Wesley Woods

Movie Review: Family Dick 22

Watch Family Dick 22 on AEBNBareback Network brings us more scandalous sexual adventures featuring a hot daddy/boy duo and some sexy friends with this week’s featured release, “Family Dick 22.” This studio is known for the most salacious family roleplay movies around, and this movie lives up to the high standard with four scenes that will satisfy fans… and then some.

When Michael Boston admires his dad Myles Landon’s muscles and wants some tips for a good workout, Myles is excited to show his son how to be fit and give him a real full-body workout. Myles dotes on his hunky jock of a stepson, and we sure can’t blame him. Michael is a muscular young man who’s always excited to see his stepfather and is eager to show gratitude for the gifts that Myles brings home for him with blowjobs and fucking. They make for a well-matched pair, this mature and scruffy daddy with his athletic, good-looking boy.

The first two scenes feature Myles and Michael as a pair, until Myles decides to introduce Michael to his buddy Wesley Woods, who has his own cute, skinny stepson, Joe Ex. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Dick 21

Watch Family Dick 21 on AEBN

Bareback Network brings us another tale of father/son taboo love with “Family Dick 21.” Daddy Wesley Woods is a mail carrier who loves to deliver, whether it’s his own son Joe Ex or his favorite customers, DILF Myles Landon and son Michael Boston, who are receiving his oversized package.

Joe, a hot young jock, has been injured while playing soccer (football if you’re international), but he’s not letting it slow him down. He helped the team win the game. Now that he’s at home resting up, Wesley, total horn dog that he is, gives his son a healing massage that inevitably leads to sex and a happy ending. The way Joe’s tasty cock stays rock hard as he bounces on Daddy’s pole shows you what a good time he’s having.

These two have quite a special relationship, as you can see again in scene two. After Wesley notices a hickey on Joe’s neck, he feels a little jealous and decides to remind the boy who’s the most important fuck buddy in his life: Daddy dearest! (more…)

Movie Review: Cum Hungry Fuckboys

Watch Cum Hungry Fuckboys on AEBNDark Alley Media’s Raw Fuck Club is home to many “Cum Hungry Fuckboys,” so it’s only natural that they release a movie by that name. You can expect all the condomless fun that your dirty little heart desires.

Power top Tyler Roberts and greedy bottom Wesley Woods are on their honeymoon in the first scene. It’s the first Raw Fuck Club appearance for each of them, and the energy they put off is combustible. Wesley takes every relentless stroke that Tyler gives with his fat cock and still begs for more. It’s half an hour of sweaty, raw, feral fucking.

Aiden Ward and RFC newbie Nick Milani are another stunning pair. Nick’s callipygian ass cheeks get Aiden hard right away, and Nick can’t wait to take Aiden’s huge cock in his hole. Aiden slams Nick but good, pun intended.

Sexy little Spaniard Angel Cruz is a renowned bottom, so when he arrives at the film set, Owen Hawk and Zario Travezz are already eager to top him, threesome style. (more…)

Featured Star: Wesley Woods

Watch Wesley Woods in action on AEBNWith the looks of a model, the thirst of a dick pig, and a friendly persona, Wesley Woods has earned a spot in our mental list of favorite porn stars. This scruffy stud with light brown hair and a cute smile is as sexually free-spirited as they come. He’s an athletic native Texan who was already working in standup comedy when he decided to start doing porn, which he simply views as another way to entertain. Wesley lived in Chicago and Las Vegas when he was just getting into comedy, and in 2015, he moved to L.A. for his new adult film career.

“7 Minutes in Heaven” from Falcon Studios is one of the many movies that make good use of Wesley’s acting abilities. He’s in a monogamous relationship, but that loyalty might be tested after he plays the titular sex party game and draws Steven Lee’s name out of the bowl. Steven’s big dick feels so incredible in his hole that Wesley might want to play this game again.

In “Don’t Tell My Wife” (Iconmale), Wesley is a college student whose charm and good looks are no match for Nick Capra, his good-looking professor. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Dick 11

Watch Family Dick 11 on AEBNFeast your eyes on hot daddy/son duos and trios in this week’s featured movie, “Family Dick 11” from Bareback Network.

Young Felix Maze is a blue-eyed, ginger twink who’s growing up to be a handsome young man, and his stepfather Michael Reid couldn’t be prouder. Going against all the rules of right and wrong, ignoring societal taboos, Michael just can’t resist getting intimate with his tasty twink stepson. Felix knows that one day he’s going to be a man and he needs to learn how to have sex. When he has the chance at some hands-on sexual education with his father, he takes it! Michael gets Felix relaxed and wet with his tongue before bending him over and pushing his dick inside. Soon Felix is getting fucked like a pro.

Older son Wesley Woods joins Felix and Michael for a blazing threesome in the next scene. After measuring the boys’ heights and comparing Felix’s muscles with Wesley’s, Michael and Wesley agree that it’s time to give Felix his first threeway sexual experience. (more…)

Movie Review: Daddyland

Watch Daddyland from Cockyboys exclusively on AEBNCockyboys and director Jake Jaxson have to an awesome quartet of scenes for us with this week’s featured movie, “Daddyland.” Is Daddyland a real place, or just a magical realm that lives in your wet dreams? Either way, we’re happy to visit.

Young, toned Nico Leon is out jogging and cruising—we love a multi-tasker! He heads off the trail when he doesn’t find any suitable prospects. He sees muscular stud Austin Wolf in the distance, naked and lying on a blanket across a couple of fallen trees, masturbating. Soon, Nico loses sight of his potential fuck buddy. To his surprise and arousal, Nico feels Austin grab him from behind! Feeling the call of the wild, Nico submits to a bareback pounding from the hot stranger in the forest. Eventually, Austin takes Nico back to the fallen trees, where Nico takes a ride. With power and confidence, Austin takes Nico’s hot, hungry ass and pounds it till they both blow big loads.

Cole Claire is excited to bottom for Chris Loan, whose muscles he loves to worship. (more…)

Wesley Woods, Friendly Neighborhood Hoe

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It’s not just his good looks and unquenchable thirst that have made Wesley Woods one of our viewers’ favorite porn stars. He’s also got an authentic way of showing you how much he enjoys what he’s doing with his face as well as his body language, not just telling you with the moans, grunts, and dirty talk that we always love to hear in a scene. In his own words, Wesley is a “Friendly Neighborhood Hoe”—because he’s always ready to fuck a hole, or to open up his own. (more…)