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Movie Review: Locker Room Massages

locker room massages, gay, porn, corbin fisherThis week’s featured movie is a new exclusive to our VOD theater that will tantalize and satisfy all of you who love a good massage with a happy ending. Locker Room Massages from Corbin Fisher features hot young guys with toned muscles that are just begging for a good kneading—and other muscles that can’t get any relief without something deeper and more intimate.

Scene one sets the action in a locker room, where Tobias has been working out and needs a rubdown to help his body relax. His workout buddy, Harper, just happens to know where all the trigger points are and how to work out the knots, but having his hands on his muscular pal’s body just makes both of them horny as hell. Harper decides that Tobias needs some tongue-to-bunghole massage for further relaxation and before you know it, some hot bareback penetration has commenced. This scene has no frills, little foreplay, but plenty of fucking on the massage table. (more…)

Movie Review: “First Time Fucks 2,” Corbin Fisher

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The first time for everything is special, especially sex, and even more so when it’s a straight guy fucking his first man! First Time Fucks 2 from Corbin Fisher presents four hot, curious straight guys experiencing gay sex with some of CF’s best bottoms.

Chuck is excited to fuck Dawson, a muscle bottom, who will be his first man. Dawson helps Chuck get naked while kissing his mouth and body. After some foot action, stroking, and then sucking each other individually, they get into 69. Dawson mounts Chuck, who drills him from below. Even better, Dawson gets on all fours to take a pounding from Chuck. After a break for some oral between positions, Chuck pounds Dawson in missionary, holding his legs open, until Dawson blows his load all over himself. Then it’s Chuck’s turn to cum as Dawson eagerly sucks until he gets a mouthful. (more…)

Movie Review: “House of Corbin,” Corbin Fisher

house of corbin, corbin fisher, gay, porn, bareback, quinn, colt, harper, noelCorbin Fisher brought a bunch of their hottest young guys together in Washington, D.C. and filmed House of Corbin on location. Mere miles away from the capitol building, these beautiful and insatiable studs discover that one of the best ways to relieve the stress of their daily political power struggles is by reveling in the sensation of each other’s firm young bodies.

Colt and Noel start the day off with sex in the shower. What better way to make sure you can deal with the fast pace of a day in the District than by beginning with an orgasm to put you in a good mood? As the water trickles down along their toned muscles, their stiffening cocks get even harder and they wrap their mouths around each other’s throbbing shafts. Colt and Noel take turns fucking each other. Their orgasms will make it so much easier to go through the day with a knowing smile. They’ll get to do it all again the next shower time.

Noel then finds stress relief with Quinn, another housemate. They get home from their busy workdays, still wearing their professional shirts and ties. The clash of their greedy mouths gives way to them pawing at each other’s shirts and sinking onto the couch, where they start to feel and kiss each other’s bodies. Quinn fucks Noel’s hungry hole till they pop.

Returning from scene one, Colt gets intimate with a different housemate, sexy Harper, in scene three. They take each other’s clothes off as they kiss and get in bed, tasting each other’s cocks and holes before they can’t wait a moment longer to fuck. Harper makes Colt’s ass his own.

Quinn and Colt have some foot fetish fun in scene four, which also includes plenty of hot close-ups of gaping holes during the action. This time it is Colt’s turn to top, and he’s just as exciting to watch in this more dominant role.

The movie concludes with Quinn and Harper, whose hard cocks rub together erotically as they kiss before they suck and fuck each other in a deeply sensual flip-flop.

House of Corbin is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Quinn (Corbin Fisher)   Colt (Corbin Fisher)   Harper (Corbin Fisher)   Noel (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher 

Movie Review: “CF Crush: Brayden,” Corbin Fisher

cf crush, brayden, corbin fisher, gay, porn, tom, kellan, jacob, kennedy, harperBrayden is an exclusive model for Corbin Fisher who fits the studio’s mold of the beautiful, fit, charming boy next door type. But he’s not just any ordinary twink, because this young stud has a wild streak and is willing to go hard in his scenes. CF Crush: Brayden shows just what we mean.

Tom is the stud that Brayden fucks with in scene one, and he’s the lucky dude who gets to pop that ass cherry. First Tom gets Brayden warmed up and relaxed for his first time bottoming by giving him a foot job. It encourages Brayden to join Tom in the footplay fun. By the time Brayden lowers his extraordinarily tight asshole down onto Tom’s hard cock, both guys are excited as hell. Brayden cums hard from Tom fucking him!

