Movie Review: Titan Media, “Cauke for President”

cauke for president, titanmen, titan media, senator cauke, porn, satire, parody, gay, matthew bosch, nick prescott, david benjamin, luke adams, adam ramzi, tex davidson, dallas steeleBack in February of this year, Titan Media released the satirical Cauke for President. If you’re looking for some much-needed erotic relief from this oppressive election, we recommend it wholeheartedly.

A young, handsome, telegenic presidential candidate, Senator Cauke is also homophobic and wants to restrict LGBTQ rights. The senator, played by the sexy Matthew Bosch in his gay porn debut, is leading a secret life—just like so many real-life politicians we could name!

Feeling horny, Senator Cauke goes online looking for nearby hookups and finds the hot and hung Nick Prescott. He jogs over to Nick’s house to avoid being conspicuous. As Nick is pounding Cauke in the ass doggy style, he realizes why this guy’s face is so familiar. Cauke doesn’t see Nick reach down for the remote control and turn on his camera. After the pump and dump, Cauke jogs back home and Nick watches the hidden camera footage, overjoyed at the chance to take down this hypocrite.

Campaign manager David Benjamin drops cute young campaign volunteer Luke Adams off in an upscale neighborhood, telling him to knock on doors and do anything it takes to convince people to vote for Cauke. The first potential voter Luke meets is dark-haired, bearded hottie Adam Ramzi, who wants to know what’s in it for him. Luke is so determined to win that vote that he sucks Adam’s cock and rides him till he blows a load on his abs, shortly followed by Adam cumming on his face. Unfortunately it was all for nothing but the pleasure, because Adam is Canadian and can’t even vote.

Nick has sent the video to a journalist, Tex Davidson, who arranges a meeting with the campaign manager. Tex plays with his engorged dick under the desk as he watches the footage again while waiting for David. Soon he’s beating his meat full on, but has to pause the video when David knocks on the door. David’s already impatient and irritable, which turns to anger when Tex mentions he’s been hearing things about Cauke. He threatens to leave unless Tex has something more than rumors, so Tex spins the laptop around and presses play. David is willing to do anything to stop this video from getting out, so Tex presses his advantage. He makes David get on his knees and beg—and while he’s down there, Tex wants him to suck his cock too. Tex skull-fucks the ruthless campaign manager and totally owns his ass. After cumming on David’s face, Tex agrees to delete the video right away, but then “accidentally” sends it out instead.

At home, Cauke is masturbating to gay porn, unaware that some blogs have already picked up the footage of Nick fucking him in the ass. Cauke’s lover/chief of staff, Dallas Steele, walks in and tells him he should be working on debate prep instead, but Cauke is tired of the lies that he has to tell in order to win. Dallas decides that what Cauke really needs to feel better right now is a fuck, not a wank, so he bangs the hell out of him in all sorts of positions until they fall asleep together.

A text message sent to both of their phones wakes them up, telling them that the sex tape is all over the news. “Looks like you don’t have to lie anymore,” Dallas wryly observes. As it turns out, this could be the best thing that ever happened for Cauke, even if it means the end of his political career. The truth shall set you free, as the saying goes.

Directed by Jasun Mark, Cauke For President is an AEBN exclusive. The men are seriously hot and so is the action. It’s just the catharsis that so many of us need right now.

Stars:   Matthew Bosch   Adam Ramzi   Luke Adams   David Benjamin   Nick Prescott   Dallas Steele   Tex Davidson
Studio Name:   Titan Media

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Movie Review:’s “Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody”

star wars xxx, a gay xxx parody, gay star wars parody,, paddy o'brian, jessy ares, luke adams, dennis west, sean cody, hector de silva, stormtrooper sex, darth vader sex, han solo sex, luke skywalker sex, obi wan sexThe much-awaited, much-discussed erotic adaptation of a massive cultural icon is finally here: Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody from Men. Get ready for some fun light saber battles!

The Republic is at war. Imperial cruisers are invading and enslaving parts of the “gaylaxy” under Vader’s command. While wandering the desert after his home is destroyed, Luke Skywalker (gorgeous Luke Adams) meets Obi-Wan, a wise Jedi (sexy daddy bear Jessy Ares). Obi-Wan tells Luke things he never could have known about his father, whom he never knew, and gives him the light saber that is his birthright. Luke wants Obi-Wan to show him the way. Obi-Wan obliges, penetrating both of the young padawan’s holes in a rowdy fuck that whets Luke’s appetite for further instruction in the ways of the Force.

The Jedi need a pilot and a ship to continue fighting the Empire, but Han Solo (Dennis West) never gives anything away for free. As a payment for his services and vehicle, Han will accept the chance to plow young Luke Skywalker’s hungry ass. Luke, now in full pig bottom mode after experiencing Obi-Wan’s big dick, is eager to be bartered. After Han fucks him in three or four positions, all of them deep, Luke jerks his jizz out onto the floor in reverse cowboy. Spurred on by Luke’s orgasm, Han shoots his load onto the floor as well.

