Movie Review: “Elder Gardner Chapters 1-4,” Mormon Boyz

mormon boyz, elder gardner, gay, twink, porn, bishop angus, president ballard, bareback, virginElder Gardner is a handsome young Mormon missionary who lives with a forbidden lust for older men storming inside him all day, every day. He craves the attention and approval of a hot daddy, and as luck—good or bad—would have it, all of the older men in his mission fit that description perfectly. It hasn’t escaped their notice, but casting him out is the last thing on their minds. The Brethren are excited to bring out his potential, as we witness in Elder Gardner Chapters 1-4 from Mormon Boyz.

President Ballard has Elder Gardner in his office for an invasive, deeply sensual inspection. In a sexy murmur, Ballard questions the young man about all of his sexual urges while pulling Gardner’s growing cock out of his garments and stroking it slowly, firmly. The thought of sex with men has been the boy’s deepest obsession for years and he can’t hide it anymore, especially not with a sexy Daddy making it impossible for him to keep the secret—and his chastity. (more…)

Movie Review: Hot Daddies

hot daddies, icon male, iconmale, josh stone, tony salerno, max sargent, nick capra, rodney steele, nica noelle, gay, porn, feature, dilf, daddies, mature, safe sex, condomThe most wanted daddies in gay porn are here in Iconmale’s Hot Daddies. This quartet of vignettes is a prime example of writer/director Nica Noelle’s signature blend of erotica and drama.

College tutor Rodney Steele comes over to help his depressed student Josh Stone get ready for an exam. Josh was looking forward to getting back to school, but today he seems ready to drop out. He confides in Rodney that his boyfriend left him because he found their relationship too stressful. Rodney thinks he knows how to ease Josh’s heartbreak, and in spite of his pain Josh is into that sexy professor thing Rodney’s got going on. Their kissing gets hotter and more intense, leading to oral and finally to sex, with Josh riding Rodney’s big daddy cock to a sweaty, breathless, beyond satisfying conclusion.

Furry, muscular daddy Nick Capra and young, cute Tommy Regan come in from a long walk and talk out by the lake. Nick is Tommy’s sobriety mentor, and the bonding experience has brought them closer together. Drugs are a ride, Nick tells Tommy, but there are many other rides he could take instead—so Tommy chooses to ride Nick. Their hot clash of lips on lips leads to mouths on cocks. After a long taste of Tommy’s pucker, Nick pushes his hot DILF dick inside that tight hole and fucks him deep.

Rodney Steele visits his old military comrade Max Sargent after more than twenty years, because he never got the chance to thank him for saving his life. Max, who’s been out of the closet for a while, comes out to Rodney. Far from being uncomfortable, Rodney has his own surprising confession. As he presents Max with the old canteen that held the water that kept Rodney from going into shock, Rodney proclaims his love for Max. The feeling is mutual, and their reunion becomes a sexual union. It’s hot and emotional in a way that few companies besides Iconmale are doing right now. Watching these two gorgeous daddies act on long-suppressed love and passion is a change of pace from the two previous scenes, and anyone with a yearning for DILFs shouldn’t miss it.

Tony Salerno and Max Sargent are having a drink and a chat to unwind after work. Both men are willing to risk getting fired for acting on their mutual attraction. Some feelings are stronger than the possibility of losing your job, as these daddies agree. They press their hungry mouths together, followed by their muscular bodies. Clothes are tossed on the floor, cocks are sucked, holes are licked, and finally Max slides into Tony’s ready ass. It’s safe to say that if either one of these men gets the pink slip, they’ll still be fucking.

Hot Daddies is brand new from Iconmale and will give you DILF aficionados quite a lot of fantasy fuel!

Stars:   Josh Stone   Tony Salerno   Max Sargent   Nick Capra   Rodney Steele
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Iconmale

Featured Studio: Boys Halfway House

Boys Halfway House

Boys Halfway House

In Boys Halfway House you are presented with a psychological peek into a world of Domination and submission, of bondage and power play. The series starts out with a closet door opening and here we find two young men tied up and gagged on the floor. It’s time for some structured discipline and fun for the dominant top. He inspects his reluctant subject and with some hard filthy talk and strong instructions, the young man does as he is told as much as he may not want to. The men staying at the half-way house are harassed, abused, and fucked hard and raw by a steady cadre of older experienced men taking complete advantage of the younger men whether they like it or not. Often accompanied by a buddy, it is apparent that the guys are being lined up to be used as a sexy toys for these unrelenting men.

