Gabriel Lenfant

Movie Review: CockyBoys’ “Let Them Eat Cake”

let them eat cake, cockyboys, gay, porn, carter dane, colby keller, gabriel lenfant, gabriel clark, jj knight, zak bishop, wesley woods, dustin holloway, bubble butt, safe sex, musclesNew CockyBoys exclusive model Carter Dane has a fabulous ass that inspires a man to grab a cheek with each hand and dive in, whether with one’s tongue or one’s cock. Not only that, but he’s also got the muscular body of a Greek god and expressive eyes you can get lost in all day. It’s only right, therefore, that the studio, star, and director Jake Jaxson have brought us a film that’s devoted to those perfectly formed globes. Let Them Eat Cake is a more than impressive introduction to this 23-year-old future superstar, who’s making his debut for the studio.

The movie begins with Carter telling us about himself while we watch sexy tease footage of him stroking his own body and posing in front of huge hotel room windows.

Carter’s first scene is with the incredible Colby Keller, the porn superstar that he’s most wanted to fuck since before he got into the business. We watch Carter jerk off to his favorite porno, one of Colby’s scenes, and he explains in voiceover what he likes so much about it. Once Carter gets into the room with Colby, watch the sparks fly! They lock eyes and then lips. Colby takes charge almost immediately, with stunning results. Their chemistry is explosive as they slowly strip and Colby gets a good look at Carter’s bubble butt. Colby can’t keep his hands and mouth off it, at least not until Carter tells him he’s ready to get fucked. Carter mounts Colby’s big dick like it’s what he was made to do. He slides himself up and down the shaft, burying it in his asshole balls deep. Later he gets on all fours and bites down on Colby’s arm as Colby pounds his ass. When Colby sees Carter shoot out a big, hot load, it makes him cum as hard and voluminously as he ever has before!

Just think: out there somewhere is a hopeful young porn star in the making who is going to jerk off to that scene as often as Carter spanked it to his favorite Colby scene.

We take a break from Carter to join a couple of other CockyBoys newbies. Wesley Woods and Dustin Holloway are both hot, handsome young guys who meet for the first time in Montreal. Both of them are so hot they could melt the snow, and that steam in their shower scene could just as easily come from the heat they generate. They tease each other by pressing their cocks against the glass. Hot kisses, blowjobs, and rimjobs lead to an even more intense flip-fuck, with Wesley taking a slightly more aggressive role.

Carter gets lucky once again with an excellent fuck partner, this time gorgeous Gabriel Lenfant. They have a relaxed chat about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes. Carter says he gets off on watching himself in the mirror when he’s getting fucked, which is something Gabriel is definitely going to make happen for him just as soon as he’s enjoyed fondling, kissing, and sucking his flawless body. The average man could orgasm from the intense oral worship that Gabriel bestows upon Carter, but they have a lot more fucking to do before that happens. In front of the mirror they indulge in plenty of oral cock and ass worship, including 69. Gabriel especially enjoys diving in between Carter’s perfect ass cheeks. Now that they’re both teetering on the brink of sexual madness, Gabriel pushes his throbbing cock into Carter’s ass and pounds him. They move between the bed and the mirror, slow and fast, both of which are achingly hot. Watching Carter spray his own chest with his huge load drives Gabriel to do the same, adding his jizz to Carter’s. These two are definitely aroused by each other, driving each other to the kind of passion that goes beyond porn performance.

JJ Knight is also being inducted into the ranks of CockyBoys with the help of Zak Bishop. These two young studs are a perfect match: both sexy as hell (like any CockyBoy, of course), both versatile. Zak prefers to bottom and JJ likes to top, and JJ’s thick, 9.5″ dick helps to ensure that his debut is unforgettable. Not just any bottom could take that kind of ramming from such a huge cock, but Zak is up for it. JJ fucks Zak into delirium, whether they’re pressed against the huge window or on the bed. The two of them are both vocal during this scene and they’re obviously enjoying each other.

