Jeff Stryker

Classic Porn: Powertool

PowertoolJeff Stryker, whose good looks suggested long hours at the gym and sweaty locker-room fucks afterward, was the stuff of many an erotic dream for an entire generation of gay men and quite a few straight women. For Stryker, gender meant nothing when it came to sexual attraction and he remains an admitted “try-sexual” to this day, even years after his last performance in a porno. It’s pretty much impossible to overstate the size of his… legend in the adult industry. Oh, and the man has a pretty damned impressive cock as well, and you too can have a replica thanks to the iconic Jeff Stryker Dildo that has been a bestseller ever since it hit the shelves.

Why bring all this up in a review of this movie? Well, if you’re part of the younger porn-viewing generation, then chances are you never got the chance to watch Jeff Stryker become a gay pop culture sensation seemingly overnight thanks to “Powertool.” This is one of the bestselling gay porn titles ever, and pretty much universally considered Jeff’s most memorable film. Catalina brings you the 20th anniversary edition of this essential pre-condom classic on VOD.

Sent to jail for some unnamed offense, Jeff quickly adapts to his surroundings. Guard Tony Bravo gets him to strip and spread his ass cheeks, so we get a good look at Jeff’s never-fucked asshole. (Oh, to be the one to penetrate that most prized tunnel!) His first night in the joint, he jerks off while watching his across-the-way cellblock neighbors have a somewhat hostile suck and fuck. You see, John Davenport’s girlfriend has just ripped out his heart in a letter by dumping him and announcing her upcoming marriage to some other guy, and his cellmate Michael Gere picks the wrong time to be nosy about what was in that letter. So instead of answering, John decides to fuck the hell out of Michael’s throat and asshole. There’s a reason Michael has the bottom bunk.

The next scene shows Jeff trading two cartons of cigarettes with another Jeff – Jeff Converse – in exchange for a ride on Stryker’s cock. Their stolen rendezvous in the broom closet is definitely worth the steep cost!

One of the movie’s best scenes happens not to involve Jeff Stryker at all. It’s one of the oldest porno clichés, the prison sex scene in the shower, but you won’t mind that it’s something you’ve seen done before. Tony Marino, Tom Mitchell, and Gary Owen are all hot and horny guys and it’s exciting to watch their slippery, soapy threeway – most of all when Gary takes both cocks up his ass!

Jeff Stryker and the guard, Tony Bravo, finally act on the sexual tension that was apparent between them right from the start of the movie. Tony visits Jeff in his cell and issues a challenge to fuck him up the ass. Jeff is more than up to the task, bending the guard over and giving him that big, stiff dick nice and deep. As he so often did, Jeff commands his bottom to “tighten that ass!” and we can be sure it was a snug fit, judging by the load that Jeff shoots at the end.

While Jeff has been in jail, his lover Danny Russo has been satisfying his lonely urges with Brian Estevez, a boyish, freckled ’80s cutie who went by many names. When Jeff is let out early for “good behavior” (with the guard, we presume), he catches Danny fucking Brian and decides it’s time to move on. But don’t worry about Jeff’s broken heart. He picks up a new plaything literally on his way out, but we’ll just have to let our imaginations run wild with what might have gone down in this unseen fuck.

In a bonus scene, we do get a nice long look at Jeff showing off his goods in a solo that wasn’t part of the original release. He works out, giving us plenty of beauty shots of that magnificent body, before a long shower sequence and finally a masturbation scene that will thrill any Stryker fan.

Classic Porn: Best Of All

Best of All

What a daunting task it must have been when director Matt Sterling was asked to pick his favorite scenes from his movies. The man was behind the lens of some of the best gay porn classics of the 1980s. You’ll see some legends in this collection, aptly titled “Best of All.”

First is the alley scene from “Like a Horse.” Anybody who was around in those days or is an ’80s connoisseur will remember it well, and if you’ve never seen it you’re in for a great time. A classic leather man leaves the club and strolls down an alley, where he catches a gorgeous stranger masturbating and decides to help. Our hero squeezes the nipples of the masturbating stranger, who returns the favor by sucking and biting the leather man’s nipples. It’s incredibly hot to watch the leather man dominate the masturbator, making him suck his cock until the leather man wants a taste of cock too. A third man shows up in time to watch the submissive one rimming the leather man, which leads to an oral daisy chain. They’re all just starting to progress to anal when a fourth guy rolls up on a motorcycle and joins the fray. Soon cum is splashing and yours will be too!

The next scene comes from “Sizing Up.” After capsizing their raft, three guys get naked and one thing leads to another. The one responsible for spilling them all into the lake is the first to suck cock. He’s hesitant for a second, which is crazy because this is Mike Ramsay (aka Peter North) we’re talking about. Soon, though, the three of them are licking, sucking, and fucking their way to a wet finish. Mark sits down on one guy’s cock while the other gives him a blowjob, which is hot but soon they change positions and the cum flies. They’ll need to take another dip in the lake to cool down after this!

“Inch By Inch” was such a favorite for Matt Sterling that he couldn’t choose one scene. Instead, he picked two, and you can’t blame him. First is the famous window scene that introduced Tom Brock as a muscular hottie who teases a guy through a window that he keeps opening and closing, letting the outsider have just a touch and a taste before finally they aim their cumshots at the window itself. It’s a creative and extremely erotic use of a window. They don’t make ’em like this anymore! The subway scene with Jim Pulver and Jeff Quinn follows. Two strangers on a train fall in lust at first sight and sneak off to another subway car for an incredible, anonymous, sweaty fuck.

Cover boy Jeff Stryker, still one of the biggest names ever in porn (gay, bi, and straight) in spite of being retired for years, appears at the end of the flick in the stage door scene from “Bigger Than Life” with Jeff Quinn. JS is a gorgeous rock star who strips off his shirt during his performance of a very ’80s-tastic tune and JQ’s a lucky fan who meets him after the show. JQ is willing to give JS anything he wants, starting by sucking the cock that became the stuff of legend as soon as he whipped it out of those tight jeans. After JS cums, JQ keeps sucking, getting him hard enough to fuck him up against the wall. It’s surely one of the most unforgettable debut scenes ever, and a fitting end to this best-of compilation.