Boys Halfway House - Bareback Delinquent Torment

Boys Halfway House – Bareback Delinquent Torment

The appeal isn’t just about the age play. Throughout the scenes you find that it isn’t just the sex that gives them control , pushing these young men to make their first venture in front of the camera gives them more control than just using their bodies would. The isn’t something you usually find in most mainstream polished porn. The venerability and raw exposure of this dynamic is what makes Boys Halfway House a hit. It’s much like being a fly on the wall of a Dom/Sub based relationship and witnessing both the physical and psychological dynamic that takes place during those most intimate times between the two extremes.

Boys Halfway House - 20 Yr Old Throat Fucked

Boys Halfway House – 20 Yr Old Throat Fucked

Boys Halfway House is porn that is unique and controversial but ultimately it is a fantasy. If you get your rocks off to an older, yet elusive, dominant using  younger white trash men in a way that only few ever experienced, Boys Halfway House will be right up your alley. All bareback, mentally intense, and always hot to watch, make sure to check this studio out.

Boys Halfway House Vol. 1

Boys Halfway House Vol. 1

Boys Halfway House Vol. 2

Boys Halfway House Vol. 2

Boys Halfway House Vol. 3

Boys Halfway House Vol. 3

Boys Halfway House Vol. 4

Boys Halfway House Vol. 4

Featured Studio: Men Over 30

A New Addition And Other Stories

A New Addition And Other Stories

Men Over 30 brings together both the new, up and coming models in the industry matched with some of the more seasoned veterans. Daddy Dearest is a perfect sample of this magical combination. Drake Jaden, currently one of the industries busiest models, is pair up with a hot daddy that really gives him a run for his money. Starting out with a little sucking and one of the most amazing rim jobs I’ve seen in a ages, this daddy shows Jaden why daddies are so good at what they do. That thick dick feels so good in Jaden’s hole, he starts talking dirty and you can see from his face that all of those buttons of his are being hit just right. With his legs open while on his back, this older stud fucks the load right out of Jaden’s hard cock followed by blowing his daddy load all over Jaden’s stomach.

One of my favorite tops, Ricky Sinz, returns in Splendor In The Ass. With his tattooed, straight demeanor Sinz has always been a huge success in gay porn and this shows why he is so popular. Pinning Marxel Rios down on the floor, straddling him so that there is little question of who is in control, Sinz pulls out his perfect cock for Rios to get a good taste. Rios worships Sinz cock while Sinz keeps feeding him more, eventually demanding that Rios rims his straight hole which he gladly does. Sinz fucks Rios’s face in every way you can imagine while letting Rios appreciate all of the male testosterone Sinz brings to the table. Rios is wanting that cock in his ass bad and that’s what he gets in the end as Sinz fucks him long and hard showing him what a real man can do to an eager bottoms hole. Like icing on the cake, Sinz shoots his load on Rios’s face in a finale that can’t be missed.

Daddy’s Boner is one of the biggest hits in the Men Over 30 collection. It could be due to the smoking hot pairing up of David Chase with fan favorite bottom Jimmy Fanz. Swinging by to help with some odd jobs around the house, Chase is all but attacked by Fanz while up on a ladder. Fanz makes it very clear of his intentions and is servicing Chase’s meaty daddy dick in minutes. Chase pulls Fanz’s pants off and immediately dives head first into his ass giving him a rim job he will have dreams about. After some more oral fun, it’s time to fuck some ass. Fanz sees his opportunity and sits right on Chase’s big dick taking it to the root. Judging from Fanz hard cock and the moans that are coming out of him, he is in hog heaven as Chase jack hammers his tight hole. But sometimes daddies need to get fucked as well and Fanz steps up and takes control of the situation fucking Chase until he cums. These two are a great combo and you will love the amazing chemistry between them.

