Doug Acre

Versatile Doug Acre: bubble butt and a big dick

doug acre, gay, porn, muscles, big dick, jockDon’t let the quiet outer appearance of Doug Acre fool you. He’s just a little shy at first, but soon you’ll realize that this low-key hottie is really a party boy at heart. When he’s in the club you’ll find him on the dance floor, where all eyes will be drawn to him. And that’s just while his clothes are still on… once you get him naked, there’s an impressive eight-inch cock waiting for your lips and maybe your hole, if he’s in a topping mood that day.

Of course, this is our fantasy, but even if we don’t luck out and meet Doug Acre at a club someday, we have plenty of videos to fuel our dreams. Doug was a 19-year-old twink when he started doing gay porn in 2012 and he’s worked for most of the top studios, including Raging Stallion, MEN, Kink, Hothouse, Falcon, and more.

Doug was in the epic DILF-on-twink warehouse orgy scene at the end of Chi Chi Larue’s Fucked By Our Dads (Channel 1 Releasing) in 2012, and we can’t think of a better way for a lad to start his porn career. The scene also stars Adam Russo, Mike De Marco, Mitch Vaughn, and Rex Roddick. Who wouldn’t want to be in that multi-layer man meat sandwich?

KinkMen’s Bound Gods: Big Cock Jock Gets Fucked and Paddled By His Biology Teacher has a long name that tells you exactly what to expect. Doug gets called doug acre, big dick, gay, porn, muscles, versatile, nudeout for daydreaming by his hot and strict teacher, silver daddy Adam Herst. It turns out that the subject of those daydreams is the teacher himself, so he’s thrilled when Adam binds him with rope and metes out a punishment with his big meat. Rough fucking, nipple play, face fucking—Adam delivers all that and more to his delirious student, who is even more likely to daydream in class now that he knows what it will get him!

In a later appearance for KinkMen, Doug is all grown up and now taking the dominant role. He wrestles with Dominic Pacifico and subdues him with his long, thick meat in Naked Kombat: Doug the Destroyer Acre Vs. Dominic the Dominator Pacifico. These men play dirty on the wrestling mat, delivering on all the homoerotic promise of any wrestling match and taking it to the limit.

Naked Sword’s popular Hooker Stories 2 vignette series features Doug as an escort who visits frustrated stockbroker Kyle Quinn. Kyle needs to take out some of his frustration after receiving divorce papers. Doug presents an attractive way for Kyle to restore some of his faith in humanity and sex, even if it comes with a price tag. Something tells us Kyle wouldn’t mind forking over cash for Doug again in the future.

Locker Room Hook-ups from Extra Big Dicks pairs Doug with horny Landon Kovac, who hits on him after watching him get naked in the locker room. First Landon notices Doug’s meaty bubble butt, but when he sees how big that dick is, all he wants is to feel it slamming into his hole.

In his most recent scene, Doug is a burglar caught and revenge-fucked by Andrew Fitch in Iconmale’s Bad Little Boys.

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Movie Review: “Bad Little Boys” from Iconmale

bad little boys, iconmale, icon male, gay, porn, armond rizzo, doug acre, andrew fitch, max sargent, kory houston, austin andrews, ethan slade, nica noelleMiscreants and ne’er-do-wells are welcome in Iconmale’s Bad Little Boys, starring some of the hottest models in gay porn. Crime doesn’t normally pay, but sometimes it does pay in a load of spunk.

While hiding out in their hotel room, bank robbers Ethan Slade and Austin Andrews open a bottle of champagne to celebrate their success. Ethan, a graceful twunk with strong cheekbones and perfectly arched brows, is bitter about the inheritance that his parents squandered and wants the money he believes to be his birthright. Austin, a brawny daddy who was once the family handyman, came from much humbler origins and is a hardened career criminal, but he worries that they might be celebrating too soon. Ethan says that if they get caught, maybe they’ll have the same jail cell and Austin can protect him. Austin warns Ethan that there are no women in prison and it’s rough on a guy. “Not for me,” Ethan says: a meaningful statement that Austin appears to overlook. But when Ethan starts to rub Austin’s shoulders, his mature partner in crime turns to kiss him, showing that he understood Ethan perfectly. Soon they’re feasting on each other’s throbbing dicks, and when Austin fucks Ethan’s tight, twitching hole, their moaning and groaning enjoyment of each other leads to big, creamy loads.

