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Movie Review:’s “Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody”

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The Republic is at war. Imperial cruisers are invading and enslaving parts of the “gaylaxy” under Vader’s command. While wandering the desert after his home is destroyed, Luke Skywalker (gorgeous Luke Adams) meets Obi-Wan, a wise Jedi (sexy daddy bear Jessy Ares). Obi-Wan tells Luke things he never could have known about his father, whom he never knew, and gives him the light saber that is his birthright. Luke wants Obi-Wan to show him the way. Obi-Wan obliges, penetrating both of the young padawan’s holes in a rowdy fuck that whets Luke’s appetite for further instruction in the ways of the Force.

The Jedi need a pilot and a ship to continue fighting the Empire, but Han Solo (Dennis West) never gives anything away for free. As a payment for his services and vehicle, Han will accept the chance to plow young Luke Skywalker’s hungry ass. Luke, now in full pig bottom mode after experiencing Obi-Wan’s big dick, is eager to be bartered. After Han fucks him in three or four positions, all of them deep, Luke jerks his jizz out onto the floor in reverse cowboy. Spurred on by Luke’s orgasm, Han shoots his load onto the floor as well.

The band of rebels finds their way onto an Imperial cruiser, where they split up. Two Stormtroopers capture Han as he’s trying to hijack a control panel. They take him to an interrogation chamber and stand guard over him until Darth Vader sweeps in to have his way with the scruffy rebel. Han insists that he has nothing to do with the rebels who are loose on the ship, and that he’s only here because he wanted to fuck Luke. He promises to take Vader right to Luke and Obi-Wan. Vader agrees, but first he wants to “interrogate” Han and show him the power of the dark side, which he wields within his own personal “light saber.” Cosplay fans and anyone with a fetish for the Sith Lord will love watching Han test his gag reflex on Vader’s dick. Even better: he strips naked and Vader slaps his hard-on against Han’s pale, muscular ass, fingers his hole, and pounds away at him in doggy style. Later Han sits on Vader’s lap for some reverse cowboy action as the Stormtroopers stroke their own bulging erections. Han finishes Vader off orally and gets a Sith spunk load on his chest.

Obi-Wan and Luke split up while trying to find Han. Luke thinks he’s tracked down where Han is being held, but the two horny Stormtroopers (Paddy O’Brian and Hector De Silva) guarding the room are still feeling horny and Luke is still in dick pig mode, so he’s happy with one piece of meat in his mouth and the other in his ass! Once he’s past the first two guards, he finds a whole room full of Stormtroopers having their merry way with each other. Luke excitedly becomes the centerpiece of a Stormtrooper gangbang, and it leaves us with the impression that this version of the Empire is really just a bunch of horn dogs looking to tap some Jedi ass.

Whether you side with the Jedi or the Sith, everyone can get down with some intergaylactic man sex!

Stars:   Paddy O’Brian   Jessy Ares   Luke Adams   Dennis (Sean Cody)   Hector De Silva
Studio Name:   Men

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Kings of New York: Season 1

Kings Of New York: Season 1In New York, there are eight million people who will stop at nothing to fight their way to the top of the heap. It doesn’t matter what particular heap it is. Ambition for fame, control, money, sex, and any other kind of power will lead to dirty deeds in even the purest of hearts. The thing is that Kings of New York: Season 1 isn’t exactly populated with pure-hearted souls. Lucas Entertainment merges mainstream entertainment with the adult world for a new series that’s as edgy as it is sexy.

Those who are at the top of the heap have already sold their souls and they don’t want to give up their kingly thrones. Performer Jessy Ares rises to the top by impressing his boss, club owner Landon Conrad. Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Vito Gallo is a chef who cooks up something hot with fellow culinary artist Rod Daily. Mitchell Rock breaks in Sebastian Rossi, a gorgeous newcomer from the Manhattan world of modeling. Radio host Dr. Adam Killian works out his new patient D.O. Trenton Ducati shows Brice Banyan the ropes in the NYC social scene.

The movie is packed with celebrity cameos: Andy Dick, Lady Bunny, Michael Lucas, Martin Samuel, Derek Saathoff, newly announced RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Bianca Del Rio, Busted, Richie Rich, Derek Hartley, Epiphany, and Acid Betty.

