Sage Daniels

Sage Daniels Rides Again

Sage DanielsGorgeous Latin stud Sage Daniels was first known as a stripper in Salt Lake City, Utah until he made a highly noticeable porn debut in Raw JOXXX’s amateur bareback release Breed My Ass! in 2007, when he was about 27 years old. Sage maintained his performances as a stripper on the west coast while building a library of film titles that any stud would envy. Studios and fans were soon clamoring for more and he filmed scenes in more than 60 titles during the first four years of his career, including ones for Red Stag, Factory, Ransom, Spunk, and more.

In October 2011 he decided to call it a day and retired from porn, leaving his fans heartbroken. Good news, Sage lovers! Your man is back in action officially with this month’s release of Don’t Fuck with Sage from RawJOXXX. Actually, we’d love to fuck with Sage no matter what that movie title says. Just watching him pound Drew Vergas’ black slut hole into submission, dominate Patrick O’Connor, fuck the hell out of Drew Sumrok, and initiate newbie Preston Johnson. You’ll want to fuck with Sage as badly as we do!

His tattoos tell you he’s not your average clean-cut guy, but what really sets Sage apart is his great skill as both a top and a bottom. We give you the example of his dynamic onscreen chemistry with notorious bottom and fellow Latino Dominik Rider, who always seems to have an especially great time with Sage. They flip-fucked in Bareback Birthday Weekend from Ransom Video. In a somewhat uncommon show of dominance for Dominik, he is one of several tops having their way with Sage’s fine ass in Ricky Raunch’s Breeding Sage Daniels. Sometimes Dominik just wants to give his ass to Sage without flip-flopping, however, as you can see to balls-draining effect in Sage’s Bareback Weekend from Dirty Dawg Productions – that’s the happy duo on the box cover. Look at that smirk on Dominik’s face! You’d look that way too if Sage was fucking you.

A hot creampie movie released last month, Pulling Out Is for Porn 4 (Bareback RT), is another example of Sage’s continuing popularity. Fans have all missed this Latin stud so much that you might even consider throwing a little viewing party with some of his best movies to celebrate his return to performing.

Don't Fuck with Sage Pulling Out Is For Porn 4 Last Hur-Raw

Insemination 2

Insemination 2A creampie is one of the most intimate acts between two people, and it’s a natural conclusion to raw cock-in-ass action. Insemination 2 captures the act of deliberately injecting semen into a hole. This sequel to the original from Spunk (hard to believe it’s two years old) comes from director Gary Carlton, who uses a hands-off approach that doesn’t get much more involved than just turning the camera on and pointing it at the men who are fucking.

Colin Steele tops Joey Milano in scene one, which leads to a hot and messy cum-swapping conclusion. Next, popular Puerto Rican stud Antonio Biaggi power-fucks Jay Elliot in a must-see pairing. Brian O’Conner takes Chris Kohl’s creamy fuck in scene three. Leather daddy Trevor Belfast gives Jayson Park a hot, heavy pounding. Handsome bottom Gabriel D’Alessandro bottoms for TJ Gold and it cums to a creamy conclusion you don’t want to miss. Then Andre Barclay and Sage Daniels flip-flop, saving what many will see as the best scene of all for last.

This is the movie for you if you really get off on the sounds of men fucking – the groaning and grunting, and the wordless moans of a bottom getting his fill of a throbbing cock full of cum.

Stars:   Antonio Biaggi   Chris Kohl   Brian O’Conner   Joey Milano   TJ Gold   Andre Barclay   Sage Daniels   Jayson Park   Trevor Belfast   Gabriel D’Alessandro   Jay Elliot   Colin Steele
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Bareback   Anal   Cream Pies
Running Time:   120 minutes
Released:   09/2012
Studio Name:   Spunk Video
Series:   Insemination
Director:   Gary Carlton

Featured Star: Sage Daniels

Sage DanielsWe have some sad news for fans of hot Latin stud Sage Daniels. Just recently, he announced that he’s retiring from porn!

