Leo Alexander

Featured Star: Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Leo Alexander

leo alexander, big dick, gay, porn, lucas entertainment, exclusiveLeo Alexander admirers everywhere will tell you that the first thing they noticed about their crush object was his enormous fuck meat. Said to be a full twelve inches long, it’s one of the most impressive cocks in the gay porn industry. Can you imagine what it would be like to wrap your hands around that long shaft and slide it into your mouth? What would it feel like to ease your ass down onto it? Only the most adventurous and experienced bottoms could take on that much dick too deep or fast. But the only thing that Leo likes as much as fucking a hot man’s ass is getting his own hole pounded!

As a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Model, Leo has given us incredible performances in some top-shelf pornos. His debut film as an exclusive was Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction in May 2015, a great debut that co-starred Swedish hunk Tomas Brand.

When Lucas paired Leo up with Max Cameron in Hung as Fuck, the result was as beautiful as it was orgasmic. They’re two of the most gorgeous men to have appeared in Lucas pictures, so it was only a matter of time before they were put together for a scene. They take turns fucking each other, but the best part is when Max climbs on Leo’s huge dick, which is where he really wants to be. It’s one of the biggest cocks that Max has ever taken in his asshole and watching them in action is going to give you plenty of spank bank material.

With just eight movies in our theater as of this post, Leo has given us quality over quantity. That doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty to keep yourself busy! With Rocco Steele’s Breeding Party and Plowing and Seeding, Leo was a standout performer in two of the best bareback titles from Lucas in recent memory.

Leo’s awe-inspiring performances for other studios include military-themed Cock Of Duty from FratMale and Restrained and Drained 3 from Factory Video Productions/Pumphouse Media.

When he’s not filming, Leo keeps active with tennis and kayaking. Then he shows off his impressive physique while hanging out on the beach.

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Movie Review: “Hung as Fuck” by Lucas Entertainment

hung as fuck, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, michael lucas, big dick, uncut, bareback, leo alexander, max cameron, rikk york, bryce evans, jake andrews, michael lucas, pedro andreasWho doesn’t love a hot guy with a big dick and an appetite for man sex? That’s really all that a porn flick needs to be good, for most of us, and that’s what Hung as Fuck from Lucas Entertainment delivers in abundance.

Bryce Evans and Jake Andrews are a couple of hot guys who make a great match, and Bryce is keen to breed Jake after finding out he hasn’t been fucked in a while. After Bryce pulls down Jake’s underwear, it takes some effort to wrap his mouth around that fat dick. Jake and Bryce flip-fuck, because Bryce doesn’t want to let Jake be the one having all the bottoming fun!

Max Cameron and Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Model Leo Alexander are two of the most gorgeous men to have appeared in Lucas pictures, so it was only a matter of time before they were put together for a scene. They take turns fucking each other, but truly, the best part is when Max takes his preferred position on Leo’s huge dick. It’s one of the biggest that Max has ever taken on and you’ll definitely want to see how he handles it!

Hugely hung Pedro Andreas takes the dominant role in his scene with the mouthy Rikk York. Pedro just lies back and Rikk goes to work on sucking him, but of course it’s a worthy effort and one that any dick pig would take on gladly. Rikk has a lot to suck on, and he can’t get enough of it… even going ass to mouth!

Returning from scene one, Bryce Evans gets a shot at the gorgeous Michael Lucas himself in the final scene. Although he’s often in the topping role, Bryce loves getting bred, especially by an uncut dick. Michael’s ten-inch meat is more than enough to fill and satisfy his greedy hole!

Hung as Fuck is delicious eye candy, filmed in sunny, gorgeous locations with some of the hottest men you’ll ever see. Watch it exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Leo Alexander   Max Cameron   Rikk York   Bryce Evans   Jake Andrews   Michael Lucas   Pedro Andreas
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

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Movie Review: “Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction” by Lucas Entertainment

drew sebastian's raw seduction, gay, porn, bareback, lucas entertainment, boyfriends, drew sebastian, dolf dietrich, logan moore, joey pele, leo alexander, craig daniels, rocco steele, tomas brandIn his first film for Lucas Entertainment, muscle bear Drew Sebastian is certainly a main attraction. He checks off an item on the wish lists of many smut lovers when he seduces and flip-fucks with his real-life boyfriend, Dolf Dietrich, in a scene that lives up to expectations. But there are three other smashing scenes in Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction that you shouldn’t pass up along the way.

Bearded muscle bear Rocco Steele makes a welcome return to Lucas Entertainment. This sexy top is known for his aggressive style as well as his ten-inch fuck hammer, which would be too much for lesser bottoms than Logan Moore. Luckily, this good-looking Euro stud is perfectly bendable to Rocco’s will as well as his massive member. Logan’s no stranger to bareback rides on huge dicks, but Rocco puts him to the test through a series of positions, starting with doggy and reaching a climax in cowboy. He passes that test with flying colors, of course! Their connection is real and it makes the eye candy that much more enjoyable.

For his first scene as a Lucas Entertainment exclusive model, gorgeous Leo Alexander is lucky enough to be fucking Tomas Brand, one of the hottest men in porn. Tomas and Leo are obviously really excited to be together in this scene, so the pairing is as natural as if they had just hooked up in a bar. Tomas is a bearded, muscular Swede with quite a big dick, but even he has to stop and admire the sheer mass of young Leo’s cock! It doesn’t take long into the scene before Tomas slides his ass down on that footlong and takes a ride. Leo enjoys being the one in control, but he’s equally excited when Tomas breeds his tight young ass later on!

