Roman Heart

Movie Review: Retreat

RetreatFalcon Studios presents idealized enactments of what we always hope our vacations could be. These gorgeous male specimens put on quite a show and make us long for our own mountain vacation in Retreat. We can only dream of such sex-packed adventures!

At breakfast, surrounded by a gorgeous view, hot, inked Will Helm makes a move on classically handsome Roman Heart because he’s craving sausage instead of croissants and fruit. Roman, also clearly in a meaty mood, slips off his robe while beginning to suck Will’s dick, revealing his huge, throbbing erection. He lushly licks the length of Will’s shaft before engulfing it with his mouth. Turning tables on Roman, Will orally services the stud’s cock and licks his hungry hole before stuffing it full of dick. Roman takes it excitedly in doggy and missionary, really wanting it and begging Will for more. Will thrusts hard and fast, pumps out a huge load, and sucks Roman till he shoots out just as much cum.

Jesse Santana relaxes on the deck, happily preoccupied with stroking his thick cock and not knowing that Trent Locke is watching. Finally, too turned on to remain a spectator, Trent kneels between Jesse’s legs to blow him. Holding the base of Jesse’s big pole, Trent opens up and says Ah. Sucking Jesse gets his nipples hard and his cock jumping! They move inside where Trent continues fully servicing Jesse. Meanwhile, Jesse gropes and plays with Trent’s furry bubble butt, from cheeks to hole, fingering and licking him. Jesse finally pushes Trent face-down on the bed to plow that moistened sphincter. Trent flips onto his back and gets fucked even harder and deeper. They cum one after the other, fully spent and satisfied.

Dark-haired Donny Wright and blond Andrew Jakk look like they only recently passed their twink years, so it’s fitting to see them French kissing like teenagers at the beginning of their scene. Kneeling, Donny pulls down Andrew’s pants and hungrily fills his mouth with cock. When they switch places, Andrew deftly toys with Donny’s long, uncut dick, sliding the foreskin on and off the cockhead. Donny greedily face-dives into Andrew’s ass as if he can’t get enough. They brace themselves against the spiral staircase, where Donny screws Andrew passionately – more so in missionary. Donny pulls out and unloads on Andrew’s crotch, soon followed by Andrew jerking out his own cum explosion.

Having begun his day perfectly with Roman Heart, Will Helm ends it on an equally idyllic note with Landon Conrad. These two can’t get enough of each other, whether kissing or groping through their clothes. Landon actually throws Will into bed (not that you can blame him) and traces his sculpted chest and abs with his tongue until finally he has Will’s meat in his mouth. Every moment seems to amplify their sexual excitement, and Landon’s oral skills push both of them higher and higher. Landon spreads out on his stomach, inviting Will to taste his gorgeously rounded ass. Will obliges, getting Landon’s hole wet with teasing licks. Once Landon’s ass is nice and lubed, he’s taken for a wild ride that has him panting ecstatically – if you like a vocal fuck, this one is sure to get you wound up! After several positions, Landon ends up in missionary, getting a seriously deep dicking, jerking off until the climax we all knew had to come in a big way. Will has valiantly held it in through all this, but now his own orgasm is strong and produces plentiful cream. They kiss again, fully drained, and though the mountain retreat might be over, we think it’ll be worth revisiting.

Movie Review: Work Loads

Work LoadsGiving new meaning to the term “working stiff,” superstar director Chi Chi LaRue bestows five thrilling workplace sex scenes upon an unsuspecting world with Work Loads. Newly available on VOD, this C1R/Rascal Video title features two stunning new studs and several popular stars.

Newcomer Trace Hunter and beloved hottie Matthew Rush are landscapers taking the edge off a busy day with some sex. Matthew initiates it, kissing Trace, fondling his biceps, and licking his pits and pierced nipples. Trace deeply sniffs Matthew’s crotch and likes the scent, so he whips out that cock and begins worshiping it. Eventually Trace bends Matthew over and gives him a long, luscious rimming. Later he feeds his cock to Matthew and gets his asshole licked. They finish themselves by jerking off onto the lid of a shiny metal trash can.