Muscular silver daddy Max Sargent finds his bratty stepson Kory Houston sunbathing instead of cutting like the grass like he was supposed to be doing. Not thrilled with Kory’s attitude or his noncommittal assurance that he’ll do it later, Max grabs the garden hose and sprays Kory’s back. Kory yells at his stepdad and storms off. Max follows the boy into his room and proceeds to give him a literal spanking. What he doesn’t know is that Kory is into the kinky stuff, and all he succeeds in doing is turning the boy on, not teaching him a lesson. It turns out that the best way to relieve the tension they feel is by pleasuring each other orally and flip-fucking the cum right out of each other. If you like southern accents, then you’ll want to listen to Kory sass his stepdad all day.

Armond Rizzo, a smoking hot young Latino who runs the hotel where the robbers from scene one are hiding out, recognizes Austin from the bank surveillance footage. He comes to the hotel room to tell Austin what he knows. Fortunately for Austin, Armondo’s always been partial to blonds and he loves bad boys. In exchange for a fuck, Armond will provide sanctuary outside the country on his family’s extensive property. Austin responds by tossing Armond onto the bed and fucking him just as hard and dirty as the little Latin power bottom likes it! Armond is always one of the most exciting power bottoms to watch, and his chemistry with Austin is just as fantastic as what Austin had with Ethan.

Italian stallion Andrew Fitch is taking a bathroom break when he hears something outside. He looks out the window just in time to catch Doug Acre breaking into the basement. Andrew apprehends the burglar and angrily takes his revenge on the quivering blond boy. Doug is so afraid of Andrew that he almost wants him to call the cops—but changes his mind when he gets a taste and feel of Andrew’s dick in his mouth. When Andrew starts to fuck Doug’s ass, it’s clear that this is a much better result than stealing money… he gets paid in jizz instead!

Bad Little Boys from Iconmale is an exclusive VOD release on AEBN.

Stars:   Doug Acre   Armond Rizzo   Andrew Fitch   Max Sargent   Kory Houston   Austin Andrews   Ethan Slade
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Iconmale 

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Hooker Stories Season 2, Episode 3

Hooker Stories 2 Episode 3Naked Sword’s popular original series, Hooker Stories, has been one of the most refreshing gay porn lines in a while. If you’ve ever wondered about what really goes on when men order up gay escorts, then you’ll live for this series. These are stories from real-life escorts, not just your average porn scenarios. Season 2, Episode 3 gives you more of a delicious thing.

Broker Kyle Quinn is more annoyed than heartbroken after a cute bike messenger serves him with divorce papers. It’s the third time it’s happened, meaning that either Kyle is procrastinating about agreeing to the divorce or his ex is a drama queen.

Looking for some sexual relief to his troubles, Kyle hits on the messenger, but unfortunately the cutie has to get back to work. Instead, he recommends that Kyle go online and find his buddy Doug Acre.

Kyle has never ordered up an escort before, but the first time is the charm for him. When Doug walks in, Kyle knows this sinewy blond stud is the man to take his mind off things for one billable hour of fucking. Doug is an aggressive top and Kyle loves every minute of his power fucking. No wonder, because Doug has one mouth-watering cock that we imagine any bottom would love to ride.

At least now Kyle won’t care so much how hard his ex screws him in the settlement. He’s been screwed in a much happier way now, because it’s not messy or emotionally complicated, just life-affirming sex that fills the new void in his life.

This 21-minute scene, like the rest of the series, is streaming in high definition exclusively on our VOD network.

Running Time:   21 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Naked Sword
Series:   Hooker Stories
Director:   Mr. Pam
Stars:   Kyle Quinn   Doug Acre
Categories: New Release   Feature   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition