Jessy Karson

Movie Review: “Cum Junkie,” Treasure Island Media

liam cole, cum junkie, treasure island media, tim, orgy, gangbang, gay, bareback, Mario Domenech, Alexx Desley, Balthazar, Antonio Miracle, Gabriel Fisk, Valentino Delta, Freddy Miller, Jessy Karson, Brad Tyler, Sam Porter, Drew Sebastian, Nathan Gear, Dolf Dietrich, VladTreasure Island Media has a long-awaited new movie this week, one that has won loads and awards already. Cum Junkie from director Liam Cole features a large, hot cast of British, European, and American men who have a love for cum that could fairly be considered an obsession, even an addiction. Hard cocks and hot loads rule their world.

Canadian top Jessy Karson takes British bottom Nathan Gear out into a junkyard, where the dirtiest thing is the surprise sex that Jessy springs on Nathan. Jessy’s got a one-track mind when it comes to fucking, and Nathan, though he wasn’t expecting this, is eager to open his hungry hole for this hot fucker!

Gorgeous, tattooed, pierced Dutch bottom Alexx Desley is in the basement of a meatpacking plant that can only be described as a sex dungeon. Two tops in ski masks have him where they want him—where he wants to be: on all fours with a cock at each end. Alexx gets totally dick drunk as these two thick fuck sticks ream him and then fill him with hot cum! (more…)

Movie Review: Hard Cuts II

hard cuts ii, hard cuts 2, treasure island media, Paying tribute to the raw fuckers we love so much, Treasure Island Media’s Hard Cuts II is packed with more than 150 minutes of hard-pounding tops and greedy pig bottoms doing it skin-on-skin. Director Liam Cole isn’t afraid to cross boundaries to give bareback porn fans what they want, and he finds the hottest men to do it. Then he lets the camera roll as they fuck like beasts. These British men really hold nothing back in the pursuit of carnal pleasures.

Hot TIM veterans Jessy Karson and Peto Coast team up on a sexy, hungry pig bottom named Nathan Gear. First they shave his head clean and then they dirty him up, taking turns violating him at both ends and pushing him to his limit. It’s an impressive sight to behold as Nathan gets used and somehow doesn’t beg for mercy under their relentless pounding.

Adam Russo, the sexy versatile fuck-machine, has an intimate, sensual, and utterly amazing liaison with young bottom Elio Guzman. The way this scene is filmed gives it an especially seedy and voyeuristic feeling. The way the light bounces off their skin emphasizes the sheen of sweat that builds up on their bodies as they fuck harder and longer. Elio gives it up completely to Adam, and who wouldn’t? The breeding that Adam delivers will leave you hungry to watch it again and again.

TIM exclusive Bruce Jordan is a former truck driver, so Liam Cole hired a truck to help him relive his happy memories of the times when he’d fuck other drivers at truck stops. Bruce takes a relentless breeding from other men throughout the night, including furry French muscle daddy Priam and blond jock Blue Bailey. In all, his greedy fuck hole takes nine hot loads!

Cutler X is a powerful, sexy black stallion who never fails to impress with his power and especially his jaw-dropping size. In another intimately lit, highly voyeuristic scene, he dominates and owns a cute blond bottom named Josh Taylor.

Nathan Gear has such a greed for seed that one scene wasn’t enough. He’s back to take more meat, this time from Latin daddy Lito Cruz. Lito’s huge dick is almost more than Nathan can take down his throat… almost. Then Nathan proves that he’s a bottom you’ll remember and want to watch again when he rides Lito and gets his little ass stretched and filled.

In a scene that was originally banned in the UK, Jessy Karson, Jake Ascott, and Lincoln Gates carry on where we last saw them in Hard Cuts I. They love to get high and screw, and three is way more fun than two. All three of them take turns getting fucked, so no hole is unfilled.

Hard Cuts II is streaming exclusively on our theater.

Stars:   Nathan Gear   Josh Taylor   Cutler X   Adam Russo   Lito Cruz   Lincoln Gates   Peto Coast   Blue Bailey   Jessy Karson   Priam   Jake Ascot   Elio Guzman   Bruce Jordan
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

Featured Studio: Dirty Dawg Productions

Raw And Ready

Raw And Ready

Dirty Dawg Productions

Dirty Dawg Productions

Dirty Dawg Productions keeps things simple. They provide the very best in hardcore, raunchy, bareback fun with the biggest stars in that category. Always matching the most hung tops with the hungriest of bottoms, this always translates to sparks on the screen. Whether you have a thing for facials or creampies, you will definitely enjoy what Dirty Dawg Productions brings to the table.

In their most recent release to AEBN, Raw and Ready proved to be a hit with our members. Of course having Rocco Steele, the number 1 gay porn superstar out there doesn’t hurt (well, asses don’t really count). Rocco Steele fucks every bottom that can handle his huge cock and it’s obvious he is good at it. In this release, he starts off destroying Matt Stevens hole like no other top can. Later in the movie, he is matched up with Adam Russo, another favorite of ours, and daddy Chad Brock in a smoking hot 3-way that must been seen to believe. These guys work each other up to the point that Russo, usually a top, ends up with Rocco’s baseball bat size cock buried to the root in his hairy hole. Chad Brock, usually a bottom, is green with envy but is still loving every moan that escapes Russo’s mouth. Not only do you get a horse hung creampie treat in this one but Rocco shows that he cares and swallows Russo’s hot load as well. And if you are looking for a few guys that are a little more sporty and young, Jessy Karson totally annihilates Ryan Cumming’s hole. They fuck like they will never see another piece of cock or ass again and it translates into one of the hottest gay fucks I’ve seen in years.

