Tyler Reed

Featured star: Tyler Reed, our favorite Big Daddy

tyler reed, bareback, big daddy, top, gay, pornEveryone’s favorite sexy Big Daddy, Tyler Reed is what you might call farm-raised beef. Standing 6’4” and weighing 275 pounds, he casts a shadow that you’ll see before you feel the impact of his powerful body. Born in 1972, he grew up on a farm and has that down-to-earth quality you might expect.

In 1995, Tylers started his career doing porn online. He’s been producing and performing in his own line of films since early 2001. To this day, he runs his own bareback websites while also performing in studio movies. This makes him the bareback porn star with the most longevity in the business, and he’s still going strong.

Tyler’s been working with Alpha One Media almost exclusively since the beginning of his movie career, with early titles including Jockstrap Boy (perfect for athlete lovers) and the interracial flick Bareback and Black. His movies with other studios include Barebacking in the Bathhouse from Bareback Cum Pigs a (more…)

Series Review: “When Big Daddy Is Gone,” Alpha One

the morning fuck, when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, big daddy, tyler reed, aarin asker, barebackAlpha One and Big Daddy’s Big Media have newly released a trilogy full of hot, raw bear-on-bear action in a series called When Big Daddy Is Gone. Tyler Reed stars as Big Daddy in all three of these raunchy bareback scenes, which are all streaming exclusively on AEBN.

The Morning Fuck

When Aarin Asker wakes up one morning next to his daddy Tyler Reed, his dick is throbbing with need for a breeding. The only thing that will satisfy him is his daddy’s seed inside him! Unfortunately for Aarin, Tyler has to get to the set on time. Not one to wait for gratification, Aarin calls on Brian Bonds, one of his previous daddies. Aarin knows that Brian can stretch his hole and fill it up just right. Brian doesn’t feel sure about being Aarin’s side piece, but he remembers how good that hole felt to fuck and he heads over to relive the good memories. After he has pounded Aarin’s ass and dumped his load, Brian leaves just a moment before Tyler gets home. He forgot something and had to come back, but since he’s there, Aarin begs him for his load, pretending he didn’t just get seeded a few minutes before!

when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, big daddy, tyler reed, the roughneck, jacob durham, barebackThe Roughneck

Tyler is in the kitchen with Jacob Durham trying to decide what they want to make for dinner, or at least that’s how it started. They have their shirts off and they can’t keep their hands off each other. When Tyler gets a call telling him he needs to go pick up a petulant model at the airport, Jacob is so sexually frustrated that he makes a booty call to Adam Ryker, a former fuck buddy. Adam is also horny and he doesn’t mind fucking on the down low. Jacob’s raw hole feels as good as Adam remembered when he shoves his thick dick up inside. But they’ve got to make it quick, and Jacob is sloppy seconds for Big Daddy when he gets home hungry for more than dinner!

the roman man, when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, bareback, big daddy, tyler reed, trey turnerThe Roman Man

While Trey Turner takes a shower, Big Daddy is shaving before he heads off to the film set. Trey can’t stop thinking about the guy he talked to on Scruff last night, Michael Roman. After Tyler leaves for work, Michael will be coming over to fuck him. Tyler is out and Trey calls Michael right away. Michael is used to fucking boys while their daddies are off at work, so he wastes no time in wetting his dick in Trey’s mouth before plunging into his hungry hole. Not long after Michael bails, Tyler comes home to find Trey on the bed, still ready to take another seeding!

If you’re already a fan of Tyler Reed, then you will definitely want to get into this series. And if you’re not a fan of his yet, you will be after watching the way he fucks his cheating boys.

You can only watch these three scorching, condomless scenes on AEBN’s VOD theaters.

Stars:   Brian Bonds   Aarin Asker   Tyler Reed   Jacob Durham   Adam Ryker   Trey Turner   Michael Roman
Studio Name:   Alpha One Media  Big Daddy’s Big Media 

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Movie Review: Big Daddy Fucks Hole Again

big daddy fucks hole again, bareback, raw, gay, porn, muscles, tyler reed, chip young, shay michaels, victor west, beau j reed, alpha 1 men, rawjoxxxRawJOXXX is serving hard-driving, raw fucking in Big Daddy Fucks Hole Again. It’s what they do best. These muscle bears are just the thing for everyone who likes the type of hairy, stocky men you’d see in the gym, working their bodies to bulky perfection. Star/director Tyler Reed has a fine eye for talent, we must say!

After an outstanding fuck in Balls Deep Barebackers last year, muscle daddy Tyler Reed takes another condom-free crack at Chip Young’s smooth, tasty young bubble butt. We’re immediately in the action with Chip’s hot boy ass planted on top of Tyler, because they’re just too hot for each other to spend any time on preliminaries! Later, Tyler pounds Chip into the mattress in a laying position. Chip is wearing the assless briefs that we loved so much in their previous scene, and that rounded ass bouncing against Tyler’s daddy cock makes us lose our loads every time. It has great replay value.

In the next scene, Tyler introduces furry, bulky porn newbie Victor West to the joys of bareback man sex. Victor hungrily lavishes Tyler’s cock and balls with oral affection, groaning in pleasure and smacking his lips the whole time. On a bench, Tyler reciprocates the blowjob and pounds that fresh, tight ass!

Chip is back from scene one to prove that he can do more than take it in the ass! It’s a great surprise to see his versatility. He turns porn newcomer Beau J. Reed into his bottom boy and fills his hole with seed.

Shay Michaels is a hulking hunk, one of the biggest muscle bottoms around. Tyler shows him who’s top in a real clash of the titans. Afterward, they finish themselves off side by side with some nipple play thrown in for good measure, spurring on a bigger orgasm.

