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Movie Review: “Cock Huntr,” exclusive from Lucas Entertainment

cock huntr, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, bareback, interracial, Dylan James, Josh Moore, Bogdan Gromov, Adam Killian, Sean Xavier, James Castle, Devin FrancoThe Lucas Entertainment Men are the first to try out a new cruising app called Cock Huntr. Here are the hot hookups that ensue!

Russian twink Bogdan Gromov hits up black stud Sean Xavier on Cock Huntr, telling him “I want your BBC” and including an eggplant emoji. Sean is on the beach, and that’s one of Bogdan’s favorite places to fuck, so they arrange to meet right away. Bogdan sees in person that Sean’s big black cock is even bigger than he thought, but he’s up for the challenge! After Sean enjoys the taste of Bogdan’s uncut cock and eager asshole, he pushes his raw cock inside and gives him a fuck to remember.

While laying out by the pool, James Castle gets a message on Cock Huntr from gorgeous Adam Killian and wants to hook up right away. He showers in anticipation of their fuck, but he’s certainly going to get dirty again. James takes Adam to his newly remodeled kitchen, which needs a good christening with cum, and Adam is the one to do the honors. The two stunning, hungry studs take turns sucking each other off and flip fucking raw. (more…)

Movie Review: “Raw Double Penetrations 3: Fully Loaded,” Lucas Entertainment

fully loaded, raw double penetrations 3, lucas entertainment, Viktor Rom, Josh Moore, Ibrahim Moreno, Leo Forte, Andrey Vic, Zander Craze, Nico Deen, Gabriel Taurus, Ares Fly, Javi Velaro, Stas Landon, Devin Franco, bareback, gay, extreme penetration, double analSome bottoms excel at taking two cocks up their ass at the same time, like professional sexual athletes. We get to watch, in awe, as several of these super bottoms get reamed bareback style in Lucas Entertainment’s Raw Double Penetrations 3: Fully Loaded.

Lucas Exclusive Ibrahim Moreno, for example, is a shining star in this movie with two scenes that show off his greedy, power-bottoming talents and skills. First he gets separately and simultaneously penetrated by infamously powerful Viktor Rom and Lucas Exclusives Javi Velaro and Josh Rider. All of these tops have thick dicks that would fill up any asshole well enough on their own, but for Ibrahim, one of these cocks is not enough. He’s really in ecstasy with Josh skull-fucking him while Viktor and Javi double penetrate his asshole.

 And one session like that isn’t going to please Ibrahim, either, because in scene two he’s back for more DP with Gabriel Taurus and Leo Forte, two Latin tops that are hot as hell and have nice fat cocks. Seeing how much Ibrahim is enjoying himself, Leo wants in on the double anal action too. Ibrahim is happy to switch places and help Gabriel raw-fuck Leo’s ass. Even better for Leo: Ibrahim’s cock is the thickest out of all three of them.

Bold and beautiful Zander Craze, another Lucas Exclusive, must have taken that last name because he’s crazed for cock. When he’s in an orgy with Andrey Vic, Javi Velaro, Stas Landon, and Ares Fly at the same time, Zander eagerly takes on Andrey and Javi . Meanwhile, Stas slams Ares’ hole. It’s an outdoor sex party that makes us wish we could be their neighbors and try to get invited… or at least cut a peephole in the fence.

Devin Franco is a new Lucas Exclusive with a deceptively innocent look, but that sweet smile hides a deeply debauched nature. As soon as he’s naked and facing Nico Deen and Gabriel Taurus, Devin’s inner pig comes out with a vengeance. Nico and Gabriel are both dominant types, but it’s easy enough for them to share Devin because he’s as happy getting spit roasted as he is getting double penetrated in the ass.

Raw Double Penetrations 3: Fully Loaded from Lucas Entertainment is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Viktor Rom   Josh Moore   Ibrahim Moreno   Leo Forte   Andrey Vic   Zander Craze   Nico Deen   Gabriel Taurus   Ares Fly   Javi Velaro   Stas Landon   Devin Franco
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

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Movie Review: “Lucas Men 2.0,” Lucas Entertainment

lucas men 2.0, lucas entertainment, gay, bareback, porn, antonio miracle, sergyo caruso, damon heart, vlad larin, alex kof, derek allan, javi velaro, rafael carreras, viktor romLucas Entertainment introduces us to a new crew of exclusive models and pairs them with established stars in Lucas Men 2.0. As you’ll see, the men of Lucas continue to be some of the most gorgeous and horny on the planet.

