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Featured star: hot, tattooed bottom Teddy Bryce

teddy bryce, tattoos, bottom, gay, pornHeavily tattooed and just a little hairy, Teddy Bryce is a relative newbie to the porn scene whose ass seems to get hungrier with every scene. The look in his beautiful brown eyes says “come and take it,” as does his furry hole.

Through a Wall (Skyn Men) is one of Teddy’s first scenes, and it showed just how well up for a rough fuck he has always been. When Max Cameron gets too horny from overhearing his slutty roommate fucking through the wall between their bedrooms, he calls up Teddy so he can dump a load in his greedy, well-used ass!

Teddy soon followed up this movie with a scene in which he services muscular top Bishop Angus in Condom Break 4 (RawJOXXX). It showed that Teddy’s bubble butt could withstand a pounding in more ways than one. (more…)

Ryan Cummings, the most infamous cum whore in North America

ryan cummings, gay, porn, pig, bottom, cum whore, multi-orgasmicInsatiable pig bottoms like Ryan Cummings are truly inspiring to behold. Sometimes you just can’t believe how they could take in so much cock and so much cum and still be able to function in this world. It’s all part of a day’s “work,” although not all of us are so fortunate as to have a job we love as much as this cum slut does!

Ryan is also able to experience multiple anal orgasms, as his intense, aggressive scene with Jessy Karson in Raw and Ready (Dirty Dawg Productions) proves. Jessy and his fat, uncut cock turn Ryan into a human cum dump, but Ryan is no passive passenger on this ride. After Jessy lubes up with his own spit and starts to pound, Ryan knows just how to massage that dick with his internal muscles. By the end of this amazing scene, Ryan’s twitching, pulsing, greedy hole milks two big loads out of Jessy’s low-hanging, heavy balls!

Treasure Island Media was among the first to recognize Ryan’s potential. In Fuck Holes 3, streaming exclusively on AEBN, Ryan takes on a whole room full of tops who can’t wait to drill him. He’s even brought a bottle of loads to fill himself with before and after! This movie is also a must-see for its groundbreaking premise: it’s the first inter-gender porn flick… a pansexual fuckfest of epic proportions. You’ll see gay man on gay man, cis boy on t-girl, an all-gay male gangbang, and TIM’s first straight-for-gay creampie scene (which is also a gangbang, so there are even more men to ogle)!

By spring of this year Bareback RT was already declaring Ryan “the most infamous Cum Whore in North America,” touting his rare ability to cum up to a dozen times in mere minutes. See it for yourself in Filling Ryan Cummings, truly a star-making movie if we ever saw one. These four scenes include Mick Raw, Chris Top, Matt Woods, and other studs who would line up for the chance to fuck this gifted pig bottom.

It does take a lot out of a guy to be stuffed with so much cock, but he’s managed to do more than half a dozen movies in a year’s time. We look forward to even more masturbatory material to come from this awe-inspiring manslut. Here are some of the best Ryan Cummings movies—we think you’ll be just as enamored of him as we are!

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Bel Ami’s Hungarian real-life Adonis Kris Evans

kris evans, bel ami, gay, pornYou would be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous man in porn than this 6’4″ tall Hungarian sex god. As a boyish 18-year-old, Kris Evans made his debut at European studio Bel Ami. The company jumped all over the chance to work with this great beauty, who initially only posed for some photos. Kris made Bel Ami wait while he figured out whether he was heteroflexible enough to do gay porn, but in winter of 2009 he eventually got back to them and was ready to fuck another guy on camera.

Kris is from a tiny town where, one imagines, he was probably the most desirable guy for many miles around. It’s not just his obvious physical beauty or his seven and a half inches of mouth-watering uncut cock. He’s got even more going for him than his charisma, sexual skills, hot kisses, and impressive cumshot ability. As those behind the scenes at Bel Ami will tell you, Kris is also smart and ambitious, with sexual curiosity that surpasses his small-town upbringing. Although he took a while to get past his reluctance to bottom, these days Kris is obviously a fan of ass play and he gets off on other guys.

Pinups Oversized, released in early 2009, is one of the earliest videos of Kris. It’s a photo shoot and solo session, filmed before he was ready to fuck for the cameras. Even then you could see why Bel Ami would court such a beautiful guy for their roster of performers.

Filmed in Amsterdam, Cocky Friends is the result of that nearly yearlong wait for Kris to finally make up his mind whether he wanted to commit to porn. Judging by the way he pushes his big dick into Skyler Caine’s tight young hole, he made the right decision!

