Raw Fuck Club

Movie Review: ASSension

New this week, “ASSension” from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club is a whole-ass festival of power bottoming and aggressive topping. Longtime favorites and newcomers alike are here for some of RFC’s exemplary cum-dumping fun.

Veteran bottom Owen Hawk, a longtime fan favorite, presents his ass to Rey XXL (aka Miguel Rey), a Latin top whose dick certainly lives up to the promise of his name. Rey XXL lubes up Owen’s eager hole with some ass eating and then pushes his huge cock deep inside. Owen gets pounded hard for a while, takes a break to worship Rey’s meat in an ass-to-mouth blowjob, and then climbs back on to ride Rey in cowboy position. They finish this hot scene with Owen prone on the bed, getting pounded down hard until Rey dumps cum in his hole.

Brawny Black stud Beefy T and tall silver muscle daddy Drew Sebastian are aggressive and powerful tops, and only the most durable and greedy bottoms should try to take on both of them at the same time. Luckily, there’s Jason Luna, a fun-sized Asian cutie with an orange mohawk. (more…)

Movie Review: Seed City

“Seed City” is the hot new release from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club that showcases some fan favorites and soon-to-be favorites in four exciting bareback scenes.

Award-winning French bear Teddy Torres makes an unforgettable debut with Raw Fuck Club. It’s practically a guarantee that a partner like Latin powerhouse Boomer Banks will make for an exciting scene, but Teddy is equally incredible to behold, and the two of them flip fuck with unbridled lust.

Sultry Dominican hunk Xavier Blanco thoroughly enjoys spreading his legs wide and welcoming Teddy’s big dick into his greedy hole. Xavier spends a nice long time on his back taking a pounding, and then they finish the scene in doggy style.

Lucky RFC newcomer Jason Luna gets his pick of tops for his second scene with RFC, and in his good taste he requested none other than daddy Boomer Banks. True to his reputation, Boomer gives Jason the ass wrecking of his dreams. (more…)

Movie Review: Raw Fuck Revelations

Watch on AEBN VODRough, aggressive bareback sex featuring sexy, muscular men is what Dark Alley Media and Raw Fuck Club are all about, and “Raw Fuck Revelations” always lives up to that reputation throughout its hour-and-a-half running time.

The all-star cast of this relentless new release includes Owen Hawk, Zario Travezz, Romeo Davis XL, Tyler Roberts, Damaged Bottom, Sean Duran, Aaron Trainer, Boomer Banks, Jake Nicola, Chandler Scott, Drew Dixon, Archer Croft, and Vince Parker.

If you’re all about the freshest, newest, most ferocious porn, then you’ve clicked on the right movie. There are four scenes, each one somehow even more intense than the last.

First, we see a tattooed top and a lean bottom going one-on-one in a dungeon with a gloryhole and a sex swing. Following that is a rough threeway in a swing, with two beefy men spit-roasting their bottom and using his holes like cum dumps. Scene three is an interracial one-one-one that also makes excellent use of the swing. (more…)

Movie Review: Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang Bang

Watch Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang BangDark Alley Media’s Raw Fuck Club loves to give total dick pigs all the meat they can eat. They’re happy to give Jackson Radiz, a notorious Australian power bottom, the gang bang of his wildest fantasies. “Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang Bang” is the recorded result of that six-on-one action, with one extra scene to grow on after the main event.

Jackson proves to be more than up to the challenge of taking on half a dozen men: Sean Duran, Drew Sebastian, Jack Andy, Riley Mitchel, Aaron Trainer, and Fabio Duran. When the six of them circle him in a locker room and present their hard-ons, Jackson hungrily sucks on each one in turn, sometimes more than one at a time. The way he sucks, it’s like he’s had nothing to eat or drink for days. Eventually, his other hole gets to have some fun. He takes each and every big dick in every available orifice, he loves getting drenched in hot golden juice, and you can tell by Jackson’s face and body language that all of this is more than living up to his kinky fantasies. (more…)

Movie Review: Daddy Heaven

Watch Daddy Heaven on AEBNDaddies and the guys who love them are here for some bareback bliss in “Daddy Heaven” from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club. This VOD exclusive is packed with wall-to-wall sucking and fucking that rewards you with so much fuck for the buck, you’ll think you have gone to daddy heaven, too.

Adrian Hart, a hot young Black stud, is paired up with Logan Stevens, a muscular ginger daddy. This interracial duo gets things going by making out on the bed. Adrian kisses his way down Logan’s furry torso and then sucks his stiff cock. Logan puts his hands on the back of Adrian’s head and skull fucks him while Adrian lies on his stomach, popping his bubble butt upward. Soon Logan takes the invitation to anal play and starts tongue-bathing Adrian’s hole. The two of them alternate between rimming and oral sex, including some hot 69 action. Just when no one can take the teasing for another moment, Logan sinks his cock into Adrian’s eager ass. The fire and intensity of this scene is undeniable. (more…)

Movie Review: Cum Hungry Fuckboys

Watch Cum Hungry Fuckboys on AEBNDark Alley Media’s Raw Fuck Club is home to many “Cum Hungry Fuckboys,” so it’s only natural that they release a movie by that name. You can expect all the condomless fun that your dirty little heart desires.

Power top Tyler Roberts and greedy bottom Wesley Woods are on their honeymoon in the first scene. It’s the first Raw Fuck Club appearance for each of them, and the energy they put off is combustible. Wesley takes every relentless stroke that Tyler gives with his fat cock and still begs for more. It’s half an hour of sweaty, raw, feral fucking.

Aiden Ward and RFC newbie Nick Milani are another stunning pair. Nick’s callipygian ass cheeks get Aiden hard right away, and Nick can’t wait to take Aiden’s huge cock in his hole. Aiden slams Nick but good, pun intended.

Sexy little Spaniard Angel Cruz is a renowned bottom, so when he arrives at the film set, Owen Hawk and Zario Travezz are already eager to top him, threesome style. (more…)

Movie Review: Resurgence

Watch Resurgence from Dark Alley Media and Raw Fuck Club on AEBNNew and exclusive to AEBN VOD, “Resurgence” (directed by I Que Grande and Ecksmen) will make you a believer in the power of Dark Alley Media’s Raw Fuck Club.

Clocking in at just over 24 minutes, scene one is a hot flip-fuck between Latino porn superstar Boomer Banks and newer stud Wade Wolfgar. This is Boomer’s first RFC scene, and if you’ve been longing to see this powerful fucker in this corner of the porn world, then you’ll find it was worth the wait! These big-dicked hunks make a strong connection. Even if you believe that more cocks and holes make a scene better, there’s no denying that this twosome deserves your attention. It’s a great appetizer for the 41-minute main course that follows.

Brian Bonds, Kurtis Wolf, and Hot Harlem Jock are fan favorites who are excited to welcome Avatar Akyia and Dart Delgado to the Raw Fuck Club. This interracial orgy is as intense as we’ve come to expect from the RFC, with too much fuck for the buck to catch it all in just one viewing. (more…)