Tate Ryder

Versatile muscle jock Tate Ryder

tate ryder, gay, pornWith a gorgeous, muscular body and a great collection of scenes to his name, gay porn star Tate Ryder has rocketed to the top of the gay porn world since getting his start in 2009. This self-described “Sexy muscle gym jock piggy” will make you fall head over heels in lust. He’s equally happy as a top or a bottom, and that nine-inch cock and toned bubble butt of his make him equally appealing in either position.

Tate is Australian but lives in the UK, where he’s a fitness trainer by day. Standing 5’10”, he weighs 180 pounds of stunning muscle.

The great outdoors prove to be an aphrodisiac for Tate and gorgeous Sebastian Rossi in Jocks’ Mountain Tops, inspiring them to take turns topping and bottoming. Falcon Studios’ Sun Kissed also shows that there’s something about being outside that inspires Tate to deliver some seriously hot flip-flop scenes with his fuck buddies. We love the way those muscles just gleam in the bright light of day as Tate and sexy Shane Frost take turns fucking each other!tate ryder, gay, porn

In an explosive interracial scene from Deep Inside 2 by Falcon Studios, Tate finds smooth black stud Micah Brandt meditating next to a Buddha statue. Tate wants to experience a different type of nirvana with Micah, whose mind can now only fixate on this green-eyed hunk. They make out, and then Tate bends Micah over to slide that big dick inside his tight hole and fuck with relentless power and passion.

One of Tate’s most outrageous and unusual scenes is Filth Suits (Freshsx), and it’ll be a huge ball-drainer for anyone who’s got a thing for watching white-collar men get nasty in their nice suits. Tate and South African bottom Rowen Bailey are a couple of sharply dressed young studs who have discovered that neckties can be good for tying up your partner while you’re sucking and fucking.

Thanks to his life in porn, Tate has gotten to live his fantasy of group sex. Gang Fucked 4 from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club is packed with more than two hours of carnal excess.

We’ve got several dozen movies to feed your hunger for Tate Ryder! Here are some fan favorites to whet your appetite.


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Muscle Ridge

Muscle RidgeCOLT Men explore all their primal desires deep in the wilderness in the sensual, sensational Muscle Ridge.

Their bearlike nature runs free under the thick treetops above them. Uncut and uninhibited, they indulge their lust and inspire yours.

Gorgeous Trenton Ducati and Adam Champ start the show with an insanely hot scene. Other pairings include Dolan Wolf and J.R. Bronson, Adam Champ and J.R. Bronson, Dolan Wolf and Trenton Ducati, Tate Ryder and Tom Wolfe, and Brayden Forrester and Liam Magnuson.

This is a phenomenal cast of men who will have you salivating.

Running Time:   125 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   COLT Studio Group
Director:   Kristofer Weston
Stars:   Trenton Ducati   Adam Champ   Dolan Wolf   Tate Ryder   Tom Wolfe   J.R. Bronson   Brayden Forrester   Liam Magnuson
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bear   Outdoors   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex

Tate Ryder

Tate RyderHere’s a self-described “Sexy muscle gym jock piggy” who will make you fall in love… or at least in lust!

With a gorgeous, well-built body and a great track record of uninhibited sexual performances, gay porn star Tate Ryder has rocketed to the top of the gay porn world since getting his start in 2012.

A former condom-only model, Tate recently made his bareback porn debut in Inner Devil from Dark Alley Media. He’s made the skin-on-skin fans really happy, believe me. His scene with Antonio Biaggi is not to be missed.

You can also see Tate at his pre-bareback best when he worked for several the porn world’s other top studios. Lucas Entertainment’s Cabin Retreat, and Jocks’ outdoorsy Mountain Tops both showed how much he loves the rugged lifestyle, and Falcon Studios’ Sun Kissed also demonstrated that the outdoors loves him right back. Those glorious muscles of his just gleam in the sun!

Tate has more than two dozen movies to watch on our VOD theater. Here are some that we highly recommend.

Inner Devil Truck 3 Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos 29

Inner Devil

Inner DevilThese guys used to be “good boys” before they came to the Raw Fuck Club. Now, each one of them is unleashing his Inner Devil.

In this, the latest installment from Dark Alley Media’s insanely popular Raw Fuck Club line, there are several great performers being inducted: Tate Ryder, Joey Rodriguez, Draven Torres, and Mike Dozer. They join fan-favorite RFC veterans: Antonio Biaggi, Colton Carbone, and of course, Owen and Brandon Hawk.

Colton Carbone treats club newbie Draven Torres like a human fuck doll, roughly fucking both of his holes and leaving his well-used asshole dripping with his cum.

Watching the Hawks team up on little Latin stud Joey Rodriguez for a double anal penetration is pure ecstasy, or as close as you can get without being there yourself. They breed this mega-fine muscle bottom so intensely that you might need to pace yourself to make it to the grand creampie finale – don’t let your screen melt from all the excitement!

In scene three, Colton Carbone is back for more. This time he tops another RFC newcomer, Mike Dozer, who’s a real power bottom. Mike slurps Colton’s rod and loves every second of the anal drilling that follows.

Antonio Biaggi welcomes Tate Ryder, previously a mainstream condom-only performer, and gives him a pounding with that famous uncut Latin cock.

The latest Raw Fuck Club members show us what they’re truly made of and we can’t get enough. This Dark Alley Media release is streaming exclusively on our VOD theater network.

Running Time:   68 minutes
Released:   09/2013
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club
Director:   I Que Grande
Stars:   Colton Carbone   Tate Ryder   Joey Rodriguez   Mike Dozer   Owen Hawk   Antonio Biaggi   Draven Torres   Brandon Hawk
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bareback   Anal   High Definition

Flexxx Extreme

Flexxx ExtremeMuscle lovers, get ready for some hard-bodied hardcore fucking from Dominic Pacifico – the man as well as the studio. Flexxx Extreme pits Dominic and his best fuck buddies against each other in a clash of the cocks and assholes.

Man-sex doesn’t get deeper or sweatier than these four scenes. Dominic is a versatile stud and he gets to show both sides of his sexual nature here. First, Adam Russo slams his meaty butt in the seats of a deserted club. In a shower, Dallas Magnum gets all worked up for Dominic until he can’t wait to feel that thick, uncut rod inside his muscular black ass. Next up is Tate Ryder slamming his hole as they take in the sun out by a swimming pool. For the grand finale, Dominic is back on the giving end as JR Bronson bottoms for him.

Dominic Pacifico fans, this is like a love letter to your cock. You’ll really enjoy losing your load to all the ass-pounding scenes with this Latin lust object.

Running Time:   110 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Dominic Pacifico
Stars:   Dominic Pacifico   Tate Ryder   J.R. Bronson   Dallas Magnum   Adam Russo
Categories: New Release   Latin   Interracial   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex

Sun Kissed

Sun KissedFalcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian is a charismatic British stud whose rise to gay porn fame has been impressively fast. Just look at him and you’ll know why; he’s gorgeous, built, and has a magnificent cock. Sun Kissed is a showcase for Paddy in which directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond offer him several hungry bottoms to fuck. He does it with the probing, hard-driving fuck style that is distinctively Paddy.

Paddy emerges from a pool to find smooth, sexy Edin Sol sunning himself. Well, when your last name is Sol you’re bound to be a sun worshiper, right? Edin’s relaxation is interrupted when Paddy takes a liking to him and delivers a real pounding to his eager ass.

Trenton Ducati meets Paddy’s thick and juicy cock up close and personal when the two of them lock eyes and more by a beautiful swimming pool. The hard-bodied bottom named after the motorcycle has a high-performance style when it comes to sucking and fucking, and he meets his match in Paddy.

We take a break from Paddy’s shenanigans to look in on popular stars Tate Ryder and Shane Frost, clad in tighty whities that are bursting with their erections. Tate’s blowjob technique is sheer magic and Shane could easily lose his load, but then it’s time to reciprocate. They give and take in a hot flip fuck.

We see Paddy again as he makes out with swarthy, sexy Falcon Exclusive Ray Diaz. It’s so exciting to watch these two well-sculpted, divine male specimens suck and fuck in the sun, on a patio in a beautiful vineyard. Ray happily gives up his equally hungry mouth and ass when Paddy presents his fat dick.

You don’t need sun block for this Sun Kissed extravaganza. Just stay inside with a generous supply of your favorite lotion or lube, and don’t forget your towel.

Stars:   Paddy O’Brian   Edin Sol   Tate Ryder   Trenton Ducati   Ray Diaz   Shane Frost
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Outdoors   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   110 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Steve Cruz  Bruno Bond

Deep Inside 2

Deep Inside 2For Deep Inside 2, Falcon Studios hand-picked and flew in the hottest studs in the world. It’s the second half of an ambitious production (see part one here) that the studio filmed in scenic northern California. These gorgeous men are just as picturesque as their surroundings in a movie that finds them sticking their tongues, fingers, and cocks deep inside each other’s juicy assholes.

Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian and Kyle King are eager to tear into each other on the deck, just yards away from the vineyards. Their passionate kissing gives way to Kyle lavishing oral attention upon the extraordinarily well-hung, gorgeous Brit. Once Paddy’s cock is all lubed up with Kyle’s spit, Kyle bends over and takes that beautiful cock deep inside his furry asshole. Paddy subjects him to a pounding in high gear that makes the bottom grimace in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Kyle takes it like the pig he is and is rewarded with a huge facial that Paddy rubs into his beard. Paddy’s powerful fuck and enormous load spur Kyle into shooting his own jet of spunk.

Dean Monroe pretends to read, but oops, is that his cock peeking out from his open bathrobe? Jed Athens takes the hint and makes Dean put the book down with his own hard-on. By nibbling Dean’s foreskin and applying hot suction techniques, Jed makes Dean swoon before returning the favor with some deep throating. Sweaty and cock-crazed, they take turns spreading wide and impaling each other’s eager holes. It’s almost unbelievable how far up Dean’s ass Jed goes. As they suck face, they shoot great big loads.

Falcon Exclusive Micah Brandt meditates next to a Buddha statue before green-eyed Tate Ryder strolls in and seduces him into a lustful trance. Micah’s mind is no longer clear – it’s full of just one thought, and that is getting Tate’s thick rod down his throat and up his ass. Soon his thoughts become reality. With the tireless thrusts of a machine and the scorching heat of a raging inferno, Tate power-fucks Micah’s orifices in a way that leaves both of them, and probably you, totally spent of spooge.

Muscular Next Door Studios stud Tyler Torro has a supersized cock that the sleek and boyishly handsome Bobby Clark is lucky enough to enjoy in the final scene. The two of them fondle each other’s smooth muscles, including the ones between their legs. Bobby savors the taste of Tyler’s meat until Tyler pulls him off so that he can fuck Bobby’s other hole. With unsurpassed power, Tyler plunders that sweet young ass. Bobby proves more than capable and even grinds himself down on Tyler’s tool with all his might. He milks the man-juice right out of Tyler’s cock with the expert grip of his asshole!

Eight hung and hungry men, the expert eye of director Steve Cruz, and non-stop man sex make Deep Inside 2 a must-see movie.

Stars:   Tyler Torro   Dean Monroe   Bobby Clark   Kyle King   Paddy O’Brian   Micah Brandt   Tate Ryder   Jed Athens
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   109 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Series:   Deep Inside -Conwest
Director:   Steve Cruz