Take ‘Em Down 4

Take 'Em Down 4Tiger Tyson’s ever so hot Take ‘Em Down series has been a huge hit for the Blatino thug porn pioneer. Fans can’t get enough of watching him topping other tops for the first time. Volume four has been hotly anticipated because everybody has been keen to see him take down one of porn’s most famous tops… more on that later.

First up, it’s K. Blaze and Brick. Blaze brought over a cake for Brick and to thank him, Brick fucks Blaze in the ass. But first, he gets a taste of his sweet cock, deep throating him hungrily. Watching Brick power-fuck Blaze is a huge turn-on.

It turns out the cake that Brick brought was for Blaze to give to Tiger, along with a naked Rykel. How better to celebrate a birthday than with a threeway? Blaze is so cock hungry that he sucks off Tiger and Rykel at the same time. Then there’s an oral daisy chain that leads to a different sort of chain in which Tiger fucks Rykel, who is rimming and blowing Blaze. But not to worry – both of them get their turn having Tiger’s cock in their ass.

Marc Williams plays cards with Tiger to see who will give up their ass to whom. Many of Tiger’s fans have waited to see him take Marc down, so there’s no chance he’s going to lose this bet. Marc’s got an unbelievable bubble butt and sure enough, it looks incredible getting plowed by Tiger’s dick! This scene is not the one that gets top billing on the box cover, but it’s absolutely worth your time and attention.

Next is the one moment that fans have wanted to see since volume 3 of the series! Phat Daddy was in that movie, but he didn’t give it up to Tiger. Prepare yourself, because you’re going to make a huge mess when you see Tiger pop Phat Daddy’s cherry ass! Tiger has to go easy on him at first, with lots of lube, because a big dick like that doesn’t go into a virgin asshole easily. But it’s not long before Phat Daddy has stretched out enough to take it a little faster. Tiger is thrilled to be the first inside that ass and you’ll be excited to watch it.

That would have been a great way to end the movie, but there’s another hot scene to go. Tiger bets Cash he can beat him at a video game. Ironically, Cash has no cash, so he agrees that whoever loses has to give the other head. Cash is in the middle of giving Tiger his victory blowjob when boyfriend Dominic comes home. They invite Dominic to join in, but he angrily says no. Too bad, because Tiger takes things up a notch from sucking to fucking. Things are getting hot when Dominic returns, kicks Cash out, and takes his place sucking and getting fucked by Tiger. Lucky Tiger!

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