In Step by Step Education of a Pornstar: Kris Evans, we see some of the work that went into turning Kris from a gorgeous model into a bona fide performer. Each scene is annotated with some behind-the-scenes information on how Kris made his sexual voyage of discovery. You can see that Bel Ami took their time to train this stud because they could see how much their viewers enjoyed watching him. It’s not often that we fans get to see the process behind the scenes, which makes this movie a rare document as much as it is a fun reality-based porno. Kris’ costars include Vadim Farrell, Eliot Klein, and many of Bel Ami’s other popular performers.

Kris has gone on to star in major hits for Bel Ami, including The Peters Twins Doing It Together and, recently, Evening Rituals 2.

But by far the most exciting one for his many fans across the world is Fucking Kris, a movie that was almost a decade in the making. Drumroll, please, for superstar Kris Evans’ first scenes as a bareback bottom! This release was truly an event that lived up to the anticipation. The half-dozen scenes were all shot outdoors, for golden sunlight to highlight all the stunning action. You might even weep as you watch Jean-Daniel Chagall and Adam Archuleta top him in a threeway, and later as he takes a breeding from newer stud Rhys Jagger.

Kris Evans is a real-life Adonis who walks among us mere mortals. You can watch all of his movies exclusively on AEBN.

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Featured Star: Muscle top Bravo Delta

bravo delta, big dickDark-haired muscle otter Bravo Delta is a stud out of New England who had already racked up millions of views online before he did his first shoot for CockyBoys in 2012. He used to disguise his identify with sunglasses back then, but now he proudly owns his identify as a bona fide porn star!

Although Bravo identifies as straight, he knows that men are just as hot for him as women are, and he enjoys being watched regardless of his audience. He knows that his dick is too delicious, his muscles too ripped for any porn fan to resist staring. Besides, a hot hole is a hot hole and Bravo is an equal opportunity fucker when the moment is right!

So far, Bravo has just over a dozen movies available on demand. In his earliest, That’s Right from CockyBoys, he performed a kinky solo (with a suction pump as just part of the fun) and fucked sexy, tattooed bottom Ben Rose. Bravo was already a fan favorite from that moment on.

In the heady erotic fantasy of The Intruder, luscious blond Max Ryder is dropped off at a secret location where he is to be treated like a cum dump. He’s totally down for this, being the little spunk whore that he is, and when he finds out that Bravo is the one who’s going to be fucking his mouth, Max can’t contain his excitement! Could you?

One of CockyBoys’ masterpieces, the Answered Prayers series, is a dramatic tale of demigods and mortals indulging in pleasures of the flesh. As one of CockyBoys’ most popular stars, Bravo plays a starring role as one of the devilish, kinky Sons of Chaos.

Bravo went on to do several other jaw-dropping scenes for CockyBoys, but he’s also worked with some of the industry’s other top studios. In Towel Off from Hot House Entertainment, Bravo enjoys a locker room rendezvous with sandy-haired hottie Gabriel Ross. Working out gets that adrenaline going and the sight of another hot man naked in the shower next to you is just too much to resist, as these two horny guys discover.

In Raging Stallion Studios’ Dick Moves, Bravo plays a bathroom prank on his boss, Brian Bonds, using some apple juice. Brian is not happy and makes Bravo give him a tongue bath to clean it up. He doesn’t miss a drop—or the opportunity to bend his boss over and fuck him!

We have every one of Bravo Delta’s amazing movies here for you on demand. Get into this muscular beauty today!

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Featured Star: Muscular, big-dicked stud Johnny Forza

johnny forza, muscles, big dick, gay, porn

Johnny Forza is a sexy, 23-year-old Taurus from New Jersey with an eight-inch dick and an insatiable lust for raw fucking. His come-hither smile draws you in even before you see him naked. Johnny’s gymnast-like muscles have bulked up over time, but he’s always had a great body.

When Johnny first started appearing in adult videos, he was 20 years old and insisted that he was never going to do anything more explicit than masturbation scenes. He broke that self-imposed rule with a performance in Broke Straight Boys 8 (Brokestraightboys.com) that had us all craving more of his big meat! The lucky bottom to become Johnny’s first was Trey Evans.

Every time Johnny did a video he claimed it was going to be his last, but he kept coming back for more. He was a huge hit with Broke Straight Boys viewers and has gone on to do a total of eight movies with them, which are all streaming exclusively on AEBN. He’s been known to bottom in some of these scenes, starting with Carson Hawk in late 2012. Other young studs who have topped Johnny include Brandon Beal (Broke Straight Boys 11) and Tyler Blaze (a bareback flip-flop). What a long way Johnny has come from those early days when he wasn’t even going to let another man touch his dick on camera! We love that sexual evolution.

Later, Johnny started serving up more of his raw meat in some hot videos from Dallas Reeves. Our favorites include Johnny Forza Bareback and Bareback Orgy, both released this past spring.

There’s no doubt that this green-eyed blond is an exciting performer. Watch and you’ll see what we mean!