Alex Kof is beautiful and well hung, as so many of his fellow Russians in the industry tend to be. His dick is thick and long, just totally mouth watering. It deserves to have a dildo or even a sculpture molded from it. Alex has immediate, explosive chemistry with Derek Allan, a hot Mexican stud who’s no slouch when it comes to dick size himself. When they strip naked, Alex is eager to take a ride on Derek’s dick. Later, though, we get to see just what kind of ass reaming Alex can deliver with that outstanding cock of his! Watching the way they go eat each other, sucking hungrily and then taking turns topping and bottoming, you’ll believe you’re watching two sex-crazed guys hook up for real, and the camera just happens to be filming it. Don’t miss the sloppy ass-to-mouth, cum-swapping kiss at the end!

Newcomer Vlad Larin is a blond Russian twink who is going to fit right in at Lucas Entertainment, as his debut scene with the mountainous Viktor Rom shows. Viktor is infamously dominant and the contrast of his muscular frame with Vlad’s limber, lean body is visually striking. Vlad likes a man who’s bigger and dominant, which makes this a perfect pairing. Viktor is exactly Vlad’s type: he likes to bend a twink to his will and dominate every hole. Vlad’s asshole needs some stretching first, so Viktor prepares him for fucking with a big black butt plug while skull-fucking him vigorously. Once Viktor is ready to fuck that twink ass, the butt plug comes out and Vlad bounces his butt on top of his new daddy’s big, hard cock!

Damon Heart and newcomer Javi Velaro are both eager, talented bottoms, and they prove it when they take on the legendary Rafael Carreras in a full-throttle threeway. The first bottom to offer up his hole is Damon. One highlight of this stunning scene is the sight of Damon, lost in a dick-drunken haze, fucking back against Rafael at the same time he’s plunging into Javi in a sandwich position. Later, it’s Javi’s turn to take on both Rafael and Damon at the same time, and nothing can beat watching Javi’s hole getting stretched with double anal! With exquisite close-ups on Damon’s and Javi’s holes getting stuffed, the moans and grunts of man sex, and the slippery sweat of their bodies, the scene will almost make you feel like you’re there.

Sergyo Caruso decides to scrap his original goal for the day, which was simply to lay out in the sun and read, when he sees the gorgeous Antonio Miracle. Like Viktor Rom, Antonio is huge and has that Latino sex appeal. Sergyo soon finds out that Antonio has a delicious uncut cock and knows how to use it. Even better, Antonio is also versatile. As much as he loves getting fucked, though, Antonio is the one doing most of the pounding in this situation and that definitely suits the piggy Sergyo, who gets on all fours to allow for deeper penetration.

Lucas Men 2.0 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Antonio Miracle   Sergyo Caruso   Damon Heart   Vlad Larin   Alex Kof   Derek Allan   Javi Velaro   Rafael Carreras   Viktor Rom
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

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Movie Review: “Hitting It Raw,” Lucas Entertainment

hitting it raw, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, bareback, dolf dietrich, ashton summers, jonah fontana, alexander volkov, dylan james, michael del ray, sergeant miles, rafael lordsLucas Entertainment’s Hitting It Raw is packed with exactly the kind of gorgeous men we all have come to expect from the studio’s gleaming, beautiful releases. It’s a Fire Island vacation that gets even hotter by night!

Ashton Summers and Jonah Fontana are up first in a scene that could give you carpal tunnel syndrome. Jonah can’t wait to stuff his long, fat cock inside Ashton’s tight asshole. As for Ashton, he takes one look at Jonah and is immediately thirsty. Ashton opens up for a deep, raw pounding and ends up covered in jizz!

Dolf Dietrich towers over Rafael Lords, and that size difference is just one of the visual appeals of their scene together. The fact that they’re both sexy as hell certainly won’t go unnoticed, either! Both Dolf and Rafael are into kink, and their energy together seems to have no limit. Even when he’s held up in mid-air, Rafael can take a deep pounding like a champ.

