Michael Del Ray

Movie Review: Young Again

In one of its most inventive fantasies yet, Disruptive Films delivers wish fulfillment and voyeurism in “Young Again,” our featured movie this week.

A lonely older man named Mitch (LGBTQ legend Chi Chi LaRue) lives for the few minutes of each day when he can stare through the peephole as his gorgeous neighbor Jordan (Latinx hunk Ricky Larkin) comes and goes, always on schedule. Mitch doesn’t notice that Jordan is creeped out by hearing him at the door. One day, when Mitch works up the courage to step outside and say hello, it doesn’t go the way he wants. Mitch retreats to his room in shame and despair, but then his foot brushes against a package from his sister that he forgot to open. He reads the letter, which is about manifesting what he wants in life using the crystals that she’s sent. Mitch thinks crystals are silly, but he takes two handfuls, expresses his wish to be young again, and lies back to sleep with his arms crossed over his chest.

When Mitch wakes up the next day and sees his hot younger self (Michael Del Ray) in the mirror, he’s ecstatic. The crystals worked! (more…)

Movie Review: Step Bro Steps In

Watch Step Bro Steps In on AEBN“Step Bro Steps In” (Next Door Taboo) is a pure fire new release that will tantalize and satisfy all of you who harbor fantasies of brother-on-brother bareback.

While hot young jock Dante Foxx is in the shower after soccer practice, his handsome blond stepbrother Greyson Lane creeps into the bedroom, picks up Dante’s used jockstrap, and has a good, long sniff. When Dante gets out of the shower, Greyson is still huffing the jock. Dante finds this behavior weird but strangely arousing, so he decides to give his brother a taste of what he could only smell. Greyson takes to the cock sucking like he was born for it, making Dante rock-hard and getting both of them ready for an intense fuck. Dante slides his raging boner into Greyson’s ready hole and barebacks him every way he pleases.

Foxy Donte Thick peeks in on his gorgeous stepbrother, Dante Colle, who’s jerking off in his bedroom to something on his phone (can you blame Donte? We’d have a hard time not spying if we lived under the same roof as this stud). (more…)

Movie Review: The Last Course

Watch The Last Course on AEBNDisruptive Films is a brand-new studio that specializes in cinematic gay porn movies by award-winning directors starring the sexiest, most talented performers. Director Bree Mills, with an artist’s eye and a writer’s mind, is here to serve up some delectable delights with the studio’s debut release, “The Last Course.”

Whatever would you do at a dinner party where you’ve got all your sexual partners, past and present, in one room? How big would the table be, and would everyone be able to sit next to each other without someone throwing a drink in another man’s face? This movie tells just such a story, but with a truly suspenseful twist.

The reclusive and mysterious James Montgomery (played by the charismatic Johnny Ford in the present day and in flashback by Johnny Hunter) gathers six men, each of whom he once called lover. Not one of them has a clue who has invited them to this mansion for an overnight stay. (more…)

Movie Review: Can’t Keep a Secret

Watch Can't Keep a Secret on AEBNNext Door Studios is great at serving up hot tales of secret attraction that can’t be contained. This week’s featured release, “Can’t Keep a Secret,” contains four satisfying scenes starring some of today’s total smokeshow performers.

Seth Knight’s best friend, Michael Delray, comes over to hang out only to find Seth stuck at home, in a bad mood. Michael wants to boost his buddy’s morale, so he distracts him with a hot flip-fuck. Who wouldn’t feel better with Michael’s XL dick filling up their mouth and then their hole? To make matters even better, Seth gets his chance to vent his frustrations by pounding Michael into the mattress. These two friends look great together, Seth with his tattoos and Michael with his lean physique and pouty mouth.

David Rose pays a surprise visit to his stepbrother, Markie More. The two haven’t seen each other in a while, and this reunion turns out to be an exciting surprise for Markie. (more…)

Michael DelRay makes dreams reality

See Michael DelRay in action on AEBN!When Michael DelRay made his debut porn performance in “Hotel Hook-Up Scene 3: Young Love” from NakedSword Originals (2014), he immediately captured our attention. Michael and Fx Rijos play a couple who celebrate their anniversary with raunchy sex in a hotel room, where they can turn fucking into a wild party and not have to tidy up afterward. After we saw the way Michael could take an XL dick—and feasted our eyes on his own nine-incher—we couldn’t wait to see this sleepy-eyed, six-foot stud in action again.

With performances like “Ass Blasters” from Lucas Entertainment (co-starring Ashton Summers), Michael’s career warmed up in 2015. But in 2016, it truly exploded. He filmed his first movie for Iconmale, “In the Closet,” with Roman Todd.

As his career has progressed, Michael has blossomed into one of the most versatile and sexually fluid performers around, which reflects his pansexuality in his personal life. You can find him enjoying a scorching threesome with tall, busty redhead Lauren Phillips and beefy, tattooed Johnny Hill in “Bisexual” from Evil Angel/Aiden Starr, one of Michael’s most popular movies at the moment. “Why Not Bi,” from the studio of the same name, has been wildly popular in the bisexual genre ever since its release last summer. (more…)

Movie Review: Raw Bromance

Next Door Raw’s new release, “Raw Bromance” is all about young studs discovering their mutual attraction and giving in to it, ignoring the boundaries that normally separate employers and employees, teachers and students, and others with defined relationships.

Elye Black is doing some guided meditation with Alex Tanner. Starting with some breathing exercises, Elye begins to relax. Alex “unites their energy” with sensual touches that Elye has to get used to, but soon it’s an intimate, hands-on session where nothing is off limits. Elye enjoys Alex’s hands and mouth on his ever-stiffening cock, and things get downright tantric when Alex slowly mounts him and rides with ever deeper and faster bounces. The men breathe together, forming a sexual union that makes transcendental meditation pale in comparison.

College student Scott Finn has been secretly dating his hot young professor, Michael Del Ray. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Scott excitedly brings a bouquet to his forbidden boyfriend’s office. (more…)

Movie Review: Let Me Fuck You

Next Door Buddies, Michael Del Ray, Markie More, Ricky Ridges, Jackson Reed, Tom Bentley, Mark Long, Quentin Gainz, Spencer LavalRocco Fallon and Cameron Dalile direct a hot cast of muscular young studs in “Let Me Fuck You” by Next Door Buddies.

Markie More is dating Michael Del Ray’s best friend. One day, Michael tells Markie that he’s got permission from said best friend to fuck Markie if they ever decide they want it. Well, Markie has definitely thought about it, but he doesn’t believe his boyfriend ever said that, so Michael makes a phone call so Markie can hear it firsthand. Markie’s boyfriend confirms Michael’s story, and the two guys waste no time jumping on their chance. Michael whips out his cock and assumes the dominant role, telling Markie to suck it. Markie pushes past the point where the massive member threatens to gag him, making Michael stiffen and grow even bigger in his mouth. Michael bends Markie over and buries his face in between those ass cheeks. Once he’s gotten the hole all wet with his tongue, Michael penetrates Markie and gives him a deep, powerful fuck in several positions. It looks like Markie gets a real shock from the size and girth! (more…)