Though advertised as a vehicle for debut CockyBoys exclusive Carter Dane, Let Them Eat Cake is packed from start to finish with new and veteran performers giving us volcanic scenes. You can see the whole thing exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Carter Dane   Colby Keller   Gabriel Lenfant   JJ Knight
Studio Name:   Cockyboys 

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Gabriel Lenfant, a versatile Montreal stud

gabriel lenfant, gabriel clark, gay, porn, versatileOnce you’ve gotten a good look at the sculpted, lean body of Canadian porn star/stripper Gabriel Lenfant (sometimes known as Gabriel Clark), he will fill your fantasies. He’s versatile, and what bottom wouldn’t want to feel the full effect of that thick, beautiful cock in his ass? Speaking of which, his muscular bubble butt is so hot you just wanna bury your face in it, followed by your dick. He’s just as gorgeous with his clothes on, with a face that belongs in Hollywood. You might have a hard time tearing your attention away from that phenomenal torso and particularly that trail leading down to his cock, but we promise you that he’s a feast for the eyes from head to foot.

Gabriel has been doing porn since 2010 and has dozens of movies to show for it. One of his earliest movies was Hard Wood from COLT Studio Group, in which he and sexy Brenden Cage get in touch with their innermost primal urges and give in to the call of the wild.

Lucas Entertainment was quick to notice Gabriel’s erotic potential. In Gentlemen 2: Power Professionals, Gabriel and his fellow suited business executive Nick Ford flip-fuck and play in cum. Gabriel and his real-life friend Marko Lebeau have an intense flip-fuck in Auditions 40: Rafael Carreras’ Uncut Canada. Both of these Lucas titles are exclusively streaming on AEBN.

Benny Morecock is another studio that has been home to some of Gabriel’s greatest scenes. His appearances in all three volumes of the awe-inspiring WTF series took us to orgasmic heights.gabriel lenfant, gabriel clark, versatile, porn, gay

Under the name of Gabriel Clark, he performed as a Cockyboys exclusive model in many great movies. He’s sensual and stunning in A Man and His Boy with gorgeous Angel Cruz. He and super-twink Max Ryder had a hot, fun scene in the Showgirls/All About Eve-inspired Project GoGo Boy.

Gabriel’s latest fuck flick is Men of Montreal 16 from the Men of Montreal studio. As Gabriel watches sports with Ben Rose and Emilio Calabria, the testosterone and spirit of competition get channeled into a hot threesome. Forget about the game, because all three of them are winners! Gabriel has been one of the standout performers throughout this series, showing the world that he’s one of the sexiest guys in Montreal.

In his personal life, Gabriel is bisexual. If he could choose any time and place for sex, he’d love to do it while skydiving. We guess it’s safe to say he’s an adrenaline junkie!

We think you’ll be crushing on Gabriel Lenfant as hard as we are when you watch him in action. Here are five fuck flicks we recommend.


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AEBN Releases Top 25 Gay Stars Of 2014

AEBN is pleased to announce the top gay stars of 2014. Fans have chosen who they believe to be the hottest and best performing men in gay adult entertainment.

So, what makes an adult performer a real star? AEBN compiles credible evidence every day and has distilled a year’s worth of consumer data to answer this question. The essence of the data is simply based on the dollars spent by AEBN’s discerning adult customers. AEBN believes that sales credibility trumps any data based upon casual viewing via free tube sites or “performer of the minute” searches. As one of the world leaders in on-demand adult video, AEBN believes it is uniquely qualified to determine which performers have achieved true star status.

Without further delay, we bring you AEBN’s Top Gay Performers of 2014!

#1: Armond Rizzo
Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez Movies: 28 Scenes: 31
Compact sized muscle bottom Armond Rizzo loves to take massive cocks. It’s no surprise this sexy Latino was 2014’s best star with titles from Raw Strokes, Raging Stallion, and Iconmale, amongst others. This past year viewers saw Armond getting pounded by some of the biggest cocks in the industry in titles like Bareback Anarchy, Bottom Feeders, and Forbidden Encounters.

This Chicago native moved to San Diego to make it big and take it big, and he’s proven to be one of the best at it.