The band of rebels finds their way onto an Imperial cruiser, where they split up. Two Stormtroopers capture Han as he’s trying to hijack a control panel. They take him to an interrogation chamber and stand guard over him until Darth Vader sweeps in to have his way with the scruffy rebel. Han insists that he has nothing to do with the rebels who are loose on the ship, and that he’s only here because he wanted to fuck Luke. He promises to take Vader right to Luke and Obi-Wan. Vader agrees, but first he wants to “interrogate” Han and show him the power of the dark side, which he wields within his own personal “light saber.” Cosplay fans and anyone with a fetish for the Sith Lord will love watching Han test his gag reflex on Vader’s dick. Even better: he strips naked and Vader slaps his hard-on against Han’s pale, muscular ass, fingers his hole, and pounds away at him in doggy style. Later Han sits on Vader’s lap for some reverse cowboy action as the Stormtroopers stroke their own bulging erections. Han finishes Vader off orally and gets a Sith spunk load on his chest.

Obi-Wan and Luke split up while trying to find Han. Luke thinks he’s tracked down where Han is being held, but the two horny Stormtroopers (Paddy O’Brian and Hector De Silva) guarding the room are still feeling horny and Luke is still in dick pig mode, so he’s happy with one piece of meat in his mouth and the other in his ass! Once he’s past the first two guards, he finds a whole room full of Stormtroopers having their merry way with each other. Luke excitedly becomes the centerpiece of a Stormtrooper gangbang, and it leaves us with the impression that this version of the Empire is really just a bunch of horn dogs looking to tap some Jedi ass.

Whether you side with the Jedi or the Sith, everyone can get down with some intergaylactic man sex!

Stars:   Paddy O’Brian   Jessy Ares   Luke Adams   Dennis (Sean Cody)   Hector De Silva
Studio Name:   Men

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Twink Scouts XXX: A Porn Parody

Twink Scouts XXX A Porn ParodyHere’s a movie that has a lot of fun playing around with the idea of gay scouts. For those who want to drool over barely-18 twink hotties, Twink Scouts XXX A Porn Parody is going to cause quite a stir in the pants.

Speaking of pants, these boys fill out their scout uniforms really nicely but they don’t stay in them for very long. Watch them strip out of their khaki clothes, affording you an arousing view of their firm, naked bodies. They feel so free, being buck naked in the woods. Without their scout leader anywhere nearby, they take advantage of the chance to explore each other, skin on skin the natural way. In other words, this is all raw fucking action.

Some of the twinks fuck in a car, others in a tent, some in a cabin, and the rest of them out in the great outdoors. Don’t miss the last scene, which is a hot threeway with a slight twist of kink.

How fantastic it would be to go hiking and stumble across such an encampment… better bring your binoculars next time you feel like going for a walk in the forest.

Andy Kay directs and co-stars in this eye candy buffet from Boy Crush/

Running Time:   90 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Boy Crush
Director:   Andy Kay
Stars:   Billy London   Andy Kay   Ryker Madison   Tanner Sharp
Categories: Fetish   New Release   Uniform   Twink   Bareback   Outdoors   Anal   Parody   High Definition

Twink Porn Movie Review: Raw 2

Raw 2It may not have as many sequels as the horror movie it’s spoofing, but there was obviously plenty of interest in Boy Crush’s first attempt at a Raw that it deserved a revisit.

The first fetish-filled feature saw twinks caught in sexually-geared traps somewhat like the premise of the film, Saw. The added extra to all this was that the ensuing action was, of course, bareback — hence the name.

Miles Pride reprises his role from the first film in Raw 2 and it seems he’s about to be subjected to the same sort of horrible (or incredibly kinky however you like to take it) kind of entrapment as his first scream queen starring role.

The idea is that a mysterious, fetish-driven masked man communicates through a video screen and makes the boys play his filthy game. They have to fulfill all of his — and most likely some of your — dark sexual desires if they want their freedom.

BoyCrush — which is known for its more vanilla twink fair — is definitely back in the dirty with Raw 2. Kyler Moss in particular shows that he’d be right at home in any kind of extreme kink feature.

From bondage to cock and balls torture, it’s everything you’ve wanted to see a twink endure but have been too afraid to ask. The threeway in scene three with its hot spanking action is particularly too good to miss.

Movie Review: Fucking Harry Palmer An XXX Parody

Fucking Harry Palmer An XXX ParodyWands out, boys, ’cause here comes some twink bareback porn that’s sure to put a spell on you. Be enchanted when those magical high school fantasies finally come true on your screen.

We are of course talking about Fucking Harry Palmer: An XXX Parody. Here’s the story of a boy with a familiar name and a flair for magic. This boy wizard is pretty good with love potions by the looks of it, too — check out the guys he gets into bed.

Actually, this spoof of the famous J.K. Rowling property sees Harry’s arch-nemesis curse him over his summer break from school and it’s up to Harry to do whatever it takes and fuck whoever he has to fuck to reverse it.

