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Movie Review: “Lucas Men 2.0,” Lucas Entertainment

lucas men 2.0, lucas entertainment, gay, bareback, porn, antonio miracle, sergyo caruso, damon heart, vlad larin, alex kof, derek allan, javi velaro, rafael carreras, viktor romLucas Entertainment introduces us to a new crew of exclusive models and pairs them with established stars in Lucas Men 2.0. As you’ll see, the men of Lucas continue to be some of the most gorgeous and horny on the planet.

Alex Kof is beautiful and well hung, as so many of his fellow Russians in the industry tend to be. His dick is thick and long, just totally mouth watering. It deserves to have a dildo or even a sculpture molded from it. Alex has immediate, explosive chemistry with Derek Allan, a hot Mexican stud who’s no slouch when it comes to dick size himself. When they strip naked, Alex is eager to take a ride on Derek’s dick. Later, though, we get to see just what kind of ass reaming Alex can deliver with that outstanding cock of his! Watching the way they go eat each other, sucking hungrily and then taking turns topping and bottoming, you’ll believe you’re watching two sex-crazed guys hook up for real, and the camera just happens to be filming it. Don’t miss the sloppy ass-to-mouth, cum-swapping kiss at the end!

Newcomer Vlad Larin is a blond Russian twink who is going to fit right in at Lucas Entertainment, as his debut scene with the mountainous Viktor Rom shows. Viktor is infamously dominant and the contrast of his muscular frame with Vlad’s limber, lean body is visually striking. Vlad likes a man who’s bigger and dominant, which makes this a perfect pairing. Viktor is exactly Vlad’s type: he likes to bend a twink to his will and dominate every hole. Vlad’s asshole needs some stretching first, so Viktor prepares him for fucking with a big black butt plug while skull-fucking him vigorously. Once Viktor is ready to fuck that twink ass, the butt plug comes out and Vlad bounces his butt on top of his new daddy’s big, hard cock!

Damon Heart and newcomer Javi Velaro are both eager, talented bottoms, and they prove it when they take on the legendary Rafael Carreras in a full-throttle threeway. The first bottom to offer up his hole is Damon. One highlight of this stunning scene is the sight of Damon, lost in a dick-drunken haze, fucking back against Rafael at the same time he’s plunging into Javi in a sandwich position. Later, it’s Javi’s turn to take on both Rafael and Damon at the same time, and nothing can beat watching Javi’s hole getting stretched with double anal! With exquisite close-ups on Damon’s and Javi’s holes getting stuffed, the moans and grunts of man sex, and the slippery sweat of their bodies, the scene will almost make you feel like you’re there.

Sergyo Caruso decides to scrap his original goal for the day, which was simply to lay out in the sun and read, when he sees the gorgeous Antonio Miracle. Like Viktor Rom, Antonio is huge and has that Latino sex appeal. Sergyo soon finds out that Antonio has a delicious uncut cock and knows how to use it. Even better, Antonio is also versatile. As much as he loves getting fucked, though, Antonio is the one doing most of the pounding in this situation and that definitely suits the piggy Sergyo, who gets on all fours to allow for deeper penetration.

Lucas Men 2.0 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Antonio Miracle   Sergyo Caruso   Damon Heart   Vlad Larin   Alex Kof   Derek Allan   Javi Velaro   Rafael Carreras   Viktor Rom
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

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AEBN Releases Top 25 Gay Stars Of 2014

AEBN is pleased to announce the top gay stars of 2014. Fans have chosen who they believe to be the hottest and best performing men in gay adult entertainment.

So, what makes an adult performer a real star? AEBN compiles credible evidence every day and has distilled a year’s worth of consumer data to answer this question. The essence of the data is simply based on the dollars spent by AEBN’s discerning adult customers. AEBN believes that sales credibility trumps any data based upon casual viewing via free tube sites or “performer of the minute” searches. As one of the world leaders in on-demand adult video, AEBN believes it is uniquely qualified to determine which performers have achieved true star status.

Without further delay, we bring you AEBN’s Top Gay Performers of 2014!


