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Raging Stallion goes bareback with Raw Power!

raging stallion studios, first bareback, raw power, Kurtis Wolfe, Eddy Ceetee, Sergeant Miles, Jay Landford, Teddy BearRaging Stallion Studios has always been known as a condom-only studio, but that has all changed with Raw Power by award-winning director Steve Cruz. This AEBN-exclusive title is the first-ever bareback movie from Raging Stallion and we know it’ll be one to remember.

Gleaming with sweat in jockstraps and boots, Kurtis Wolfe and Eddy Ceetee grope and kiss each other. These two are at their sexiest ever, as if the occasion of Raging Stallion’s first bareback scene ever released has brought out something special in them both. The sexual energy is powerful as they suck each other’s big dicks to throbbing hardness, and Eddy licks the precum dripping from Kurtis’s cockhead before blowing him. You may feel you’re ready to explode by the time the first condom-free penetration happens. Hold on tight for the volcanic flip-fucking action. Kurtis bends Eddy over and rim Eddy’s hole, penetrating it with his tongue, but it turns out Kurtis wants to get fucked first. (more…)

Featured Movie: Clusterfuck



Raging Stallion brings us Clusterfuck which is an all star cast of men that are pumped and primed for some of the hottest action yet. Through the eyes of legendary director Steve Cruz, we are treated to these alpha males going at it like it’s the last fuck of their lives.

Right out of the gate, we are treated to an orgy of muscles, cock and fine asses as the guys get together for a four man orgy that is smoking hot. Hunky Derek Atlas puts Dario Beck through the ringer and shows what it’s like when two real men get together. Dario has no problem taking all of of Atlas’s meaty dick with his greedy, hairy ass. At the same time, new comer and everyone’s favorite Sebastian Kross lays into David Benjamin and shows him that a young man can keep up with the seasoned bottoms. Check it out and you will see exactly how amazing he is doing what he does best… fucking hot man ass.

After this initial ClusterFuck, the guys find their groove and pair off to get down to some serious sucking and fucking. Derek Atlas is the winner of this scene by being rewarded with a romp with the very popular bottom boy Duncan Black. He’s got Duncan grinning ear to ear while getting his ass fucked and you can see Black can’t get enough. See the bliss on his face as Atlas blows his load and Black eagerly gobbles it up.

We then return to some hot flexing and buildup with Sebastian Kross and Dario Beck. Kross flexes his ripped muscles and teases Beck with his perfect young hung cock until he can’t take it any longer and fucks Beck’s face like it’s the last blowjob on earth and Beck is starving for the meat. These guys have a raw chemistry and we are glad they do. Watching the youthful Kross fuck Beck’s willing ass is too hot to handle. What a great sight to see Kross really showing what a young buck can do to a willing and able man hole.

We can’t forget about power bottom David Benjamin and his insatiable ass. Raging Stallion was kind enough to match him with super hung and horny Jessy Karson for a real dicking down. This is hardcore aggression on both fronts and makes for some intense action. After Karson shows us how hung he is by sucking on his own uncut hog, he sinks all 10 inches into Benjamin in one push and then just goes to town fucking his open hole. Karson can’t hold out any longer and blows one of the largest loads of cum I’ve ever seen all over the face of Benjamin. This is a scene of pure unbridled lust between two of the most over sexed studs out there.

Clusterfuck - David Benjamin & Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck – David Benjamin & Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck - Derek Atlas & Duncan Black

Clusterfuck – Derek Atlas & Duncan Black


RockstarFalcon Studios’ Rockstar is an essential part of your weekend viewing, and you can only see it on our theater network.

Paddy’s manager Alex Graham is negotiating a contract with concert promoter Colby Chambers. Alex and Colby take a break from paperwork to jump each other’s bones. Sleek Colby notices muscular Alex’s hard-on and is quickly on his knees, engulfing that uncut dick from lips to throat. They taste, fondle, and sniff all over each other’s hot bodies before ripping off their clothes and boning away on the couch. Alex’s cock pistons in and out of Colby’s eager asshole until they both unleash thick, generous puddles of cum on Alex’s stomach.

