ryder, knowing he’s been beaten at his own game, sucks Uncle Frederick’s big dick and then bends over the kitchen counter to give up his little pink hole.

Sound travels well in the farmhouse. In the final episode, “Forgive Me Father,” Duke walks in on his son, Ryder and his brother-in-law, Frederick after hearing the commotion. Frederick flees but Duke chases him to the barn. Duke goes off on Frederick before turning on Beckett, chewing each of them out for fucking Ryder. Beckett admits that the one he really wanted to fuck was his Uncle Duke, and then kisses him. Duke believes it’s wrong, but that only arouses him more. Seizing his chance, Beckett goes to work on his uncle’s giant man-meat, eyes watering as he deep throats. Duke proceeds to give Beckett the ride that the lad has been craving all along, and then uncle and nephew make a cummy mess.

On the Ridge Family Farm, no one is left out of the forbidden fun.

Secrets & Lies is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD. “Father’s Secret” will go live next Monday, October 3. Look for each new episode every Monday through October 24.



Movie Review: “Fuck You, I’m Infamous” by Naked Sword

fuck you i'm infamous, naked sword, nakedsword, ryan rose, draven torres, diesel washington, tyler rush, vadim black, jd phoenix, cameron diggs, colton grey, gay, pornIf you want bad boys, beware. Your mere “bad boys” might not even hold a candle to the scoundrels of Fuck You, I’m Infamous from Naked Sword. These guys have lived outside the law and definitely outside the confines of polite society, but we forgive them their trespasses while we’re watching them on our screens… because that’s how fucking hot they are.

Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose is among the more controversial of the studio’s performers, and that’s one reason he’s so popular. Fans can’t get enough of his roughness paired with those intense blue eyes and that stunning body. He blames his partying and aggressive public antics on his Irish blood and Chicago roots, but he makes no apologies. When he’s paired with the hot fetish performer Draven Torres, the chemistry is combustible. Draven is just plain dirty and a real dick pig. After kneeling and licking Ryan’s boots, Draven shows off his deep-throating skills. Ryan licks Draven’s ass and then pounds him into ecstasy until both of them pop huge loads.

Black stud Diesel Washington is fierce in both intellect and physical power. He always speaks his mind, and he doesn’t think of him as a bad boy unless you fuck with him the wrong way. When it comes to fucking the right way, though, there’s no better bottom to pair Diesel with than Tyler Rush. Tyler’s bad boy qualities are all about his preference for rough sex in public. What he lacks in hooliganism Tyler more than makes up for in sexual skills. Diesel feeds his fat cock into Tyler’s accommodating throat and easy-access hole, and Tyler greedily swallows Diesel’s load.

Gorgeous Russian gay-for-pay stud Vadim Black is the baddest of the bad, and inspires a kind of love-hate admiration from his fans. Vadim’s mouth has gotten him in trouble. You could maybe chalk it up to his youth, because he was just about to celebrate his 21st birthday when this was shot. In any case, he’s fucking JD Phoenix, a kinky slut whose life and sexual habits are an open book for the world to read. JD says that this is his last scene, and if that’s true then he really found a way to go out with a bang! Vadim fucks JD’s face, but not as hard as he pounds his round ass.

Sex-flexible Cameron Diggs was a stripper in Dallas when porn superstar Trenton Ducati discovered him. Cameron has a rap sheet and a reputation as the “Great White Shark,” thanks to an implant in his dick. Can you say extreme body modification? He’s done five years of hard time, and now he’s giving a much more pleasant kind of hard time to the angelic Colton Grey. Sweet Colton isn’t as innocent as he appears, and he’s a law breaker—just not to the same extent as Cameron. Colton loves the way that shark dick feels railing his tight hole! Watching him getting fucked in a sling makes us downright jealous. Something tells us this scene is going to be watched and talked about for a long time.

Fuck You, I’m Infamous is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Ryan Rose   Cameron Diggs   Diesel Washington   Draven Torres   J.D. Phoenix   Vadim Black   Colton Grey   Tyler Rush
Studio Name:   NakedSword

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Sultry, super-fine Colton Grey

Colton Grey - gay porn star“Who wouldn’t want to get paid to have sex with hot guys?” asks the gorgeous, super-fine, sultry Colton Grey. Of course, all the other guys are just as ecstatic that they get paid to fuck him!

