The Bigger The Better

The Bigger the BetterMatt Ramsey became Peter North — THE Peter North of straight porn fame — but when “The Bigger the Better” was made in 1984, he was causing a stir in the world of gay porn. In this movie he plays a teacher who has problems with several of his students that can only be resolved sexually!

When Matt asks troublemaker Rick Donovan to stay after school, he probably expects to give him detention and teach him a lesson. Instead it’s Rick who has a lesson for Matt and he delivers it straight up his ass with an exclamation point. Rick has one of the biggest dicks you’ll ever see. One has to wonder if taking this monster up the bum is what made Matt decide to get out of gay porn and start doing the ladies instead. It’s an incredible scene that will make you sorry Matt ever became Peter and left us bereft of his talents.

Later, Matt’s working out at home when another student pays him a visit. Sweet and tender Bobby Madison is hot for Teacher. Can you blame him? He wants a body like Matt’s, or maybe he wants Matt’s body exactly. Bobby gets it, alright — in his mouth and in his asshole, he gets Matt’s impressive cock.

Matt has an even better looking brother named Mike Ramsey. (Were they real brothers? We don’t really know.) He tells us about him and we see the action as Mike and his friend Buster crash at Mike’s condo after failing to pick up any girls on a night out. They’re horny, they’re both sexy, so why should they have to end the night in frustration? In what turns out to be the kind of emotionally satisfying scene you never expect but occasionally get out of porn, they explore each other’s bodies and discover they like it. Seeing Mike blow Buster is exciting and watching Buster bottom for Mike is equally hot!

In the last scene, Shawn McIvan has some fun at a glory hole, first sucking off Doug Weston. Meanwhile, Greg Stores sticks his cock through another hole and it’s all Shawn can do to please both dicks! Doug got there first, so he’s the first to cum and Shawn is free to give all his time to Greg. Joe Craig presents his stiffy through the hole and for his time, Shawn gets a rimjob in return. John Thomas shows up and Shawn blows him while Joe is sucking him off. Shawn fucks Joe while John fucks Shawn. It’s quite a satisfying way to end what has to be recognized as one of gay porn’s pre-condom legends.

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