Trey Turner doesn’t want to get his shirt dirty while painting, so Drake Jaden suggests that he take it off. In fact, Drake thinks it’s a good idea for both of them to strip down to the jockstraps they’re conveniently wearing under their clothes. Soon their stiffening cocks poke out and they can’t help admiring each other’s swimmer-like bodies. Drake feasts on Trey’s cock and our view is excellent, especially when Drake’s big blue eyes look up at Trey. Soon Drake starts playing with Trey’s asshole in preparation to fuck him, and he does just that, but when it’s time to flip-flop, we can see that Trey was the dominant type all along. He gets creative, fucking Drake in reverse piledriver. These guys don’t get much paint on the walls, but Trey sprays Drake’s shaved head a nice off-white and Drake adds a little cream to his abs.

Alex Slater watches Matthew Rush doing the grounds keeping. Soon Matthew looks in the window and sees Alex waving his cock invitingly. Matthew comes in and strips off his shirt, putting on an impromptu muscle show. Alex kisses that thick, hard body and soon it drives Matthew crazy. Pushing Alex gently but forcefully onto the bed, Matthew kisses him assertively. Soon he puts his mouth to other use, mouth-fucking that cock Alex used to lure him inside and then licking Alex’s hairy ass. Alex gets his turn to taste Matthew’s dick and then he rides it. Whereas Matthew and Trace were equally bulky, there’s a sexy contrast between Matthew and the slightly darker, more compactly built Alex. It’s fitting that Matthew is the top, and we think Alex would agree judging by how much he enjoys it! Matthew cums with a mighty bellow.

Drake Jaden is back as an I.T. guy called in to help porn newbie Adam Rogue, a yoked stud with a particularly hard problem. After Drake crawls under the desk and asks for Adam to hand him something, he finds his hand being placed on a denim-covered bulge! Drake is quickly on his knees and sucking Adam while cubicle neighbor Alexander Garrett looks on, masturbating. Soon Alexander joins in, licking Drake’s cute little ass from below while getting a blowjob from Adam. Leather enthusiasts should enjoy the sound Drake’s boots make as he bounces above Alexander’s face. Adam and Alexander then team up on Drake’s cock – lucky man! The scene concludes with a three-way jerk session that leaves Adam’s muscular chest gooey.

Now comes the moment many will have been waiting for: cover model Roman Heart’s Rascal Video debut. Roman finds his employee Jimmy Durano (a C1R exclusive) sleeping on the job and decides to jerk off over him. Jimmy wakes up with that big, beautiful cock in his face and is understandably receptive to getting his mouth fucked – wouldn’t you be, if you found Roman Heart dangling his dick at you? Unsurprisingly, Jimmy savors that tasty meat for a long while, but eventually it’s Roman’s turn to taste. Jimmy lightly slaps his dick against Roman’s face. What a role reversal! It’s exciting to see the boss man eagerly slurp his lazy employee’s cockhead. These men are cut from marble and watching Jimmy fuck the gorgeous Roman will do it for any of you with fantasies about sex with your boss. Their sexual energy bursts through the screen and you’ll want more than anything to be in either of their places as they reach their ecstatic climax.

Office Affairs

Office AffairsIf any of the gents in “Office Affairs” worked in your office, you would get absolutely no work done. Clearly these staff members don’t because they’re too busy having sex the whole time.

Falcon Studios is back with a whole bunch of hot and horny studs ready to plow into each other. In this film, Roman Heart plays entrepreneur boss to the rest of the cast. His staff are determined to keep their clients – and each other – happy all over the company headquarters, including the conference room, at their desks and in the waiting room.

Couples like Dylan McLovin and Marko Lebeau, as well as muscle studs Landon Conrad and Brandon Lewis, will keep you satisfied after Roman’s scorching introductory scene with cover model D.O. But it’s undoubtedly the coupling of Marcus Mojo and Tommy Defendi that will be the standout of the film for many viewers.

Marcus is easily one of the best performers in porn today, and combined with Tommy’s famous tool, it’s a match made in corporate heaven. Tommy welcomes Marcus into his studio as the scene begins, to photograph the hunk for a new underwear ad. Immediately he’s taken with Marcus’s perfect muscled body with those massive pecs while he’s shooting him. Marcus is just as turned on with the attention and is quick to bend over so Tommy can eat out his ass.

