Sebastian Kross

Movie Review: Gods of Porn

gods of porn, naked sword, movie review, gay, safe sex, condoms, darius ferdynand, gino mosca, ryan rose, duncan black, sebastian kross, killian james, chris harder, brent corrigan, adam ramzi, logan mooreOne look at the cast list for Gods of Porn by Naked Sword will tell you that the title is not idle boasting. The men in this movie have descended from the erotic Mt. Olympus to bless us mortals with their awesome gifts.

Handsome Darius Ferdynand feels that his years of loyal service to a recently deceased countess entitle him to her fortune. After the reading of the will, favorite nephew Gino Mosca has his eye on Darius’ own jewels. With all his diabolical charm and good looks, Gino seduces Darius into some hot bondage sex.

Adam Ramzi offers to spot Brandon Moore during a workout when, oops, out pops his stiff cock. Something about watching those muscles rippling makes a man erect. Before long, Adam’s hard-on finds its way into Brandon’s mouth. Brandon enjoys sucking Adam’s dick so much he spreads his cheeks and gets speared in the sphincter all over the weight room. After a sweaty fuck, Adam jizzes in Brandon’s mouth. (more…)

Movie Review: “Fuck Yeah!”

fuck yeah, hard friction, raging stallion studios, tyce jax, caleb king, sebastian kross, billy santoro, theo ford, adam ramzi“Fuck Yeah!” is the rallying cry of a half-dozen horny men as their bodies clash in sexual ecstasy. It’s also the title of this rock-solid new Hard Friction/Raging Stallion Studios flick from award-winning director Steve Cruz. For these testosterone-dripping scenes of carnal passions, the men are just letting their basic instincts take over and the camera captures it all to perfection. Each pair has such a powerful connection that you can easily forget you’re not actually spying on a real couple going at it in their private time.

Tyce Jax is making his Hard Friction debut in a powerful scene with superstar Sebastian Kross, whose gorgeous face and beautiful tattoos have graced Hard Friction scenes before. Your mouth will water for Tyce’s enormous, throbbing erection, but it’s his asshole that gets the action this time. After all, who wouldn’t take it from the scrumptiously endowed Sebastian? (Don’t worry, we’ll see more of that monster cock later.) Tyce’s buzz cut and facial scruff are a blue-collar contrast to Sebastian’s supermodel-like good looks, and they’re equally hot in their own ways.

Caleb King is another Hard Friction first-timer. He can be a commanding top or a power bottom, and we get to see him do both with cum-splashing results as he pairs up with bearded Adam Ramzi, who looks like the hottest guy you ever picked up at an indie coffee shop. Caleb has kind of an ex-military punk thing going on with his camouflage combat boots and nipple rings. Their lean, muscular bodies flex and sweat in an intense flip-fuck.

We get to enjoy Tyce a second time with Billy Santoro, a bear you’d love to do more than cuddle. Billy’s powerful body can withstand a lot, and Tyce pushes him as far as he can go. Tyce really does have an outstanding dick, so it’s no wonder Hard Friction gave it to us twice in this movie! Billy has a lot to wrap his mouth around, and his asshole really gets a workout.

For the final scene, Caleb King returns and this time his ass belongs to classically handsome top Theo Ford. Theo buries his fat dick deep within Caleb’s hungry hole and fucks him several different ways. When he sucks that dick afterward, Caleb’s green eyes are so beautiful as he gazes up at Theo.

“Fuck Yeah!” is what we say to these four fantastic scenes!

Stars:   Sebastian Kross   Theo Ford   Caleb King   Tyce Jax   Adam Ramzi   Billy Santoro
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Hard Friction  Falcon Studios Group

Get into handsome, hung top Sebastian Kross

sebastian kross, sebastian cross, huge dick, gay porn star, bisexual guy, bi guy, tattooed manCompact and built like a gymnast, Sebastian Kross is big exactly where it counts! His cut cock is seven and a half inches of hardness that must feel amazing in the mouth… or in that other greedy hole, which is what makes him such a hot top. Sebastian’s tattoos are almost as bright as his sexy blue eyes. Those traits along with his boyishly handsome face earned him comparisons to superstar Jake Bass early on, but he’s already set himself apart from all other studs with a string of jaw-dropping performances, and it hasn’t even been a year in the business for him yet!

This northern California native started doing porn last year at age 21 after his eventual agent, Trenton Ducati, spotted him at a club and asked for his contact information.

Sebastian’s first movie was a hell of a way to introduce himself to the world. Krossfire from Falcon Studios isn’t just his first time fucking in front of a camera; it’s also only the second man-on-man sexual experience of his life! This landmark event occurs with Colton Grey in an intense, relentless fuck. Later, Sebastian returns with muscular Sean Zevran in a scene that concludes with copious amounts of cum.

Two months later Sebastian followed this up with a pair of explosive scenes in Falcon’s Double Kross. Sebastian first conquers the well-hung Chris Bines, and together they get their whole-body workout for the day with an energetic fuck. Later, Sebastian dominates popular stud Ryan Rose in a sweaty, spunk-showering finale.

Recently Sebastian has been one of the best things about Falcon’s hot Tahoe series, with scenes in Cozy Up and Keep Me Warm.

Hot House Entertainment paid tribute to the time-honored gay men’s tradition of seeking out fuck partners in Cruising for Ass. Sebastian is hanging out in the alley and so horny that he passes the time jerking off, at least until Casey Moore cruises by and gives up his hot ass to Sebastian’s big dick!

In Naked Sword’s On the Lookout, Sebastian parades his hot body in front of his apartment window, playing with himself while looking for someone to fuck. Soon he and Killian James are hooking up, and lucky Killian gets a good hard rogering from that big dick!

Sebastian is a raver who lives by the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) mantra. He’s bisexual in real life and loves watching amateur porn most of all.

With every new scene, Sebastian Kross makes us fall more deeply in lust.

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Movie Review: Tahoe: Keep Me Warm

tahoe: keep me warm, ski trip porn, skiing gay porn, johnny v, sebastian kross, brenner bolton, jason maddox, brandon moore, nick sterling, sean zevran, andrew stark, billy santoro, ricky deckerThe Tahoe series from Falcon is a classic for a good reason: all the men are gorgeous and hot, the passion is always real, and there’s just something irresistible about the fantasy of taking a ski trip and then warming up from an afternoon on the slopes with a hot man. As the snow falls down in Tahoe: Keep Me Warm, these ten studs are all about a different type of white stuff.

Ricky Decker borrows thermal underwear from Jason Maddox, who lends them on the condition that Ricky go commando. Aroused by the way those tight long johns hug Ricky’s bubble butt and solid thighs, Jason gets his hands and mouth all over his friend’s sculpted body. Ricky encourages Jason as he focuses oral attention on his growing erection. Jason licks Ricky’s hairy hole and is just about to fuck him, but first Ricky needs to suck Jason’s dick and fondle his low-hanging balls. Jason fucks Ricky in four positions, climaxing in huge loads landing on Ricky’s hard abs.

Sean Zevran sees Andrew Stark soaping himself up in the shower and gets excited. They press their built, smooth bodies against the glass shower door to tease each other. In the bedroom, they feast on each other’s hot holes and hard cocks, leading to powerful pounding. Andrew thrusts his long, thick meat into Sean’s ass in several positions until they pop.

Later, Andrew tells muscular stud Billy Santoro about his adventures with Sean and gets both of them so turned on they need to relieve their growing arousal. Brenner Bolton, who’s been watching, decides to join their hot mutual cock-sucking. He sucks them both at once. Their threeway blowjob fest is delicious and they all cum together.

Nick Sterling is losing a game of pool to Brandon Moore, but there are only winners in a much better game with a different kind of balls. Brandon notices that Nick is sporting a bigger bulge in his pants than usual, and forgets all about the cue stick in his hands. He relishes the sensation of Nick’s erection in his mouth, and the feel of him in his hole.

Shirtless studs Johnny V and Sebastian Kross are two competitive jocks who decide to see who can do the most crunches. Next thing you know they’re fondling each other’s dicks. Sebastian springs an erection that Johnny is happy to engulf with his hungry mouth. With a reverse crunch, Sebastian shows Johnny he wants a rimjob. Johnny tickles that hole with his tongue like a pro. Sebastian orally worships Johnny in return and swirls his tongue across Johnny’s balls while that dick is buried deep in Sebastian’s throat. After a thorough ass licking and finger fucking, Johnny’s ready. Sebastian sinks in all the way, and then pulls back to start thrusting hard. Their fuck is loud and hot, and after seeing Johnny start spraying jizz, Sebastian presses his package against Johnny’s and adds to the load. Wow!

Award-winning director Tony DiMarco packs this mountain retreat with the hottest men fucking hard in Tahoe: Keep Me Warm, streaming only on AEBN.

Stars:   Johnny V.   Brenner Bolton   Sebastian Kross   Jason Maddox   Brandon Moore   Nick Sterling   Sean Zevran   Andrew Stark   Billy Santoro   Ricky Decker
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios Group

Featured Movie: Clusterfuck



Raging Stallion brings us Clusterfuck which is an all star cast of men that are pumped and primed for some of the hottest action yet. Through the eyes of legendary director Steve Cruz, we are treated to these alpha males going at it like it’s the last fuck of their lives.

Right out of the gate, we are treated to an orgy of muscles, cock and fine asses as the guys get together for a four man orgy that is smoking hot. Hunky Derek Atlas puts Dario Beck through the ringer and shows what it’s like when two real men get together. Dario has no problem taking all of of Atlas’s meaty dick with his greedy, hairy ass. At the same time, new comer and everyone’s favorite Sebastian Kross lays into David Benjamin and shows him that a young man can keep up with the seasoned bottoms. Check it out and you will see exactly how amazing he is doing what he does best… fucking hot man ass.

After this initial ClusterFuck, the guys find their groove and pair off to get down to some serious sucking and fucking. Derek Atlas is the winner of this scene by being rewarded with a romp with the very popular bottom boy Duncan Black. He’s got Duncan grinning ear to ear while getting his ass fucked and you can see Black can’t get enough. See the bliss on his face as Atlas blows his load and Black eagerly gobbles it up.

We then return to some hot flexing and buildup with Sebastian Kross and Dario Beck. Kross flexes his ripped muscles and teases Beck with his perfect young hung cock until he can’t take it any longer and fucks Beck’s face like it’s the last blowjob on earth and Beck is starving for the meat. These guys have a raw chemistry and we are glad they do. Watching the youthful Kross fuck Beck’s willing ass is too hot to handle. What a great sight to see Kross really showing what a young buck can do to a willing and able man hole.

We can’t forget about power bottom David Benjamin and his insatiable ass. Raging Stallion was kind enough to match him with super hung and horny Jessy Karson for a real dicking down. This is hardcore aggression on both fronts and makes for some intense action. After Karson shows us how hung he is by sucking on his own uncut hog, he sinks all 10 inches into Benjamin in one push and then just goes to town fucking his open hole. Karson can’t hold out any longer and blows one of the largest loads of cum I’ve ever seen all over the face of Benjamin. This is a scene of pure unbridled lust between two of the most over sexed studs out there.

Clusterfuck - David Benjamin & Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck – David Benjamin & Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck - Derek Atlas & Duncan Black

Clusterfuck – Derek Atlas & Duncan Black