Sergeant Miles, always a popular star, has his own favorite stud that he can’t wait to fuck: Alexander Volkov. When Alexander hears that Sergeant has the hots for him, he’s all about it too. Alexander wants to be the top and Sergeant is eager to open his hole for the assertive stud!

Dylan James, a hot and beefy young Lucas exclusive model, is ready to find out if Michael DelRay has the goods to back up that cocky attitude that he seems to have. Michael’s dick is big and Dylan gets a nice long taste of it with his mouth, but what Dylan really wants is to breed that hot hole! Their chemistry is radiant, especially when Dylan pulls Michael in close while fucking him from behind. At the end, they swap cum and then swallow!

Hitting It Raw is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Dolf Dietrich   Ashton Summers   Jonah Fontana   Alexander Volkov   Dylan James   Michael Del Ray   Sergeant Miles   Rafael Lords
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

Movie Review: “Bareback Boyfriend Swap,” Lucas Entertainment

bareback boyfriend swap, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, boyfriends, bareback, jake andrews, rafael lords, evan lance, spencer whitman, ashton summersLucas Entertainment men don’t let their long-term relationships run the risk of boredom. In Bareback Boyfriend Swap, we see just how they like to keep their sex lives fresh and exciting.

Boyfriends Jake Andrews and Rafael Lords, both of whom are Lucas exclusives, are having a little fun in their bedroom when their hot housemate “accidentally” walks in on them. Jake is in the middle of going down on Rafael and decides it’s time to teach everyone about sharing. The boyfriends invite Ashton to join them, leading to a particularly fiery moment when Rafael takes a deep thrusting from Jake while deep-throating Ashton.

Now that he knows his boyfriend is open to fucking other men, Rafael goes in pursuit of even more fresh meat—but this time without Jake. He hooks up one-on-one with sexy Spencer Whitman and breeds his hot ass!

Spencer has just come home from fucking Rafael behind his boyfriend Evan Lance’s back. Evan is taking a nap, but guilty Spencer decides that he can’t let another moment go by without making it up to his boyfriend. The furry otters, both of whom are new to Lucas, are a delicious sight to behold as they take turns fucking each other’s holes raw.

Unbeknownst to their cheating men, Jake and Evan both know what’s been going on and they decide that it’s only fair that they get to screw around, too. Why not keep it all in the same social circle? Getting even is so much more fun than breaking up, too. Evan’s submissive side is in full effect as he worships Jake’s feet and then sucks his beautiful cock. Jake is truly a power top and, as he has discovered, it’s not fair to all the bottoms out there if he saves it all for Rafael. Evan is one lucky bottom.

Jake might have created a monster by encouraging Rafael to have a threeway. It’s an old story, but it’s always fun to watch it play out when there are such hot men involved!

Bareback Boyfriend Swap is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Jake Andrews   Rafael Lords   Evan Lance   Spencer Whitman    Ashton Summers
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

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Movie Review: “Saluting Sergeant,” Lucas Entertainment

saluting sergeant, lucas entertainment, porn, gay, sergeant miles, tristan archer, joey pele, james castle, drae axtell, michael lachlan, zander crazeSergeant Miles is a man that every Lucas Entertainment model wants to fuck, and we can’t blame them. We drool for those muscles, ornamented with scorpion tattoos that hint at his darker side. The studio gives us an excellent chance to watch Sergeant in action with Saluting Sergeant. This showcase title for one of the company’s hottest exclusive performers will have you, too, standing at attention.

Drae Axtell is the first to partner up with Sergeant. With his beautiful, mouth-watering dick proudly erect and in Sergeant’s face, he’s got more than enough for the cock whore to suck on. Sergeant tests his gag reflex on it. Also featured in this scene is plenty of ass eating and bareback fucking that has Sergeant hollering loudly!

We take a break from Sergeant (hey, other bottoms deserve love too, even in this movie named after Sergeant) when Zander Craze gets sensual—but not soft—with James Castle. Zander and James are excited to fuck, but they want to take their time worshiping each other’s hot bodies. They suck and lick to their hearts’ content and yours. Zander is the first to take a raw ride and he loves every inch of James. Then James has his turn taking a stuffing up the backside from Zander’s huge meat.

