Derek Bolt

Movie Review: “TSA Checkpoint,” Raging Stallion Studios

tsa checkpoint, raging stallion, Daymin Voss, Rikk York, Tegan Zayne, Eddy Ceetee, Lorenzo Flexx, Aleks Buldocek, Buck Richards, Trent King, Teddy Torres, Alex Mecum, Derek BoltAirports are not usually places that we associate with pleasure, but in TSA Checkpoint from Raging Stallion Studios, we get half a dozen scenes of frequent flyer fantasy starring some of porn’s hottest men.

Officer Daymin Voss pulls Rikk York off to the side for a full body search when he sets off the alarms at the checkpoint. When Daymin finds contraband in Rikk’s “loose sloppy hole,” he explores with his gloved hands and his curious tongue, going deeper and getting the naughty traveler more excited by the second. There are no more foreign objects in Rikk’s ass, but both of them are now rock hard from the intimate exploration. First, it’s Rikk’s turn to show the TSA agent how sorry he is by sucking his cock and pounding his ass. Daymin finally gets his turn to see what it feels like to drill that hole with his throbbing cock.

Tegan Zayne is flying home for Spring Break and decides to take a nap in the air lounge during a layover. (more…)

Movie Review: “Depths of Focus,” Hot House Video

depths of focus, hot house, gay, pornHot House Entertainment and director Nick Foxx decided to give their viewers a gift: a look behind the scenes of what transpires on photo shoots where the muscles are bulging and the clothes are snug. Depths of Focus is what happens!

Photographer Austin Wolf closes the set for a photo shoot with stunning model Alexander Volkov, who responds with a knowing smile. The shoot heats up fast. It’s not long before Austin and his production assistant Gabriel Cross are acting on the powerful lust in the room with Alexander as the filling in a fuck sandwich. He kneels and receives their loads in his cum-slut mouth!

Meanwhile, Jacob Taylor and Jordan Boss are the production assistants who are taking a break from the closed set. Inspired by what they know is really going on in there, they spend their time sucking and fucking.

While stylist Derek Bolt is fitting model Sean Zevran for a shoot, getting up close and personal with his perfect body makes both of them too horny to even think about clothes. Sean’s muscular ass gets a workout when Derek spreads his cheeks and gives him a pounding!

After their photo shoot, stunning models Micah Brandt and Johnny V have to do something about the hard-ons they have for each other. They can’t get off the set fast enough and soon their hungry cock worshiping progresses to Micah’s dick thrusting into Johnny’s hungry hole.

Everyone on these sets is such a gorgeous dick pig it’s a wonder any work even gets done. Depths of Focus is an AEBN exclusive.

Stars:   Austin Wolf   Gabriel Cross   Alexander Volkov   Micah Brandt   Sean Zevran   Johnny V.   Jordan (Sean Cody)   Jacob Taylor   Derek Bolt
Studio Name:   Hot House Entertainment  Falcon Studios Group

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