Handsome Ray Diaz has a carefree approach to getting fucked, and hanging out at a pool with Jimmy Durano is turning him on. Ray teases Jimmy by losing his swimsuit and making sure Jimmy gets a good look before diving into the water. Jimmy follows Ray into the pool and lays a hungry kiss on him in the shallow end. Lifting just enough of himself out of the pool, Jimmy gives Ray’s tongue a crack at his crack. Jimmy leads Ray to a shady spot, where Ray whips Jimmy into a frenzy with incredible blowjob skills. Fit to burst, Jimmy plunges his cock into that hole. After a break for Jimmy to taste Ray’s cock, they resume fucking all the way to a simultaneous cum-drenched finish.

Sebastian Rossi and Cal Skye are Paddy’s bodyguards. Standing in black uniforms in the California sun prompts Sebastian to get shirtless, revealing his flawless torso. Cal is gorgeous too, with a face that belongs on magazine covers. Each likes what he sees and they blow off their jobs for the chance to fuck. Cal buries Sebastian’s uncut cock in his face, down to the balls. Sebastian responds by sucking and rimming Cal. He invades Cal’s quivering hole with his rod and rocks both of their worlds – and yours too.

Groupie Joey Cooper is young, cute, and crafty enough to seize the moment when the bodyguards aren’t around. Rather than being creeped out by the fan who got past security, Paddy takes the chance to relieve his boredom and horniness with this twunk. Paddy claims to be straight, but he gets a hard-on when Joey demonstrates that he’s also a performer… a stripper, specifically. A fine ass is a fine ass when you’re this horny, so Paddy lets Joey introduce him to man-on-man sex. The first thing Joey wants to do is get his mouth around that cock, which is about as big around as his wrist. Paddy gets harder as Joey tongues his bunghole. With his thick meat slick with drool and pre-cum, Paddy has enough lube to slide right into Joey, who mounts him like a cowboy. Drunk with lust, Paddy buries his face in Joey’s bubble butt and licks hungrily – this is his first time eating ass on camera! Then he’s back to screwing his groupie until both of them shoot jets of cum

Paddy O’Brian fans, don’t miss his first time eating a man’s ass onscreen. Everybody else – it’s just hot as hell and it’s great for anyone who ever daydreamed of living the rock star life or just going backstage to fuck their idol.

Running Time:   100 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Andrew Rosen
Stars:   Cal Skye   Paddy O’Brian   Sebastian Rossi   Joey Cooper   Colby Chambers   Ray Diaz   Alex Graham   Jimmy Durano
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex

Deep Inside 2

Deep Inside 2For Deep Inside 2, Falcon Studios hand-picked and flew in the hottest studs in the world. It’s the second half of an ambitious production (see part one here) that the studio filmed in scenic northern California. These gorgeous men are just as picturesque as their surroundings in a movie that finds them sticking their tongues, fingers, and cocks deep inside each other’s juicy assholes.

Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian and Kyle King are eager to tear into each other on the deck, just yards away from the vineyards. Their passionate kissing gives way to Kyle lavishing oral attention upon the extraordinarily well-hung, gorgeous Brit. Once Paddy’s cock is all lubed up with Kyle’s spit, Kyle bends over and takes that beautiful cock deep inside his furry asshole. Paddy subjects him to a pounding in high gear that makes the bottom grimace in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Kyle takes it like the pig he is and is rewarded with a huge facial that Paddy rubs into his beard. Paddy’s powerful fuck and enormous load spur Kyle into shooting his own jet of spunk.

Dean Monroe pretends to read, but oops, is that his cock peeking out from his open bathrobe? Jed Athens takes the hint and makes Dean put the book down with his own hard-on. By nibbling Dean’s foreskin and applying hot suction techniques, Jed makes Dean swoon before returning the favor with some deep throating. Sweaty and cock-crazed, they take turns spreading wide and impaling each other’s eager holes. It’s almost unbelievable how far up Dean’s ass Jed goes. As they suck face, they shoot great big loads.

Falcon Exclusive Micah Brandt meditates next to a Buddha statue before green-eyed Tate Ryder strolls in and seduces him into a lustful trance. Micah’s mind is no longer clear – it’s full of just one thought, and that is getting Tate’s thick rod down his throat and up his ass. Soon his thoughts become reality. With the tireless thrusts of a machine and the scorching heat of a raging inferno, Tate power-fucks Micah’s orifices in a way that leaves both of them, and probably you, totally spent of spooge.