#1: Armond Rizzo
Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez Movies: 28 Scenes: 31
Compact sized muscle bottom Armond Rizzo (AKA Joey Rodriguez) loves to take massive cocks. It’s no surprise he was 2014’s best star with titles from Raw Strokes, Raging Stallion, and Iconmale, amongst others. This past year viewers saw Amond getting pounded by some of the biggest cocks in the industry in titles like Bareback Anarchy, Bottom Feeders, and Forbidden Encounters. This Chicago native moved to San Diego to make it big, and take it big. You can watch him get his ass stretched on the AEBN VOD theater here.

Put A Cock In It starring Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez

Put A Cock In It

Bareback Me, Please 4 Starring Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez

Bareback Me, Please 4

Bareback Hustle Starring Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez

Bareback Hustle

Warehouse Fists starring Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez

Warehouse Fists



Cock Riders

Cock RidersThe men of Lucas Entertainment’s Cock Riders are constantly hungry for dick. You would be too, if you were surrounded by such talent!

Aaron Blake leaves a porn shop and meets Cuban stud Rafael Carreras. At Rafael’s place, they can’t keep their mouths apart while stripping. Aaron fondles Rafael’s cock as it stiffens in his tighty-whities. Soon Aaron kneels to taste that uncut dick while Rafael fondles his great body. With Aaron laid out for him, Rafael returns the oral favors and eats Aaron’s hole. Aaron throws his legs in the air to take all ten inches of Rafael, who takes his time and builds a rhythm. Pulling Aaron into his arms, Rafael lets gravity help to impale Aaron in a standing fuck. The duo climaxes in doggy style.

After a party, Johnny Venture and Damien Crosse can hardly wait to fuck. Damien enjoys Johnny’s hot blowjob and then gives as good as he gets, which is saying a lot, given that Johnny’s thickness can be fairly compared to a soda can! After their increasingly hungry blowjobs, these guys can’t delay another minute. Johnny makes Damien take his thick dick in hard and deep thrusts. You can almost hear Damien thinking of retribution when he retaliates with an equally vigorous fuck. In the end, their anal roughhousing is good, dirty fun between two gorgeous men who are the definition of “Cock Riders.”

Canadian bottom Brandon Jones unwraps some delicious eye candy when he strips muscular, hung Brazilian Rafael Alencar. After they make out, Rafael blows Brandon and teases his twitching hole. In sixty-nine, Rafael keeps eating Brandon’s ass while Brandon sucks as much of Rafael’s cock as he can fit in his mouth. Soon Brandon’s ass has the pleasure of experiencing those nine thick inches. On hands and knees, Brandon buries his face in the bed and moans as he takes Rafael’s monster in his ass. Rafael only goes easy on Brandon for so long. As they move through positions, the Brazilian tops his Canadian bottom harder till they blow.

Black stud Colin Black is excited to get fucked by Latino Jimmy Durano. They heat things up, feeling each other’s bodies and kissing passionately before Colin gets into Jimmy’s pants. He takes out that fat, uncut cock and wraps his lips around it. Now shirtless, Jimmy flexes his sculpted torso. Colin enthusiastically works his tongue into Jimmy’s hairy hole, getting him even hotter. Jimmy really knows how to fuck and puts Colin through some vigorous screwing.

Lucas Entertainment exclusive Mathew Mason’s Australian accent turns sexy Adam Killian on. Adam pushes Mathew’s pants down and gets his mouth around that delicious-looking dick, giving great eye contact. When Mathew lies back with his legs spread, Adam takes the hint. First he lavishes the Aussie’s ass with plenty of tongue. All this oral has gotten Adam almost painfully erect, so Mathew is eager to sixty-nine. After a while, Adam slides his thick dick into Mathew’s hole. Mathew doesn’t take Adam’s girth easily, but once he does there’s no holding back. Both guys work up a sweat, Mathew yells for more, and Adam happily obliges. Then they flip-flop and Mathew pounds that prizewinning bubble till they both cum.

You’ll find these well-hung power tops always know the right spot and just how to hit it.

