Featured Studio: Men of Montreal

Men of Montreal 8

Men of Montreal 8

Many consider Montreal as North America’s gay playground with their progressive, European views on sex and sexuality. The men there are equally as open and adventurous with their sex lives and we are treated to just a taste of this with the Men of Montreal studio.

Director Marko Lebeau presents us with various tales of sexual lust and exploration in these self titled releases. In the Men of Montreal 8 edition, we are thrilled with sensual bondage and control in the first scene. These two men are matched perfectly and enjoy each other’s playful natures. The tattooed sub is very eager to please and the Dom is happy to provide an outlet for his curiosities by providing the “tools” to work with. In scene two, an innocent bet on who wins a video game ends in someone getting fucked up the ass. These two buddies definitely should play videos more often. And in scene five, we are introduced to a sexy muscled new comer that is seduced on camera by one of the more seasoned models. After some oral attention to his uncut cock, the new guy jumps right into the deep end and takes it up the ass for the first time on camera.

The adventures continue in Men Of Montreal 7, we get to enjoy two young men enjoying a summer break in a pool and they cannot wait to get down to some good ole fashion sucking and fucking around the pool in the warm summer sun. In scene three, two buddies take some time out to enjoy each other and to have some naked time in bed. These two are smoking hot and put each other through their paces ending in two of the hottest cum shots seen all year. Finally, in scene five, we get to be a part of a relaxing massage session between two of Montreal’s hottest men. Armed with a huge bottle of massage oil, our model is coxed to full staff by the sexy tattooed massage therapist. Keeping the customer happy, the therapist not only uses his hands to relax his client, but he puts his mouth to work on that hung cock to ensure that there is always a happy ending.

Men of Montreal 7

Men of Montreal 7

The Men of Montreal keep on cumming in Vol. 6 and this one will not disappoint. Scene two takes us into a room with two horny buddies that obviously turn each other on. One finishes up his soak in the tub and then puts it all out there for his buddy to see… ass up in the air begging to get fucked. Well a friend in need is a friend in deed and these horny friends fuck and suck all over the room. Scene four has two buddies hanging out, strolling along the streets when they realize that a private spot for some play time is in order. After finding a secluded roof top garden, they take turns sucking each others ample cocks. But these guys want to fuck and after arriving at their apartment, they do just that. The sexy white tattooed model is more than eager to take his black buddies cock as deep as possible, fucking in all positions until they both blow their horny loads. In scene 5, our horned up model is waiting for his fuck buddy to arrive. Perfectly fuzzy and trimmed, he is ready for some hardcore action. As his friend walks through the door, the clothes come off and these guys get down to some hot dick sucking action followed by our fuzzy friend trashing his buddies ass with a hard fuck down ending in both shooting their loads. It’s definitely more entertainment than the movie they were planning to watch.

Men of Montreal 6

Men of Montreal 6

Men of Montreal more that rises to the occasion, providing us with beautiful men of all flavors, various steamy sexual scenarios that mimic real life and a fresh look into the sex lives of the men of Montreal where there are few limits but a lot of fun and frolic to be had by all. Make sure to check out the entire line of titles by this fantastic studio.

Featured Movie: Serviced 11

Serviced 11

Serviced 11

Chaosmen has never been short on providing the most erotic content and Serviced 11 is no exception to the rule. Finding the hottest guys around that shoot the biggest loads… Serviced 11 is sure to please even the most professional cock sucker out there. We can all dream big about finding these questioning guys out there, open to receive the proper servicing they deserve. With 10 scenes of the most amazing oral action, Serviced 11 will keep you busy and spent for days to come. Here are just a few of the highlights you will enjoy.

In scene one, fresh face Kirk is ready to kick back and let his buddy take control of his perfect cock. Looking like a freshman on a casual Saturday afternoon, Kirk is worked up slowly to a full erection and his buddy takes his time to enjoy all parts of his sexy buddy. With a little influencing, Kirk loosens up and makes out with his friend while opening up his tight hole just a bit to enjoy some light anal play while he continues to get his beautiful cock serviced. The roles eventually melt away as our questioning subject allows a dildo to be inserted into his virgin hole and then rolls over and starts blowing his cock hungry buddy. Both guys find themselves on the receiving end of that double headed toy, fucking themselves so they hit that sweet spot inside. Before long the blow buddy can’t take it any longer and has to get off and that’s exactly what he does… in the waiting mouth of his sexy friend. The taste of his buddy’s load, combined with the stimulation of a butt plug in his ass, has Kirk ready to get off himself and he returns the favor and feeds his load to suck buddy Kirk while still jacking his hard cock. This load is too much for him to swallow it all and they wrap their encounter up with a nice cum swapping kiss.