Joey Pele is bulkier than he used to be. He was always attractive, only now his cuteness has matured into a grown-ass-man kind of sexiness. Along with his bigger muscles comes an even more intense sexual aura, which is why he’s the perfect young stud to give Craig Daniels the pounding his asshole craves! Craig, a jock with lean muscles and a light sprinkling of hair along his happy trail, is totally blissed out by the deep, thorough dicking he receives.

It’s the main event, the scene for which the whole movie was named, and it lives up to all of the fantasies that many porn fans had built up in our minds when we heard that it was going to happen. This is Drew Sebastian’s first scene for Lucas Entertainment, as previously mentioned, and there’s no better way for him to kick off this new relationship with the studio than by fucking the man he has a relationship with in real life. Dolf Dietrich is every bit as hot as his muscle bear boyfriend. Watching the two hot boyfriends take turns raw-fucking each other with equal parts love and aggression is truly special!

Four scenes of condom-free versatile fucking add up to an entertaining two-plus hours of man sex that you don’t want to miss.

Stars:   Drew Sebastian   Craig Daniels   Rocco Steele   Dolf Dietrich   Logan Moore   Joey Pele   Tomas Brand   Leo Alexander
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

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Rocco Steele’s Breeding Party

rocco steele's breeding party, bareback, lucas entertainment, orgy, gay, porn, Rocco Steele, Dolf Dietrich, Max Toro, Raul Korso, Joey Pele, Zander Craze, Dmitry Osten, Max Schutler, Pedro Andreas, Tomas Brand, Leo Alexander, Drew Sebastian, Craig Daniels, Alejandro AlvarezSexy, bearded daddy Rocco Steele hosted more than a dozen of his hottest friends and fuck buddies at an exclusive invitation-only orgy. No condoms were to be found in the place! Lucas Entertainment filmed it all and the scorching, cum-splashing result is Rocco Steele’s Breeding Party.

First up we have Rocco, Drew Sebastian, Dolf Dietrich, and Pedro Andreas teaming up on insatiable power bottom Alejandro Alvarez, a known dick pig. They start the five-way with hot mutual blowjobs. Alejandro is already raring to go, but he’s excited to suck dick even though he knows he’s about to get pounded into next week. The sight of Drew and Dolf fucking him hard is going to make bear lovers cream themselves, let alone the added appeal of Rocco and Pedro joining them. How can Alejandro handle four tops who are so relentless? It takes skills, talent, and stamina.

Raul Korso, Max Toro, Craig Daniels, and Zander Craze show up for scene two with dicks and assholes at the ready. This brings the total attendance of the fuck party to nine, and more is definitely merrier. Zander, another hungry bottom, deep-throats Rocco enthusiastically before sharing a double-headed dildo with Raul.

Max Schutler makes a welcome return to Lucas Entertainment when he shows up in scene three, which is an epic group fuck full of jaw-dropping sights and sounds. He joins the party along with Leo Alexander and a newly bulked-up Joey Pele. Early in the scene Max gets his mouth around Rocco’s thick dick and enjoys all ten inches of it, which leads to Rocco giving Max a slow, deep missionary screw. Meanwhile, Joey flip-flops from getting railed by Rocco to fucking Craig, Raul, and then Craig again.

After the party’s over and nearly everyone has had their fun, Rocco has a little after party with muscle daddy Tomas Brand and tender young porn newbie Dmitry Osten. Dmitry’s lucky, because Rocco and Tomas are two of the hottest daddies you’ll ever see and they make sure his hole is fucked well!

Stars:   Rocco Steele   Dolf Dietrich   Max Toro   Raul Korso   Joey Pele   Zander Craze   Dmitry Osten   Max Schutler   Pedro Andreas   Tomas Brand   Leo Alexander   Drew Sebastian   Craig Daniels   Alejandro Alvarez
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

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Cock of Duty

Cock of DutyMilitary porn gets even more stimulating than ever in Cock of Duty, the latest release from a studio named Fratmale that’s new to our theater network. Directed by Joe Serna, this safe sex title will lead you right into the barracks by your dick. Ever since Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ended, hot man-on-man action in the military has been even more popular with porn fans than it has always been. With men who are gorgeous and beautifully built, this movie is bound to become one of your new favorites.

Deep below San Francisco’s city streets, there’s a top secret military installation where the most gorgeous men are filling their down time by getting it up. Whether it’s Koston Hunter and Jason Phisher having some cock-sucking fun through a gloryhole in scene two or Turk Mason and Logan Fox having a rough threeway with Jason in the next scene, it’s exactly the kind of fantasy fucking that fans all love to see in their military porn. Other hot soldiers include Conner Maguire, Zeke Valentine, Leo Alexander, Hunter Nash and Tyler Frisella.

Cock of Duty is filled up for nearly an hour of sucking and fucking, military style. If you love a man in a uniform (well, at least until it winds up in a crumpled heap on the floor), then this patriotic porn will make your dick jump for joy. Make sure you stock up on lube, towels, and maybe something to drink, because it’s about to get hot!

Running Time:   54 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   FratMale
Director:   Joe Serna
Stars:   Turk Mason   Hunter Nash   Jason Phisher   Connor Maguire   Logan Fox   Koston Hunter   Zeke Valentine   Leo Alexander   Tyler Frisella
Categories: New Release   Anal   Military   Safe Sex