In Taking A Load Off, we have a similar dynamic as before. Hot daddy C.J. Parker arrives to deal with mechanical issues at the young Rex Wolfe’s home. Wolfe is a strapping young man with a 9 inch cock and he is horny all the time. Parker isn’t going to miss out on taking advantage of the situation as well as the beautiful man in front of him and is on his knees sucking that blonde’s cock almost immediately. Contrast is a very good thing and these two have a lot of that which makes for an even hotter scene. The lanky blonde Wolfe is not shy and he has no trouble taking control of the hairy mature Parker. Plunging his cock in Parkers mouth and rimming that daddy type is an awesome surprise and makes for some quality porn. Wolfe then proceeds to fuck Parker in every position imaginable and you can tell that this daddy is really loving his hole plundered which ends up with a hot money shot closely followed by Wolfe blowing his huge load.

Finally, in Men Over 30’s most recent release, A New Addition And Other Stories, we have even more hot sex with masculine men that will leave you weak in the knees. The first scene is a three way between bearded Marcus Isaacs, studly J.R. Bronson and the very popular and talented Billy Santoro. You can almost smell the testosterone coming off these guys as they enter the room and go straight to the bed to get their fuck on. In this free for all scene, Bronson is the center of attention and both Santoro and Isaacs take turns making out with his mouth and then his ass back and forth. Bronson is hungry for cock and takes his time sucking both cocks anytime they are within reach. But Bronson is hungry for more and gladly starts rimming Isaacs deep and hard. These men look amazing tangled up in their lustful exchange. Isaacs and Santoro switch places and within minutes Isaacs is buried balls deep in Bronson’s perfect hairy bubble butt. Santoro isn’t going to be left out of the fun and flips Bronson around and nails him to the bed with his fat cock hammering at his hole. While Isaacs takes his top position back, Santoro sneaks up behind him and starts fucking Isaacs hot ass while Isaacs is bottomed out in Bronson. There is nothing but ass and cock as we get a close look of this three way daisy chain that will have you shooting your load right there with these guys.

Men Over 30 is a guaranteed hit that you will spend hours enjoying. With the likes of super star top man Trenton Ducati making an appearance or one of gay porns favorite Johnny Hazzard, Men Over 30 is full of exciting surprises and twist that will leave even the most seasoned porn connoisseur wanting more.

Taking A Load Off

Taking A Load Off

Daddy's Boner

Daddy’s Boner

Splendor In The Ass

Splendor In The Ass

Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest

Featured Movie: Little Jock Big Cock

Little Jock Big Cock

Little Jock Big Cock



MaverickMen has done it again! Here is another example of them finding the hottest amateur model that is thrilled to play with them on camera. This time, they have out done even themselves with little Archer. It’s not only his sleepy bedroom eyes or his all American boy next door looks… This guy is hung like a man more than twice his size. And he is hot as hell sporting that big, fat chubby.

Always comfortable and casual like a fun fuck buddy would be, both Hunter and Cole are all about Archer and his sexy little ass. Hanging out in their man den, both Hunter and Cole waste no time getting friendly with little Archer. Kissing and making out with him, they get him comfortable before starting to get more personal. It doesn’t take long before Archer’s big dick is poking out of the top of his jeans and Cole starts teasing him with his mouth, savoring every big of Archer’s perfect cock. But this isn’t a one way street and Archer all but jumps on the opportunity to get Cole’s dick in his mouth while Hunter brings up the rear and starts warming up Archer’s tight ass with his mouth. These guys keep losing articles of clothing one by one until Archer’s bare ass is there for the taking while he continues to suck Cole’s dick like a pro. Cole lays Archer down on the bed and they swap blow jobs for a while before Cole wants a taste of that sweet ass too and he gets it. Finally, everyone is naked and these guys are ready to get down to business. Archer is absolutely perfect to look at and you can see the lustful desire in both Hunter and Cole’s eyes as they ravish this young man. They all swap in all positions taking turns sucking each others big, meaty cocks and eating ass like a champ. Archer may have some daddy issues because he is really into Cole’s fat dick and after sucking it every way possible, he lines his hot little hole up while straddling Cole to take that big daddy cock but needs a little more time to adjust. It’s a free for all and Cole finally reaches his limit and shoots his load all over Archers face. After working himself back up to a raging hard on, Cole is back at it again and, this time, Archer is ready. Archer takes his time and slowly sits down on Cole’s hard cock bit by bit bareback. You can tell that he is really pushing himself to his physical limit trying to accommodate Cole’s big dick. But once it’s in, he loves every second of his hole being worked over by Cole and takes the pounding like a an eager pup. Cole flips Archer over and pins him to the bed with his hard cock up his ass and fucks him hard. But Hunter will not be denied and now that Archer is loosened up a little, Hunter comes in for the kill and fucks Archer like he owns him. You can really see how intense this is for Archer and it’s sensory over load. Cole picks back up by calling the shots and lets Archer suck and rim him while Archer works his cock and blows his load in Hunters handsome face.