We are treated to a fun experiment with a sexy young stud named Sinclair in scene three where he is blind folded and lightly restrained for some intense sensory work. A hot daddy is on hand to take advantage of the vulnerable situation the young buck finds himself in and you can tell this is going to be one hell of a combo between these two very different but equally masculine men. After a light massage, Sinclair’s jock is quickly removed leaving both men completely naked. The older stud is there for one reason and that is to milk the load right out of this young man’s perfect cock. Using his expert cock sucking skills, Sinclair is worked up to a raging hard on in a matter of minutes and by the looks of daddy’s dick, he is loving every second sucking his curious buddies dick. There is so much more to enjoy with this hottie and the daddy pushes his legs back to get a good taste at that amazing ass. Remaining stoic in his expressions, the young man’s body gives away his secret of enjoying, most likely, what is his first rim job ever and the young buck starts pulling on his own cock while getting his hole tongue fucked. This of course works the younger man into a sexual frenzy and he can’t hold himself back any longer. Positioned so that his cock is lined up with the older man’s mouth, Sinclair, muscles rippling and sweaty, jacks his heavy load into the waiting mouth of the masculine older man which savors ever drop which causes the mature stud to shoot his own load on his hairy stomach. These guys couldn’t be better matched and are amazing to see in action.

Serviced 11 - Kirk

Serviced 11 – Kirk

My favorite type of porn out there is when you can see the chemistry between two men and in scene 9 of Serviced 11, we have the perfect example of that. Equally matched and both perfection, Aries and Trevor kick back and are ready to enjoy getting each other off. You can see that these two “Bros” are all about getting hard and beating off together and they are totally into each others hard cocks. Both are hung thick but Trevor may have the most perfect cock on the planet and it’s perfect in every way. The clothes quickly come off and hands start exploring each other which motivates Trevor to get a good taste of his buddy’s cock causing Aries get lost in the lustful sensations of his friends mouth wrapped around his cock. Aries just kicks back and watches Trevor goon out on his dick, totally getting off on a man sucking his hung cock. Aries isn’t going to be left out of the action and returns the favor and goes down on Trevor’s thick hard dick. Once Trevor is worked up to rock hard, they find it’s only fair for some 69 action so they both can enjoy sucking each other. Aries is getting into it more as his takes the opportunity to sit his perfectly round, smooth ass on Trevor’s face, enjoying the amazing sensations of having his hole rimmed and his tight balls nibbled on. Both guys are so into this rim job that Aries relaxes and let’s Trevor get in there deep where no tongue has ventured before. Now it’s Trevor’s turn to get his taint teased and balls worshipped by sexy Aries. But this proves too much to handle and Trevor tosses off right into the open mouth of Aries, shooting one of the hottest money shots out there. Rope after rope of cum shoots across Aries mouth and chest which he then sucks on his buddy’s dick to finish him off. Of course this takes Aries over the edge and he jacks himself off in a frenzy, blowing his load that mixes with Trevor’s on his rippled abs which Trevor gobbles up and feeds back to Aries in the perfect finish to an amazing combo.

Once again, Chaosmen brings it all to the table, treating us to the most amazing men, paired perfectly in every possible way. This is a small sample of the amazing sex Serviced 11 brings us and, you will agree, it is one hell of a good time watching these hunks enjoy the very essence of each other load by load.

Serviced 11 - Sinclair

Serviced 11 – Sinclair

Serviced 11 - Aries and Trevor

Serviced 11 – Aries and Trevor

Featured Studio: Dirty Dawg Productions

Raw And Ready

Raw And Ready

Dirty Dawg Productions

Dirty Dawg Productions

Dirty Dawg Productions keeps things simple. They provide the very best in hardcore, raunchy, bareback fun with the biggest stars in that category. Always matching the most hung tops with the hungriest of bottoms, this always translates to sparks on the screen. Whether you have a thing for facials or creampies, you will definitely enjoy what Dirty Dawg Productions brings to the table.

