The Other Side of Aspen 5 Director’s Cut

The Other Side of Aspen 5 Director's CutJudging by Falcon Studios’ eternally hot Other Side of Aspen series, there’s something about the snowy peaks and slopes of Aspen that brings out the raging lust of men. It all started back in 1979, when “The Other Side of Aspen” showed us the carnal escapades of butch, hairy men who were more interested in the slope of a hardening cock than they were in strapping on some skis. In 2005, the tradition of sexually adventurous skiing holidays continued with “The Other Side of Aspen 5,” now available in a director’s cut. The twist is that it’s now the nephew of Mike Flynn, one of the original Aspen men, telling tales of the famous ski resort.

Jimmy McGuire is the young stud following in his uncle’s footsteps; at the time of this film, he was Falcon’s newest contract performer. In the first scene he’s cleaning the garage and finds a photo album from Uncle Mike’s Aspen trip. Jimmy’s friend Timmy Thomas arrives in time to hear about Jimmy’s own Aspen adventures. As Jimmy’s about to knock on the door of the ski cabin, he sees gorgeous Matthew Rush, then a Falcon exclusive, get a lip-smacking blowjob from Eric Leneau, complete with luscious tongue action to his shaft and balls. After giving Matthew’s bubble butt a thorough tongue bath, Eric gets his cock sucked too and opens his tasty bottom for Matthew’s formidable cock. Matthew Rush fans will get a real treat as he is in top form here. They both blow big loads.

Next, Jimmy runs to another window where he really lucks out: jockish Brad Benton, Puerto Rican stud Alec Martinez, and big-dicked Joe Foster are just getting started. We see them spend plenty of time getting overheated with kissing and incredible oral action, so that by the time the fucking starts, you’ll be ready to explode. Brad is as energetic as ever, bottoming with plenty of vocal appreciation while Joe and Alec take turns topping him authoritatively. This is the kind of threeway fuck that could melt all that snow and ice.

If you’re the kind of porn fan who thinks more is merrier, then you’ll absolutely lose it over what happens next. No longer just a voyeur, Jimmy is finally let into the house and in on the action when he gets to the other side of the house right in time for a 15-man (plus one!) orgy. Lucky Vince DiTonno, another Falcon exclusive, gets to bottom for Jimmy. This long scene, packed with hot guys such as the well-endowed top Chad Hunt, won the GayVN Best Orgy Scene for 2002. You’ll have no trouble seeing why. After the scene ends with all the guys shooting their loads onto a couple of lucky sperm receptacles, stick around for the orgy aftermath as Chad and gorgeous Aaron Osborn fuck the hungry hole of Jackson Price with their cocks, fists, and dildos.

Uncle Mike sternly takes the photo album from Jimmy just as Jimmy finishes telling his tale of tail. There might be hell to pay for his snooping later, but for now Jimmy’s happy to alleviate the sexual tension with Timmy. Twink fans and those who like one-on-ones will love this final scene.

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