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Drew Sebastian, one of our favorite big-dicked leather daddies

drew sebastian, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, daddies, muscles, tattoosNaturally exhibitionist, big-dicked daddy Drew Sebastian was born for porn. He’s one of the sexiest matures studs in the business, with a pierced dick that measures nine inches long and six inches around. Standing 6’2″ tall, this titan of bareback porn makes you just want to climb him like he was some kind of a jungle gym.

Lucky for porn fans he likes being naked as much as possible, because his is not the kind of body that should ever be covered with clothes. His washboard abs and lickable chest are perfectly framed by the leather harnesses that he likes to wear.

Drew has a formidable look with his tattoos, nipple rings, and a shaved head. Don’t let that edgy quality fool you: he’s warm and friendly. He’s just rough and intimidating when the movie calls for it. Example: Paul Morris’ Buggery (Treasure Island Media), in which Drew and Jerry Stearns are set loose upon a cocky bottom named Seth Adler and told to stretch his greedy hole as far as they can. They’ll find out whether Seth can really take as much rectal reaming as he claims!

drew sebastian, gay, porn, daddies, muscles, lucas entertainmentLest you think Drew is only a top, we want you to know he takes on the challenge of becoming a human puppet. Last Call for Handball from Hot House Entertainment/Club Inferno shows that he’s also a talented fist pig, taking a forearm-deep reaming from bald-headed Brian Davilla. The studio also showcases his fisting versatility as a prisoner flip-flop fisting (flip-fisting, if you will) with prison guard Dolan Wolf in Long Arm of the Law.

His latest movie, Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction (Lucas Entertainment), features a long-awaited bareback scene with his real-life boyfriend, muscular daddy Dolf Dietrich. In his first scene for Lucas Entertainment, there really was no better way for Drew to kick off this new relationship with the studio than by having sex with the man he has a relationship with in real life. Watching the two hot lovers take turns raw-fucking each other with equal parts tenderness and aggression is truly special!

Virtually every major bareback studio is eager to cast Drew, including Dark Alley Media, who pitted him against Dolf in Big Raw Bones.

If you love leather, bald heads, tattoos, and muscles, then you’re going to lose many a load over Drew Sebastian. We have all the hottest movies starring this versatile daddy!

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Featured Star: Blue-eyed, furry muscle bear Jaxton Wheeler

jaxton wheeler, muscles, big dick, body builders, gay, pornAt 28 years of age, Jaxton Wheeler has been in porn on and off since 2011. Back in the early days of his career, while performing under the name Valentino, he did some hot fuck flicks with ChaosMen and became known as one of the studio’s most popular stars. Jaxton’s combination of bearded good looks and muscular body, along with those piercing blue eyes, won him plenty of fans. He had been an extreme athlete since he was a kid, and at age 20 he became an internet sensation after he posted some videos of himself posing.

Jaxton’s bulked up considerably since those days, in one of the most dramatic transformations we can remember. Though he still has the beautiful eyes and the beard, his hair is long and curly, and you could almost get lost in his chest fur. He looks like the kind of man who would model for the cover of a romance novel, clutching a buxom woman to his chest as they look out over a stormy sea. Jaxton is bisexual in his personal life but saves his on-camera embraces for other hot men.

Recently, Jaxton served up a stunning performance in Next Door jaxton wheeler, posing, muscles, bodybuilder, gay, porn, muscle bearStudios’ The Balls of Wall Street. Though not strictly a porn parody of a similarly titled Hollywood movie, it does revolve around the debauched sex lives of gorgeous young men with lots of money to blow on their lavish carnal escapades. As the movie’s box cover cleverly puts it, you will “pitch a tent with the 1%.” Jaxton’s scorching scene with young Latino bottom Rey Luis starts the movie off right.

One of Jaxton’s other recent appearances can be seen in the Iconmale hit Brandon Wilde’s First Gangbang, which is packed from wall to wall with gorgeous fuckers who live for man sex. In a cast that also includes the likes of superstar Brandon Wilde, Billy Santoro, and Jack Hunter, Jaxton is always able to draw the eye. Lucky Brandon gets to entertain five tops at once with his delectable bubble butt!

Jaxton was less hairy but even bulkier in Beef from Randy Blue in 2012. If you like your men meaty, you won’t get a juicier cut of beef than this as he and sandy-haired jock Brad Coyote pound each other’s asses into the couch.

Speaking of pounding asses into surfaces, Jaxton power-fucks a stud named Chris into the wrestling mat in Next Door’s Blowing the Competition. After a hot suck session that includes some sixty-nine, Jaxton takes charge and Chris ends up in piledriver position.

You can almost smell the pheromones through the screen whenever Jaxton is in action. We have all of this versatile bear’s hottest movies on AEBN for your viewing pleasure!

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