All that tongue-tickling jamming his asshole proves too exciting for Marcus. He gets busy sucking the photographer’s cock before Tommy slams his dick deep inside his ass and bucks back and forth, building in speed and ferocity to a chorus of their passionate grunts until they both shoot their loads.

The Other Side of Aspen 6

The Other Side of Aspen 6“The Other Side of Aspen 6” has been hotly anticipated, with good reason. After all, there is perhaps no series that played a bigger part in making Falcon Studios’ legendary reputation than The Other Side of Aspen did when it started in 1979. Each volume has brought us great scenes featuring the best performers of its era, and this one carries on that tradition with eleven of the sexiest men in porn and award-winning director Chris Ward at the helm. The legacy of the series demands nothing short of cum-splashing excellence.

Snowmobile riding has gotten Adam Killian and Falcon exclusive Tony Buff very hard. On his knees, Adam deep-throats Tony, really worshipping his cock and balls with devotion. In response, Tony feasts on Adam’s curved cock. Then Adam bends over on the snowmobile and lets Adam taste his sweet hole, and he enjoys it so much he has to service Tony’s cock some more. Tony blows a healthy load onto Adam’s furry chest. Watching Adam cum gets Tony so excited that he pops again!

Colby Keller is waiting in the cabin when his boyfriend Heath Jordan, a Falcon exclusive, returns from shoveling snow. Together, they ward off Heath’s winter chill with passionate kisses. As they strip, Heath can’t get hold of Colby’s gorgeous dick fast enough, because he clearly adores it. (Who could blame him? So do we.) Colby fucks Heath’s handsome face and things get sloppy, with lots of spit. Heath gets his little ass plundered in several positions – when he fucks back against Colby in standing doggy, you can tell by their groans that it feels as great as it looks. Then the furry cub climbs on, facing away from Colby so we get a good look at his compact torso as he pumps himself up and down on Colby’s shaft. Tugging at his own rampant dick with help from Colby, impaled on his boyfriend’s cock, Heath shoots copious spurts of cum. Soon Colby produces great gobs of the gooey stuff as well.

Heath and Colby are off to Palm Springs on vacation while their slutty pal Landon Conrad (another Falcon exclusive) house-sits… what a way to pick up guys! He and Cameron Adams come inside from skiing, strip naked, and get down to some indoor fun. Cameron trails his tongue down Landon’s sculpted body, and by the time Cameron has his mouth wrapped around Landon’s cock, Landon is ready to go, but first, he returns the oral favor until they can’t wait any longer. From behind, Landon buries his shaft as far into Cameron’s ass as it will go. Cameron gets on his back so Landon can fuck even deeper. As they climb the peak of pleasure together, Landon’s thrusts grow faster and harder. Finally, he pulls out and they douse each other in cream.

In the second half of the movie, Landon has some buddies over for a nonstop sex party. The more the sexier! As the guys arrive, the action builds to a crescendo that couldn’t have been better orchestrated. The sucking and ass-eating alone could push you over the edge, and the erotic heights these men reach are reminiscent of many great orgy scenes from Falcon during its 40 years. In a break from the orgy, we see shorter vignettes of hot pairs sharing private time: Adam Killian tops Falcon exclusive muscle pig Angelo Marconi, beautifully pale stud Brandon Bangs fucks golden-skinned Nordic beauty Gavin Waters, Landon tops the super-fine Shane Frost, and tattooed kink god Tony Buff fucks fellow Falcon exclusive Roman Heart, who’s looking his godlike best. Afterward, we rejoin the orgy already in progress, where things are still hot and heavy. Finally, after everyone’s cum has been spent, all the guys run naked out to the hot tub, where they dump the snow from the sides of the tub onto each other’s heads as they relax in the water. Stick around after the end credits for a great bonus scene with Colby and Angelo!

“The Other Side of Aspen 6” introduces a new generation of porn fans to the bliss of sex so hot it could melt the snow capping the peaks of the famous Aspen ski resort. If you’re long overdue for a return visit to this series, you’ll be happy to know it’s as hot as ever!