Movie Review: “Unloading the Bone Part 3” from Spunk Worthy

unloading the bone 3, spunk worthy, str8, gay, porn, blowjob, masturbation, solo, handjob, amateur, gay for pay, jayson, myles, freddySpunk Worthy has a couple of straight guys for you to ogle in Unloading the Bone Part 3, a true celebration of the art of cock milking if we’ve ever seen one.

Jayson is up first. This tattooed jock has a good looking face and pretty blue-green eyes. We find out what a horn dog he is, and how many women he has fucked in one day. He reveals that when he was 14, he and a classmate jerked off side by side in the locker room.

After the brief chat Jayson strips naked, gets hard, and starts to stroke his thick meat. He kneels on the couch so we can see his undercarriage in close-up. A moment later he’s getting a handjob and some ball tickling, which he obviously enjoys a lot because it’s not long before he cums!

Still horny and ready to show off, Jayson jerks out another load in an extra scene. He heads to the shower and the camera films him as he soaps up. Jayson chats some more. He talks about his friend who dropped him off, who’s gay and is interested in watching the scene when it drops. Jayson asks the director if he thinks he could make a career of porn, and says he thinks he would like to do straight porn full-time. Finally, after he’s all clean, Jayson takes a piss and we get to watch. We’d love to see more of this straight jock!

Straight, furry-chested Freddy is a returning performer who’s getting his first blowjob from a guy. (If you’d like to see his previous scenes, watch his debut in Taking the Plunge Part 2 then see him advance to the massage and handjob scene in What My Wife Doesn’t Know Part 1.) Spunk Worthy fan Myles got in touch with the company, offering his services as, well, a servicer. Myles had really enjoyed Freddy’s first scenes and specifically mentioned wanting to suck his dick.

The action begins after the two guys have already met. Myles knows just what to do, lifting Freddy’s shirt to suck his nipples before moving south. Once Freddy gets past his initial nerves, he can tell that Myles is going to give him one of the best blowjobs he’s ever had! It’s hard to give a better blowjob than a gay man can, because who knows how to please a dick better than a guy? Myles bends Freddy over so he can alternately rim and blow him. Then Freddy stands up and holds Myles’ head so he can skull-fuck him!

When Myles has almost brought Freddy to orgasm with his expert oral skills, he switches to a handjob and starts licking his cockhead as well. As Freddy starts to cum, Myles makes sure to catch a taste of it!

This dick-milking extravaganza from Spunk Worthy is a VOD exclusive at AEBN.

Stars:   Freddy (Spunk Worthy)   Jayson (Spunk Worthy)   Myles (Spunk Worthy)
Studio Name:   Spunk Worthy

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Movie Review: Rear Gunners 4

rear gunners 4, military, gay, porn, active duty, dink flamingo, amateur, first time gay, masturbation, blowjob, bridger, ivan jamesOh, the sights that Dink Flamingo’s notorious camera has recorded for Active Duty’s amateur military porn offerings. Rear Gunners 4 brings us more of the solos, first-time gay scenes, and returning favorites that we know and love.

Bridger gets better every time we see him. The strong, sexy, hung stud is here to pop Johnny’s cherry in a scene that’ll take your breath away. Johnny wraps his mouth around Bridger’s cock and even though he can’t deep-throat yet, he gets points for enthusiasm and a truly hot 69 session. After a nice long oral sequence, Johnny lets Bridger take it all the way. Once he sees what a champ Johnny is at taking it, Bridger speeds up and goes deeper. He thoughtfully gives Johnny a reach-around, too. Johnny needs a break, so Bridger sucks his dick until he’s ready to take this unforgettable encounter to the climax.

Now that Johnny has had a good taste of man meat, he returns with Ivan James. Ivan orally engulfs Johnny’s huge, stiff dick before lowering his slim body onto it. There are plenty of great close-ups as Ivan takes his time mounting that meat. Later, Ivan gets on all fours and Johnny pounds him from behind. After a little break for some oral and a brief rest, they’re back at it. Johnny jerks Ivan off as he fucks him in missionary position. After Ivan takes some more long, loving sucks of Johnny’s dick, the two of them masturbate side-by-side.

Brian and Johnny, both muscular recruits with stunning bodies, strip down on the couch for a jerk-off session. Only their legs touch, but you can see by the way they admire each other’s dicks that they’d be open to fucking at some point. It’s that thrill of potential that really does it for us in this masturbation scene.

Finally, Brian is here to show us his goodies as he lies back on the couch and jerks off. Slim but solid, he’s got a tattooed, bleached blond sexiness like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As the camera moves in close, he strokes his shaft with one hand and fondles his balls with the other. Brian finishes himself off and heads for the shower.

We can’t get enough of watching these young, testosterone-laden military men sneak off base so they can shoot their loads for Dink Flamingo’s camera. Rear Gunners 4 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Johnny   Bridger   Brian   Ivan James   Shawn (m)  
Studio Name:   Active Duty 

Movie Review: Cock and Awe serves hot amateur military solos and BJs

cock and awe, spunk worthy, amateur, military, bjs, muscles, masturbation, blowjobs, cumshots, gay, soldiers, marines, straightBrand new from Spunk Worthy, Cock and Awe is an amateur military porno for all you straight-guy fans out there.

Two years ago, Avery contacted Spunk Worthy about filming a scene, but a deployment delayed his debut. He was worth the wait. Avery is actually hotter and more muscular now at age 23. Avery’s open-minded wife supports his decision to show off his fat cock and low-hanging balls to the world. With two days’ worth of jizz saved up, Avery strips and plays with his mouth-watering package, building tension until cum paints his sculpted torso.

Shane took some convincing to get an erotic massage because he wanted to make sure he could get it up for his first time with another man. He had nothing to worry about: his cock hardens from just a few strokes of another man’s hand. Shane soon has to take a break because he’s about to cum too soon. The jerking resumes and then, with no warning, he shoots his load with a gasp and a look of bliss.

Southern hottie Landon is 22, fresh out of the military, and compactly built at only 5’7″ tall. A dedicated masturbator, he gets himself off a few times daily and has been known to jerk off to porn alongside another soldier. Landon appears to get a little harder when the director holds his rock-hard dick so he can measure it, and he cums so hard in the other man’s hand.

Graham is an 18-year-old ginger who’s a whopping 6’6″ with a big, uncut dick. Once he gets past the first-timer nerves, Graham gets into showing off his impressive tool and red pubes. He busts out a nice, tasty-looking load.

Five years ago, Cliff did a memorable solo scene. Now he’s back and ready for a handjob. Cliff masturbates a couple times daily, but he saved himself that day for the cameras. It really pays off, because he cums twice!

Adventurous Micah likes edging himself for days on end. He’d been holding off for three days before this shoot. By the time the director tells him he can cum, he blows a huge, thick wad of jizz onto his stomach. After the scene he heads for the shower, dick still stiff and bouncing with every step. As he cleans off, Micah regales us with saucy boot camp tales.

Chase is a blowjob-loving dude (who isn’t?) whose girlfriend isn’t great at giving head. He fondly remembers the massage scene he did for Spunk Worthy and texts them hoping for another go. When he walks in, he’s already about to pop out of his jeans. The director starts to suck and takes all eight inches into his mouth while playing with his ass. Chase face-fucks the director and, lying back, tweaks his nipples as he gets closer to cumming. He blows an enormous load that lands on his stomach, the couch, and the floor!

Cock and Awe is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD theaters.

Stars:   Avery (m)   Chase (m)   Graham   Cliff   Shane (m)   Micah   Landon
Studio Name:   Spunk Worthy 

Movie Review: Boner

max sohl's boner, gay masturbation, gay solo, rocco steele, saxon west, dallas long, erik grant, luke tyler, krave moore, david girton, big brother guy does porn, tommy deluca, tatman, lukas cipriani, exhibitionism, big dickBoner from Treasure Island Media is an all-masturbation movie packed with ten men who will all appeal to different tastes.

Saxon West has just come from the gym. In the shower, he lathers up and plays with his eight-inch cock and lickable balls. He sits down in a chair and, lubed with spit, starts building from slow strokes to a quickened pace. Saxon’s cum shot is one of the most impressive you’ll ever see.

The aptly named Dallas Long, from Latin Loads Volume 2, is here thanks to some fan mail. Dallas gives us that sexy smile and gets close to the camera lens so we get a good look at his throbbing nine and a half inches. After this intimate solo, Dallas cums with a smile.

Sculpted, tattooed Erik Grant has a rough appeal that only makes you want him more as he locks his intense gaze into the camera. Confidently, Erik shows off his nine-inch meat and strokes himself like you wish you could until he blows all over his chiseled abs.

Luke Tyler’s prepared for his audition with his thick seven-and-a-half inches already framed by a metal cock ring. Sniffing his dirty jock strap and fingering his pucker get him stiff as a rod and leaking pre-cum, which he licks. He’s more of a pig than we expected, and it’s awesome to watch!

Powerfully built black stud Kraven Moore shows up on his lunch break. If his knowing smile doesn’t grab your attention, his thick, veiny, ten-and-a-half inch monster will! Kraven strokes that enormous tool until he unleashes many jets of jizz that splash on the floor.

Surfer dude David Girton is a former Big Brother contestant who had already posted homemade porn clips online, so Treasure Island let this exhibitionist have at it with his own camera. What we see is an unedited document of the straight stud masturbating in his own bedroom. David’s long blond curls and muscles are luscious.

Tommy Deluca started doing porn a decade ago as a twink, but he’s all grown and ready to pound his famous ten-by-seven cock for our pleasure. He masturbates with both hands and gets himself even harder with some self-nipple play. His cumshot is huge. This is his first Treasure Island scene and we can’t wait to see his raw fucking follow-up.

Slim silver daddy Tatman is inked all over, loves dirty talk, and really gets off on edging. He jerks his seven inches while standing so we can see all of his tattoos. The cameraman helps egg him on until finally he jizzes everywhere.

Lukas Cipriani is a total dick pig who loves nothing more than an ass full of spunk. Fresh from getting bred in another scene, Lukas fingers his hole and jerks his eight inches for two orgasms.

Hypermasculine Rocco Steele is an incredible tattooed muscle stud whom Max had been trying to get into porn for years. Now that he’s in the biz, he’s drilling bottoms relentlessly and he’s just as intense when he’s fucking his own fist with that 10×7 dick.

Director Max Sohl knows what makes a great masturbation flick, and Boner is it.

Stars:   Rocco Steele   Luke Tyler   Tatman   Lukas Cipriani   Tommy DeLuca   Erik Grant   Kraven Moore   Dallas Long   Saxon West
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8

Knocked Out And Jerked Off 8Let’s kick off Halloween week with a trick-or-treat that’s a little dangerous. Treasure Island Media’s Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8 comes to us courtesy of the joint efforts of director Jack Miller and serial fondler Pony.

One after another, straight guys who are down on their luck meet up with the director and the stroker. Not a one of them has ever been touched in that way by a man, but the money is too good to refuse. The guys take the knockout pills and alcohol they’re offered because they’re desperate, but it sure seems like a few of them secretly find it a thrill. Pony and Jack wait for the knockout cocktails to take effect. Once the victims are out cold, Pony fondles them in their slumber and Jack films it all. It’s all dimly light close-ups with loving attention given to the unconscious guys’ cocks. They’re stroked and milked with such seedy eroticism that it aches just thinking about it now.

These five men present a wide range of masculine appeal. Personal favorites are the straight teenager who’s scared but in desperate need of cash and the delivery man who needs extra money for rent.

Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8 is streaming exclusively on our network of theaters.

Running Time:   40 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media
Series:   Knocked Out And Jerked Off
Director:   Jack Miller
Stars:   Max   Craig   Jasper (m)   Jerry (II)   Tony
Categories: Amateur   Cumshot   Masturbation   Str8 Bait   High Definition

Milk It

Milk ItTreasure Island Media knows how dirty you like your fetish porn, and thanks to director Max Sohl, they’ve given kink lovers plenty to wank to with Milk It. How long can a man hold out before he’s allowed to cum? You’ll find out as five guys are brought to the brink of orgasm and finally milked.

Colby Keller is already getting stiff as Morgan Black binds his arms to the top half of a St. Andrew’s cross, leaving his legs free. The camera lovingly spends a lot of time in close-up on Colby’s handsome cock with its ginger pubes, growing ever harder and closer to spewing in Morgan’s lubed hand. Morgan constantly looks as if he’s on the verge of popping that dick in his mouth, so both men are being denied, but Colby does finally get to cum after 20 minutes of Morgan’s slow, sensual strokes.

Tony Bishop fully restrains Steven Shields in a chair, but Steven plays with himself while Tony tightens the buckles. Once Tony has Steven’s weighty cock in hand, he thoroughly enjoys the feel of it. Tony can tell by Steven’s quivering muscles before Steven announces that he’s about to cum, and with his arm around Steven’s throat, Tony smacks Steven’s cock against his own body as the cream jets out.

Antonio Biaggi has DJ trussed to a filing cabinet, but he was kind enough to provide a cushion. Pumping DJ’s cock with hard and fast strokes of his hand, Antonio orders him not to cum without permission. Seeing DJ get more excited turns Antonio on so much that he can’t help jerking off at the same time. Fortunately, DJ has enough wrist movement to jerk Antonio off. Antonio breaks the customary handjob-only policy and sucks DJ off, but finishes him with his hand.

Muscle bear Randy Harden is tied to a bed. Jack Handler is clothed, while Randy’s presented in a leather jock that barely lets his package squeeze through. His balls are purple and engorged as Jack tenderly treats him to a handjob, even a massage and kisses on the mouth and nipples. Jack licks pre-cum from Randy’s cockhead and tests his ability to withstand orgasm by unexpectedly thrusting fingers up his bunghole. When Jack pulls Randy’s ball sac and pops his cockhead in and out of his mouth, Randy finally cums.

Sean Parker looks relaxed as Tony Bishop binds him to a leather sawhorse. But Sean’s lack of outward expression changes when he sees Tony stiffen in his pants from stroking him. As much as Sean wants to play with Tony’s tent pole, he’s bound too tightly to get at it. This makes Sean even harder. Eventually Tony uses a mechanical milking toy that’s basically a vacuum tube. Most mortals wouldn’t last long in that thing with Tony sitting on their face, but Sean withstands a long session and even maximum power, only cumming after Tony lets Sean taste his cock and then his kiss.

Handjobs have never been so achingly hot!

Running Time:   128 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media
Director:   Max Sohl
Stars:   Morgan Black   Colby Keller   DJ   Antonio Biaggi   Tony Bishop   Randy Harden   Steven Shields   Jack Handler   Sean Parker
Categories: Fetish   BDSM   Cumshot   Masturbation   High Definition

Butt Machine Boys: Patrick Rouge

Butt Machine Boys: Patrick RougeIn another stunning scene from KinkMen’s Butt Machine Boys series, we met a ready and willing recipient named Patrick Rouge. Butt Machine Boys: Patrick Rouge proves to be just as exciting as what we’ve all come to expect from the renowned fetish studio.

Having landed himself some time in the Ass Master’s dungeon, Patrick is made to spread his muscular ass cheeks and show off his hungry hole. Then Patrick sets out to prove himself for our pleasure. While jerking his stiff cock, he stretches his anus with a large black dildo to get himself ready for the Monster fucking machine. All that relentless pounding on Patrick’s prostate makes him cum prematurely.

For being a naughty bottom who didn’t ask permission to climax, Patrick must pay. The Ass Master punishes him with the Buddy Fucker. The powerful strokes of this fuck machine make Patrick scream in ecstasy and agony, leading to a second load of cum that finishes the show to the Ass Master’s, and our, satisfaction.

At just over half an hour long, this scene is a perfect hit of kinky fun that can be enjoyed again on multiple viewings.

Stars:   Patrick Rouge
Categories: Fetish   Cumshot   Masturbation   Muscles   Dildo   High Definition
Running Time:   33 minutes
Released:   10/2009
Studio Name:   KinkMen
Series:   Butt Machine Boys