Colton is a shorty, standing just 5’6″, but he’s big where it counts because frankly, that thick eight-inch cock is all the size you’ll really care about. He’s got a thing for manly, muscular studs and he loves to kiss and eat ass when he’s fucking.

Lucas Entertainment captures the allure of this compact cock-star to great effect in Cruising for Colton Grey. He tops and bottoms in this collection of scenes that showcase him at his best, co-starring superstar Adam Killian, Justin Cruise, Tyler Wolf, Jake Andrews, Addison Graham, and Anthony Verruso.

In Iconmale’s DILF-tastic feature His Son’s Best Friend, Colton plays the troubled and mysterious title character. With no other place to call home, he crashes at his best friend Sam Truitt’s house. Adam Russo, Sam’s dad, finds himself questioning his sexuality when he starts getting the hots for Colton. Let’s face it: Colton could turn anyone’s head. Iconmale has also showcased Colton in his currently most popular movie, Brothers, in which he plays a sensitive young guy who falls for his jock stepbrother Connor Maguire.

You can also watch Colton fucking up a storm in Krossfire from Falcon Edge, Hot House Entertainment’s After Glow, and more.

Brothers - gay taboo porn, gay stepbrothers, colton grey, connor maguire Cruising for Colton Grey - gay porn, safe sex, muscles His Son's Best Friend - gay porn, colton grey, adam russo, dilf porn, gay daddies

Movie Review: After Glow

After Glow - gay porn - hot house entertainmentSeven men abandon themselves to the ecstasy of cock in After Glow from Hot House Entertainment.

Muscular studs Jimmy Durano and Alexy Tyler make a gorgeous pair. After tasting Alexy’s fantastic buns, Jimmy dives between his cheeks and starts tickling that crack with his tongue and his beard. Alexy takes Jimmy’s hard-on in his mouth, but Jimmy takes charge and starts fucking his face. He’s just as much of a power top when it comes to fucking that ass, too. When Alexy flips onto his back, he opens wide with his legs above him so that Jimmy can thrust even deeper inside. As Alexy cums hard all over his own toned abs, his face is a picture of total dick-pig bliss. Soon Jimmy adds to the cummy mess, aiming his load for Alexy’s dick and asshole. Alexy makes sure to get a taste of the cream!

Colton Grey is looking too good for Luke Adams to resist, with his skin art, those lean muscles, and that long, fat dick! Luke hungrily slurps Colton’s rod and gets it ready to enter his greedy hole. Colton pushes his way into Luke from behind, but pauses to suck Luke off for a bit before really going in for the fuck. Once Colton is thrusting at full speed into that greedy ass, Luke furiously pumps his own cock until he creams on himself. Colton spooges in Luke’s mouth and Luke thirstily gulps it down.

Alexy Tyler returns, and at first it looks like he’ll have to satisfy his own lust with a huge dildo. Like he did for Jimmy, Alexy lifts his legs in the air so he can really get that toy deep inside. He alternately plugs his butt and his greedy mouth with the dildo. When Sean Zevran shows up, Alexy excitedly shows off his lack of a gag reflex by orally engulfing Sean’s dick all the way to the hilt. Alexy resumes the missionary position for some drilling, and then takes it doggy style. He catches Sean’s generous load on his pierced tongue.

Johnny V’s an incredible power bottom with a tight hole and a body like a Greek god. He gives generously of himself to the sexy Tyson Tyler, who warms Johnny up with a huge, ribbed yellow dong. Johnny excitedly primes Tyson’s tool with one of his hungriest, sloppiest blowjobs ever, making sure to get him worked up enough for a fuck that neither one will forget. As if trying to one-up Johnny’s oral prowess, Tyson delivers an even messier suck. Now, dripping with spit and their dicks throbbing for release, they clash in an ecstatic rhythm. On all fours, Johnny clenches tightly on Tyson’s thrusting cock. Tyson works up a glossy sweat with some aggressive pounding. Then, mounted on top and riding deeper than ever, Johnny jerks out an enormous wad of spooge that triggers Johnny’s orgasm. Drained and happy, they kiss.

After Glow is perfectly named, because powerful fucks like these will leave everyone beaming with the satisfaction that only a total release can provide.

Stars:   Alexy Tyler   Jimmy Durano   Tyson Tyler   Colton Grey   Sean Zevran   Luke Adams   Johnny V.
Studio Name:   Hot House Entertainment  Falcon Studios Group