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Movie Review: Fuckin’ Trash

If you’ve ever seen any Dark Alley Media porn, then you already know to expect lots of hard-driving breeding starring hyper-masculine studs.


Saying that these guys are Fuckin’ Trash is honestly a good thing because they’re not exactly fine, upstanding type gentlemen. It means there is plenty of cruising in seedy New York City stairwells and back rooms, the kinds of places where you don’t go unless you’re looking for rough trade.


The fuck flick begins with a scene that has a pseudo-amateur look provided by its lighting or lack thereof – just a flashlight and the “ambient” fluorescent lighting (with its telltale buzzing) – suck face in a stairwell before fucking raw. It’s certainly trashy and nobody would have it any other way.


Next, an interracial hookup takes place in what looks like the back office of a club. Newcomer Kane Rider is a sexy black bottom who makes us want to see much more of his muscular ass!


Antonio Biaggi and Boyhous meet up in a cramped, graffiti-decorated bathroom where they have just enough room to fuck. Antonio, a fan favorite, slams his ten-inch cock into Boyhous’ hairy asshole.


Luca Bondi, another hot newcomer with a muscular ass, takes a pounding from versatile, pierced, tattooed Dark Alley newbie Ethan Wolfe in what looks like it might be a crime scene (or just a place you’re not supposed to be, judging by the web of yellow Caution tape that separates the two guys at the start of the scene). We love it when a scene gives us two new hot guys to ogle.


Bringing the action to a rousing finish, Brandon and Owen Hawk welcome Ethan to the Dark Alley bottoming scene by tag-teaming him raw. Brandon and Owen take turns on the lean-bodied, sexy newcomer. This time the trash is literal, as they catch Ethan taking out the trash when they corner him for some breeding action.


The scruffy punks and other thuggish ne’er-do-wells in this new Dark Alley flick are enough to make you want to cruise in some sketchy places. Just be careful out there!


Stars:   Ethan Wolf   Antonio Biaggi   Boyhous   Brandon Hawk   Kane Rider   Luca Bondi   Owen Hawk

Categories: New Release   Bareback   Anal   Alt

Running Time:   87 minutes

Released:   05/2012

Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media

Director:   I Que Grande

Movie Review: Go Fuck Yourself

Bareback is the new black for racial-based porn – if you’ll excuse the pun. Yes those hung black beauties are jumping on the condomless freight train and there’s no turning back now.

I don’t think it’s a cliche to say there’s mostly a wonderful power dynamic in gay black porn; something about the boys being on the down low – or at least presenting as if they are – really gives black-specific erotic the feeling of risk and excitement that the ‘love that dare no speak its name’ used to present in all forms.

Perhaps one of the last taboos or unique forms of gay porn, we’re eating it up regardless, and fusing it with bareback cinema pushes all the right buttons even more.

In this release from Raw JOXXX, the set-up is simple and the couplings are very hot – there’s even a few nice interracial encounters including one that finishes off the film with Tyler Reed stepping in to take control of Kane Rider’s phat ass.

Kane is undoubtedly the star of the film and gets to have a piece of Latino ass as well as white cock. With Reed in the director’s chair, you can tell he saw something special in this ebony stud.

Watch the full movie here.


Description:   These hot boys cum with big dick attitudes! Buster Sly takes his black cock and slides into the PHAT ass of Kane Rider, Kane then wants some Latin love so he screws Rocco Martinez, Kane wants a tighter hole so he barebacks Danny Lopez instead. Tyler Reed finally steps in and takes control on Kane’s PHAT ass then tells him to Go Fuck Himself!
Released:   11/2011
Studio Name:   Raw JOXXX
Director:   Tyler Reed