The Best of Bobby Blake

The Best of Bobby BlakeHe’s retired from porn now, but in the 1990s Bobby Blake was one of the hottest tops in gay porn, a muscular and bald Black stud with a powerful body and a mouth-watering dick. In what has to be one of the biggest post-porn turnabouts we’ve heard of, Bobby quit performing in 2000, became an ordained Christian minister, and several years later went to grad school studying criminal justice. He published a book about his adult industry days in 2008, titled My Life in Porn.

A Tennessee native, Bobby moved to L.A. in the 1980s and became an exotic dancer. A friend suggested he visit porn star Paul Hanson’s gay sex club, where he met Hanson and was eventually introduced to porn producers, landing him his first role in a movie titled “Ebony Knights.” One of his last films, “Niggas’ Revenge,” is one of the most intense and fascinating, featuring Bobby as the leader of a group who set about to reprimand and reeducate white supremacists… the hard way, if need be. Throughout his career, Bobby performed in over 100 films as a dominant and aggressive top. “The Best of Bobby Blake” was released in 2000 and compiles several of his Catalina scenes from the ’90s.

In a scene from “Black in the Saddle” (1996), Bobby and Tony Monroe are a couple of cowboys who don’t have to say a word to know their lust is mutual. The cowboy of our fantasies, after all, is the strong and silent type who gets dirty in more ways than one. Tony can’t seem to get enough of Bobby’s huge cock in his mouth, but he finally realizes it would feel just as good to get his own dick sucked.  Bobby finishes with a solo jerk session at the end of the scene, which leads to another masturbation sequence in the next.

Scene two is taken from “Beef Jerky,” also filmed in 1996. Even if you aren’t normally into solos, this one is worth a look because of the way Bobby takes the time to tease himself, his dark skin glowing deep bronze under the lights as his hands fondle his own muscular torso. As he slides his big hands up and down his lengthy shaft, you get a good close look at his massive meat.

The third scene is taken from “Black Men Do” (1998) with Chris Johnson. It’s another oral scene, but it goes further when Bobby sits on Chris’s face to get a very hot rim job. This gets both of them worked up enough that they take matters into their own hands – Chris finishes himself off and then Bobby stands over Chris, jerking off onto him.

Bobby paired up with Flex Deon in 1999’s “Black Wishes,” which is scene four. Under the sun, Bobby and Flex kiss passionately by a large water fountain. Flex rubs Bobby’s gleaming chest, concentrating on his pierced nipples, as their tongues flirt. Soon Flex needs to taste Bobby’s total package from balls to tip. Just watching him, you can see the expert oral technique this guy possesses. Bobby repays the oral favor by giving Flex’s asshole a thorough rimming. In this scene there is real heat, and it’s not just the sun beating down on them – the two were partners off-screen, and it was serious enough that Flex went by Flex Deon-Blake at the time.

This leads nicely into the last scene, a threeway between Bobby, Flex, and Daniel West that originally appeared in “Walk on the Wild Side.” At first Bobby is getting a blowjob from Daniel, but he can tell his bottom is greedy for more than one cock so he takes him into the bedroom where Flex is waiting, already naked and hard. An oral sex daisy chain ensues. Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives when Bobby starts fucking Daniel in the ass, making a spitroast out of him as Flex’s cock with its giant Prince Albert piercing fills the bottom’s hungry mouth! This is a great ass-fucking end to an oral-heavy movie.

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