In their most recent release to AEBN, Raw and Ready proved to be a hit with our members. Of course having Rocco Steele, the number 1 gay porn superstar out there doesn’t hurt (well, asses don’t really count). Rocco Steele fucks every bottom that can handle his huge cock and it’s obvious he is good at it. In this release, he starts off destroying Matt Stevens hole like no other top can. Later in the movie, he is matched up with Adam Russo, another favorite of ours, and daddy Chad Brock in a smoking hot 3-way that must been seen to believe. These guys work each other up to the point that Russo, usually a top, ends up with Rocco’s baseball bat size cock buried to the root in his hairy hole. Chad Brock, usually a bottom, is green with envy but is still loving every moan that escapes Russo’s mouth. Not only do you get a horse hung creampie treat in this one but Rocco shows that he cares and swallows Russo’s hot load as well. And if you are looking for a few guys that are a little more sporty and young, Jessy Karson totally annihilates Ryan Cumming’s hole. They fuck like they will never see another piece of cock or ass again and it translates into one of the hottest gay fucks I’ve seen in years.

Rocco’s not finished with the Dirty Dawg guys just yet. In Ride Me Raw 2, his is paired up with super bottom Draven Torres, one of the few men I’ve seen that can take Rocco and really get into some hard fucking without looking like he is going to pass out. These two go at it like dogs in heat and they are simply amazing to see in action. Rocco Steele is matched up with more horny bottoms in Seed Him where Chad Brock finally gets his turn to be on the receiving end of that ram rod of a cock. Rocco also breaks in new comer Jon Shield and really gives this little fella a ride he won’t forget.

In Sperm Hunters, the guys are doing exactly that… looking for some good heavy shooters for their hungry holes. Adam Russo is back, proving that he isn’t just a bottom and fucks his always willing friend Chad Brock in the ass hard. Draven Torres is back again with the legendary Cutler X and Torres is more than happy to take Cutler X’s big black cock as deep as possible in his well used hole. And Russo is doing double duty in this feature and fucks down the very masculine (and very willing to take a cock in his ass) Brad Kalvo.

Check out Dirty Dawg Productions extensive list of titles with the more hung heavy hitters and hungry bottoms that you will ever see in one place. These guys live for cock and cum and all of their hard work pays off in one raunchy load after another.

Ride Me Raw 2

Ride Me Raw 2

Seed Him

Seed Him

Sperm Hunters

Sperm Hunters

Breed Him

Breed Him

Rocco Steele and Draven Torres - Ride Me Raw 2

Rocco Steele and Draven Torres – Ride Me Raw 2

Rocco Steele and Jon Shield - Seed Him

Rocco Steele and Jon Shield – Seed Him

Featured Movie: Clusterfuck



Raging Stallion brings us Clusterfuck which is an all star cast of men that are pumped and primed for some of the hottest action yet. Through the eyes of legendary director Steve Cruz, we are treated to these alpha males going at it like it’s the last fuck of their lives.

Right out of the gate, we are treated to an orgy of muscles, cock and fine asses as the guys get together for a four man orgy that is smoking hot. Hunky Derek Atlas puts Dario Beck through the ringer and shows what it’s like when two real men get together. Dario has no problem taking all of of Atlas’s meaty dick with his greedy, hairy ass. At the same time, new comer and everyone’s favorite Sebastian Kross lays into David Benjamin and shows him that a young man can keep up with the seasoned bottoms. Check it out and you will see exactly how amazing he is doing what he does best… fucking hot man ass.

After this initial ClusterFuck, the guys find their groove and pair off to get down to some serious sucking and fucking. Derek Atlas is the winner of this scene by being rewarded with a romp with the very popular bottom boy Duncan Black. He’s got Duncan grinning ear to ear while getting his ass fucked and you can see Black can’t get enough. See the bliss on his face as Atlas blows his load and Black eagerly gobbles it up.

We then return to some hot flexing and buildup with Sebastian Kross and Dario Beck. Kross flexes his ripped muscles and teases Beck with his perfect young hung cock until he can’t take it any longer and fucks Beck’s face like it’s the last blowjob on earth and Beck is starving for the meat. These guys have a raw chemistry and we are glad they do. Watching the youthful Kross fuck Beck’s willing ass is too hot to handle. What a great sight to see Kross really showing what a young buck can do to a willing and able man hole.