You can watch top star Armond Rizzo get his ass stretched on the AEBN VOD theater here. Enjoy! (more…)

Man Handle

Man HandleCockyboys’ Man Handle, a brand-new safe sex muscle-fest, is a stunning tribute to masculinity. It’s impossible to resist the raging inferno of male sexual energy that permeates every second of the movie. Every man who ever lusted will understand the drive to fuck and fuck until you’re totally spent.

From Colby Keller pushing Anthony Romero to his limits, to Ty Roderick’s commanding performance with Levi Karter and Hayden Lourd, to Gabriel Clark’s inspired pounding of Dillon Rossi: every scene just buzzes with desire.

Running Time:   135 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Cockyboys
Director:   Jake Jackson
Stars:   Antonio Giovanni   Levi Karter   Hayden Lourd   Max Carter   Dillon Rossi   Anthony Romero   Colby Keller   Gabriel Lenfant
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex

Project GoGo Boy

Project GoGo BoyCockyboys’ Project Gogo Boy is a gay porn reality show that has the entertaining strip club setting of Showgirls and the drama of the classic Bette Davis film, All About Eve.

A star gogo dancer who’s been at the top always has to handle younger, possibly hotter competition. He has to defend his superstar status. In the hustle of New York City, this is even truer than it is anywhere else. Super-sexy Jake Bass has to contend with Max Ryder, a blond twink who’s willing to fuck his way to the top, starting with celebrity DJ Pierre Fitch. You can tell that Max loves sucking and riding such a big, juicy rod! But while Pierre is preoccupied, his neglect of the DJ booth ruins Jake’s set.

Next, we visit a seedier club where owners Tommy Defendi and Sebastian Young take advantage of dancer Seth Knight’s willingness to fuck them both for a better schedule. But what if he’s the one doing the using?

Jake hooks up with former dancer Stephen Forest. It turns out Jake has a policy never to date other gogo boys, so he schemed and manipulated to get Stephen demoted to iPad boy – he goes around the club signing patrons up to a mailing list. Stephen doesn’t seem to care that his dancing days are over, judging by the lusty fuck that he and Jake share.

In the wake of Max’s hookup with Pierre, Jake has been spreading rumors about his young rival. When Max finds out, he’s pissed but the rivals eventually try to make peace. Jake even helps Max with some advice, telling him to help out at the club before opening and practice on the pole in his free time. Max seeks guidance from nurturing club owner/guru Gabriel Lenfant on how to be a better person, not just a better dancer. Gabriel leads his dancers in a yoga session that turns into one of this series’ most infamous scenes: the “Yoga Orgy.” It concludes with Gabriel fucking his star pupil Max in the middle of a circle jerk – HOT!

Every good reality series has a reunion special. Legendary drag queen Hedda Lettuce interviews Jake, Max, and Pierre about the drama that went down during filming. Afterward, we learn the truth about Jake and Max’s relationship in another erotic fuck scene that brings Project GoGo Boy to a fabulous finish.

The non-sex aspects are just as interesting as the fucking. As for the sex… oh please, you know it’s hot coming from these guys. Project GoGo Boy is full of twinks and studs who know how to please!

Running Time:   143 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Cockyboys
Director:   Jake Jaxson
Stars:   Jake Bass   Max Ryder   Ben Rose   Hedda Letuce   Stephen Forest   Pierre Fitch   Sebastian Young   Phoenix Young   Tommy Defendi   Gabriel Lenfant   Seth Knight   Arnaud Chagall
Categories: Twink   Anal   Safe Sex


WTFDirector Benny Morecock brings you WTF, which we think must stand for “We Truly Fuck,” or maybe it’s “We’re Twink Fuckers.” Unless, of course, it just means “What The Fuck,” as in, why not? Why not fuck a hot twink like one of these guys?

Three gorgeous guys (Gabriel Lenfant and two guys whose names don’t appear in the credits the same way they give them during their interview) have a brief interview before their “mandango” threeway complete with rimming, sucking, and male-on-male action of a really aggressive yet never violent sort. These guys grit their teeth and growl, pulling each other’s hair and pawing each other’s swimmer bodies as they thrust. The sandy-haired cutie who said his name was Adrian looks so hot getting spit-roasted with his mouth on Gabriel’s cock and Mason pumping into his ass, but it’s Mason who really does it for this reviewer, with his bad-boy-meets-boy-band edge.