Running Time:   182 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment
Stars:   Rod Daily   Adam Killian   Landon Conrad   Mitchell Rock   D.O.   Trenton Ducati   Vito Gallo   Jessy Ares   Sebastian Rossi   Brice Banyan   Bianca Del Rio   Michael Lucas   Andy Dick   Richie Rich   Epiphany (o)
Categories: Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

Spunk Rush

Spunk RushAvailable on demand exclusively on AEBN theatres, Spunk Rush is a creamy smorgasbord, served up European style. Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho, who created the crowd-pleasing Stag Homme line, have a home base in Madrid where lots of gorgeous, sexy European men go to be gay porn stars. As co-stars and co-directors, Damien and Francesco get their pick of these studs. Five scenes are here for your enjoyment, each of them a relentless display of cock, ass, and spunk.

Damien’s scenes are all based on classic porn stories. First, Felix Barca is the sexy, furry pizza boy who delivers a sausage pie to Damien. Next, Damien and a hottie named Goran are a couple of artists who take one look at their aesthetically perfect nude model, Donato Reyes, and then decide to ravish him both separately and in a threeway. In the fourth scene, Jessy Ares and Damien flip-fuck in the archetypal massage scene. Later on, in the final scene, Damien gets to show hot straight guy Bruno what a real blow job should be.

Francesco only gets one scene this time, but any scene with Jessy is worth at least two fucks from most other men. Unaware that there’s a secret camera recording everything, Jessy easily gives in to Francesco’s advances. Jessy doesn’t see that Francesco winks at the camera while Jessy is giving it to him in the ass.

This is a whole lot of cum from a bunch of magnificent men. You’ll be making a mess yourself as you watch them in action, so you might as well get that towel ready ahead of time!

Running Time:   87 minutes
Released:   06/2013
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Damien Crosse  Francesco D’Macho
Stars:   Jessy Ares   Donato Reyes   Bruno   Damien Crosse   Goran   Francesco D’Macho   Felix Barca
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition


MilitiaRaging Stallion Studios’ rugged Militia features hot mercenary fuckers in their secret camp, showing that they’re equally capable as lovers and as fighters.

Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi start out fighting, but the roughhousing is just foreplay. Jessy rips the beaten-up undershirts off his comrade and himself. They shed their camo fatigues and engage in a sweaty oral session and ass play that inspire Angelo to flip onto his back with a demand for Jessy’s cock in his ass. Jessy’s thrusts get harder and faster until they both shoot out big, creamy loads all over Angelo.

A sweaty Landon Conrad and Alex Marte press against each other in shabby t-shirts and fatigues. Their pumped bodies, erect nipples, and touching hard-ons paint a mouth-watering picture! Landon plays with Alex’s foreskin and balls as he orally worships the head and shaft. Alex reaches down and sinks Landon’s head nearly to the root of his cock. Then Landon turns his oral attentions to Alex’s asshole and buries his cock inside. Alex fucks back against Landon’s thrusts. Neither guy likes to miss out on some piggy action, so they switch places and Landon discovers that Alex’s cock is just as huge inside his ass!

Wrapped in Heath Jordan’s brawny arms, Shawn Wolfe yanks off his comrade’s shirt and squeezes his firm ass. Heath sucks face with Shawn and then licks his way down Shawn’s furry body to his rigid cock. Shawn grows even more erect thanks to Heath’s expert sucking and licking. He repays the favor with his face buried between the black straps of Heath’s jock. The waistband of that same garment makes a good handle when Shawn plows into Heath’s ass doggy style! Lying back in missionary, a sweaty Heath cums all over his abs and takes Shawn’s load on his beard and chest.

Marcus Ruhl and Race Cooper rip off thin t-shirts and camouflage, impatient to feel skin on skin. Race is hard and growing more so as he blows Marcus with some luscious tongue action and deep throating. By the time Marcus goes to return the favor, Race’s dick is dripping pre-cum. Marcus roughly punches Race in his six pack as he sucks him off, and the aggressive treatment lands him on his back with Race drilling him hard in the asshole. That doesn’t stop Marcus from curling upward and landing more punches, but Race takes out his own aggression with harder, faster fucking.