Sergeant returns for a scene with fellow Lucas Entertainment exclusive Michael Lachlan, an Australian stud with a thick, juicy, uncut dick. Michael and Sergeant take turns sucking and fucking each other in an aggressive and fun flip-fuck scene. There’s also a lot of kinky double-ended dildo action!

Joey Pele has a huge, uncut cock that twink Tristan Archer has a lot of fun with, but Joey makes sure to warm up that tender hole first. Tristan gets a pump in the ass, which Joey inflates. Once Joey is satisfied that Tristan is ready he fucks him long and hard, and we find out just why there was so much preparation involved: it’s not just any bottom who could handle Joey’s relentless fucking. It takes more than just a little stamina!

Whether you’re here for Sergeant or you’ve got your eye on the other six stars, Saluting Sergeant is full of delicious, bareback action. This stimulating Lucas Entertainment film is available exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Joey Pele   James Castle   Drae Axtell   Michael Lachlan   Zander Craze   Sergeant Miles   Tristan Archer
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

Movie Review: “Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction” by Lucas Entertainment

drew sebastian's raw seduction, gay, porn, bareback, lucas entertainment, boyfriends, drew sebastian, dolf dietrich, logan moore, joey pele, leo alexander, craig daniels, rocco steele, tomas brandIn his first film for Lucas Entertainment, muscle bear Drew Sebastian is certainly a main attraction. He checks off an item on the wish lists of many smut lovers when he seduces and flip-fucks with his real-life boyfriend, Dolf Dietrich, in a scene that lives up to expectations. But there are three other smashing scenes in Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction that you shouldn’t pass up along the way.

Bearded muscle bear Rocco Steele makes a welcome return to Lucas Entertainment. This sexy top is known for his aggressive style as well as his ten-inch fuck hammer, which would be too much for lesser bottoms than Logan Moore. Luckily, this good-looking Euro stud is perfectly bendable to Rocco’s will as well as his massive member. Logan’s no stranger to bareback rides on huge dicks, but Rocco puts him to the test through a series of positions, starting with doggy and reaching a climax in cowboy. He passes that test with flying colors, of course! Their connection is real and it makes the eye candy that much more enjoyable.

For his first scene as a Lucas Entertainment exclusive model, gorgeous Leo Alexander is lucky enough to be fucking Tomas Brand, one of the hottest men in porn. Tomas and Leo are obviously really excited to be together in this scene, so the pairing is as natural as if they had just hooked up in a bar. Tomas is a bearded, muscular Swede with quite a big dick, but even he has to stop and admire the sheer mass of young Leo’s cock! It doesn’t take long into the scene before Tomas slides his ass down on that footlong and takes a ride. Leo enjoys being the one in control, but he’s equally excited when Tomas breeds his tight young ass later on!

Joey Pele is bulkier than he used to be. He was always attractive, only now his cuteness has matured into a grown-ass-man kind of sexiness. Along with his bigger muscles comes an even more intense sexual aura, which is why he’s the perfect young stud to give Craig Daniels the pounding his asshole craves! Craig, a jock with lean muscles and a light sprinkling of hair along his happy trail, is totally blissed out by the deep, thorough dicking he receives.

It’s the main event, the scene for which the whole movie was named, and it lives up to all of the fantasies that many porn fans had built up in our minds when we heard that it was going to happen. This is Drew Sebastian’s first scene for Lucas Entertainment, as previously mentioned, and there’s no better way for him to kick off this new relationship with the studio than by fucking the man he has a relationship with in real life. Dolf Dietrich is every bit as hot as his muscle bear boyfriend. Watching the two hot boyfriends take turns raw-fucking each other with equal parts love and aggression is truly special!

Four scenes of condom-free versatile fucking add up to an entertaining two-plus hours of man sex that you don’t want to miss.

Stars:   Drew Sebastian   Craig Daniels   Rocco Steele   Dolf Dietrich   Logan Moore   Joey Pele   Tomas Brand   Leo Alexander
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

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