If you’re like us, you’re going to take this news pretty hard. We were in denial at first, telling ourselves that we must have heard incorrectly, but we have it from a reliable source. Unless Sage himself comes forward to deny it, we’re going to believe the news of his retirement is true.

Sage was first known as a stripper in Salt Lake City, Utah until he made a highly noticeable porn debut in Raw JOXXX’s amateur bareback release Breed My Ass! in 2007, when he was about 27 years old. Studios and fans were soon clamoring for more and he filmed scenes in more than 60 titles during the four years he performed, including ones for Red Stag, Factory, Ransom, Spunk, and more.

If it turns out there are no more new Sage movies to follow the newly released Sage’s Raw World, then he will have gone out with a huge bang. You will love seeing this versatile stud topping and bottoming in the hot Dirty Dawg Productions release.

The tattoos tell you Sage is not your average clean-cut guy, but what really sets the Hispanic hottie apart is his great skill as both a top and a bottom.

Sage maintained his performances as a stripper on the west coast while building a library of film titles that any stud would envy. Here are some of our favorites.

Sage's Raw World Breeding Sage Daniels Sage's Bareback Weekend

Movie Review: Sage’s Raw World

Sage's Raw WorldI remember when I first saw Sage’s Bareback Weekend, I couldn’t believe I’d never really heard of Sage Daniels before watching that title. The hot Latin stud — who was a stripper and performer from Salt Lake City, Utah before making his porn debut in 2009 — quickly became a favorite.

I went and found all his performances with studios such as Red Stag Video and Treasure Island Media and learnt from his many bareback performances that this was one kid who was a raw sex fan.

His tattoos are gorgeous, he’s clean-cut and he’s also known to both top and bottom — who doesn’t love a versatile performer? Apparently he still strips, but his films have left me with little doubt about where his talents lie. Sage’s Raw World, a new release from Dirty Dawg Productions, is your proof of that.

One of Sage’s real assets is that he has one of the most fluid topping styles despite not being particularly well hung. The motion he puts into stuffing a raw hole with his cock sends shivers down my spine. Scenes three and four in this film — the latter of which features a fantastic spit roast threeway — are where this is most evident.

Of course, many like seeing this top gun get topped and you get your chance in scene two. How one man can be equally sexy in either position like Sage is, is a testament to his performance skills.

Featured Amateur Studio: Dirty Dawg Productions

Dirty Dawg Productions logoGay porn producer Patrik Kohl started directing and producing films back in the mid 1990s just about the same time that the general public’s fascination with home grown amateur porn was beginning. Just like everyone else, he was curious about what really makes hot amateur porn just that, hot amateur porn. So as the internet grew and contributed more to our daily lives it also gave birth to many first-time performers, directors, producers, and “entreporneurs.” Fast forward 16 years and Patrik Kohl has been one of the silent forces behind the evolution of homemade, amateur, and semi-pro porn. Currently, he is the creative inspiration behind his own website and has produced over 50 full length films for Indigo Male Productions, Twisty Media USA, and his other active studio Ricky Raunch Presents.

Many porn fans may know Patrik by his bareback alter ego Ricky Raunch. His current vision and incarnation is his most recent studio label, Dirty Dawg Productions, a fantastic blend of bareback sex, raunchy action, and raw male lust. With over 20 titles in its current catalogue, Dirty Dawg Productions has quickly become a leader in high quality amateur content. They have a recipe for success that they credit to a few simple principles of letting the performers choose their scene partners, having the sex unscripted and shot naturally, and never over-directing.

Dirty Dawg has a keen eye for catching stars at their best. Sage Daniels is no exception and definitely one of the best. Dirty Dawg boasts over 15 exclusive scenes of Sage in some of his greatest moments like those seen in Bareback Workout or Sage’s Bareback Weekend where Sage takes cock and loads morning noon and night over that weekend. Under the creative leadership of producer Patrik Kohl, Dirty Dawg Productions is rapidly gaining prominence in the world of online porn by making plenty of its movies available on demand and through their site, which exclusively features their own content only second to AEBN.

If passionate, intense man-to-man sex is what you crave then Dirty Dawg Productions has your fix. Their raw films feature a vast array of performers, from all-American collegiate types to masculine rugged men to hot muscle daddies, engaging in scene after sloppy scene of raunchy breeding. See for yourself in titles including Bareback That Hole and Raw Daddies, starring the likes of Sage Daniels, Travis Turner, and Dominik Rider. The hot bareback scenes stand for themselves as Dirty Dawg Productions continues on their quest to bring you the best raw action you will find online. It’s no surprise that every Dirty Dawg release so far has been a huge hit in our online theatre.

Bareback Workout Sage's Bareback Weekend Skin to Skin

Bareback Fiction

Bareback FictionRaw JOXXX may not be one of the raw sex-specialising studios you’re familiar with, but if there’s one thing they know, it’s boys going bareback. Films like Condom Break, Breed My Ass, and Pump and Breed have firmly cemented them in condomless cinemas for the more muscled of men. The studio also seems to have a knack for interracial pairings and their new release, “Bareback Fiction,” is yet another example of this.

Kamrun Assher’s big, black, uncut cock is at it again on screen, this time penetrating Latino stud Dominik Rider’s ass in a sling room – and that’s just the first scene.

Dominik seems to be a favorite in the film – he also gets slammed raw by Rocco Martinez in scene two. A former go-go dancer who set his sights on gay porn, Dominik is likely known to most of his fans thanks to his extensive portfolio of work at SX Video. Originally performing under the pseudonym Andy Briggs, he changed his name to reflect his Latino heritage and his love of riding cock – you’ll be able to see how good he is at that in his opening two scenes here.

Other than that Latin stallion, the other man not to miss in this film is the delightful Sage Daniels. Sage is yet another performer synonymous with bareback cinema in both a top and bottom capacity.

Here he gets hot and sweaty in a hot tub with Jason Mitchell – a hot muscle bottom who acts as a perfect match for the unrelenting raw appetite of Daniels.

Top Picks for the Weekend 06/02/11

Barebacker’s Dungeon (Breed Me Media / Alpha 1 Men) Barebacker's Dungeon

The latest from Breed Me Media, “Barebacker’s Dungeon” is all about the big dick tops invading piggy bottoms’ holes and filling them with their seed! If you like cum-filled, sloppy, wet, raw action then you’ve got it. Some of these guys are amateurs when it comes to fucking on camera, but their bareback fucking skills are undeniable. Sage Daniels fans, don’t miss his scene with Shane Stone!

Stars:   C.J. Banks Ty Travis Jacob White Kamrun Shane Stone Sage Daniels

Categories: Amateur Cumshot New Release International Bareback Anal Cream Pies

Hung Hot RodsHung Hot Rods (Raw Stallions)

Only rock-hard cocks that measure over nine inches are allowed in this interracial breeding title from notorious director Bastard Junior, who really brings plenty of fuck for the buck. This movie is packed with sexy, well-hung studs and hot raw fuck action, what could be more exciting for big dick bareback fans?

Stars:   Antonio Biaggi Hot Rod Sage Daniels Chase Coxxx Luke Bennett Ian Jay Jake Brentwood

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Greedy For Cum (Cum Pig Men / Factory Video Productions) Greedy for Cum

Hey, we’re more than a little familiar with the concept of being greedy for cum, especially when it’s the cum from a big, uncut cock! This is why we’re so excited to watch the smoldering Dane Caroggio indulge his passion for sucking cock in the great outdoors. We haven’t seen one guy be so thirsty for seed in a while — after watching him lick and suck his way through nine scenes of sensual blowjob action, he is most definitely one of our new favorite greedy cum pigs!

Stars:   Dane Caroggio Cody Ray Chase Lyons Chico X Chris Conners Colby Landon Hunter Cole Tony Royce Rico Suave Jordan (m) Cole Noah Brooks

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