Cock of Duty

Cock of DutyMilitary porn gets even more stimulating than ever in Cock of Duty, the latest release from a studio named Fratmale that’s new to our theater network. Directed by Joe Serna, this safe sex title will lead you right into the barracks by your dick. Ever since Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ended, hot man-on-man action in the military has been even more popular with porn fans than it has always been. With men who are gorgeous and beautifully built, this movie is bound to become one of your new favorites.

Deep below San Francisco’s city streets, there’s a top secret military installation where the most gorgeous men are filling their down time by getting it up. Whether it’s Koston Hunter and Jason Phisher having some cock-sucking fun through a gloryhole in scene two or Turk Mason and Logan Fox having a rough threeway with Jason in the next scene, it’s exactly the kind of fantasy fucking that fans all love to see in their military porn. Other hot soldiers include Conner Maguire, Zeke Valentine, Leo Alexander, Hunter Nash and Tyler Frisella.

Cock of Duty is filled up for nearly an hour of sucking and fucking, military style. If you love a man in a uniform (well, at least until it winds up in a crumpled heap on the floor), then this patriotic porn will make your dick jump for joy. Make sure you stock up on lube, towels, and maybe something to drink, because it’s about to get hot!

Running Time:   54 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   FratMale
Director:   Joe Serna
Stars:   Turk Mason   Hunter Nash   Jason Phisher   Connor Maguire   Logan Fox   Koston Hunter   Zeke Valentine   Leo Alexander   Tyler Frisella
Categories: New Release   Anal   Military   Safe Sex