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Movie Review: “Depths of Focus,” Hot House Video

depths of focus, hot house, gay, pornHot House Entertainment and director Nick Foxx decided to give their viewers a gift: a look behind the scenes of what transpires on photo shoots where the muscles are bulging and the clothes are snug. Depths of Focus is what happens!

Photographer Austin Wolf closes the set for a photo shoot with stunning model Alexander Volkov, who responds with a knowing smile. The shoot heats up fast. It’s not long before Austin and his production assistant Gabriel Cross are acting on the powerful lust in the room with Alexander as the filling in a fuck sandwich. He kneels and receives their loads in his cum-slut mouth!

Meanwhile, Jacob Taylor and Jordan Boss are the production assistants who are taking a break from the closed set. Inspired by what they know is really going on in there, they spend their time sucking and fucking.

While stylist Derek Bolt is fitting model Sean Zevran for a shoot, getting up close and personal with his perfect body makes both of them too horny to even think about clothes. Sean’s muscular ass gets a workout when Derek spreads his cheeks and gives him a pounding!

After their photo shoot, stunning models Micah Brandt and Johnny V have to do something about the hard-ons they have for each other. They can’t get off the set fast enough and soon their hungry cock worshiping progresses to Micah’s dick thrusting into Johnny’s hungry hole.

Everyone on these sets is such a gorgeous dick pig it’s a wonder any work even gets done. Depths of Focus is an AEBN exclusive.

Stars:   Austin Wolf   Gabriel Cross   Alexander Volkov   Micah Brandt   Sean Zevran   Johnny V.   Jordan (Sean Cody)   Jacob Taylor   Derek Bolt
Studio Name:   Hot House Entertainment  Falcon Studios Group

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Deep Inside 2

Deep Inside 2For Deep Inside 2, Falcon Studios hand-picked and flew in the hottest studs in the world. It’s the second half of an ambitious production (see part one here) that the studio filmed in scenic northern California. These gorgeous men are just as picturesque as their surroundings in a movie that finds them sticking their tongues, fingers, and cocks deep inside each other’s juicy assholes.

Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian and Kyle King are eager to tear into each other on the deck, just yards away from the vineyards. Their passionate kissing gives way to Kyle lavishing oral attention upon the extraordinarily well-hung, gorgeous Brit. Once Paddy’s cock is all lubed up with Kyle’s spit, Kyle bends over and takes that beautiful cock deep inside his furry asshole. Paddy subjects him to a pounding in high gear that makes the bottom grimace in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Kyle takes it like the pig he is and is rewarded with a huge facial that Paddy rubs into his beard. Paddy’s powerful fuck and enormous load spur Kyle into shooting his own jet of spunk.

Dean Monroe pretends to read, but oops, is that his cock peeking out from his open bathrobe? Jed Athens takes the hint and makes Dean put the book down with his own hard-on. By nibbling Dean’s foreskin and applying hot suction techniques, Jed makes Dean swoon before returning the favor with some deep throating. Sweaty and cock-crazed, they take turns spreading wide and impaling each other’s eager holes. It’s almost unbelievable how far up Dean’s ass Jed goes. As they suck face, they shoot great big loads.

Falcon Exclusive Micah Brandt meditates next to a Buddha statue before green-eyed Tate Ryder strolls in and seduces him into a lustful trance. Micah’s mind is no longer clear – it’s full of just one thought, and that is getting Tate’s thick rod down his throat and up his ass. Soon his thoughts become reality. With the tireless thrusts of a machine and the scorching heat of a raging inferno, Tate power-fucks Micah’s orifices in a way that leaves both of them, and probably you, totally spent of spooge.