Cock Riders
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Stars:   Damien Crosse   Johnny Venture   Rafael Alencar   Rafael Carreras   Adam Killian   Jimmy Durano   Colin Black   Brandon Jones   Mathew Mason   Aaron Blake
Categories: Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   151 minutes
Released:   06/2012
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

Work Loads

WorkloadsDark Alley Media knows there’s more than one way to give a guy a raise when times are hard. Work Loads, the studio’s new release, takes us inside an office full of gorgeous men who are looking for some sexual relief from the day’s toil. Yes, pushing paper around can get tedious and drive a man to fuck a coworker’s brains out to break up the monotony.

The movie is especially notable because two studs are making their bareback debuts here. Hot Cuban import Rafael Carreras and Texan hunk Derrick Hanson are both expanding their repertoires to include raw sex, which should be a huge draw for a lot of fans.

You also don’t want to miss scene three, an outstanding group fuck starring super bottom slut Patrick O’Connor taking on all the other guys in the office.

Work Loads gives a much more enjoyable new meaning to “hard times.”

Stars:   Joshua Chandler   Brandon Hawk   Dylan Hyde   Luca Bondi   Derrick Hanson   Patrick O’Connor   Rafael Carreras   Antonio Biaggi   Lito Cruz   Nick Moretti
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Muscles   Bareback   Anal   Uncut   Cream Pies   White Collar
Running Time:   89 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club
Director:   Owen Hawk  I Que Grande

Movie Review: Pure Sex

Pure SexEarlier this week we reviewed a romantic title, but today it’s all about 100% unadorned man-on-man fucking free of any frills, eliciting only one emotion: lust. Pure Sex gives you nonstop action with eight of the hottest musclemen Raging Stallion could find.

Inked Spencer Reed and bearded RS Exclusive Derek Parker are making out as if their lives depend on it. Swapping spit, lust-bites, and manhandling gestures, they build their passion until Spencer can no longer wait to feel Derek throbbing inside his mouth. Spencer successfully brings Derek to the edge of ecstasy by licking, sucking, and throat-fucking. Not to be outdone, Derek worships Spencer’s huge dick with equally exciting results and offers up his bubble butt for some rimming. Spencer gives Derek a powerful drilling in thrilling positions, leading to both of them hosing down Derek’s muscular torso with their seed.

RS Exclusive Alexander Garrett and Brazilian Franco Ferrari are two dark-skinned, uncut Latinos. Their make-out session will have you rock-hard by the time Alexander kneels and takes Franco’s engorged rod en la boca. Franco loves the feel of Alexander’s mouth wrapped around him, but soon he’s overwhelmed with desire to taste the monster cock he knows Alexander is packing. After servicing Alexander, Franco swirls his tongue around his fuck buddy’s furry hole. Franco gives Alexander a pounding that builds in intensity until he sprays cum all over Alexander’s balls, then Alexander feeds Franco a mouthful of cream.

Derek Parker, another RS Exclusive, is in the midst of a feverish session of kissing and fondling with his real-life buddy Damien Stone when their scene begins. Then Derek takes it to the next level by servicing Damien’s cock and bum. Derek’s teasing of Damien’s hole with his tongue and cockhead has Damien quivering in need, and eventually Derek gives his friend what he desires. Derek’s hips work a sexy rhythm as he strokes in and out of Damien’s hole. Then Derek’s ass is in the air and being crammed with dick as Damien decides to take what he needs! Derek takes the frantic fucking like he was born to bottom, moaning even louder the harder Damien thrusts. After cumming, Derek takes Damien’s load in his face, which he rubs into his beard. Derek licks cum from Damien’s dick.

Trenton Ducati and Rafael Carreras are built like Greek gods. Watching Trenton’s lips engulf Rafael’s long, thick erection will have you as hard as Trenton gets from it himself. Rafael notices his buddy’s thick hard-on and he wants it. He sucks Trenton’s delicious dick and licks his pucker, but it’s Trenton who is first to plow cock into ass. Rafael’s ten-plus inches stiffen with every jab of Trenton’s huge cock. Trenton also has his turn getting rogered, because he doesn’t dare miss out on one of the biggest cocks in porn. On his back, his hole spread wide, Trenton takes every inch of Rafael until he creams himself. Rafael adds two massive squirts of jizz to the mix.