The opening scene with Harry and Draco doppelgangers rimming, sucking, and fucking is sure to get fans of the movies going wild — who didn’t want to see Draco shove his wand into that self-righteous hero?!

Twink studio Boy Crush were keeping their content straightforward for a while there with non-storyline gay porn. Then came the likes of Gay Sex And The City, Bare Twink Intentions, and a personal favorite, Twink Blood. They were possibly the first studio to make a decent go of the twink vampire adult movie with their new pastiche of HBO property True Blood. They have obviously now established themselves as quite the connoisseurs of twink porn parody.

The budget’s not big enough to provide a castle backdrop — hence the summer holiday setting — but there’s enough here to evoke the characters they’re parodying and the raw nature of the action makes things a hell of a lot kinkier than your average porn spoof.

DominicFord’s ‘Whorrey Potter’ Resurges with Release of ‘Harry Potter’

NEW YORK—With the new Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Part 2 breaking box office records around the world, it seems to have invigorated interest in DominicFord’s 2009 award-winning hit title, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls.

Last month, Cameron Adams (Himmione Granghim) tweeted to Dominic Ford a photo of himself with Emma Watson. Ford put the photo on The photo, and its description describing Watson’s reaction to the encounter was picked up by the mainstream press after the final Harry Potter movie was released.

In the last few days mainstream blogs and adult industry blogs alike have posted the picture including PerezHilton.comGawker, The Sword and many more…

Fans can watch the movie right now on the AEBN theater network.

DominicFord also is currently in development of the follow-up to the groundbreaking Whorrey Potter, which was the first 3D green screen gay adult release ever. The follow-up will be released sometime in the first half of 2012, so look out for another original 3D release from DominicFord.

Gay Porn Classics: Cops Gone Bad

Cops Gone BadFor porn fans who daydream about hot police officers, Raging Stallion made this great flick called “Cops Gone Bad” back in 2002. Director Chris Ward understood that sometimes even a good cop has a bad day and takes it out on some lawbreaker, even if it was something as innocent as unintentionally jogging onto private property. Sometimes it’s a mouthy jailbird who sets him off. Other times, a security guard might enjoy a few perks of his low-authority job when he catches one guy blowing another on the premises he was hired to patrol.

Good-looking, dark-haired stud Michael Soldier (at left on the box cover) is innocently jogging when predatory cop Chris Steele (at right) runs him off the road with his SUV. Chris, or should we say Officer Steele tells Michael he’s trespassing, takes him to a “private jail” in a secluded wooded area, and strip-searches him. Along with the cop, we savor the image of the jogger’s long, naked frame, cut lean and firm thanks to all that running. Michael’s outrage turns to cooperation and, judging by the size of his erection, excitement. Officer Steele (who really fits the cop image) makes Michael suck his cock and lick his boots, asserting his dominance. Before he owns Michael’s ass, Officer Steele licks the jogger’s asshole and pre-stretches it with his hands. Meanwhile, Michael excitedly rubs his hard cock against the headlight of the SUV. By now he’s fully agreeable to getting fucked. “I want you to want it up there,” says a pleased Officer Steele. Their fucking is powerful and it’s hard not to cum within minutes of witnessing their impassioned moans and grunts. Both guys get into their roles and they look their best – whether you like them lean like Michael or totally built like Chris, this pairing is a visual feast. After their explosive fuck, Officer Steele takes Michael up a hill, handcuffs him to a post, and leaves him there for the night with his underwear around his knees. There are plenty of good reasons this scene won a 2002 GayVN Award for Best Sex Scene – it’s an absolute must-see.

Bleached-blond criminal Sky Donovan is handcuffed to a chair at the beginning of scene two and he’s spoiling for a fight by the time cop Michael Brandon finally arrives. The interrogation turns XXX-rated when Officer Brandon gets tired of Sky’s trash talking. Now that his bluff has been called, Sky starts to sound a little worried. Officer Brandon knows a trick with his billy club that gets Sky’s asshole stretched enough to fuck, which is just what happens next! It’s so good that Officer Brandon lets Sky out, after which he promptly gets in trouble again.

Sky and his friend Sire go to an empty warehouse where security guard Vince Varrone busts them with Sky on his knees and Sire’s big black cock in his mouth. In stereotypical rent-a-cop fashion, Vince’s bark is worse than his bite. He threatens to take their asses downtown, but instead he locks them in a “cell,” where the horny scofflaws decide to pick things up where they left off. Vince spies on them and approaches their cell so they can trade blowjobs between the bars. At one point Sky and Sire slip the keys off Vince’s belt and, while he’s preoccupied, unlock the door and yank him into the cell with them so they can get a little closer. Sire and Vince finish themselves off by cumming on Vince’s security guard ball cap while Sky watches and lazily masturbates. Sky cums and then asks if they can go, but we never get Vince’s answer. After all, maybe he’d like to recover for round two?