Muscular Next Door Studios stud Tyler Torro has a supersized cock that the sleek and boyishly handsome Bobby Clark is lucky enough to enjoy in the final scene. The two of them fondle each other’s smooth muscles, including the ones between their legs. Bobby savors the taste of Tyler’s meat until Tyler pulls him off so that he can fuck Bobby’s other hole. With unsurpassed power, Tyler plunders that sweet young ass. Bobby proves more than capable and even grinds himself down on Tyler’s tool with all his might. He milks the man-juice right out of Tyler’s cock with the expert grip of his asshole!

Eight hung and hungry men, the expert eye of director Steve Cruz, and non-stop man sex make Deep Inside 2 a must-see movie.

Stars:   Tyler Torro   Dean Monroe   Bobby Clark   Kyle King   Paddy O’Brian   Micah Brandt   Tate Ryder   Jed Athens
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   109 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Series:   Deep Inside -Conwest
Director:   Steve Cruz

New Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian

Paddy O'BrianFalcon Studios recently announced that it has signed British porn star Paddy O’Brian to a long-term exclusive contract after flying him over from the UK in May 2012 to film him for Summer Lust, his US hardcore porn debut.

After Falcon saw the gorgeous dark-haired, dark-eyed stud in some sizzling UK hardcore scenes and solo performances, they knew they had to film him. To see what drew Falcon to work with Paddy, don’t miss Cock Crazy — his first scene with another man — from UKnakedmen.com. In this movie he’s said to be “98.9% straight,” but after finding himself increasingly attracted to men, he starts seeing a sex therapist. Something tells us there is no cure for being “cock crazy,” and even if there were, who would want it? Fans have also gone cock crazy over seeing Paddy jerking his huge dick at the end of Blue Blake‘s obsession-worthy A Policeman Fucked My Son. We love a man in a uniform, and Paddy somehow looks even hotter dressed as a police officer.

“After working with him, I knew he was a star, he was awesome to work with, a really cool guy and he fucks like a champ,” said Summer Lust director Tony DiMarco. Paddy also impressed the Falcon crew enough that they cast him in an upcoming movie for the company’s Jocks studio. They based their decision to sign him as an exclusive on those two impressive performances.

Paddy has been a favorite in the UK for a few years now, and no wonder. He’s one of the hottest men you’ll ever see — perfectly sculpted from head to toe, gifted with a classically handsome face and big cock — and his performances are as exciting as his looks.

Summer Lust Cock Crazy Addicted to Cock


ExplosiveFour of today’s sexiest power bottoms, three masterful tops, and a set that only a leatherman could envision – these are just some of the things that make Explosive from Raging Stallion a rugged masterpiece of manly sexuality. Director Bruno Bond lets the natural chemistry of these hot men do most of the work and he’s just recording the “Explosive” action that results.

Gorgeous Marc Dylan and muscular, hairy RS Exclusive Adam Champ start taking off each other’s clothes. Marc wastes no time going down on Adam’s fat, uncut cock. Adam responds with copious amounts of spit on Marc’s asshole to get him nicely lubed for the dick onslaught. Marc moans and groans in pleasure and pain as Adam stretches him open. Finally they jerk out their huge loads together.

Alexander Garrett strips out of his cowboy get-up and Jessie Colter loses his motorcycle gear not long into their scene. Soon Jessie is hungrily sucking Alexander’s big dick like it’s his last meal. When Alexander starts ramming gorgeous Jessie’s fuck hole, we’re reminded that Jessie is one of the most vocal bottoms around. His loud screams of pleasure are real and add spice to what was always going to be a hot scene. Pistoning in and out of Jessie’s ass, Alexander almost seems possessed by carnal need. He makes Jessie blow like a volcano and  adds his voluminous load to the spunk covering Jessie’s belly.

RS Exclusives Adam Champ and Derek Parker are paired up in scene three. Derek is a brawny power bottom who can withstand a lot, even the pounding that Adam and his huge rectal reamer can deliver. They suck face and Adam almost suffocates greedy Derek by tea-bagging him with his balls full of cum just waiting to burst forth… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Derek wants to take everything Adam throws at (or into) him, even asking for it harder. Adam obliges with a power fuck that could destroy a lesser bottom than Derek. Eventually they’re both ready to pop and they jerk their huge cocks until their loads explode.