Muscular Next Door Studios stud Tyler Torro has a supersized cock that the sleek and boyishly handsome Bobby Clark is lucky enough to enjoy in the final scene. The two of them fondle each other’s smooth muscles, including the ones between their legs. Bobby savors the taste of Tyler’s meat until Tyler pulls him off so that he can fuck Bobby’s other hole. With unsurpassed power, Tyler plunders that sweet young ass. Bobby proves more than capable and even grinds himself down on Tyler’s tool with all his might. He milks the man-juice right out of Tyler’s cock with the expert grip of his asshole!

Eight hung and hungry men, the expert eye of director Steve Cruz, and non-stop man sex make Deep Inside 2 a must-see movie.

Stars:   Tyler Torro   Dean Monroe   Bobby Clark   Kyle King   Paddy O’Brian   Micah Brandt   Tate Ryder   Jed Athens
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   109 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Series:   Deep Inside -Conwest
Director:   Steve Cruz

Movie Review: Couples

CouplesThese sexy Couples keep the flame burning with hot, spontaneous sex at home. Luckily, we have a front-row seat to their passionate lovemaking!

Falcon Studios Man of the Year Landon Conrad awakes to his partner, dark stud Trey Turner, licking his nipple. After exchanging blowjobs with a little 69, Landon buries his face in Trey’s firm bubble butt and flickers his tongue around that hole. Trey’s tight asshole totally engulfs Landon’s cock, and the way he moans in pleasure as he rides it might just push you over the edge. With his legs wide open to receive Landon’s ramming thrusts, Trey finally spurts all over himself. Landon soon adds to the creamy mess.

When his boyfriend Angelo Marconi walks in and starts kissing him, Topher DiMaggio forgets about finishing the dishes. Cock-loving Angelo kneels and starts deep-throating Topher’s impressive dick. Topher knows that Angelo can’t resist his rimming skills, and whenever Topher pauses for breath, Angelo fingers himself to prepare for Topher’s cock. Up on the kitchen counter, Angelo positions himself in standing sidesaddle and missionary for the best angles to receive the maximum effect of Topher’s fuck. Topher delivers it deep and hard till Angelo blows a thick load onto his abs, which inspires Topher to spray cum all over the counter.

Bryce Star is showering before a night out with his boyfriend, Boston Miles. The water glints in the light, showing every muscle to great effect. Boston can’t resist joining Bryce in the shower. Bryce gets on his knees to polish Boston’s beautiful knob and it makes him rock hard. You will love the sight of his veiny monster cock pulsing with need! Boston sees Bryce’s erection and leaps at the chance to suck it, then licks Bryce’s hole. Seeing the way that orifice twitches, Boston penetrates Bryce at last and gives him a pounding. Bryce takes a more active ride in reverse cowboy, giving us a fantastic view of his bouncing cock. Boston finishes Bryce off in missionary, cumming on his boyfriend only after Bryce has cum first.

Hot black stud Micah Brandt interrupts his gorgeous boyfriend Dylan McLovin’s reading by kissing all the way up his body. Putting the book aside, Dylan enjoys the feel of Micah’s full lips on his, and wrapped around his shaft. Micah’s mouth and throat are well used before it’s his turn to be sucked. Dylan savors Micah’s cock and asshole. Micah feels inspired to lick Dylan’s ass, giving us a hot rimjob 69 sequence. On the couch, a very ready Micah lies back and takes an ass-stretching drilling from Dylan. Fucked into a trancelike state, Micah moans and yells for Dylan to give it to him even harder. Finally at his exploding point, Micah bellows in ecstasy and blows a huge load on himself. Soon Dylan pulls out to further coat his boyfriend in spunk.

Every couple in the movie shows a real connection and attraction. When these boyfriends give in to desire, they fuck as hard as horny strangers hooking up for the first time.

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Stars:   Micah Brandt   Bryce Star   Boston Miles   Dylan McLovin   Angelo Marconi   Trey Turner   Landon Conrad   Topher DiMaggio
Categories: New Release   Interracial   Muscles   Anal   Boyfriends   Safe Sex
Running Time:   97 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Tony DiMarco