Cover boy Max Ryder is one delicious piece of ass, a newcomer to the porn scene this year who has a smooth, lean body and come-hither eyes. After the opening threeway, we see him waiting for the subway to go meet with the porn studio. Then, later, we see him jerking off in the afternoon sunlight with his American flag sleeveless shirt pulled back behind his head. He really does have an all-American appeal even without that shirt.

Next are a bearded stud and a tattooed twink who are already getting down to some sucking and fucking action, followed by the twink at work and taking advantage of a job applicant’s desperation by suggesting he might get a job if he fucks him.

Later, there’s another installment with Max, this time a much more voyeuristic scene. In voiceover, Max talks about how he craves the feeling of being watched. It turns him on knowing that someone would want him to watch, or want to watch him. He goes into a house and fantasizes about sucking a stranger’s cock while masturbating in the bathroom, his cock much harder than it was the first time we saw him. Max is a beauty and we can’t wait to really watch him in action!

Stars:   Jake Bass   Max Ryder   Justin Lebeau   Gabriel Lenfant   Kennedy Carter   Seth Knight   Alex Varra
Categories: New Release   Twink   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   77 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Benny Morecock
Director:   Benny Morecock

Top Picks for the Weekend April 13-15, 2012

For this weekend we have three more pornos to recommend, all of them equally hot and satisfying in different ways. In a scripted safe sex alt-porn feature titled Name of the Game, a New York City hustler/aspiring artist and his tattoo artist friend induct a doe-eyed young newcomer into their group. Twinks from the Czech Republic have more than one way of tagging in an alt-porn titled Bare Taggers. Finally, a group of sex-happy friends do it raw in a bareback flick titled Barebacking Fuck Buddies 6. Get into it!



Name of the Game

In New York City, the name of the game is survival. Moonlighting as an escort, Tommy Defendi is an aspiring artist who hustles for every dollar. His friend Phenix Saint is a tattoo artist yearning to take his art to the next level. Together they induct doe-eyed Mason Star, a newcomer to NYC, into their group. These three will do what it takes to achieve their goals… even fuck their way to the top.


Stars:   Tommy Defendi   Phenix Saint   Gabriel Lenfant   Kennedy Carter   Mason Star   Marc Dylan   Turk Mason   Marc Mason

Categories: New Release   Anal   Safe Sex   Alt

Running Time: 141 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   Cockyboys

Director:   Jake Jaxson



Bare Taggers

You might regard it as mindless graffiti, but the artistic scrawls of these horny guys serve as their signatures on a sub-culture that few outside it understand. Then again, of course, you might not even notice the “tagging” in question, given that it’s up against ten of the biggest, most insatiable cocks in the Czech Republic!


Stars:   Ennio Guardi   Danny Montero   Nick Gill   Nicolas Cruz   Jack Cameron   Andy Nash   Marco Will   Damian Dreik   Keny Austin   Mike Nio

Categories: International   Twink   Anal   Czech   High Definition   Alt

Running Time: 105 minutes

Released: 11/2011

Studio Name:   Raw  Bare  Staxus



Barebacking Fuck Buddies 6

Cocksure Men brings us four new couples who have hot bareback sex in the sixth volume of the Barebacking Fuck Buddies series. You won’t want to miss Tex Gemmell and Tristan Baldwin, Shawn Hunter and Tex Gemmell, Giovanni Summers and Shawn Hunter, and Tristan Baldwin and Brent Biscayne all fucking each other raw.


Stars:   Tristan Baldwin   Tex Gemmell   Brent Biscayne   Giovanni Summers   Shawn Hunter

Categories: Muscles   Bareback   Anal

Running Time: 126 minutes

Released: 06/2010

Studio Name:   Cocksure Men

Series:   Barebacking Fuck Buddies

Director:   Jake Cruise