Movie Review: Tom Bentley Chapters 1-5

In “Tom Bentley: Chapters 1-5,” Carnal Media and Twink Top give us five thrilling scenes of rising twink star Tom Bentley giving his long, strong schlong to daddies who are all hot for his smooth, sexy young body. Tom is every horny DILF’s dream cum true, on or off the field.

Latin hunk Dani Robles is an agent who’s scouting Tom in a hands-on, intimate way! At their weekly check-in, Tom wants to impress the older man with his athletic prowess. Dani is excited to see Tom’s new skills in action, and soon he’s finding out for himself that his latest recruit is as talented in bed as he is in the game.

Tom is lucky to be meeting with his favorite trainer, tall and muscular Dolf Dietrich. Dolf wants to see what this twink jock has got for him, and he’s rewarded with a blowjob and a rusty trombone from Tom before bending over and getting that young dick up his ass. After sucking Tom’s dick fresh out of his own hole, Dolf climbs aboard and rides that big twink dick cowgirl style. There are other position changes before Tom creams the DILF scout’s greedy ass. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Dick 11

Watch Family Dick 11 on AEBNFeast your eyes on hot daddy/son duos and trios in this week’s featured movie, “Family Dick 11” from Bareback Network.

Young Felix Maze is a blue-eyed, ginger twink who’s growing up to be a handsome young man, and his stepfather Michael Reid couldn’t be prouder. Going against all the rules of right and wrong, ignoring societal taboos, Michael just can’t resist getting intimate with his tasty twink stepson. Felix knows that one day he’s going to be a man and he needs to learn how to have sex. When he has the chance at some hands-on sexual education with his father, he takes it! Michael gets Felix relaxed and wet with his tongue before bending him over and pushing his dick inside. Soon Felix is getting fucked like a pro.

Older son Wesley Woods joins Felix and Michael for a blazing threesome in the next scene. After measuring the boys’ heights and comparing Felix’s muscles with Wesley’s, Michael and Wesley agree that it’s time to give Felix his first threeway sexual experience. (more…)

Movie Review: Hot for My Stepdad

hot for my stepdad, nasty daddy, ducati studios, bareback, dilf, taboo, daddy, bear, muscles, Brad Kalvo, Armond Rizzo, Dolf Dietrich, Myles Landon, Michael Roman, Teddy Bryce, Trenton Ducati, Spencer WhitmanNasty Daddy and Ducati Studios have a hot selection of taboo scenes for us this week with Hot for My Stepdad.

As the first scene begins, Spencer Whitman kneels in front of Myles Landon, who stuffs Spencer’s mouth full of his own jock strap. Spencer’s excited moans and muffled sounds say it all. Meanwhile, Spencer is undoing the fly of Myles’ camouflage BDUs. Myles pulls his pants down the rest of the way and feeds his cock to Spencer. After face-fucking Spencer for a while, Myles pushes his spit-lubed dick into Spencer’s hairy ass and breeds him till he can’t even see straight.

In the garage, daddy bear Brad Kalvo has a different kind of tool to show his cute, muscular stepson Armond Rizzo. Armond is a power bottom, one of the best in the business, and Brad is a solid wall of manly man with plenty of meat for Armond’s pleasure. Their secret Daddy/boy time is a great bonding experience, and although Armond needs no introduction to getting fucked by a big dick, he has a good time with Brad. There’s also some extreme penetration with a big black dong on a wooden pole. (more…)

Muscle bear Brad Kalvo is a Daddy of our dreams

brad kalvo, daddy, dilf, gay, pornDaddy bear Brad Kalvo is a mountain of a man who knows just how hard and fast his bottoms want to be fucked. We love to imagine how the embrace of those strong, thick arms would feel. His 7-inch cock sure would fill a hungry hole nicely!

Muscle Fuckers 3 from Cocksure Men is a searing one-on-one scene between Brad and hot Latin stud Alessio Romero. With lots of nipple play and deep-throating leading up to the anal action, it’s an exciting clash of muscle on muscle.

In His Lover’s Son from Rock Candy Films, you can see a deeper side to Brad as he portrays a mysterious and desperate man who finds a connection with irresistible twink Aaron Slate as they hook up for one night. It’s great to see Brad’s emotional depth in this performance is as impressive as his sexual prowess.

Brad goes raw in My Need to Breed from Ricky Raunch, trading blowjobs with sexy ginger Chad Brock and eating his hungry hole before slamming him into the mattress. You can almost smell the sweat and man musk!