As they sit by a pool and chat about the time they hung out in Kansas City, Brayden and Kennedy get the urge to do something about the attraction they feel for each other. They make out and feel each other up. As they feverishly kiss all along each other’s toned bodies, the guys grope harder. They spend a good long time face-fucking each other’s stiff cocks. Kennedy stands up and spreads his cheeks for Brayden to rim him. Brayden breeds Kennedy until they’ve both blown big, creamy loads!

The third scene in the movie is actually Brayden’s first scene that he filmed with another guy. Harper, the studio’s Corbie Award winner for Freshman of the Year, is the lucky dude who gets to be the first one to offer up his asshole to Brayden. Although Brayden is visible nervous at the beginning, Harper easily calms him and gets Brayden so excited with touches and kisses that Brayden shoots a huge load after fucking this hot twink bottom!

When Kellan and Jacob team up on Brayden in the final scene, the result is a cum splasher for everyone involved, including the viewer. These three hard-bodied, hard-dicked young studs are well beyond horny. Brayden is in heaven as Kellan and Jacob relentlessly use both of his holes. The more these two exert their dominance, the more excited Brayden gets. For their part, Jacob and Kellan couldn’t be more ecstatic to have their way with such a hot dick pig!

Experience Brayden’s sexual journey in CF Crush: Brayden from Corbin Fisher, exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Brayden   Tom (Corbin Fisher)   Kellan (Corbin Fisher)   Jacob (Corbin Fisher)   Kennedy (Corbin Fisher)   Harper (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher

Movie Review: “CF Crush: Kennedy,” Corbin Fisher

cf crush, kennedy, corbin fisher, gay, porn, barebackCorbin Fisher knows what it takes to be a crush-worthy porn star, and they’ve found a perfect one in Kennedy, the star of CF Crush: Kennedy. This college boy is so perfectly All-American Jock that you can practically smell the pheromones coming off him through your screen. We’d love to get him alone in a locker room.

Kennedy has a good-looking face, a stunningly sculpted body, an ass you’d love to grab, and a big dick. Even better than that, he’s also charming as hell and he’s got brains. You would think, given all of these winning physical and personal traits, that he would be arrogant, but you’d be so wrong. Kennedy is down to earth and seems like he’d welcome the chance to hang out with anyone. What that might lead to, well… if these scenes are any indication then he’s every bit the dream boat that he first appears to be.

The four scenes in CF Crush: Kennedy are full of muscle-flexing, ass-pounding bareback action. It all adds up to more than 100 minutes of screen time and you definitely get plenty of fuck for the buck.

In scene one, we get to feast our eyes on Kennedy, Quinn, and Colt all together in a threeway that no one should miss. Kennedy, Quinn, and Colt have a lot of explosive chemistry and they’re all delicious to look at, so a good time will be had by all. There’s some flip-fucking, some footplay, and a lot of flying cum by the end of it all. It was hard to resist the temptation to watch this first scene all over again, but there was a deadline to meet so that’ll have to be for later viewing. There was some recovery time after that, and then on to the next scene.

Next, Kennedy is hanging out on the couch with Rowan when the dicks come out and nature takes its course. Two young, virile guys this hot and horny aren’t about to pass up the chance to fuck!

Kennedy and Kellan are having some sensual massage time at first, but of course that’s just the appetizer. Watching these two suck each other off and then fuck is the delicious main course.

Finally, in the last scene, we get to see Kennedy in what was his first time fucking another guy. The lucky recipient is Harper, another gorgeous young Corbin Fisher model. You can tell that it’s working for him, and that Kennedy is a natural with that big, tasty dick!

CF Crush: Kennedy is an AEBN VOD exclusive.

Stars:   Quinn (Corbin Fisher)   Colt (Corbin Fisher)   Rowan (Corbin Fisher)   Harper (Corbin Fisher)   Kellan (Corbin Fisher)   Kennedy (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher

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“Triple Load” Aiden from Corbin Fisher

aiden, cf aiden, corbin fisherThanks to his good-looking face, heroic body, and mighty cock, Aiden is one of the many Corbin Fisher models who haunt our dreams in the best way. He’s tall and thickly built. Those eyes and that smile are so magnetic. When he bottoms, you can almost believe he’s transcending reality on waves of bliss. We’ve been pining for Aiden since we first saw his memorable threeway scene two years ago in CF’s Magna Cum Loudly. What a way to make a first impression!

Aiden was at community college studying sports medicine and nutrition, hoping to become a personal trainer, when he was discovered on MySpace. Yep, that’s how long it’s been, yet Aiden seems to have a portrait of himself in a basement somewhere, keeping him endlessly young. When he posted photos of himself on there, all kinds of companies flooded him with requests to work for them. He chose porn and found his way to Corbin Fisher.