Rocco’s not finished with the Dirty Dawg guys just yet. In Ride Me Raw 2, his is paired up with super bottom Draven Torres, one of the few men I’ve seen that can take Rocco and really get into some hard fucking without looking like he is going to pass out. These two go at it like dogs in heat and they are simply amazing to see in action. Rocco Steele is matched up with more horny bottoms in Seed Him where Chad Brock finally gets his turn to be on the receiving end of that ram rod of a cock. Rocco also breaks in new comer Jon Shield and really gives this little fella a ride he won’t forget.

In Sperm Hunters, the guys are doing exactly that… looking for some good heavy shooters for their hungry holes. Adam Russo is back, proving that he isn’t just a bottom and fucks his always willing friend Chad Brock in the ass hard. Draven Torres is back again with the legendary Cutler X and Torres is more than happy to take Cutler X’s big black cock as deep as possible in his well used hole. And Russo is doing double duty in this feature and fucks down the very masculine (and very willing to take a cock in his ass) Brad Kalvo.

Check out Dirty Dawg Productions extensive list of titles with the more hung heavy hitters and hungry bottoms that you will ever see in one place. These guys live for cock and cum and all of their hard work pays off in one raunchy load after another.

Ride Me Raw 2

Ride Me Raw 2

Seed Him

Seed Him

Sperm Hunters

Sperm Hunters

Breed Him

Breed Him

Rocco Steele and Draven Torres - Ride Me Raw 2

Rocco Steele and Draven Torres – Ride Me Raw 2

Rocco Steele and Jon Shield - Seed Him

Rocco Steele and Jon Shield – Seed Him

Call of Buty

Call of ButyGet it – Call of Buty? Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club’s first military epic is much more fun than any “Call of Duty” ever could be.

These are four scenes that show just how little discipline these soldiers have. Sergeants Owen and Brandon Hawk aren’t going to do anything about that until they’ve had their fun showing new recruit Aaron Summer all about deep throating, double penetration, and shooting a huge load.

A drunken Dominic Sol shambles into a tent where he finds fellow soldier Jay Hernandez sleeping. Dominic decides to give Jay a pleasant awakening by planting his face between the twin hemispheres of that bubble butt and eating his rosebud.

Derek Parker makes his first Dark Alley appearance in scene three. You’ll really get off on watching him suck Brandon’s thick, mouth-watering cock and take it raw up his ass.

Bringing the fucking shenanigans to a close, Aaron returns from scene one as a more seasoned soldier. He’s working out, but then Derek ambushes him along with Jessy Karson and Adam Gunner. This orgy sees Aaron and later Derek receiving an anal drilling that should leave them sore for days.

Military porn meets Dark Alley Media’s signature bareback style and of course you get excellent fuck for the buck. Call of Buty is streaming exclusively on our VOD network.

Running Time:   71 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club
Series:   Call Of Buty
Stars:   Derek Parker   Dominic Sol   Aaron Summers   Jessy Karson   Brandon Hawk   Jay Hernandez   Adam Gunner   Owen Hawk
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bareback   Anal   Military   High Definition

Work Loads 2

Work Loads 2Going in to the office is anything but a chore if you’re lucky enough to be one of the guys in Dark Alley Media’s Work Loads 2. Men like Blake Daniels, Owen Hawk, Antonio Biaggi, Jessy Karson, and Sebastian Rio would make the work day far more enjoyable, don’t you think? This scorching new release is exclusive to our VOD theater network.

Any way their dominating tops want to fuck them is exactly how these compliant and cock-greedy bottoms want to take it. They’ll happily consume cock on their backs, on their sides, on their stomachs, pushed up against a wall, in threeways – always condomless, of course.

One other thing that these bottoms have in common is that all of them are totally slutty. I mean they live to get fucked. Wouldn’t you, if that were your job? Pushing papers and clicking a mouse all day… forget it. In this office it’s all about pushing a cock into a hungry ass. And when their tops have shot their loads, these bottom boys stand up and enjoy the sensation of it trickling out of their well-fucked assholes.

Directors Owen Hawk, I Que Grande, and Nick Moretti capture all of the action as the fucking frenzy unfolds. They put the “job” in blowjob, handjob, and rimjob. See, there really is work getting done around here!

Running Time:   106 minutes
Released:   05/2013
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media
Series:   Work Loads
Director:   Owen Hawk  I Que Grande  Nick Moretti
Stars:   Sebastian Rio   Blake Daniels   Derrick Hanson   Owen Hawk   A.J. Long   Antonio Biaggi   Blue Bailey   Jessy Karson   William West   Colton Carbone   Cole Hudson   Caleb Ramble   Sewperman
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Muscles   Bareback   White Collar   High Definition

Movie Review: Jessy Karson Getting Fucked

Jessy Karson Getting FuckedIn at least one previous production, popular young stud Jessy Karson had already been seen using all nine inches of his beautiful cock to fuck size queen Sebastien’s greedy asshole with reckless abandon. But Sebastien is versatile and he really wanted to turn the tables on Jessy. Well, don’t forget that even though we have seen Jessy power-fucking plenty of asses, he’s not averse to getting fucked from time to time! Still, this twink turned twunk is more frequently seen as a top, so we were very excited to see how he would react to having Sebastien invade his little pink hole. Did he take it like a man or did he squeal like a pig? You’re really going to enjoy finding out!

This is just one of four pairings to enjoy in Jessy Karson Getting Fucked. Other stars include Lukas Wild and Sascha Vistos, but honestly it’s Jessy who owns this show. It’s always a special thrill watching this sexually adventurous French Canadian in action. He looks good, his body and his moves are sexy as hell, and even when he’s not topping, there is always an undeniable power radiating from him. You can easily imagine what it would be like to get fucked by him, but daydreaming about being the one to slide your cock into his tight hole while watching the other studs in this movie do just that is just about the most erotic thing ever!