Pure Sex doesn’t want or need to be anything more than great porn that will leave your mind and your cock reeling in ecstasy!

Stars:   Franco Ferarri   Derek Parker   Rafael Carreras   Hugo Alexander   Spencer Reed   Damien Stone   Trenton Ducati
Categories: New Release   Big Dick   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   124 minutes
Released:   06/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Chris Ward  Steve Cruz

Movie Review: Men in Love

Men in LoveJust like fashion, even in porn there are things that go in and out of style. There has been a trend toward romanticism lately. Call it backlash against an increasingly brutal sexual style; call it a way to interest viewers in spending more money on porn; call it pure escapism. Whatever you want to attribute this phenomenon to, it’s something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Why analyze it, though? When it comes to porn, if it feels good, do it. The combination of sex and romance feels great and it doesn’t even have to take a lot of plot to get the feeling across.

Few studios are as ideally suited to this kind of story as Lucas Entertainment, a company that has frequently brought high levels of passion and romance to its big-budget features over the years. This is not a feature, but the sun-splashed eye candy the studio is known for is an enchanting way to show us Men in Love.

It’s often said that love takes sex to a higher level. Your whole body is attuned to the emotions you feel inside. The slow, sensual touches and the intense eye contact speak of the chemistry between lovers who have that special bond that goes beyond penetration, beyond mere lust.

Boyfriends Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones make passionate love in the woods. On a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, the beautiful Will Helm seduces Damien Crosse. In the glow of many candles, sexy Latin hunk Rafael Carreras bathes his lover Leo Helios and ravages him right there in the tub. On a beach, muscular lovers Ben Brown and Scott Carter have sex while the waves’ crashing provides a naturally rhythmic soundtrack. Lastly, handsome Jean Franko dominates sensual bottom Jessie Colter and feeds him his load.

You’ll find it easy to fall in love with a fantasy as you watch these gorgeous men take the beauty of sex to a deeper soul level.

Men In Love
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Stars:   Damien Crosse   Will Helm   Issac Jones   Jessie Colter   Leo Helios   Rafael Carreras   Ben Brown   Jonathan Agassi   Scott Carter   Jean Franko
Categories: Muscles   Anal   Boyfriends   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   161 minutes
Released:   01/2012
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment
Director:   Michael Lucas

Men in Stockings

Men in StockingsTrust Michael Lucas to bring all new meaning to the term “stocking stuffer.” Here’s a film that I certainly didn’t see coming: “Men In Stockings” – a porno for a man that doesn’t mind experimenting with items of clothing long attributed to a less than manly practice. But don’t make any assumptions just yet. You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Lucas Entertainment have decided to combine a few less common elements in this production, breaking ground, in particular with the obvious main attraction – the fetish of stockings. This new level of kink sees beautiful men lace up in a variety of pantyhose play, and is strangely masculine despite its inherent feminine qualities.

There’s just something about men with ripped bodies, clearly comfortable with their sexuality, that exudes hyper-masculinity. If these guys weren’t comfortable, it’d show and the whole theme would likely be a failure. In this sense, Michael Lucas has done well to assemble an ensemble where confidence and the willingness to experiment was a given.  Stars like Junior Stellano and Lucas himself – who appears in scene two with Stellano and scene five with Bruno Jones – have time and time again proved their capacity to push the comfort factor and engage in some more outlandish activities.

The other element is the boyfriends factor. Lucas has put together Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey in the opening scene, which was a fantastic move. Naturally this element interrelates with the qualities we were just talking about because real-life couples obviously feel comfortable enough with each other to partake in this kind of unusual kink. By opening the movie with this scene, Lucas has ensured the audience is equally comfortable by delivering a pair where there are no self-confidence issues or hints of unwillingness.

While familiar with Reed, I hadn’t actually seen Aubrey perform before, and what a hot little piece he is. Seeing has ass get hammered while his stocking-clad legs are raised in the air is one of the real highlights of the film. His perfect ripped body is also hard to take your eyes off while he’s being fucked. This is one blond bombshell that Reed better rein in tight.