Dakota Payne

Movie Review: Cock on a Couch

Are you looking to add some festivity to your porn viewing during this holiday season? Do you feel more sexular than secular? Even if you’re feeling “bah, humbug,” we think that “Cock on a Couch” from Next Door Studios will put a big, fat candy cane in your stocking with three exciting scenes.

Cute and sexy Dakota Payne has a busy boyfriend who’s unfortunately away on a business trip again, even though it’s the holiday season. Dakota doesn’t have to be home alone tonight, thanks to his boyfriend’s surprise gift: sexy dancer Damien Cruz (making his Next Door debut), live and in the flesh. Fun-sized Damien puts on a sensual private dance for Dakota, which soon gets both of them worked up and ready to take it to the next level. Dakota is happy to take out his sexual frustration on Damien with his big dick, and Damien loves sitting his fine, tight ass on it for a ride. Damien’s face says a lot about how much Dakota is stretching his hole, but you can tell that he loves the challenge at every angle. There’s a good bit of hot foot play as Dakota fucks Damien missionary style. In the end, Dakota rewards his fuck buddy with a facial. (more…)

Movie Review: Skintight

Hot House Video, award-winning director Trenton Ducati, and acclaimed screenwriter Ben Rush have brought together an elite cast of gorgeous porn stars for “Skintight.” They don’t just look good; they really know how to fuck for your entertainment.

At a hot calendar photoshoot for Skintight magazine, fashion photographer Cade Maddox has his work cut out for him with a horny bunch of models.

Handsome Ethan Sinns gets some help from sexy Sean Austin with shaving his ass before the photo shoot. Sean is naked too, and things naturally turn to a raw fuck. After all, a freshly shaved nether region feels even better!

At the photoshoot, Grant Ducati and Des Irez have some time to get intimate while everyone else is still arriving on the set. Grant’s big dick is pierced for a bottom’s pleasure, and Des has an incredible time getting pounded raw.

Muscular hunk Jim Fit makes his Hot House debut with Aiden Ward. (more…)

Movie Review: Boy Sluts of America

Next Door Studios’ “Boy Sluts of America” is a new four-scene collection of gorgeous young men doing what comes naturally and putting on a spectacular show of it.

Aspen is an attention-craving stud who’s too impatient to let his boyfriend, Trevor Harris, get off the phone with his mom before trying to fuck. Trevor can’t be too upset with Aspen, though, because that sure is some good dick – and a big one, too. Can Trevor stay on the phone with his mom, keep his earbuds in, and ride his boyfriend’s cock at the same time without making sex noises and getting busted? Stick around and find out!

In the university dorm bathroom, foxy Dakota Payne finds a notice that the pipes are clogged from too many horny guys jerking off and dumping their loads down the drain. But he’s horny right now and he needs a good semen receptacle! What’s a horny twink to do? Why, fuck another guy from the dorm, of course, and along comes sexy Jayden Marcos to provide a great cum dump opportunity for Dakota. (more…)

Movie Review: Take Him, Not Me

Watch Take Him, Not Me on AEBNWith just four movies released to date, Disruptive Films has quickly become known for its twisted and tasty take on adult film. Fans of classic porn who miss the days when even the most hardcore sex flicks had a story should find the studio’s work to be right up their alley. Disruptive’s latest release, “Take Him, Not Me,” is an emotionally charged pair of scenes starring a talented and gorgeous cast, featuring the superstar Dante Colle in both.

The first story involves Dante and his partner, the foxy Dakota Payne, housesitting for some friends in a large, beautiful home. Dante and Dakota are in the middle of passionate, romantic morning sex between the sheets as the scene begins, oblivious to the presence of Johnny Ford as he stakes out the house from the backyard. Dakota moans and gasps as Dante enters him and they fuck in missionary, which is incredible to watch even though we don’t see the penetration—but then, just as Dante hits his stride and the rhythm is just right, Dakota hears a noise that spooks him. (more…)

Movie Review: Destroyed in the Butt

Watch Destroyed in the Butt on AEBN“Destroyed in the Butt” from Lucas Entertainment is an all-star fuck fest of ass wrecking proportions. The four scenes of bareback action feature Lucas Men in scorching threesomes or twosomes that will have you reaching for your trusty towel.

Allen King, one of the most notorious bad boys with a heart of gold, teams up with tattooed stud Dylan James to ravage the lucky Jackson Radiz in scene one. As Dylan power-fucks Jackson’s ass, Allen pops through an open window to watch the action from across the room. Dylan makes way for the mischievous voyeur to have his turn, and then Jackson’s hole takes a stretching as Dylan and Allen double penetrate him.

Gorgeous top Andre Donovan is the apple of foxy bottom Aaden Stark’s eye, and has been for a while. This good-looking duo have tons of chemistry and Aaden is ecstatic to finally be getting the chance to ride Andre’s XL-sized BBC in a beautiful display of international interracial relations. (more…)

Movie Review: Step Bro Steps In

Watch Step Bro Steps In on AEBN“Step Bro Steps In” (Next Door Taboo) is a pure fire new release that will tantalize and satisfy all of you who harbor fantasies of brother-on-brother bareback.

While hot young jock Dante Foxx is in the shower after soccer practice, his handsome blond stepbrother Greyson Lane creeps into the bedroom, picks up Dante’s used jockstrap, and has a good, long sniff. When Dante gets out of the shower, Greyson is still huffing the jock. Dante finds this behavior weird but strangely arousing, so he decides to give his brother a taste of what he could only smell. Greyson takes to the cock sucking like he was born for it, making Dante rock-hard and getting both of them ready for an intense fuck. Dante slides his raging boner into Greyson’s ready hole and barebacks him every way he pleases.

Foxy Donte Thick peeks in on his gorgeous stepbrother, Dante Colle, who’s jerking off in his bedroom to something on his phone (can you blame Donte? We’d have a hard time not spying if we lived under the same roof as this stud). (more…)

Movie Review: The Last Course

Watch The Last Course on AEBNDisruptive Films is a brand-new studio that specializes in cinematic gay porn movies by award-winning directors starring the sexiest, most talented performers. Director Bree Mills, with an artist’s eye and a writer’s mind, is here to serve up some delectable delights with the studio’s debut release, “The Last Course.”

Whatever would you do at a dinner party where you’ve got all your sexual partners, past and present, in one room? How big would the table be, and would everyone be able to sit next to each other without someone throwing a drink in another man’s face? This movie tells just such a story, but with a truly suspenseful twist.

The reclusive and mysterious James Montgomery (played by the charismatic Johnny Ford in the present day and in flashback by Johnny Hunter) gathers six men, each of whom he once called lover. Not one of them has a clue who has invited them to this mansion for an overnight stay. (more…)