Being a fan of MaverickMen, like many of you are, I could watch them all day and love every second of it. But match them up with such a sexy, hot and hung young man with the willingness to give it his all makes this one a stand out feature that is sure to get you off over and over again.

Archer - Little Jock Big Cock

Archer – Little Jock Big Cock

Cole, Hunter & Archer - Little Jock Big Cock

Cole, Hunter & Archer – Little Jock Big Cock

Fuck Me, Sir

fuck me sir, interracial gay porn, chris ryder, cole maverick, hunter maverick man, bareback amateur pornSexy young black stud Chris Ryder has done several amateur videos, but he’s particularly well known to all you MaverickMan22 Productions fans out there. Having gotten off on his Lean Mean Chocolate Teen and Chocolate Cream Teen videos with the studio, viewers flooded Cole Maverick and Hunter “Maverick Man” with emails asking for the versatile top to return.

Fuck Me, Sir is this rising cock star’s very welcome third video for the studio and it’s the best one yet! Of course, Cole and Hunter love being the vanilla cookies to make a sandwich with a chocolate twink like Chris. They say he’s one of their favorite guys to fuck and it shows.

The Maverick Men easily coax this normally shy guy out of his clothes and unleash the fuck beast within. He gives them blowjobs that are so hot, you can practically feel that hot, wet mouth wrapped around your own hardening shaft. And even though he definitely knows what to do with his nine strong inches, Chris also loves the feeling of a dick up his own ass! It’s even better when he gets to ride two of them at the same time.

Chris gets Cole and Hunter to break their rule against double penetrating a guy before the end of the scene. It’s a move they normally like to save for a creamy grand finale, but in the middle of all the hot and nasty fucking, Chris wants both of his daddy bear fuck buddies to do him at the same time. Well, who are these guys to say no to a DP, no matter what time it is, when the bottom that they’re screwing together is so hot?

It’s so tight and intimate you’ll almost lose your load just at the insertion. Cole’s already buried within Chris’ ass when Hunter slips his fat dick in alongside. Somehow they all manage to keep it together and not pop right that instant! They keep the hard fucking going and totally plow Chris’ hungry ass in a powerful raw display.

Fuck Me, Sir is streaming only on AEBN.

Stars:   Chris Ryder   Cole Maverick   Hunter “Maverick Man”

Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions

Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows BestDaddy Knows Best, and he has just the right tools to teach his younger charge some important lessons in life.

Preston Steel helps young Noah Carlisle with his college fees, paying him for that sweet ass, Kyler Moss has more chores to complete before daddy Bryan Slater is truly satisfied, and delivery boy Phillip Ashton gets a deliciously rewarding tip from Adam Russo, plus the rest of his length in his hole!

But that’s just the start: physical therapist Drake Mitchell abuses his position to give Ryan Sharp the kind of deep massage the boy needs, and Mike Manchester teams up with Josh Bensan to show the twink how to ride a big daddy dick.

These boys need someone to look up to and admire, and their muscled, horny elders have the throbbing inches needed to gain some respect – and a cum-drenching climax, too!

Running Time:   107 minutes
Released:   12/2013
Studio Name:
Director:   Andy Kay
Stars:   Bryan Slater   Kyler Moss   Preston Steel   Josh Bensan   Ryan Sharp   Drake Mitchell   Mike Manchester   Noah Carlisle   Phillip Ashton   Adam Russo
Categories: New Release   Euro   Mature   International   Twink   Anal   Safe Sex   DILF   High Definition