Jack Hunter

Movie Review – Yes, Father 8: Communion

This week, Bareback Network’s deliciously profane saga of sexual obsession continues with “Yes, Father 8: Communion.”

Andy Adler has multiple secrets, but he’s not ready to spill them when he visits Father Corey Niles in the confessional. The priest impatiently questions the boy about which sins he may have committed; as soon as Andy admits that they are of a lustful nature, Father Corey pulls out his stiffening cock and begins to stroke it as he asks for more details. Andy admits that he’s not just been having sex, but it’s with men… lots of them, and they’re other members of the church. These men are making Andy keep these secrets. Upon hearing this, Father Corey convinces Andy that just one more secret won’t hurt anyone as he sticks his dick through the confessional window for the boy to suck. The hot priest and the young man work out a penance that they can both shamefully enjoy, as long as neither of them tells a soul about their sins of the flesh.

Father Corey has been working over more than one of his parishioners, and he’s not good at keeping his mouth shut. (more…)

Movie Review: Better Than Your Dad

This week’s featured new release, “Better Than Your Dad” from Trailer Trash Boys promises and delivers what the box cover describes as six scenes of country butt fuckers.

Sexy, dark-haired bad boy Romeo Davis is outside behind a trailer trying to have a smoke and a cock stroke. Newcomer Bryce Hart comes along, takes one look at Romeo’s uncut rod, and simply has to taste it for himself.

Handsome hottie Devin Franco is trying to find his butt plug. The last place he might have expected to find it was inside curly-haired cutie Felix Fox’s ass. Since the sneaky bottom is clearly stretched and ready, Devin won’t let Felix’s preparation go to waste. He fucks Felix raw right then and there.

Gorgeous Jack Hunter is cooking up some dinner for two with good-looking Kirk Cummings. In the kitchen, Jack feeds Kirk his huge slab of meat. (more…)

Movie Review: Your Dad Taught Me

The hillbilly ass bangers from the trailer park are back this week and dirtier than ever! “Your Dad Taught Me” from Ducati Studios and Trailer Trash Boys is our featured movie of the week. If you’re looking for some naughty breeders who are rough around the edges, it doesn’t get much naughtier and rougher than this.

Bearded daddy Drew Sebastian is trying to get some shuteye when a loud banging on his trailer door wakes him up. He opens the door to find Beau Butler, a door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson (they still have those?). Drew takes one look at how good Beau looks in his suit and decides that if he’s gonna have to deal with somebody waking him up and trying to sell him something, he might as well get laid. To Beau’s surprise, this trailer park hick gives him something a whole lot better than a successful sale: a big dick and a hot load up his ass.

Out in the dirty yard in front of his trailer, Greg Riley is trying to lift weights when he sees Isaac X walk by with his shopping cart. Greg asks Isaac if he’d be willing to spot him. Isaac sasses and insults Greg, but reluctantly agrees. (more…)

Movie Review: Step-Bro Pound Out

Watch Step-Bro Pound Out on AEBN“Step-Bro Pound Out” (Next Door Taboo) delivers four awesome scenes of hot young guys who can’t keep their hands (and mouths and dicks) away from their sexy stepbrothers, other blended family members, and random guys they meet. When guys are really thirsty, they won’t let anything stop them from fucking right then and there!

Greyson Lane is chilling on the couch, where his horny stepbrother Roman Todd finds him. These two studs have been busted before for messing around, but Roman won’t let that stop him from putting the moves on Greyson and seducing him into another hot brother-on-brother bareback session! Roman’s big dick is raging hard, and Greyson wants more than anything to have a taste again. After all, they have the house to themselves, and Greyson’s hole has never been the same since Roman fucked him with that fat cock.

At the gym, Jack Hunter and Michael Jackman can’t help checking each other out. Those muscles are a huge turn-on and they’re both obviously into each other. (more…)

Movie Review: Brother Crush 17

Watch Brother Crush 17 on AEBNThe Brother Crush series from Bareback Network has given us some of our favorite gay taboo porn scenes ever, so we were excited when we saw “Brother Crush 17” pop up on the new releases. We’re happy to say that the action lives up to the hype we built up in our minds upon seeing the box cover.

Eric Charming and his older stepbrother Jack Hunter are hanging out by the pool, soaking up the sun and plotting mischief. There’s strong sexual chemistry between these two, so it’s no surprise to Eric when Jack says that he wants Eric to fuck him like Dad fucks Mom in their parents’ bed. Eric just about loses it when the tip of his swollen dick touches the back of Jack’s throat, but he holds back his orgasm for a long, intense session of flip-fucking with his older brother. The copious amount of cum from both guys is a testament to their virility as well as their desire for each other.

Blond twink Theo Brady thought he was gonna be clever and play a prank on his sleeping older brother. He sprays some shaving cream into big bro’s palm, then lightly tickles big bro’s face. (more…)

Movie Review: Brother Crush 13

Watch Brother Crush 13 on AEBNBareback Network brings us even more of that seedy taboo fun they’re known for with “Brother Crush 13,” the latest installment of a series that’s overflowing with scandalous stepbro shenanigans.

Lukas Stone’s crush on his older stepbrother, Mason Lear, has gotten well out of hand. The one thing that’s not out of hand, though, is Lukas’ dick under the table at breakfast time. Mason figures out that his little stepbrother is masturbating right there in front of him and knows just what to do. Raw sex in the kitchen is delicious! When Lukas is taking a shower later on, Mason joins him for a sweltering skin-on-skin shower fuck. What a gorgeous duo!

Swim team star Dante Drackis confides in his younger stepbrother, Chris Star, that he can’t focus on trying to meet his speed goals because it’s been too long since he busted a nut. Good thing Chris is there to help him out with that. Chris jumps at the chance to jerk his big brother off, give him a blowjob, fuck him bareback style, and even give him a creampie. These guys look great together and their chemistry is combustible. (more…)

Featured Star: Jack Hunter

See Jack Hunter in action on AEBN!

Jack Hunter is the kind of guy who qualifies as a total package. His uncut dick is at least eight inches long and he really knows how to use it. On the flip side, he’s always down for taking a good pounding. His blue eyes are deep and endless, his body is ripped, and his charisma is potent.

This Kentucky native was born March 22, 1990 and got into porn when he was 25 years old, originally going by the name Jack Thermann when he starred in “Bareback Jack” from Ch. 2 Productions’ Harlem Hookups label. He showed immediate potential, and it wasn’t long before Jack switched his last name to Hunter and became a versatile hot commodity. (more…)