Trenton Ducati’s Ducati Studios features Brad in his own solo movie, Muscle Bear. If you’re into watching hot men flex and play with their cocks till they cum, this will be everything you need.

Watch some seriously hungry bottoms service Brad’s big cock and then give him their raw holes in Brad Kalvo from USAJOCK/Alpha One Media: David Lambert, Dylan Saunders, Nick Tiano, Shay Michaels, and Travis Saint.

Daddies Fuck Teens from Men is Brad’s most recent movie. Watch this scene bring all of your Daddy/twink fantasies to life as he pushes his big cock into adorable Ryan Sharp’s tight, smooth, sweet young hole.

We’ve got all of you daddy bear fans out there covered with dozens of the best Brad Kalvo movies available on demand. Here are just five of the many that we recommend.

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Featured Star: Daddy muscle bear Brad Kalvo

brad kalvo, shirtless, bear, porn, gayImagine how it must feel to be wrapped up in this muscle bear’s strong, thick arms as he drives his 7-inch cock deep into your greedy hole. Brad Kalvo is a mountain of a man who knows just how hard and fast his bottoms want to be fucked, so let your imagination run wild with that fantasy.

Nasty Daddy’s Unload 3, Brad’s first movie, was a sign of great things to come from him when it was released in December 2011. It shows just how he likes to play with himself, and we’d sure love the chance to get our own hands on that package. This all-solo title is directed by the legendary hardcore director Peter Romero and also stars Damien Knight, Adam Russo, Scott Campbell, and Mike Martinez. It’s like a one-movie festival of muscle daddy bears and we can’t get enough!

Muscle Fuckers 3 from Cocksure Men is a sizzling one-on-one scene between Brad and Latin lover Alessio Romero. With lots of nipple play, deep-throating, and hard fucking, it’s an exciting rendezvous between two muscular studs we love. These two have already warmed up with some passionate kissing and nipple play before the camera rolls, and they keep at it after the scene is over.

brad kalvo, nude, gay, bear, porn, muscles, dilf, daddyIf you’re looking for a more emotional performance from Brad, one that shows off his acting chops as well as his sexual prowess, look no further than His Lover’s Son from Rock Candy Films. See a deeper side to Brad as he portrays a mysterious and desperate man looking for a connection in a one-night stand with irresistible twink Aaron Slate.

Brad is a raw force of nature in My Need to Breed from Ricky Raunch, trading blowjobs with ginger stud Chad Brock and eating his hungry hole before slamming him into the mattress. You can almost smell the sweat and pheromones!

Baby Boy is Iconmale’s powerful gender-flipped period piece inspired by a classic, notorious Vladimir Nabokov novel from 1955 (whose mere title might get us in trouble, as a porn site—but a simple web search will tell you everything you need to know). In the climactic final scene, Brad enjoys an intergenerational threeway with the luscious young duo of J.D. Phoenix and Ian Levine. It’s almost sinful the way they carry on, and we love it!

Most recently, Brad was seen in I Need Daddy’s Seed from Pride Studios. Young jock Kyle Kash has been nursing a crush on his coach, Brad, even years after he left school. He returns to let Brad know just how much he wants that daddy dick and Brad is eager to give it to him!

These are some fan-favorite Brad Kalvo titles that we highly recommend for all your daddy bear-loving needs.

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Movie Review: Hot Daddies

hot daddies, icon male, iconmale, josh stone, tony salerno, max sargent, nick capra, rodney steele, nica noelle, gay, porn, feature, dilf, daddies, mature, safe sex, condomThe most wanted daddies in gay porn are here in Iconmale’s Hot Daddies. This quartet of vignettes is a prime example of writer/director Nica Noelle’s signature blend of erotica and drama.

College tutor Rodney Steele comes over to help his depressed student Josh Stone get ready for an exam. Josh was looking forward to getting back to school, but today he seems ready to drop out. He confides in Rodney that his boyfriend left him because he found their relationship too stressful. Rodney thinks he knows how to ease Josh’s heartbreak, and in spite of his pain Josh is into that sexy professor thing Rodney’s got going on. Their kissing gets hotter and more intense, leading to oral and finally to sex, with Josh riding Rodney’s big daddy cock to a sweaty, breathless, beyond satisfying conclusion.

Furry, muscular daddy Nick Capra and young, cute Tommy Regan come in from a long walk and talk out by the lake. Nick is Tommy’s sobriety mentor, and the bonding experience has brought them closer together. Drugs are a ride, Nick tells Tommy, but there are many other rides he could take instead—so Tommy chooses to ride Nick. Their hot clash of lips on lips leads to mouths on cocks. After a long taste of Tommy’s pucker, Nick pushes his hot DILF dick inside that tight hole and fucks him deep.