Fiery Angelo Marconi is another power bottom who likes ordering his top around and taking off his clothes for him. Studly, hugely built Fabio Stallone doesn’t mind it when Angelo tops from the bottom. Angelo swallows that uncut Italian sausage, deep-throating it and seeming to slam his face right into it. All the while, his ready hole eagerly awaits attention from Fabio’s tongue and especially his dick. Even the experienced Angelo has to brace himself against Fabio’s aggressive thrusts, but he loves it rough and thoroughly enjoys this massive meat that would terrify most men. Angelo cums and cums, and Fabio’s right there afterward to add his own spunk to the mix.

Explosive gives a whole new meaning to “fire in the hole.” If you don’t cum like a comet while watching it, we’ll be shocked!

Stars:   Derek Parker   Adam Champ   Angelo Marconi   Fabio Stallone   Marc Dylan   Alexander Garrett   Jessie Colter
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   98 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Bruno Bond

Revved Up!

Revved Up!The thrill-seeking studs of Revved Up! get their motorcycles and their sexual motors running at full throttle. It’s Monster Bang, so you can expect men who have huge dicks and know how to use them.

Thinking he’s alone, Spencer Reed jerks off while straddling his parked motorcycle. Kyle King spies on him, but soon the two bearded men are sizing each other up. Spencer pushes Kyle’s face down on his cock so forcefully that Kyle could bruise his lips on Spencer’s crotch. Kyle gets that meaty, throbbing cock well lubed with his slobber so it slides more easily into his asshole. Spencer takes advantage of Kyle’s hungry desire to get fucked, stretching that hole so far that it gapes when he pulls out. Not that Spencer leaves Kyle’s ass vacant for long; he gets busy thrusting and eventually they both shoot cum like geysers after a furious ride.

Raging Stallion Exclusive Angelo Marconi shows off a jaw-dropping deep throat prowess on Mitch Vaughn. He seems to be trying to outdo his personal best. Mitch, in turn, sucks Angelo’s uncut tool, which is absolutely rigid and will stay as hard as possible thanks to his cock ring. Lucky Angelo gets his hairless hole licked and tongue-fucked before Mitch slams his cock up inside. Mitch’s thrusts and Angelo’s masturbation have Angelo cumming hard, and soon Mitch adds his own load to the sticky mess on Angelo’s torso. Mitch rubs the spunk into Angelo’s chest while kissing him.

Gorgeous Race Cooper looks even sexier with his close-trimmed beard, and if you dig facial hair then you’ll have twice the eye candy because Fabio Stallone also sports facial fur that is much fuller than Race’s. Slurping and licking, Race worships Fabio’s uncut dick with plenty of spit. Race then face-fucks Fabio with vigor, but he’s the one who gets his ass slammed here. Fabio makes Race shudder by rimming his hole in preparation, and eventually makes him cum as he delivers a power fuck that you could almost feel yourself.

RS Exclusives Jesse Santana and Derek Parker have a threeway with handsome and lean Ty Roderick. Ty hungrily slides Jesse’s beautiful cock down his gullet, pausing only to lick his balls. Alt-type tough guy Derek arrives while Jesse is rewarding Ty with a blowjob. Derek ramps up the action, joining Jesse in servicing Ty’s irresistible dick and waiting hole. Needing his ass filled, Jesse lies back and Ty is happy to slide right in there. Jesse eagerly takes Ty’s power thrusts and sucks Derek off at the same time. Derek and Jesse switch places so that both have a chance to feel the force of Ty’s thrusts. By the end, Derek has also been on the receiving end of Jesse’s fuck. Eventually his cum can’t be contained and not long after that, Jesse and Ty have added their own loads to his chest.

Lustful, monster-hung bikers unleash their sexual fury upon each other and director Tony Dimarco helps keep the hot action accelerating, shifting into a higher gear. Hang on; it’s going to be a wild ride.

Revved Up
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Stars:   Kyle King   Derek Parker   Fabio Stallone   Ty Roderick   Mitch Vaughn   Jesse Santana   Race Cooper   Angelo Marconi   Spencer Reed
Categories: New Release   Big Dick   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   97 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Monster Bang  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Tony DiMarco