Men who fight together fuck together and you have a close, personal look at the action exclusively on our theater network!

Running Time:   129 minutes
Released:   05/2013
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Bruno Bond
Stars:   Alex Marte   Shawn Wolfe   Race Cooper   Angelo Marconi   Landon Conrad   Heath Jordan   Marcus Ruhl   Jessy Ares
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Military   Safe Sex

Lucas Entertainment’s “Awake”

AwakeAwake is another fabulous slice of European-style gay erotica starring some of the most unbelievably gorgeous men you’ll ever see on video. If you’ve seen the features that Lucas Entertainment produces, then you already know you’re in for a heady swarm of breathtaking male beauty and hardcore fucking that will get you rock-hard and make you feel like you’re cumming by the bucketful.

Jessy Ares and Jonathan Agassi try to repair the damage that infidelity has done to their relationship by taking a trip to the lush Greek island of Mykonos. Their attempts to reconnect are heartbreakingly cut short when a car accident lands Jonathan in the hospital as soon as they get to the island.

Left to his own devices, Jessy goes exploring with a local stud named Mitchell Rock while Jonathan is recovering from the wreck. The temptation proves to be too much for Jessy, for his time with Mitchell reveals to him who he is when his lover isn’t there with him. The struggle against his shameful desires was doomed from the start, because some passions are just too strong to resist.

Jessy’s sexual awakening is so powerful that every man he meets reveals another facet of the sexual world he longs to explore. Is it all just in his head or is he finally wide Awake for the first time since his rocky love affair with Jonathan began?

This sensual fantasy is available in high definition and you’ll find it only on our theater network.

Running Time:   142 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment
Stars:   Jessy Ares   Alex Marte   Adam Killian   Jonathan Agassi   Mitchell Rock   Matthew Mason   Trenton Ducati   Edji Da Silva
Categories: Euro   Feature   Muscles   International   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

Gay Bar or Bust 2

Gay Bar Or Bust 2If you’re an Anglophile, you’ll be in heaven watching Gay Bar or Bust 2. Here are some gorgeous British guys who will remind you of what it is you love so much about the men from Old Blighty.

Just like the previous adventures in this tale, which started out as a web series, we’re visiting one of London’s gay bars, the Flying Dutchman. In part one, we saw Dean Monroe flip the run-down East End pub into the city’s cool destination on the gay nightlife scene. Now that he’s succeeded in turning the Flying Dutchman into the newest gay bar in one of the world’s most fabulous cities, Dean has disappeared and left his “money man,” Drew Brody, in charge of the place. Even though Dean isn’t here to see his dream made real, we are.

In the Flying Dutchman, anything goes because that’s how Drew wants it. There will be live, spontaneous sex shows onstage and men fucking at the bar. It’s hedonism at its finest.

Drew tells his staff, Lucas Davidson and French star Isaac Jones, what needs to be done before the bar opens the following night. Then he takes some time to reward all of them for their hard work with a threeway right there at the bar. Lucas takes some hard cock at both ends from his sexy boss and coworker!

Guest performer Jessy Ares isn’t too impressed when he walks in to find the place mostly dead, and he’s kind of a diva. Fabio Stallone helps ease the tension in Jessy’s dressing room with a spontaneous and very hot flip-flop fuck that leaves them both sweaty and satisfied.

Health & safety inspector Paul Walker comes in to use the toilet and he needs something to help him relax – it’s just impossible for him to concentrate on his job when he’s in a place that reminds him of his sexual frustration. Bartender Anthony Clarke follows Paul in and gives him the first blow job he’s ever gotten from a man.

Other highlights of this exciting Anglo-porno include a must-see double penetration over the bar with Valentin Alsina and Woody Fox stretching Lucas Davidson’s asshole as far as it will go.

Have “a large one” at the UK’s sleaziest gay bar!

Running Time:   122 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:
Series:   Gay Bar Or Bust
Director:   Jonno
Stars:   Anthony Clarke   Jessy Ares   Woody Fox   Justin King   Valentin Alsina   Drew Brody   Lucio Saint   Tony Thorn   Fabio Stallone   Isaac Jones   Dirk Berger   Lucas Davidson   Paul Walker
Categories: New Release   Euro   Muscles   International   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex   High Definition   British