Rodney Steele visits his old military comrade Max Sargent after more than twenty years, because he never got the chance to thank him for saving his life. Max, who’s been out of the closet for a while, comes out to Rodney. Far from being uncomfortable, Rodney has his own surprising confession. As he presents Max with the old canteen that held the water that kept Rodney from going into shock, Rodney proclaims his love for Max. The feeling is mutual, and their reunion becomes a sexual union. It’s hot and emotional in a way that few companies besides Iconmale are doing right now. Watching these two gorgeous daddies act on long-suppressed love and passion is a change of pace from the two previous scenes, and anyone with a yearning for DILFs shouldn’t miss it.

Tony Salerno and Max Sargent are having a drink and a chat to unwind after work. Both men are willing to risk getting fired for acting on their mutual attraction. Some feelings are stronger than the possibility of losing your job, as these daddies agree. They press their hungry mouths together, followed by their muscular bodies. Clothes are tossed on the floor, cocks are sucked, holes are licked, and finally Max slides into Tony’s ready ass. It’s safe to say that if either one of these men gets the pink slip, they’ll still be fucking.

Hot Daddies is brand new from Iconmale and will give you DILF aficionados quite a lot of fantasy fuel!

Stars:   Josh Stone   Tony Salerno   Max Sargent   Nick Capra   Rodney Steele
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Iconmale

Movie Review: Fuck Me Ray

fuck me ray, bareback, raw, breeding, ray dalton, dek reckless, gay porn, threeway, colton, donnie ray, hudson chase, travis woods, cesar xesMuscle daddy Ray Dalton is a powerful top who fucks like a beast. In Fuck Me Ray from CJXXX/Bareback Me Daddy, four scenes feature the tattooed DILF breeding lucky boys and coating them with his cum.

Ray walks into the kitchen for his morning coffee, wearing only a t-shirt and sporting a huge boner. The regular guy from the cleaning service is out and the substitute, Donnie Ray, isn’t used to Ray’s exhibitionism, so he can’t help staring. Donnie, a hot young black guy with glasses, hops into Ray’s arms. Ray kisses him while fingering his hole. Donnie sucks Ray’s knob for a minute and then bends over the sink. Growling, Ray pushes him forward and rims him. Once that hole is lubed with some oil, Ray pushes his way in. The sight of Ray’s muscular butt cheeks and ripped, tattooed back flexing as he thrusts will bring you close to the edge, and the penetration will push you over as the speed and intensity builds. What a start to the day!

Dek Reckless, a slim bottom with multiple piercings, waits for Ray in his sex dungeon. Dek’s handcuffed face-down on a padded bench, his ass easily accessible in a one-piece outfit with an opening over the crack. He swirls his mouth up, down, and around Ray’s dick, hands free. Just as Ray is about to plunge into Dek’s asshole, Hudson Chase and Travis Woods arrive. The three tops take turns breeding their submissive bottom, spit-roasting him and taking turns. They finish him off on a sex swing. After Hudson and Travis have dropped their loads and left, Ray and Dek kiss hard with a promise to do it all again tomorrow night.

By a swimming pool, Ray sucks face with a slim, smooth twink named Colton Suede. Ray’s low growling is a huge turn-on. On the deck, Ray lies back and gets a hungry blowjob, and then has a nice, long taste of Colton’s hole. You can hear swimmers splashing around in the pool behind them as Ray penetrates that young ass and fucks him faster and harder. First he fucks him from behind, but things get even better when Ray lifts Colton up and bounces him up and down on his dick. That’s the kind of power and strength that make us love Ray.

Cesar Xes, a sexy pup in a leather harness is playing with himself in the storeroom of a bar when Ray shows up and takes him for a raw ride. Ray licks the pup’s hole and comments on how good it tastes. “Is this your first load?” he asks. “Today,” Cesar replies to Ray’s amusement and approval. Cesar slurps Ray’s sausage for a while and gets him even more excited. Ray pushes Cesar back up onto the seat and rims him some more before entering him slowly and deeply. There are a few position changes, but a personal favorite is missionary because of the way Ray grabs Cesar’s harness for leverage as he thrusts, pulls out, and penetrates him again.

Grab a towel for this hot breeding action.

Stars:   Ray Dalton   Hudson   Colton   Cesar   Travis   Donnie
Studio Name:   Bareback Me Daddy  CJXXX