We can’t forget about power bottom David Benjamin and his insatiable ass. Raging Stallion was kind enough to match him with super hung and horny Jessy Karson for a real dicking down. This is hardcore aggression on both fronts and makes for some intense action. After Karson shows us how hung he is by sucking on his own uncut hog, he sinks all 10 inches into Benjamin in one push and then just goes to town fucking his open hole. Karson can’t hold out any longer and blows one of the largest loads of cum I’ve ever seen all over the face of Benjamin. This is a scene of pure unbridled lust between two of the most over sexed studs out there.

Clusterfuck - David Benjamin & Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck – David Benjamin & Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck - Derek Atlas & Duncan Black

Clusterfuck – Derek Atlas & Duncan Black

Bareback Butt Shots 4

Bareback Butt Shots 4If you get your kicks from raw sex culminating in cream pies, then you’re really in luck with this Scott Morris/Gord Reece-produced fuck compilation.

Bareback Butt Shots 4 showcases load after load of steaming man juice that gets injected into willing pig bottoms’ assholes.

Because this movie comes from the perverted minds of the good folks at Factory Video Productions, you know that you can expect some truly prime bareback fucking action featuring guys who love cock and that you’ll be treated to some spectacular cumshots. You may never see these nameless studs in another movie again, but they’ll give you quite a show while they’re doing their thing in front of the Factory/Threshhold Media cameras.

There are only three scenes in this fourth volume of the series, but it’s an hour and a half long and full of hardcore condom-free fucking that will get you off faster than you can say “cum in my ass!”

Stars: None listed
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Bareback   Anal   Compilation   Hardcore   High Definition
Running Time:   92 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Factory Video Productions  Threshhold Media
Series:   Bareback Butt Shots

Hot Holes

Hot HolesHot Holes has the feel of real sexual encounters instead of scenes from a porno. It’s just good old-fashioned sucking and fucking with an extreme penetration twist. There’s really no need for such extras as excessive dialogue and even set-up shots that show you any kind of story behind what could be casual hookups, for all we need to know.

The bondage sex in scene one is hot. Our masked bottom boy is put in ankle cuffs and we watch from a low angle as he gets fucked with his feet in the air. Next he gets his asshole filled with an enormous black rubber dong as he slowly jerks off. After an extended sequence of this exciting extreme penetration, his top is back to fucking him with his real cock again. The scene alternates between these two kinds of penetration, and we have to say it might be more stimulating watching the bottom’s asshole swallow up the bulbous end of the dong and get invaded by the top of a bowling pin. It’s a good time either way!

Scene two begins with the same masked bottom making out with a new guy and then deep-throating him. They masturbate together for a minute and then it’s back to the sensual sword-swallowing exercises. While he spends a long time orally pleasuring his partner, the bottom is rocking a big, see-through butt plug. You can see clear up into his guts when the camera focuses on it for long moments, especially when it zooms in tight. Of course, “tight” is really not the word for the asshole itself, especially not after that plug is removed so the top can start pounding away at him and eventually give him a creampie.

Satyr Films’ Hot Holes is hardcore amateur bareback porn at its best.

Stars:   Rock Bottom   Gabriel   Max   Carmen The Dude
Categories: Amateur   Fetish   New Release   Bareback   Anal   Hardcore   Extreme Penetration
Running Time:   53 minutes
Released:   09/2012
Studio Name:   Satyr Films
Director:   Chad Ryan  Nick Cutts

Hardcore Party

Hardcore PartyIf we ever got an invitation to a party like this, we would do everything in our power not to miss it because Hardcore Party is packed with the man sex of your dreams. These are some superfine guys who are cut when it comes to physique, but uncut when it comes to what’s in their pants.

There’s a hot and nasty threeway in every one of the half-dozen scenes. You get plenty of cock-sucking, ass-rimming action along with the main event every time. At the end of every jousting, finger-cuffing scene the guys all blow huge, creamy loads that contrast with their smooth, caramel-colored skin.

There are no big-name performers, and in fact, no names are listed for any of these guys at all. It’s the one thing we don’t like about the movie, because we know we won’t be the only ones who will really wish we could have names for some of these men so we could keep track of every scene they ever do. Sometimes the amateurs and the one-and-done types are the hottest guys of all, and these are some fine-ass men who know how to throw down when it comes to fucking man ass.

The anonymous Latin studs and the relentless action in Hardcore Party are of the same high caliber that fans can always expect from Alexander Pictures.

Stars: None listed
Categories: Latin   Muscles   Anal   Hardcore   Uncut   Threeway   Safe Sex
Running Time:   112 minutes
Released:   11/2011
Studio Name:   Alexander Pictures