Movie Review: Gods of Porn

 A bunch of gorgeous young gay porn stars are here to play in “Gods of Porn,” a hot collection of vignettes from Bel Ami. These twinks and twunks live up to the movie title, as they’re among the most divine performers on the European scene.

Starting things off with a hot mutual masturbation session are young hunks Andrei Karenin (aka Pedro Luna) and Miguel Estevez. These gorgeous boys tease each other with tongue-tangling kisses and nipple play, leading to big cumshots for both of them.

Handsome Rhys Jagger was recently promoted to production manager at Bel Ami. Unfortunately, with increased responsibility comes less time to play. Czech hunk Ariel Vanean brings fellow Czech Jason Bacall and handsome Kieran Benning with him to give Rhys some welcome distraction and fun. Jason and Kieran dominate their older fuck buddies, topping them and proving they know how to fuck a load out of a guy. After a steamy shower, Rhys and Ariel take their turn topping Ariel and Jason in a spirit of playful competitiveness. Who can fuck the best? (more…)

Movie Review: Kinky Scenarios 2

Straight-acting men hook up with other men for incredible sex in “Kinky Scenarios 2” by Iconmale, this week’s featured movie.

Married white man Kyle Fletcher brings Asian twink Ethan Dale home for a fuck, leading him past his wife resting on a couch. They head to the bedroom, where Ethan pulls his shorts down just enough to reveal his smooth hole. On his hands and knees, Ethan excitedly bounces his muscular ass up and down while he waits. Kyle takes his time pulling his jeans down and rolling the condom onto his dick, as though he’s testing Ethan’s patience. Finally, just as Kyle is about to enter Ethan’s hole, Kyle’s wife gets up and comes to look for him. She’s ready for him to get her pregnant right this minute! Ethan dives below the bed, just out of sight. Kyle’s wife catches Kyle in bed, wearing nothing but his socks and a condom. “We won’t be needing that today,” she says as she pulls the condom off his dick and mounts him in reverse cowgirl position. Kyle shifts and turns so that his wife won’t notice the bare-assed twink trying to sneak away. (more…)

Movie Review: Twink Swap Party 5

This week’s featured new release, “Twink Swap Party 5,” features four taboo orgies that are every bit as hot as we’ve come to expect from Bareback Network. Cute twinks bottoming for hot daddies, what’s not to love?

Ryan Bailey and Marco Bianchi are a couple of cute twinks besties who still write letters to Santa. Ryan says to Marco that they should ask for boyfriends for Christmas. Rogue Status and Nick Ford, their stepdads, are in the other room listening in on the boys’ conversation. The playful daddies decide to give their stepsons their presents early this year, with Nick dressing up as Santa and inviting the boys to sit on his lap. Not long after Ryan and Marco start sucking Santa’s candy cane, Rogue comes into the room to give the boys a rim job. With the stepdads naked on the couch, side by side, the stepsons enjoy blowing the older men and riding their big dicks. In this hot taboo orgy, the boys never neglect each other: there’s plenty of kissing and fondling as they share the joys of getting fucked for Christmas. (more…)

Movie Review: Healing Hand

With two hot, intense new scenes, Disruptive Films’ “Healing Hand” explores sexual and emotional taboos in unforgettable ways.

Tyler Allman (bearded Daddy Michael Roman) has recently taken a special liking to his cute stepson, Zack Buckner (fun-sized twink Dylan Hayes). Zack’s boyfriend is treating him horribly and needs to be kicked to the curb, but Zack won’t break up with him. When Zack comes home with a black eye, Tyler’s husband of ten years isn’t at home. Tyler calls to let his husband know what’s up, and the husband tells Tyler to do whatever it takes to get Zack to dump the boyfriend. While talking to Zack, Tyler gives the boy a hug and Zack can’t help noticing that his stepdad has a boner. Tyler admits that he’s always hard when he hugs Zack, but usually he only goes in for a sideways hug. Zack is defiant at first, challenging his stepdad to give him something his boyfriend can’t. Tyler calls the boy’s bluff with a confident, commanding show of strength and skills, from blowjob to rimjob to a deep, dynamic bareback fuck in numerous positions. (more…)

Movie Review: Twink Swap Party 4

This week, Bareback Network brings us a quartet of hot, taboo-ish orgies with “Twink Swap Party 4.”

College boys Edward Terrant and Ryan Jacobs are supposed to be in math class, but they decided to skip school and play video games at Ryan’s house. Ryan’s stepdad, Aaron Butcher, has no problem with the boys blowing off their responsibilities, especially when it means they might blow something else for him. Edward’s stepdad, Gabriel Clark, takes a much sterner approach. Edward is busted, but Aaron intervenes with a suggestion that will make the boys and their stepdads happy: a twink-swapping fourgy! Ryan goes to work sucking Gabriel’s cock while Edward blows Aaron. The twinks have a lot of fun riding these daddy dicks, and the daddies are happy getting to know their sons’ friends better. What a great way for a family to bond, and to think none of it could’ve happened if Edward and Ryan had gone to class that day.

On New Year’s Eve, Ryan Jacobs and his stepdad Rogue Status are celebrating at home with some friends: twink William Moore and his stepdad Gabriel Clark. (more…)

Movie Review: Elder Waters Chapters 1-4

This week, Missionary Boyz brings us “Elder Waters Chapters 1-4,” a tale of a young man’s entrance and acceptance into his church’s inner sanctum.

Elder Waters (blond twink Jack Waters) doesn’t understand how he can be so horny for other men and still remain in the church’s good graces. This goes against everything he has been led to believe about the need for sexual purity, for maintaining his status as a virgin. When he asks Bishop Savage (retired fireman turned silver daddy porn star Dale Savage) for some guidance, the older man is pleased to see that he has a chance to show this promising young man what he can expect when he’s anointed—if he can pass the test. Bishop Savage examines Elder Waters’ firm cock through his sacred garments, then the two men strip. The bishop bends over and Elder Waters fucks a man’s ass for the first time!

Elder Waters has all the potential to become one of the brotherhood’s finest new members, but he still has things to learn, and Bishop Savage is greedy for more of that fresh meat. (more…)

Movie Review: Jack Attack

Handsome, award-winning Bel Ami superstar Jack Harrer gets a much-deserved showcase movie titled “Jack Attack.” Working alongside his buddy and collaborator Kevin Warhol behind the camera (and, in one case, in the scene with him), Jack charms his way into the pants of hot twinks who are into the prospect of fucking him for the camera. Of course, it doesn’t take potential stardom to get most guys excited about sex with Jack Harrer!

Kevin and Jack set up a convoluted and funny scenario to get gorgeous Jeff Mirren to have a threeway with them. Posing as a Spanish guy named Jose, Jack pretends to be less experienced than he is when Kevin brings Jeff into the room. Soon, though, the trio are deep in the midst of a naked, raw tangle of limbs, cocks, and holes that will melt your screen.

Slovak stud Joaquin Arrenas is thrilled at the chance to take on a tree trunk like the one Jack has between his legs. While Kevin captures the action, Joaquin thoroughly enjoys worshipping Jack’s XL dick and bottoming for the big man. (more…)