In the clever words of RawJOXXX, “Some holes were hurt in the production of this bareback video.”

Stars:   Tyler Reed   Shay Michaels   Victor West   Chip Young   Beau J Reed
Studio Name:   RawJOXXX  Alpha 1 Men 

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Happy Birthday, Tyler Reed!

Tyler ReedMontreal-based Mania Media, in conjunction with porn star Tyler Reed, today announces the relaunch of BreedMeRaw.com to celebrate Tyler’s 40th birthday.

Born on October 1, 1972, Tyler Reed is a hot, well-hung, thick breeder top. He’s mega-masculine, standing 6’4” and weighing about 245. Fans can’t get enough of him at any age.

“Many gay guys and porn stars lie about their age,” Tyler says. “I, however, never have, and actually am publicly celebrating my 40th birthday and 15 years in the porn business. I am proud to reach that age and still look not too bad! So come check out the re-release of my redesigned site at BreedMeRaw.com. To celebrate my birthday, the first 40 members from October 5th get 40% off the 90-day or 180-day memberships! After that, a 30-day membership is just $19.95 for the rest of the week.

“Members will now get access to my personal schedule, blogs, tweets and off camera gag reels. So cum celebrate my 40th with me and help me bring it in by banging a few bareback bottoms at BreedMeRaw.com!” adds Tyler.

“The revamped site’s design looks great and is sure to attract more members,” says Rob, Affiliate Manager at Mania Media. “For our affiliates, this is a great opportunity to sell some higher value memberships, with the 90-day option being a recurring membership.”

Existing affiliates can get their promo content at http://www.mygaycash.com and new affiliates can sign up at the same address. For more information regarding this scene, or the Breed Me Raw website, please contract rob@maniamediaworld.com.

Here are some fan-favorite movies starring Tyler Reed in our VOD theater.

Rip Me a New Hole Tyler Breeds Phat Ass Tyler's Boys

Movie Review: Go Fuck Yourself

Bareback is the new black for racial-based porn – if you’ll excuse the pun. Yes those hung black beauties are jumping on the condomless freight train and there’s no turning back now.

I don’t think it’s a cliche to say there’s mostly a wonderful power dynamic in gay black porn; something about the boys being on the down low – or at least presenting as if they are – really gives black-specific erotic the feeling of risk and excitement that the ‘love that dare no speak its name’ used to present in all forms.

Perhaps one of the last taboos or unique forms of gay porn, we’re eating it up regardless, and fusing it with bareback cinema pushes all the right buttons even more.

In this release from Raw JOXXX, the set-up is simple and the couplings are very hot – there’s even a few nice interracial encounters including one that finishes off the film with Tyler Reed stepping in to take control of Kane Rider’s phat ass.

Kane is undoubtedly the star of the film and gets to have a piece of Latino ass as well as white cock. With Reed in the director’s chair, you can tell he saw something special in this ebony stud.

Watch the full movie here.


Description:   These hot boys cum with big dick attitudes! Buster Sly takes his black cock and slides into the PHAT ass of Kane Rider, Kane then wants some Latin love so he screws Rocco Martinez, Kane wants a tighter hole so he barebacks Danny Lopez instead. Tyler Reed finally steps in and takes control on Kane’s PHAT ass then tells him to Go Fuck Himself!
Released:   11/2011
Studio Name:   Raw JOXXX
Director:   Tyler Reed

On the Wet Spot with Tyler Reed

Tyler Reed is one of those unusual finds — a star who treats porn like a business…deadlines, meetings and budgets come before sex.  This isn’t unusual, coming from a man who not only has made a splash in front of the camera, but as a producer as well.  With USAJock, RawJoxxx, Muscle411 under his careful eye, Tyler moves his amateur talent between safe sex and bareback shoots, but is quick to point out that all of his models play it honest and up front, just like the scenes they shoot; it’s about passion, real people, and good old-fashioned hot sex!  But don’t let this alpha male fool you — at 6’4, most people would think Tyler is all about “GRR!” but deep down, he’s a softie, and would be just as happy to putter around the garden and spoon all night as he would be to take your ass to places you’ve only dreamed.  We think we left a little bit of a Wet Spot ourselves as we posed our questions to the former farm boy.

You’re making dinner – what are we having?

Chicken/Rice and Veggies followed by pizza the next day.

Your favorite T-Shirt says:

Built For Sex – and yes I wear it to the gym.

I think my best physical feature is:

Legs – Considering I am 6’4, having big legs is hard.  They are 27.5 inches…which is where all my power comes from when fucking hole!

My favorite physical feature on someone else is:

Pecs – you can shove those babies in my face any day! Woof!

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, you pulling for the Steelers or Packers?

I do the Packing.

Last scene I shot was:

A hot bareback threesome with a hot muscle couple.

You totally want me to do this to you in bed (because I’m really, really good at it!):

Fucking own your ass!

You really want to do this to me in bed (because it turns me on!):

Deep throat my thick rod.

You and I go out for drinks- what’s your preferred beverage?

Bud Lite, less calories – but goes down real smooth.

Since you’re both producer and performer, which do you prefer most and why?

Producer – as I get to see thru my vision of what the scene should look like as I take it from pre-production to post production.

What’s your unique fetish that most don’t know about?

Double fucking a hot bottom…if you call that a fetish 🙂

Boxers, Briefs, Whitey-Tighties, Jockstrap or Commando?

Boxer-Briefs and whitey tighties – either way my big ass fills out both nicely.

Be sure to watch even more of new favorite jock, Tyler Reed!