One of Aiden’s trademarks is his ability to cum multiple times in a scene. He never knew he could do it till he did it on camera. In his personal life he’d never bottomed, because he’d never fucked or been fucked by a guy. As a member of the new generation of studs who will fuck anyone regardless of gender, Aiden is a natural fit for bisexual porn. In Bi Guys Dominated 2, watch the girl order him and Rudy around to give her and each other the pole in every hole.

This ultimate stud got his own showcase in CF Crush: Aiden last year. His sexual charisma is that of an alpha male, but don’t let that fool you into think he can’t bottom with the best of them. He thrashes around in ecstasy, quivering and moaning with multiple orgasms thanks to an all-star cast including Connor, Calin, Steve, Marc, and Chandler. It’ll make you wonder how long it took Aiden to restore his jizz reserves after doing these scenes.

About a year to the day after that first volume, the studio gave him another showcase movie: CF Crush: Aiden 2. Somehow this one manages to top the first one, and we mean that in more ways than one. Demonstrating that versatility that makes him such a great performer, he doesn’t just get pounded into the mattress (but boy, does he ever take it from Travis, resulting in three loads). Aiden takes hot newbie Cort to places he’s never been, metaphorically speaking, with the magic of his thick prick. He pounds the hell out of Bradley, too. If you love to see Aiden show his full range of taking it and dishing it out, then you’ll want to put this movie at the top of your To Watch list. In fact, just go ahead and add it to your Favorites now. Aiden fans will find this one has a high repeat viewing factor.

Thanks to his multiple-orgasm ability and his sheer physical magnificence, Aiden is one of the most crush-worthy performers around.

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Scandalous in Scandinavia, the hottest gay travel porn

scandalous in scandinavia, twink porn, european porn, american twinks in europe, bareback twink, corbin fisherScandalous in Scandinavia was shot on location in Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen so we could all check out the scenery. Brayden, Easton, Josh, Reagan, and Trenton are Corbin Fisher hotties you’ll drool over as they travel through the cities, giving us a lovely sense of place before getting down to the meat of the scenes in their hotel rooms. The flirting leads to hot sucking and raw fucking.

Scene one starts with Brayden and Josh in a sidewalk café. Josh asks Brayden about his kinky interests and it turns out they’re both into BDSM. Josh decides Brayden needs to learn to submit if he wants to be a good dom. Josh immediately kisses and undresses Brayden once they get to the room. Brayden shows his true colors—he’s wearing assless underwear! Josh dines on his hole, spanks his bubble butt, and fingers him. He turns Brayden around to service his thick, hard cock and then fucks Brayden several different ways, using his belt as a strap to hold him.

In a Copenhagen bar, the guys all joke about how Brayden just had his “first ATM experience.” They talk about “Dolly Parton,” as in DP. Easton likes DP, but Reagan jokes that he’s a jealous type. Easton and Trenton split, and Reagan goes to find Trenton fucking Easton in a room. He’s instantly hard and ready to feed his cock to Easton. The guys find different hot positions to fuck in, and Reagan gets pounded too. At the end, the cum flies and Reagan’s load in particular is impressive.

Reagan and Josh chat about their travels over drinks with Brayden. To ward off the Stockholm chill, Reagan and Josh go to a sauna. Soon the towels come off, and they take turns blowing each other and plowing each other’s greedy holes. You might have seen a sauna fuck before, but it’s unlikely you’ll have seen a hotter one.

Trenton and Josh go for ice cream and a stroll in Stockholm. Back at the hotel, they make a hot homemade fuck flick, POV style. With genuine chemistry, they turn a simple sex tape into something you can’t miss. Even just watching Josh kiss his way up Trenton’s thighs and orally engulf his hard-on from Trenton’s perspective is so hot you might not contain yourself. Salad-tossing, cock-sucking, raw-riding action is hotter than hell between these two and it doesn’t need big production values.

In Copenhagen, Trenton and Brayden watch a parade, take a stroll through the city, and end the night with drinks. The next morning begins with a run through a park, but they aren’t done getting their heart rates up. In the hotel room, they make out in front of the open window and Trenton gently lays Brayden down on the table, dry humping and sucking him. Brayden tells Trenton to “put it in already” and is obviously in ecstasy as he tells him how big he is. Trenton pumps Brayden from behind, below, and on top, culminating in big loads for them both.

These twinks enjoy exploring each other’s bodies as much as they like to travel. Watch Scandalous in Scandinavia exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Easton   Trenton   Brayden   Josh   Reagan (m)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher